Happy Ending Virgins

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A masseuse and her client’s first time with extras


‘Not here, surely not here,’ he was thinking?

‘Should I?” she asked herself. ‘He seems up for it and must be well-off coming here and paying their fees.’

‘Do places like this offer ‘extras,’ he wondered as her hand slithered up the inside of his slightly parted thighs?

‘I can make it look accidental so he makes the first move,’ she thought stopping her hand a few inches from where his genitals nestled against the wide massage table in the paper panties that all clients had to wear.

After agreeing that he wanted a fairly deep massage. “But a relaxing one,” he had said, they agreed that it would be a full body one and that she would use a jasmine smelling oil.

After covering both legs in large, warm towels, she laid another across his shoulders and a further one across his back. She tucked the towels under his legs and body and explained.

“That will keep the heat in and will loosen your muscles.”

The warmth on his back felt good. Then he realised that the massage table was also radiating heat.

“It’s like an electric blanket,” she said anticipating his question.

He lay there covered in the towels as she busied herself at a cabinet behind him laying out smaller towels, drizzling jasmine smelling salts onto others and warming the oil over a small flame.

“I will start on your shoulders,” she said rolling the towel in half uncovering just the right side of his upper back. Standing alongside the table her hip level with his she poured the warm, jasmine smelling oil across his shoulders. Her fingers gradually going deeper and deeper felt good. ‘Obviously knows what she is doing he thought.’

After a few minutes she finished the right side and covered that with the towel. She moved round the table to his left side and folded the towel away from that side of his shoulders lying it on the other side.

At the beauty school where she had been trained it had been drilled into her that only the parts of the body that needed to be bare so they could be massaged should be exposed. She was religiously following the training, although like the other masseuses who worked at the salon, she had a couple of times broke the most basic one.

He was lying with his arms, slightly bent at the elbows alongside his body. Taking up a similar position where their hips were level, she repeated the massage on his left side.

The warmth from the bed and the towels, the warm jasmine smelling oil and her fingers on his shoulders relaxed him and he let himself go with the massage. His mind was whirring and he was having rather naughty thoughts, but easy rationalised them.

‘What man would not get at least slightly aroused being in a small room with a fairly attractive, mid-twenties, slim, blonde haired masseuse?’ He told himself.

She finished his shoulders and put the towel back in place across his shoulders. He felt the one being removed that was covering him from his shoulder blades to his waist. She placed the towel into the heating cabinet and poured the oil onto the small of his back.

She liked doing backs for they gave a masseuse the chance to ‘open her shoulders’ as it were. They could go deep and use long, flowing sweeps of their hands from the top of the client’s buttocks to their shoulder blades.

He had a little excess flesh above his hips and across the back of his waist and she went deep into that. Leaning forward with one leg behind the other she surged her arms and upper body forward the palms and the thicker parts at the base of her thumbs delving deep into his well-toned muscles.

On one long sweep her tummy pressed against his elbow. She thought nothing of it as things like that happen. He did though. He felt it and liked the touch of her soft tummy against his elbow and forearm. Before she finished his back it happened a couple of more times. It made him wonder if there was more to it so he bent his arm further making the elbow stick out more.

She saw the movement as his elbow came across the edge of the table. She realised that might be a sign so the next time she slid her hands forward she let her tummy in the white, button up the front coat press against it and stay there a moment or two.

‘Fuck is she up for it, is that a sign?’ The forty-five year old City forex trader asked himself.

Bending each leg in turn at the knee she massaged his feet and toes To do that she had to hold each one near to her chest and unbeknown to him they nearly touched her boobs a couple of times. He did, though, get a thrill as he felt his toe brush against the material of her white tunic. She then did his calf muscles.

‘Now for the tops,’ she thought knowing they could be a big turn on for men. He was no exception.

Although his body was covered from his waist up and knees down and he was wearing the blue, paper pants, he felt exposed and almost naked when she peeled the towel away from his upper legs.

Her hands kartal escort gliding up his legs and inner thighs felt fantastic. That was both from a being massaged aspect and from an erotic one. His slippery, oiled flesh provided no resistance to her hands so they simply glided over it her fingers delving deep into the large muscles. On each sweep upwards he imagined they went nearer to the panties and what lie inside them.

She had intentionally slowed the movements of her hands down from the pace, length and depth of massage that she had applied on his back. At the same time, she reduced the pressure as they neared the hem of the blue panties and let them stop for a moment just inside the leg on each side. She was investigating the situation, checking things out and trying to find out the lie of the land.

He hadn’t given much away and certainly nothing overt. She saw, however, his hands gripping the table more tightly, his legs opening a little more and his eyes seeming to be screwed more tightly shut and she heard a low groan come from his mouth. All signs of possible arousal on his part, but nowhere near significant enough to tell her what she wanted to know. And certainly not enough to persuade her to take the risk of sliding further up and stroking his balls.

She had been at this salon a year or so and had worked in one other after leaving beauty school. She had gone there after leaving Bristol University mid-way through the second year much to the annoyance of her parents. Now at nearly twenty-five she was building a career, but the pay was pitiful. The masseuses or beauty therapists had to rely on tips, which to be fair were quite plentiful, to make decent living.

He could not be sure, but it felt that her touch was lighter and that when her hands reached their destination on each upward surge, that they paused for a moment before starting the downwards journey. Indications maybe, he thought, but not enough for him to risk the embarrassment of asking her to go further. Not that he had ever gone further, but he sometimes wondered.

The insides, backs and outsides of his legs finished, she had one further job to do before turning him over.

“I need to do your hips,” she said moving up the table so she stood by them.

He didn’t know why she had to say that, but grunted back.

“Fine, ok.”

She guessed that men found what she was about to do arousing, for she knew that she would, well did actually as she had an energetic lover.

Taking hold of the hem of the blue paper panties she slowly tore them up the seam that ran up the outside.

‘Fucking hell,’ he grunted to himself as he felt them being torn. He said it again when he felt her fold the back of them onto his bottom.

The gasp and the tightening of his grip told her that he was no exception and indeed he did find it arousing. Again the thoughts as to whether he might be up for more than just the massage came into her mind, but was the risk worth it she wondered? When she thought of the mounting bills, the poor state of her wardrobe and the sheer blast she had got thinking about giving a client a happy ending, she thought that maybe yes it was.

She folded the paper further onto his left buttock exposing more of his bottom than was really necessary to massage the very top of his thigh muscle and the glutes round his hip bone. By so doing she exposed just over half of his, what was really, a rather nice bum. She liked men’s bums and as far as they went, his was good.

Pouring some oil onto the apex of the mound she watched it run in all four directions. Some ran down the side of his hip, some ran down his bottom onto the back of his leg, a little ran down onto his waist and more than a little as had been her intention ran down under the paper pants towards and probably into the crease between his cheeks. She knew full well that he would feel the warm oil in that musky channel.

‘Fucking hell,’ he groaned to himself as he felt the oil drizzle into the crease in his bum. The feeling of its warmth in there and on his anus was gorgeous and he felt his cock twitch even more and begin to harden. He assumed that she had not done that on purpose, but he could not help thinking how exciting it would be if she was up for something, but that was just wishful thinking, wasn’t it?

Since laying down on his front he had not seen her and in his mind at least she was becoming better looking and sexier; how many buttons did she have undone on that coat he asked himself? How big were her tits and had he got a glimpse of some of them earlier. ‘Bollocks,’ he thought. ‘This is becoming embarrassing as I am getting a hard on and will have to turn over soon.’

That had happened before, but fortunately the masseuse had ben discrete and had not made reference to it.

She massaged both buttocks using a much lighter touch than on his legs and back. She went from just beneath his waist downwards until her hands slid onto the top of his legs and then inwards from his hip cumhuriyet mahallesi escort bones towards the crease between his cheeks. That was covered by the paper panties from both sides, but she went as close to the cleavage as she could without it being too obvious.

That was now her plan. Looking at his nice bum and seeing him squirm slightly indicating to her that possibly he was rearranging his genitals as the essential part may have grown, she had decided to go for it, by placing the ball firmly into his court. It was simply too risky to say anything like ‘would you like extras’ or do anything extreme such as touching his cock or balls. But she could imply, suggest and hint. She could do things that might make him ask, yes she could massage him lighter and go near to those places.

“Would you like to turn over now?” She asked discretely turning away and holding the towel up so she would not see his body as he sat up and turned. As he was doing that she eased another press stud undone on the white coat so there were now three, which was really one too many, undone.

Covering him from his neck to his feet with towels she positioned herself behind his head and started on his face and head. From experience she knew that this part of the body was particularly sensitive and she milked that. Running her fingers through his thick hair she used her nails to scratch across his scalp and then her fingertips to rub it, gently and slowly in little circles. The effect on him was electric. That, though got even more extreme as she lightly massaged his face. Her magic fingers ran softly across his forehead, along his eyebrows and over his eyelids. They ran up and down his nose, round his chin and then onto his lips. She knew that she was pushing things a bit for there was no reason at all to touch a client’s mouth, but she slid her soft fingertips along his top and then his bottom lip.

He could hardly believe what was happening. The feel of the young woman’s fingers on his lips was incredibly erotic. He had never felt anything like it before, the sensations were amazing and he groaned to himself as he felt his erection growing. Luckily, or so he thought, he was able to use his hand to rearrange himself without her seeing, but of course she did.

‘He’s getting hard,’ she thought to herself thinking that at last something might be on. She pushed things further and slid one of her fingers between his lips and touched his teeth. She rubbed his gums.

‘Fucking hell this is amazing,’ he thought as he opened his mouth a little and pushed the tip of his tongue against her finger. He opened his eyes, but could see little of her other than her face, which really was more attractive than he had thought at first. She had lovely lips and gorgeous, very blue eyes.

He thought that he saw a smile on her face as she removed her finger from between his lips. Keeping eye contact with her as she leaned forward and rolled the towel down he heard her say in what he thought was a rather husky tone.

“Now for you neck and chest, ok?”

“Oh yes,” he muttered as she started to massage his neck, but stopped. Leaning further forward so that some part of her body that she knew was her tummy, but he didn’t pressed against the crown of his head.

It was a lovely feeling as was the towel being rolled down his chest to his waist.

‘Mmmmm what a nice chest,’ she thought looking with desire at the fairly hairy pecs and the narrowing band of dark hair that ran down past his waist and would become his pubes.

She knew that what she was about to do was a bit extreme. She was aware that it was certainly not in the teaching manuals and that both the beauty school where she had trained and the owners of this salon would have been aghast at this manoeuvre. However, she felt that should he object she could just about justify it and get away with it. But from the reactions she had seen from him, she was now a little more confident that he would not object and might want some extras.

After pouring oil onto the middle of his chest and smoothing it out she slid her hands from his shoulders, over his man boobs, onto his lower chest coming to rest just above the towel and his waist. Doing that from behind his head meant that she had to bend her body over his face with that part between her waist and her boobs pressing against his forehead, nose and chin.

To him, the feeling was sensational. The touch of her white tunic on his face on her first sweep downwards was exciting enough, but when a few sweeps later he felt the softness of her body through the coat it was excruciating and his arousal went through the roof. He knew that he was hardening, but had no way of seeing just how noticeable it was. However, she could and she could see the long, thick outline under the towel. ‘Boy he’s big’ she said to herself.

Feeling no resistance or any sign of objection from him she slowed down the pace of her downwards sweeps. As she did that, yunus escort her tummy and lower chest rested on his face for longer and she pressed down more firmly. Also now on each downward glide of her hands she pushed against the towel. Each time it moved a little, moved down his body, down his stomach and down nearer to where his erection would be revealed. But it was too soon for that so she stopped and moved round the side of the table.

He didn’t know what to do. He was now rock hard and very aware of the bulge in the towel. It was obvious she would have seen it, but so far she had ignored it. Was that a sign of her being used to such occurrences and would she simply continue ignoring it? But she had not said anything, she had given him an amazingly erotic chest massage when she had pressed her body against his face and her fingers had slid under the towel going so very near to the tip of his erection, but said nothing. Were they signs that she might give more than he had ordered? Were they signs that he might well get the happy ending that had not been in his mind when he came in for his massage, but was now filling it?

Getting the oil from the side she glanced at him. He was quite handsome and had a good body. His eyes were closed, he was bare from the waist up and the bulge of his erection was so obvious and actually looked very appealing. Since breaking up with her fairly long-term boyfriend she had little sex other than with herself and a situation like this, inevitably got to her.

A part of her wanted to pull the towel from him, get hold of his big prick and suck it. Another part, though, thought that she should end the massage and the third part thought she should carry on distributing hints and invitations to him and leave it to him to accept or reject them. That way she would not get into trouble and might make a hundred quid or so.

“Now for the legs,” she said quietly.

‘How the fuck am I going to put up with this?’ He asked himself as she removed the towel that had been covering his legs from his mid-thigh to his feet. Purposefully, she did not replace the towel covering his chest so he lay there with just the one across his middle, the one covering his cock and yes, the one with the huge lump in it.

Standing about level with his hip she took the unorthodox step of massaging down his leg as opposed to the more normal method of massaging towards the heart. But then now she was not planning a strenuous massage. No now, it was going to be lighter, more caressing and would become an erotic massage, but still one where she could pull back if she was reading the signs incorrectly.

And to make that even more tempting she positioned her body close to where his hand rested on the edge of the table so that as she slid her hands down his thick, upper leg muscles her tunic touched the edge of his upturned hand. After several more slow, sweeps it felt to her that his hand had moved for as her leg pushed forward so now the pressure was stronger. That was because, of course, he had felt the material against his hand and of course he had moved it and of course he was now getting the exhilaration of each time she moved her upper leg, just beneath her hip pressed fully against his hand. It was fucking brilliant and yet another indication that she might have more available, although he put it down to coincidence.

On her upward sweeps he had felt something probably her wrist touch the towel, but what he did not know was that the towel had moved. The bottom of it had moved up his thighs so that now it covered only about eight inches of them. She knew that were she to move down to the foot of the table that she would be able to look up the towel and see at least his balls inside the paper panties.

Massaging the other leg, now became not much more than a caress. Massaging it became another bout of her upper leg pressing against his hand, but then he moved his hand.

He was now so aroused and ready that he was prepared to take risks, albeit minor ones. Despite being willing to take massive risks buying selling yen and pounds and dollars and roubles, in his personal life he was very conservative. He moved his hand so that now when she moved, the back of her leg pressed against it. After that happening several times he plucked up the courage firstly to push against it, then squeeze the flesh on the back of her leg and then to move his hand so that his fingers slid under the hem of her coat and slightly between her legs. Keeping his eyes tightly closed, he did it in a way that he could retract and back off if she objected. To his astonishment and pleasure, though, she did not object.

To her that was it, the final sign, the signal that he wanted more from her.

She stopped the massage and stood beside him not moving. His hand was partly under the hem of her tunic on her upper thigh some six to eight inches above her knee. That made him panic. He daren’t look at her so he kept his eyes closed, but did not move his hand. Had she stopped to go and tell someone what he was doing? Would they call the police?

She could see the obvious outline of his swollen erection. That looked good and, she had to admit, his hand on her bare leg felt good. How she managed to pluck up the courage she had no idea, but he heard her say.

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