Guitarbeque Ch. 04

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Note: If you haven’t already, read Guitarbeque Ch. 01-03, which are prequels to this story.

Despite the most consistent thing about Guitarbeque being change, there were two absolute constants with the event: Paul, the guitar teacher, and his wife, Susan, who not only attended every one but also recorded every performance on video. As long as I had known Paul and had been taking guitar lessons from him, I’d also known Susan, though I wouldn’t really say that I knew much about her other than what Paul would occasionally share during a lesson. I’d never had any unsavory thoughts about Susan as long as I’d known her despite her body still reflecting the years she’d spent as a dancer and her all-natural red hair. Maybe it was because they were both about ten years older than I was and had been married for a long time.

I had received a few texts from Susan in more recent years after I’d given a gift to her and Paul and he’d given her my cell number so that she could thank me personally. Paul usually only texted regarding lessons and Susan was respectful of that so only texted rarely, usually also somehow related to lessons. When I received a text after Guitarbeque saying she’d enjoyed my performance, I wasn’t surprised because I hadn’t had a chance to actually talk to her during the event like I sometimes do. Electronic communication can be funny, though, because you might read something and interpret it in a different way than it was intended. With Susan’s text, it felt a little flirty to me and, since there had never been anything like that between us before, I assumed that I was misinterpreting so I simply thanked her and left it at that.

The following weekend, after my Saturday morning lesson, as I came down the driveway from Paul’s studio, which was behind their house, I was surprised when Susan called to me from the front porch. I stopped and she caught up to me.

“I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your song last weekend,” she said, which may have been innocuous on its own but her body language seemed to be trying to tell another story. She moved close to me then seemed to think better of it and moved back, she reached out but then never actually touched me and she seemed to actually be batting her eyelashes. Once again I was getting a sense that she was flirting or at least trying to.

“What’s going on, Susan?” I asked, “You don’t seem like your usual self.”

“I was actually trying to flirt,” she said, looking sheepish, “but I guess I’m quite a bit out of practice.”

“Why don’t you just tell me what’s on your mind,” I suggested, “rather than being coy.”

“Okay but I need to keep it brief because I’ve already been out here talking to you long enough that the neighbors might be starting to wonder,” she said, “I’m trying to flirt while looking casual because the truth is I really want to jump your bones right now.”

“I, uh…holy crap…uh, wow,” was my articulate response, “I’m going to need to process this and, you’re right, the neighbors are probably wondering about the look of shock on my face. How about we continue this conversation via text and you can let me know where this came from because it feels pretty out of the blue.”

“It is,” she agreed, “but I’ll explain. I’ll text you.”

She turned and headed back to the house but I was concerned that I might have hurt her feelings with my shock. As she climbed the steps to the porch, she saw that I hadn’t moved so she smiled and made a shooing gesture which set my mind at ease and I ended up smiling back before I got my feet moving. As I was driving home, my mind was reeling. While I’d watched her walk back to the porch, I was reminded of how thin and lithe she was so, of course, now I was wondering how she’d look naked. I was definitely intrigued and, by the time I got home, I’d decided to at least continue the conversation and see where things ended up. There was a long text that had arrived during my drive so, once I was in the house, I sat down and read it.

“I’ve always thought that you were attractive,” she wrote, “but watching you onstage last weekend just woke something up inside me. I’ve seen you perform so many times before but this time was definitely different. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since then and had to take the opportunity today to talk to you. I had no plan other than that if you still had the same effect on me I knew I’d need to take the edge off once I was back inside. As you may have realized, you had the same effect on me.”

“And did you take the edge off?” I asked.

“Not yet,” she replied, “I texted then I was wondering whether I even should have said anything or whether I should have sent that text.”

“I’m glad you did both,” I wrote back, “I’m not sure exactly how to proceed from here though we definitely need to be discreet and think this through thoroughly. If you still need to take the edge off, I’d love to see some of that.”

There was a long delay before I heard from her again and, while I was escort bayan hopeful that it was because she was taking photos or shooting video, it also crossed my mind that she might have been interrupted. As far as I knew, Paul had lessons out in his studio all day but if somebody had cancelled and he’d come into the house, who knows what might have happened. Fortunately, the next text I received was a photo of Susan standing before the mirror in just a bra and panties. My cock was immediately stiffening and the next photo just made it stiffer since the bra was gone and she was just in panties. As I was looking closely at her small, light pink areolas and hard nipples, the next photo came in showing her naked. Her red bush was neatly groomed and I was already thinking that I’d be getting a chance to bury my face in it before too long. I didn’t think that my cock could get much harder as I examined not just her bush and her tits but her entire body as best I could on the small screen on my phone. I was proven quite wrong.

The next thing she sent was a short video clip. The perspective was as if I was right in front of her pussy preparing to eat it. I was looking right at her red bush, though much more closely, then her fingers appeared and parted her lips before she started caressing her clit. She panned up briefly and smiled down at me as I gazed at her tits then I was watching her fingers on her clit again. I was slightly disappointed when the video ended abruptly but found another waiting for me so I opened that one. It was from the same perspective but obviously a bit further along because she was massaging her clit faster and I could hear her moaning. I was watching her fingers while considering getting out my cock when she gasped and I could see that she was shaking. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be quite intense. The video ended just after she sighed contentedly.

“The edge has temporarily been taken off,” she wrote.

I needed to take the edge off myself so I quickly uploaded the photos and videos to the cloud and booted up my laptop. Navigating to my cloud storage, I got the photos and videos ready, lay on my bed with my laptop beside me then pulled up the camera on my phone and set it to video. I reviewed the photos and by the time I got through the first video, I was rigid again so I shot my own video of me opening my jeans and my cock springing out. I stroked it a few times then stopped recording. I watched both videos a couple of times while stroking my cock, not wanting to rush to finish, but once I was close, I started recording again and got a couple of minutes of me stroking my cock before shooting my load all over my fist. After a brief recovery, I sent the two videos off with some text about the effect that her photos and videos had on me.

“So glad I didn’t get dressed yet,” she replied.

“I wouldn’t turn down more photos and videos,” I shot back, “but it might be later before I can send more myself.”

I knew that, no matter how hot her videos were, I wouldn’t be able to recover immediately plus I wanted draw this out and, as we texted more that afternoon, she asked if I had requests other than naked and masturbating. I basically told her that any shots of her undressing would be hot but also whatever she thought were her sexiest outfits, on and coming off, conservative outfits with sexy lingerie underneath, dresses with nothing underneath, that sort of thing. She certainly did not disappoint when it came to sending photos and videos over the following days, though we did soon end up communicating via a different, more clandestine, messaging app and sharing photos and videos on a cloud drive we could both access. I shared my own photos and videos, though not as many as she did and I did make sure that she was actually interested in seeing dick pics rather than just assuming.

While it was an exciting whirlwind those first few days following my Saturday morning guitar lesson, we both soon realized that we wanted more. I was at work already on Wednesday morning when Susan texted.

“I know we’ve discussed this, but I need more,” she wrote, “I’ll even come to your office and pick you up so I can suck your cock in the parking lot. I need it in my mouth, whatever it takes.”

I’d been thinking about the possibility of a workday rendezvous but I had something in mind that was a little better than a quickie in her car. I sent her some information about my office location and where to park.

“Instead of picking me up,” I wrote, “I’m going to slip you into the building through the side entrance. I know just where to take you where we can have some time alone.”

We figured out how soon she could be there though I asked that she dress conservatively, at least on the surface, so that she fit right in should we encounter any of my coworkers. She texted me when she arrived a little while later and her attire was completely appropriate but also easy to work around, though I was expecting to get her completely naked before we were tuzla genç escort done. I escorted her through the side entrance and led her to a less used part of our building and into a focus room where we were unlikely to be noticed or interrupted. As soon as the door was closed behind us, we were in each other’s arms and making out passionately. My cock was immediately rigid so I pulled her against it, holding her toned ass. I figured that her pussy was probably as wet as my cock was hard so I was eager to slip inside her. She had other immediate needs, though.

“I can’t even tell you how much I want your cock in my mouth,” she finally said.

“If we do that first, though,” I replied, “it’s going to take time for me to recover before we can fuck.”

“I need to suck your cock,” she stated, “I can wait to get fucked but I can’t wait anymore for that.”

“Okay,” I replied, “but I want you to stay dressed while you do, not only because I feel like it will be even hotter having you suck me off fully dressed but I know that undressing you will help me recover faster afterward.”

She didn’t care whether she was dressed or not as long as she got to finally suck my cock. I had her sit then she went to work opening my pants. As they dropped to my ankles, she first massaged the bulge in my briefs then started to slide them down, my rigid cock springing out. She briefly stroked it then opened her mouth and engulfed it, sliding her lips down nearly the full length as I softly moaned. She gently pumped the base of my shaft as she slowly moved her mouth up and down its length. My cock couldn’t have been harder at that moment but amazingly I didn’t feel my orgasm immediately impending. She quickly proved to be a skilled cocksucker and was successfully drawing out the pleasure that she was providing without immediately bringing on my orgasm. I was definitely in no rush to finish up despite being at work, mainly because I’d been looking forward to finally being with her physically and I wanted to savor every bit of it.

I got the sense that she wanted to savor it, as well, not only because she’d talked about how badly she needed to suck my cock but because she was using her cocksucking skills to draw the pleasure out for much longer than I’d normally have expected to last. The real testament to her oral talent was that it didn’t feel any less pleasurable, like that would be the only way to keep me from cumming. If I hadn’t already been glad that I’d decided to take part in this decadence, enjoying her skilled cocksucking, especially for as long as I was able to, would definitely have convinced me.

Of course, eventually my orgasm began to build in earnest even if she hadn’t made an intentional effort to make it happen. As the level of pleasure continued to build, my cock was swelling even more and she obviously became aware of what was happening. At that point, she switched her technique from drawing things out to getting me the rest of the way there with the highest level of pleasure possible. Though it was tempting to close my eyes and just focus on the pleasure, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she repeatedly inhaled nearly the full length of my cock. Even as I was right on the verge of cumming and my cock couldn’t possibly have been any harder, she was unfazed and just continued to suck me off. When I finally exploded into her mouth, I just barely held back the moan that tried to slip out. She swallowed my load as I repeatedly spurted into her mouth, continuing to suck my cock until I was completely spent.

“Thank you for letting me do that,” she said once she let my softening cock fall from her mouth.

“I should be thanking you,” I replied, “That was outstanding.”

She smiled and I helped her stand so that I could undress her. I assumed that she was even more fired up by this point and I was looking forward to devouring her hot, wet pussy. There were buttons down the front of her dress so I began to unfasten them, continuing all the way down even as her bra then her matching panties were revealed. Once I was finished, she held the dress open so that I could admire her bra and panties as well as all of her fair, freckled skin. She let the dress slide off of her shoulders and down her arms then set it on the back of the chair. I could feel the blood already trying to return to my spent cock even though I’d seen photos of her in bra and panties before. Since she was right there with me this time, though, I wasted no time in reaching out to caress her tits through her bra, feeling her hard nipples through the thin material. She moaned softly while watching my hands then she looked up again so I moved in and kissed her as I reached behind her to unfasten her bra.

Our tongues explored each other’s mouths while I got her bra unhooked then I slipped my hands up under it to caress her bare tits. They were so soft and smooth but her hard nipples were beckoning my mouth so I removed my tongue from Susan’s mouth and lowered my head as I slipped her bra completely tuzla kendi evi olan escort off. As I resumed caressing the soft, smooth flesh, I was licking and sucking her hard nipples while she softly moaned. My hands eventually moved down to caress her ass through her panties then I brought one around to the front where I could feel the texture of her bush as I caressed her pussy. Finally, I started to kiss my way down from her tits, over her ribs and down her stomach until I reached her panties. Kneeling before her, I grasped each side of her panties and started to slide them down, revealing her red bush.

My cock was beginning to revive as I stared at her pussy while she stepped out of her panties. I planted kisses on her hips and abdomen while caressing her bare ass before I stood and lifted her onto the desk. She spread her legs and leaned back while I sat in the chair and rolled up in front of her. I kissed along her smooth inner thighs toward her pussy then ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the copious juices that she was producing. She sucked in her breath but otherwise maintained control of herself as I lapped at her pussy, slurping up her nectar. I doubt that I’d been looking forward to eating her pussy as much as she’d apparently been looking forward to sucking my cock but, since I was a big fan of eating pussy, I was absolutely enjoying the opportunity. As much as I enjoyed eating pussy in general, experiencing a new one that I’d never tasted before was even more enjoyable.

I had no doubt that, as fired up as she was, I probably could have had her cumming in a matter of minutes. Like her, however, I did everything I knew how to draw out the pleasure she was feeling and the time I got to spend eating her pussy. I slipped a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit, finding her pussy a bit more snug than I was expecting. I didn’t bother trying to slip a second finger in, just sliding that one in and out while my tongue was focused on her clit. I could hear her breathing rate increasing and she was tensing up a little but I still wasn’t pushing her to cum more quickly since we both seemed to be enjoying ourselves. Eventually, though, as with her sucking my cock, we reached a point where I stopped trying to draw out the pleasure because she was clearly on the verge of cumming. I refocused on getting her the rest of the way there with the highest level of pleasure that I could.

She continued tensing up and arching her back while her pussy was becoming wetter and more engorged. It sounded as though she briefly held her breath just before she suddenly went limp and her body started shaking. I continued to lick and suck her clit while my finger was flooded with even more of her natural lubricant. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be intensely pleasurable and only once I was absolutely certain that she’d finished cumming did I raise my head and slip my finger out of her. I sat back on the chair, my now rigid cock standing up from my lap, and just gazed at her naked body as she was recovering. It was still amazing to me that she was right there in front of me, fully naked, recovering from an orgasm that I’d helped to provide.

Realizing that I was still wearing my polo shirt, I pulled that off so that I was as naked as she was. When she opened her eyes and looked down at me, seeing me naked and rigid, her eyes went wide. She sat up then hopped down off of the desk, her titties bouncing enticingly. Because the chair had arms on it, she couldn’t straddle me so she turned away and backed toward me instead. As I was gazing at her approaching ass, I held her waist and she reached for my cock as she lowered herself toward it. Positioning my cockhead just between her lips, she sat on my cock and we both moaned softly as it slipped into her. She remained seated on it for a moment, just feeling it inside her, so I slipped my hands up to fondle her tits some more. When she started to slowly move up and down on my cock, I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Obviously, I had expected that it would feel incredible because, after all, it’s pussy and pussy always feels incredible. I don’t know if maybe I was expecting something different because she was a bit older than me or what but I had fucked snug young women in my day that had not felt as good as Susan’s pussy felt sliding up and down my tool.

Maybe it was the anticipation and the build-up so it was possible that she was also feeling an even higher level of pleasure. I certainly hoped that was the case since she had put herself out there to make this happen in the first place. Either way, I was glad that she had insisted on sucking my cock first because I’d have been done in about thirty seconds had I not cum once already. With that first orgasm done, I was able to relax more and appreciate just how fucking good Susan’s pussy felt as it was moving up and down on my cock. She maintained the slow pace for a bit but gradually began to ride me harder and faster. It also appeared that she had reached down between her legs to caress her clit as she was riding my cock. I was certainly fine with this if it meant that she’d be feeling even more pleasure. I didn’t necessarily want her to cum faster; I wanted her to experience a high level of pleasure and cum long and hard.

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