Halloween Swing

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This story is about the negative side of swinging. There is also some romance. A big ‘Thank You’ to Estragon for editing this story for me.

Chapter 1:

My girlfriend Sheila and I have been living together for the past two years. We began dating a year before that. We met in college and moved in together after graduation.

Life seemed good and I asked Sheila a number of times to marry me. I thought we were a pretty good couple. I had an engineering degree and had managed to get a good position at a manufacturing plant. Sheila was a secretary in another firm.

She told me she loved me but wasn’t ready for the big commitment. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me since we were already living together and were monogamous. We were renting a nice condo and had a joint checking and savings account. We each contributed to buying things for our home and shared expenses.

Our sex live was good; actually better than good. We’ve been having sex since our second date in college. We would try most any sexual position but my favorite was Sheila on top. It left my hands free to play with her breasts.

We each had nights out, her with the girls and me with the guys. Most of my guy friends were married. They were just guys from work, mostly older than me. Larry was the only one I knew before working at the plant. We were friends in college. I’ll tell you more about Larry later.

Some of Sheila’s girlfriends were divorced and a few were married. I had met them at one time or another. Three of her girlfriends worked at the same business she did.

Sheila came home one day and said she wanted to go to a Halloween party. At first she was just going with her friends until I told her I wouldn’t mind going with her. Lately we didn’t do very many things together other than eat and watch the TV. And fuck. I guess you can say our relationship was getting a bit dull; at least that’s what Sheila said. I liked being at home with her.

She seemed a bit nervous about me going to her Halloween party but I told her I was going. So she gave in we decided to go together. She dressed like a hooker and really looked the part. Low cut blouse, no bra, thigh high mini skirt and black mesh stockings. She even wore a garter belt. I thought it a bit much and really didn’t want all the other men staring at her private areas but I knew better than to say anything. It would just start an argument. I just told her to watch how she sat.

I just dressed like a cowboy, nothing really special. Everyone had to wear some type of face mask so it looked more like a costume. Sheila said three of her girlfriends would be there. I mentioned it to my guy friends but none of them said anything about going.

The party was held in a mansion about thirty miles out of the city. It was being given by the plant manager of her company. I never met the man. The house was huge and they even had valet’s to park the cars.

When we got there we were greeted by a big-breasted woman in a Playboy bunny outfit. I found out later that she had been a bunny for a couple of years. Everyone was dressed in costumes from sexy to horror, and all of us had on a mask of some sort.

An older man came up to Sheila and gave her a hug. He must have recognized her even with her mask on. Apparently he was Jim, the person giving the party. He must have had eighty or more people there. He shook my hand and said it was nice to meet me but no one was to exchange names.

There was a band playing and an open bar. I got us each a drink and Sheila started to mingle with the people. To be honest I was quite uncomfortable. I stood back and sat on a bar stool and just watched the people. They seemed to know each other even though they all wore masks.

Sheila came back to me and we started dancing. A man cut in and I went back to my seat. I didn’t like the way the man was feeling Sheila’s ass. She wasn’t saying anything to him. I was about to butt in when another man replaced the first guy. He was getting pretty touchy-, feely also.

I mentioned it to Sheila when I danced with her again but she said it was just a fun group and not to take it seriously. What the hell did that mean, I wondered.

We had been there for an hour or so when they dimmed the lights. A lot of the people were getting even more touchy-feely. I noticed a lot of it going on in the room. Probably some had already drunk too much. I lost sight of Sheila in the crowd. I was getting a bad feeling.

One of Sheila’s married friends, Tracy, came up to me. She was dressed like a hooker also. I think all of her friends got together and decided to see who could dress the sluttiest. She asked me to dance.

As we were dancing I asked her if her husband was there.

“No way! He’d never approve of a party like this. I’m surprised you came but I’m glad you did.”

“Tracy, is this a swingers’ party?”

“Well, sort of. Didn’t Sheila tell you? No one has to participate in the sex if they don’t want to. Most people do but I know a few like to watch.”

“No, kartal escort Sheila didn’t tell me. How long have you and Sheila been going to parties like this?” I was trying not to act too mad. I wanted information and if Tracy got scared she wouldn’t tell me anything.

“Maybe I shouldn’t say anymore. It’s between you and Sheila.” I could see she was getting nervous.

I figured the best thing I could do now was go along if I wanted to find out anything. I reached around and squeezed Tracy’s ass. “Look, I’m here now. If this is what Sheila wants then so be it.” I went even further and pulled up her dress and slid my hands down in her panties and squeezed her bare ass.

“Damn, I wanted you for the longest time. Sheila said not until she talked with you about an open relationship.”

“So, how long has that been?” I asked.

“The Halloween party last year. Since then maybe once a month at most. Sheila was worried you would find out. Of course, I want to introduce Bob to an open marriage. I know he cheats on me anyway. That’s why I said to hell with it and just started doing the same. We’ll end up with an open marriage or a divorce. I have to admit I like the sex.”

It was then I notice a couch against the back wall and I saw Sheila sitting there with this Jim fellow. He must have been in his fifties. I could tell she had a light buzz on but I knew her well enough to know she still had her senses. I watched as Jim’s hand roamed up her thigh. Instead of stopping him she opened her legs even further.

I was close enough that she looked up at me and smiled. I wasn’t sure what to do. I sure the hell didn’t expect this when we left our home this evening. I wasn’t sure whether to make a scene and put a stop to it or just see how far she would go. I can honestly say it did not turn me on. This was the woman I thought I loved and wanted to be my wife and the mother of our kids.

I watched for a couple of minutes till I saw this man finger fucking her. She just let it happen with me watching her. I turned away and Tracy was there looking at me. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” she said.

She took my hand and we went to another room. I was pissed and said “To Hell with her!” I went with Tracy into a living room. I had her lean over a chair and pulled her panties off. She was so wet and begged me to fuck her.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time. I don’t need any foreplay, just fuck me.”

I was so pissed at Sheila and knew we were through. I pulled out my cock and shoved it into Tracy’s hot married pussy. I didn’t care anymore. I fucked her as hard as I’ve ever fucked anyone. I think I was getting revenge against Sheila by pounding Tracy’s cunt.

She kept yelling for more. She liked it hard and fast. I held her hips and fucked her with abandon. She was yelling, telling me how great it felt. I finally pushed my cock deep into her and came. When we finished she told me she had come three times. No one had ever given her three orgasms before. I honestly didn’t even know she came with all the noise she was making.

I sat on the chair and she slipped her panties back on and left the room. She came back and handed me a beer. She also had my wife’s friend Cindy with her. As I drank my beer Cindy told me she heard I was good and wanted some of it.

“I’m sorry, Cindy, but I’ll need a little time for it to get hard again.”

“No problem,” she said as she walked over to an end table. It had a tray of pills on it. She told me it was ecstasy and Viagra. They also had assorted condoms. She grabbed me a Viagra and an ecstasy pill.

I had never taken either one before. I did do some weed while in college but that was about it. Cindy got on her knees between my legs and took my cock into her mouth. She had the whole thing in her warm mouth and started sucking it. I couldn’t believe how quick she got it hard. I didn’t think I had it in me.

She pulled my jeans down around my ankles and took off her panties. She straddled my cock and slowly lowered herself down on it. God, she felt so good. I pulled her top down and began to play with her tits. I looked over to the couch and Tracy was riding an older man. I knew he was getting some real sloppy seconds but Tracy was riding him hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh God, I love your cock. Suck my tits Jerry. Make my nipples hard. I love riding your cock, oh so good,” moaned Cindy.

I lasted quite a while. Cindy was divorced and has been for as long as I’ve known her. One thing for sure was she knew how to give a blowjob and ride a cock. It took a while but I eventually blew another load deep into Cindy cunt. I could feel her pussy pulsating all the while I was coming in her.

She sat there for a good five minutes with my cock stuffed in her pussy. Eventually she got up and my cum was coming out of her and down my cock. She grabbed some tissues out of the box and put them between her legs. She then grabbed a few more and cleaned off my cock.

I dressed and went back out to the bar area. There kartal otele gelen escort was no sign of Sheila anywhere. I figured she was in a bedroom fucking someone. I walked down the hall and saw her riding some guy I never met. She was doing him in my favorite position. He was on his back and she was naked riding his cock. He was playing with her tits just like I used to do.

They didn’t even notice me as I went back and got another beer. I felt horny; it must have been from the ecstasy. I turned to watch some of the other people having sex right there on the couch and floor. Sheila’s friend Alice who was also divorced came up to me. She was probably in her late forties. Most of the people at this party were in their thirties up though their fifties. Sheila and I were probably close to being the two youngest there.

Alice smiled at me. I reached under her short dress and she didn’t have any panties on and her pussy was wet. I figured she had been fucked a couple of times. I reached behind her and grabbed her ass with both hands.

“Do you want to fuck me in the ass? I know Sheila doesn’t let you fuck her ass very often.”

It was hard to believe that Sheila told these women all about our sex life. I guess I really never knew her.

I could feel my cock getting hard as Alice unzipped me and played with it. I actually had her lean over a bar stool. The height was just right for fucking her in the ass. I decided to wear a condom this time. I didn’t know how many times she’d been fucked that night. I didn’t need any souvenirs.

I slowly pushed my cock into her ass. I would rub my condom covered cock on her pussy to get it wet from whoever shot in her last. It took three tries before the head of my cock went into her ass. She screamed out how good it felt and to push more cock into her.

Before long she was taking my whole cock in her ass. I just used a slow rhythm till she screamed out she was coming. After that my cock started to soften. I pulled my cock out of her ass, threw the condom in the trash. She thanked me and walked away.

I had about all I could handle for one night. My cock actually hurt a little. I went back to find Sheila and tell her I was leaving. I figured I’d take her home. After all, we were supposed to be a couple but that I knew we were over.

I found her on the bed letting one older man fuck her doggy style while she was sucking off another older man. At least the man fucking her was using a condom. I honestly couldn’t watch her. I said to hell with it and left the party.

Thank God, I made it home safely. I wasn’t able to sleep so I took my suitcases and filled them with my clothes. I took some garbage bags and took the rest of my clothes and whatever personal stuff I could put in garbage bags and put them in my car.

Sheila and I both had cell phones. We didn’t have a home phone. I knew I didn’t want to talk to her so I turned off my phone when I left the party. I figured if she wanted a ride home one of her lovers could give it to her.

It was now six o’clock in the morning and she still wasn’t home. I went to the spare bedroom and passed out. It was one o’clock before I woke up. I made some coffee and turned on my phone. Sheila had tried to call me twelve times. I listened to her messages and they were all about the same. How come I left without her and was I coming back to get her. The last call was made about noon.

At two o’clock Sheila came in the front door. I didn’t see who dropped her off. “Why the hell did you leave me? Why didn’t you come back for me? I’ve tried to call you all night but you turned your phone off.”

“When I was ready to come home I went looking for you. You were fucking some old man doggie style while blowing another old man. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

She calmed down quickly. “Jerry, we need to talk. I need to tell you what happened.”

“I know what happened. I wasn’t enough for you so you started cheating on me.”

“No, that’s not exactly true. Jerry, it happened about a month ago and only one time. It’s when I took that business trip. I had drunk too much and ended up having sex with one of the bosses. I wanted to tell you but I was afraid you wouldn’t understand.”

First off, I already knew she was lying to me. Her friend Tracy had told me they went to the Halloween party last year. I remember her telling me she was going to a Halloween party with her girl friends. It was going to be their girls’ night out. I didn’t want to tell her yet that I knew she was lying.

“So, what is it I wouldn’t understand? That you fucked one of your bosses?”

“That’s not it at all. Jerry, I told you it only happened once already. I felt bad about it at first but then I realized it was just sex; that’s all it was. It wasn’t like the love we have for one another. That’s when I thought it might spice up our love life. Sex with other people was just sex, but when we have sex it’s the intimacy and love we have for each other.”

“So you believe kartal eve gelen escort us fucking other people would strengthen our relationship? Let me get this straight. We make love but it’s only sex with other people. The men mean absolutely nothing to you. It’s just to enhance our life together. Is this what you’re telling me?”

“Yes, last night was just a party for us. We enjoy the sex with others but come home to each other. Are you beginning to understand?”

I needed to act like I understood while getting my point across. I already knew we couldn’t stay together.

“Yeah! I think so. You don’t care who I go fuck or when I fuck them as long as it’s just sex.” She looked a bit worried. “What if you fall in love with one of these men or I fall for one of these women? I have to tell you your friend Tracy was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had and Cindy definitely gave me the best blow job of my life. I could get used to that. Then there’s Alice that gave me her ass. Damn! I enjoyed fucking her in the ass.”

“That’s not funny, Jerry. It’s just sex with anyone but with each other. We belong together. It’s just supposed to be a way of having a little fun and not hurting anyone.”

I almost felt sorry for her. I honestly believe that she didn’t see anything wrong with an open sexual relationship.

“Sheila, it was you I loved, you I wanted to have sex with. I know there’s a lot of people that can live the open marriage and relationship type life. God knows there are a lot of people doing it. I’m not one of those people.

“When I first saw you let that man feel your pussy, my stomach went in knots. I didn’t know what to think. Later when I saw you fucking that man on the bed you were naked and riding his cock the same way that you rode mine many times. You asked him to play with your tits, just like you ask me to. You kept asking him for more and telling him how much you loved it.

“Now you’re telling me that it meant nothing, yet you acted exactly the way you do with me. I’m sorry but I don’t believe you. I’m moving out! You’re not the Sheila that I always thought you were. You go ahead and enjoy your ‘just sex with anyone you want’.

“I’ve already packed my clothes and will come by Monday and pick up some of my other things.”

“No, Jerry! You can’t leave! I love you and you love me. We belong together. I told you it was just sex.” She was beginning to cry. I was actually feeling sorry for her. She just didn’t understand.

“Sheila, I did love you and only you. Until last night I haven’t been with another woman since we began dating. I didn’t need anyone else, I had you all to myself. I don’t anymore. Now we share a house and each help pay expenses. The one thing we shared with only each other was our intimacy, and now you gave it away. I wish you the best.”

“No, Jerry! Don’t go!” Then she started getting mad. “You’ll be back. You can’t live without me; we belong together. You’ll see I was right and only did it to help enhance our love life. It was only the one time till last night, you have to believe me.”

I finally told her just before I walked out the door. “One time, you keep telling me. At the party last night a number of women asked me where I was last year. They remember seeing you dressed as an Indian maiden but wondered why I wasn’t there. See, you lied to me even more. Goodbye Sheila.”

She just stood there as I walked out the door. I didn’t want to tell her Tracy told me about the past. No use messing up her relationships with her friends. I knew she wore that Indian outfit to a party the year before. Now I knew where. As I told her, I know people live that type of life style. I just don’t want to be one of them.

I want a woman I can love and who loves me. Someone to build a future and family with. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I don’t want to share my woman with anyone else.


I went to a motel for the one night. I called work and told them I would be taking a personal day. I needed to find a place to live and get a few of my larger belongings from the apartment. I didn’t want to be there when Sheila was home.

I drove around on Sunday looking at apartments. I didn’t need anything really nice since it was just me. Our lease was up the following month so I contacted the landlord and let him know I wanted off the lease. He didn’t like the idea but there was nothing he could do.

I found a small one-bedroom apartment with a furnished stove and refrigerator. It was half what I was paying now so it was well within my price range. I called my Dad and told him that Sheila and I were no longer together and asked to use his truck on Monday. He even offered to help me with a few of the heaver items.

Dad was a pretty smart guy but he would never butt in to my personal life. He just told me if I ever wanted to talk, he was available. I have a sister that is a few years younger than me and just graduated from college. She still lives at home but has a steady boyfriend.

We went to the apartment and I took the bedroom suite from the spare bedroom. It was mine that I brought into the relationship. It felt funny looking into the master bedroom and seeing the empty bed knowing I would no longer be staying there. I could smell Sheila’s perfume, probably from her getting ready for work that morning.

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