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I loved my shower time after my work out at my gym. Every other night at 9 pm I would be down with my work out and striping down at my locker ready to hit the showers. I kept my schedule that way for one particular reason. Every time I hit the gym at that time there would be a 50 some year old man that was showering with his curtain wide open.

Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I would hold my towel and walk naked to the showers. This caught the older gentleman’s attention. I was 18 years old and really didn’t consider myself gay or even bisexual. But something about how he looked at my young naked body really aroused me. I wouldn’t be shy and I would look at him as he soaped up his body and cock. The man had a full head of salt and pepper colored hair and a very slight belly with lightly hairy body. What really got the butterflies in my belly going was the 7 inch thick cock that was encased in his soapy hand.

I was a little bit nervous as I took the shower stall directly across from his. I wanted to send a signal that I was open to something so I left my curtain open as I turned on the shower. I could feel that man fondling me with his eyes as I rubbed soap on my body and let the water cascade down my back and between my young smooth ass cheeks. I further teased that man by pulling my ass cheeks apart and letting the water run over my puckered asshole.

At first I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was putting myself on display for this stranger and felt very dirty yet exhilarated. I looked over my shoulder as I finished rubbing soap around and in my sweaty ass. The man was slowly stroking his cock as he locked eyes with me. He was hungry with desire and I knew then I wanted to give myself over to him.

My eyes were hazed over with lust as the man came across to my stall. His body pressed up against mine as he kissed the back of my neck. His belly pushed into the small of my back as his arms wrapped around my body. The man’s cock nestled between my slick ass cheeks and his hips gyrated making his under shaft slide up and down between my ass cheeks. The feeling of his hot flesh rubbing over my virgin asshole made me let out a soft whimper. The feeling of his casino şirketleri lips on my neck sent bolts of electricity through my body.

I had never had these kinds of feelings before about men and the girls I had been with never elicited the emotions I was cycling through. I remained in the man’s hug as I turned my head to the side. The stubble of the man’s growth brushed my cheek as he leaned forward. His lips connected with mine and I opened my mouth further giving myself to him. Our tongues swirled around as we kiss and the man held me tighter as he fucked the crack of my ass with his hard shaft.

After a few minutes of kissing the man release me and turned me around. His hand fondled my 6 inch cock as my hand encircled his thick 7 inch cock. We slowly jacked each others cocks as we kissed again but briefly until the man began to guide me to my knees. I knew what he wanted and at that point I was desperate to give him what he wanted.

I was a bit shocked when the man grabbed my hair and pressed the shaft of his cock against my lips and face. I could smell his pre-cum as it leaked out on my cheek and lips. My tongue grazed the head of his cock tasting the salty tang of his pre cum.

My hands grasped the sides of the man’s legs bracing myself as I opened my mouth. Gently the man feed his shaft into my mouth moaning as my lips wrapped around his thick hard shaft. The smell of his body musk filled my nostrils and made my head buzz with desire.

My hand slipped around the base of his cock and was nestled in the small patch of his pubic hair. I was fascinated with the hard feeling of his shaft contrasted by the soft velvety texture of his larch cock head. The man moaned and complimented me on my first attempts to suck a cock. My head began to push back and forth as I did my best to please that man. I could hear the man breathing faster as I swirled my tongue around his shaft as I pumped my mouth up and down on his cock.

There was a loud pop as the man pulled be back off his shaft. Strings of saliva and pre-cum dripped from his throbbing dick as I caught my breath. I then saw a few droplets of milky white sperm leak out of the man’s cock slit. He told casino firmaları me he was about to cum and didn’t want to cum quite yet. My knees ached as the man brought me to my feel. We kissed and again sharing the pre-cum as I fondled his wet cock.

The man then turned me around and bent me forward at the waist. I let out another soft moan as I felt his hands spread my ass and his tongue kiss the crinkled ring of my asshole. I could feel the breath come out of his nostrils against the top of my ass crack as he pushed the tip of his tongue into my anal ring. The feeling was exquisite and I began to rock back against the man’s face. I attempted to touch my cock as his tongue was replaced with one of his wet fingers but the man pulled my hand away. He told me he wanted to make me cum without being touched. I was puzzled by his comment and wondered how that could happen.

I kept my position as the man used the conditioner dispenser to fill his cupped hand. Again I felt his finger open my ass as he pushed copious amounts of the conditioner up my aching asshole. The man groaned as he pushed a second finger inside me. He told me I had a tight and sexy boy pussy and he was going to fuck me. I was pretty sure I was going to be in pain just be what I have heard about anal sex but my state of arousal overcame any objections I had about being fucked by this sexy older man.

After the man worked a third lubed finger inside me I was whimpering like a horny slut. His fingers pumped in and out of my ass making my cock throb with each thrust. Then I felt the cold void of the emptiness of my boy pussy as the man withdrew his fingers. I knew what was coming next and I braced myself as I felt the man stand behind me.

I melted when the man told me how sexy I was and how hot I had made him. I flinched a bit as the head of his cock kissed my lubed ass. I could feel the man’s hands hold my hips as the head of his cock was pushed forward. Immediately I felt a sting in my backside as my anal ring was stretched. My anal muscles gave way as the head of his dick pushed further. I yelp out in utter pain as half of the man’s cock sunk into my bowels. I was sweating and grunting as the man güvenilir casino slowly worked the remainder of his cock inside me. I whimpered and cried as I felt the soft touch of his pubic hairs crush against the smooth globes of my ass cheeks.

The man stayed still and let my rectum adjust to the girth that had split me open. The pain in my ass began to change to a warm buzzing sensation. The man could feel my body relax after a few minutes of rest. Lightly the man pumped my boy pussy while caressing my ass and lower back. The buzzing in my ass began to change to a warm pleasant sensation and I slowly pushed my ass back against the man’s hips. Once I did that the man began to completely take my anal cherry. Just about 6 inches of his cock pulled out of my ass only to be quickly pushed back inside me. I moaned out at the amazing sensation of his cock in my ass.

From there the man took total control and he back to fuck me hard and fast. The sound of his flesh slapping my ass filled the shower room. At that point we didn’t seem to care who might come into the shower room. The man grunted like an animal as he pulled my hair and drove his cock into me. With each thrust of his dick I felt my own dick throb. I whimpered that I felt like I was going to cum and the man fucked me harder and faster. My arms were pulled to my side and the man ravaged my new boy pussy. I was moaning like a depraved whore as I felt my body tense on the brink of orgasm.

I cried out as the first stream of sperm and semen shot out of my cock. With each thrust my cock squirted rope after rope of cum onto the shower floor. The man kept fucking me hard and deep and I felt his shaft swell inside me. Then we both moaned as several jets of his seed squirted deep inside my well fucked ass. The feeling was nothing like I had ever experienced as several more ropes of his seed vibrated against my insides.

After a few minutes the man pulled his cock out of my ass. I turned around quickly and I took the man’s cock in my mouth yearning to taste the erotic mixture. Again, I felt incredibly dirty as I could smell the musk of our sex and taste the mixture of his cum and my ass. I slowly stood and I felt his cum begin to leak from my sore ass. He man then told me his name was Bill and he gave me his home address and said his wife was going to be out of town the following week. We kissed again and I thanked him for making me cum without being touched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32