Happy and gay! – Part 1

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Alex Kingston

I was deputised in Mumbai for 3 months by my company. I was given a cosy little 3 roomed apartment in a suburb of Mumbai. I used to commute to our Mumbai HQ by local trains. Fortunately I used to travel in the opposite direction of the general travel direction and hence it was a real pleasure and comfort for travel. After 15 days or so I was finding myself very happy and comfortable there in Mumbai. I had all the amenities had a good bunch of friends and a cosy furnished accommodation. The only thing missing was SEX. Since I had moved to Mumbai I didn’t get a chance to satisfy my lust and that was the only think making me leave this city and go back to Delhi as soon as possible where my secretary friend (see ‘Steamy sex saga with secretary, Part – 1 &2’) was waiting for me to get fucked. I was sorely missing fucking her.

After a month or so I was really getting bored and dull because of lack of sex. After leaving office after a long and hectic day I was really frustrated and was waiting at the train station for the last train to come. It had been my regular schedule on that week to board the last train. The loneliness of that train used to amplify the dullness of my life.

That night I was as usual talking to my secretary friend in Delhi and telling her how much I was missing her. She had the same feeling she was deprived of any sexual pleasure for so many days after I left for Mumbai. While chatting I ran out of the battery and the call got cut. I cursed my bad memory for forgetting to charge my cell properly. I felt even more frustrated.

After a couple of stations passed by, a strange looking guy boarded the train. He was a young boy may be 22 years of age (which was my correct estimate as I learned later.). He was wearing a skin tight pair of stone washed jeans and a purple coloured vest and to top it off he was wearing a scarf / stroll around his neck. The scarf was brightly coloured giving him a little girly appearance. I found him to be a strange in look.
Once aboard he waved me a hello with a smile which I returned promptly as human company was really the best I could hope for in my bore lonely journey. He sat in a window seat opposite to me. I found out that he was wearing very girly cologne which peaked up my curiosity about this boy. As I observed him closely he appeared more and more girlish. After chatting for some time I couldn’t help but ask him if he was gay. His face flushed the brightest shade of red and he said “yes” in a whispering sound and with a wry smile.

He asked me about my sexual preference to which I responded with a cold “straight”. He seemed to be a little disappointed. He said he was broke up with his boyfriend six month ago and didn’t have sex since then. Suddenly he started crying, I didn’t know what to do I was a little taken aback by his sudden outburst of emotions. I put a hand on his shoulder and tried to console him. He gathered himself up and stopped sobbing. He started staring out of the window. A cool breeze of air was making the environment very pleasant.

Suddenly he turned towards me and kept his hand on my thigh. Looking into my eyes he slowly moved his hand towards my crotch and my body had Sex hikayeleri betrayed my generosity and manners and had developed a raging hardon in my trousers. He closed his eyes and gently brushed my lips with his. He tasted some kind of lip balm which aroused me beyond any control. I was scared, aroused and curious all at the same time! The curiosity and lack of sex got better of me and I kissed him back. We started making out in the train itself but we were scared of getting caught so decided to go to my apartment for undisturbed pleasure.

The wait till my destination was really hard. I was unable to control my lust. Finally the station arrived I quickly ordered one cab and we reached my apartment in 15 minutes. While coming home I stopped by a drugstore and bought a pack of assorted condoms (he was a total stranger to me and I didn’t want any risk, but didn’t want to lose the opportunity either).

After arriving at the apartment we kicked the door close behind us and I wrapped my arms around his petite girlish body and started kissing him. Our tongues started dancing in each other’s mouth to get more and more pleasure. After making out for some time he said he wanted to have a shower (so did I after a long hectic day). We quickly moved into the shower together. We undressed each other quickly and I was surprised to see his uncut manhood. I had some prejudice for girlish gay boys but he was well endowed. He was having manhood almost 7 inch long and quite thick as well. It was almost as big as mine. I couldn’t help but hold it and stroke it slowly and gently he gasped loud in anticipation. It was hot and hard. He started doing the same to me. Suddenly he broke the sequence and went down on his knees. Under a hot stream of water he started gently kissing and licking my cock and balls. I was in seventh heaven. To be honest this was the best ever blowjob I’ve ever had (even better than my gf ;)). Being horny for so long I couldn’t hold for much longer and squirted a huge load on his body. He stood up and cleaned himself up.

We started kissing and caressing each other madly. He asked me to lean against the wall and with soap and started cleaning me thoroughly. He was kind of preparing me for the big night. I was really happy to get so much pampering and attention to my privates. After cleaning me up to his satisfaction he asked me to return the favour for doing which I was more than happy. I cleaned his tiny butthole with soap and using a strong stream of hand shower. I put my middle finger in that rosebud and tried to massage his prostrate. I think I was successful in doing so which I could get from his moans and groans. I stopped there as I didn’t want him to shoot now. We dried each other up thoroughly and came to the bedroom.

When we were about to start passionate kissing the pizza which we had ordered came. I really cursed that guy for perfectly wrong timing. I took in the pizza and returned to the bedroom throwing away the towel wrapped around my waist. Our boners were standing in full attention. We started our interrupted kissing. Our boners were oozing precum and grinding against our bellies. The hot and hard sensation was really beyond Sikiş hikayeleri words. I broke the kiss and went down to take his manhood in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before and didn’t know what to do so I just licked his cock and balls in the beginning. He giggled at my naïve attempts for blowjobs. He held my head with his hands and slowly inserted his cock in my mouth filling it completely. He started slowly fucking my mouth. After a while he gathered some speed and rhythm. I was caressing his balls. I could feel them tensed up. Before I could take him out of my mouth I had to take a couple of jets of his cum. It was a little salty to taste. Remaining spurts were splashed all across my body. He licked every drop of his own jizz off my body. His wet and warm tongue was working magic on my body.

I asked him to pick his favourite condom from the pack; he chose a mint flavoured one. And very sensually put on my cock. He took out a bottle of lube from his bag and asked me to lube him first. I took a good amount of lube and lubed his hole thoroughly.

I asked him to sit on the table and wrap his legs around my waist and I slowly inserted my condom clad cock in his love-hole. I have an unusually bigger knob which he found a little difficult to accommodate. I lifted him off the table and now he was hung to me with my cock up his arse and legs wrapped tightly around my waist. For extra grip he wrapped his hands around my neck. I slowly started fucking him and kissing him at the same time. His erection was grinding my belly making the scene very very sexy. I started picking up speed and rhythm. With every stroke we were having pleasure waves in our body. He couldn’t hold the fort for ling and shot a long stream of cum from his cock sandwiched between our bodies. Making us a mess of cum and sweat. This was too much for me to take and I inflated the condom in his ass with my load. Holding him like that for a moment we kissed again passionately.

We moved away from each other and cleaned ourselves up. We decided to have a meal break before going for the big night ahead of us. While having food I noticed one thing that his body was as smooth as a model’s and without a single hair. Also he was very fit whereas I am muscular and hairy.

After the food break we moved to my bed. First wave of lust being satisfied we were a little slow and sensual this time. Our bodies were rubbing together and we were getting hard boners. He asked me to lay on my back and started kissing and licking from my forehead. He moved to my earlobes and whispered “I want to make love to you…are you ready?” I was beyond words and stammered “y..yy..es” somehow.

He moved to my neck and hairy chest. He spent a lot of time licking my nipples and biting them making me moan with pleasure. He sucked my cock and balls for a minute making them drip with his saliva but he didn’t let me cum. I asked him to lube me first as I am a virgin and afraid of taking his tool up there. He just smiled and went further down. Suddenly I felt an electric shock. I felt his warm hard tongue touching my arse. Now I understood why he was so keen to clean me thoroughly. This was experience Erotik hikaye beyond words. I was making loud moaning sounds. After lubing me up to his satisfaction he inserted his long middle finger in my hole. After that he inserted two making me loosen up a bit. He went to the dressing table and came back with a chocolate condom around his cock.

I was breathing heavily from the anticipation of my first experience of a man’s love. He came between my legs and lifted them to his shoulder. He placed a small pillow under my waist making my hole easily accessible. Seeing me a little nervous he gently kissed me and comforted me.He started slowly putting his cock up my hole. He was taking his time and giving me enough to relax without any pain. I felt a slight pain of his knob’s entry but it was more pleasure than pain. He inserted most of his cock in 4-5 strokes. He stayed in the same position with his cock up my arse for a few moments to give me some time to adjust. He was a really amazing lover. He perfectly knew how to extract maximum pleasure.

He started stroking in and out of my arsehole slowly and steadily. My first ever experience of a cock was getting better with the every passing stroke. He was playing with my nipples, suckling and biting them. He slowly gathered up speed and I matched his rhythm by moving my pelvis eagerly. He started stroking my cock with his free hand. This was more than I had expected. He was caressing my cock while stroking it. I was in 7th heaven. We had already cummed a couple of times and hence we were enjoying a long lovemaking session. He then asked me to get on all fours which I obeyed immediately. He positioned himself behind me and inserted his slippery condom clad tool in me. He hugged me from behind and again started stroking me from behind. He was getting faster and faster making me yelp a little every now and then. After pumping me for a long time he whispered in my ear “I want you to cum right now my love”. This was more than I could take and I started spurting jets of jizz on the bed. He kept milking me till the last drop. He then caressed my knob with his thumb making me jump a little in excitement. He left my limp cock and held me by my waist and started pumping fast. I could tell from his moaning that he was about to cum to. With a loud grunt he filled up the condom in my ass with his semen. He was shooting for a little longer. Slowly he took his limp cock out of my tender asshole.

We slept on the bed hugging each other tight, our used condoms lying on the bedside table. We took rest for some time and got up for a coffee break. We started chatting for the first time that night ;). We got to know more about each other. He was a college student in his last academic year. We slept naked that night. The next morning he decided to move in with me for the duration of my stay in Mumbai to which I agreed readily.

This was just a beginning of our affair. In the coming parts of the story I will narrate the first time we went bareback and the docking he taught me. He is still my one and only gay lover and may be because of his lovemaking skills I will never be able to be with any other man again. Now he is in a serious relationship with his boyfriend but we regularly meet and make love whenever we visit each other’s town. His partner knows about our relation, but is really generous enough to let us carry that on.

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