Happy to be Here

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It couldn’t have been a more beautiful evening. Carl always enjoyed moments like this. With only a few minutes before midnight, Southern California looked even more enchanting with the full moon out of hiding. Furthermore, the cool ocean breeze that swept across the basin provided a more comfortable locale. Many people in the city of Cerritos were already ready for rest. Carl, on the other hand, didn’t feel like going to bed at this time. He kept the window in his study room open as he began reading his book. He had already plugged in his earphones to his smartphone and played classical music at a low volume. Reinhold Gliere’s Harp Concerto was the appropriate background music while reading the next chapter.

For the next several minutes, the forty-year-old man stayed seated in his chair as he immersed himself in both melody and literature. All of a sudden, however, Gliere’s soothing composition experienced a brief pause. Carl’s smartphone had just vibrated for one second. He checked to see who sent him a text message at this time. As soon as he read the name on the screen, curiosity started to kick in. The text message had been sent by his daughter’s boyfriend.

Eighteen-year-old Jerry seemed like a harmless young man. He had dated Carl’s daughter, Olivia, for the past two months and nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened between the two of them. Jerry didn’t appear to be the type that would grow aggressive if provoked the wrong way. Still, he remained healthy, kept a good physique, and made his blond hair long like a rock star’s own. He must have been the perfect match for Olivia, since she didn’t have any complaints about him.

Carl opened the text message and read it. Something didn’t feel right. Even if he used a few words, Jerry had relied on simple communication to let Carl know what he felt right now.

(I want you.)

Carl immediately felt confused. He turned off the music and took off his earphones. He had to make sure that the message had been sent by Jerry and not an anonymous prankster. And when he confirmed that Jerry did indeed write those three words, Carl wrote a reply.

(Jerry, is that you?)

The older man waited for a response. It took only ten seconds for Jerry to respond:

(I want you to be with me tonight.)

Carl could only think of this as some kind of joke. He replied:

(Stop playing around, Jerry. I know you’re just kidding.)

Jerry replied back:

(It’s not a joke. I wish you were with me tonight. I wish I knew what it’s like to be taken by you. I can’t help myself. I want to be your bitch tonight.)

Carl took a deep breath. He didn’t know how to reply to what Jerry had just written. He had to think about it for a whole minute before typing:

(You must not be Jerry. You must be someone else.)

A few seconds later, a new reply popped up on the screen.

(No, it really is me. And I am hungry for some dick right now.)

Carl had to sit in silence to understand why his daughter’s boyfriend had sent him these messages.

It didn’t take long for Jerry to send yet another.

(I want your dick. I want it inside me. I want it inside my mouth. I want to taste your seed and I want to swallow all of it. I’ll give myself to you. Just name the time and place and I’ll be there to satisfy you in any way I can.)

Carl suddenly began to imagine having his cock sucked by Jerry. It became an unusual image. Usually, Carl would imagine a woman doing that very deed. But because of the words written on the small screen, it was now Jerry’s turn to fulfill the role. Carl already recognized how Jerry would behave. The young man would be gentle with his naughty act. He would just be himself while providing excellent service that Carl had searched for. Perhaps he would even grow more submissive with the purpose of feeling another man’s touch.

But Şirinevler Escort then, Carl snapped back into reality. He blinked a few times and shook his head. He reread Jerry’s latest message.

Carl replied:

(I don’t believe you.)

Jerry responded back with:

(Please accept the fact that I’m being honest. And trust me when I say that Olivia doesn’t know anything about my true feelings for you.)

Carl’s tightened his grip on his smartphone. He simply had enough. If what Jerry said was true, then there would be no room for betrayal in the family. Olivia would never trust him again if he ever let Jerry demonstrate his surreptitious abilities.

He could only respond with:

(We’ll take about this later.)

He waited for Jerry’s next response. But as minutes passed, Jerry remained silent onscreen. In fact, he didn’t send another text message again for the night.

* * *

Carl barely had any sleep last night. He could only think about Jerry and his messages. And then, his mind had been flooded with more filthy imagery. He slowly tossed and turned in his own bed. He was lucky to have been a single father, with no one constantly asking him why he couldn’t sleep tonight. Still, the thought of being in complete control of Jerry’s body never vanished in his thoughts. He couldn’t stop it. Not once did his imagination falter at a time like this. He only wished that he never read those messages. He wished that Jerry never told him how he really felt about him. Solitude in Cerritos had been ruined by curiosity.

He woke up in the early morning. His sleep lasted for only two hours. A cup of warm coffee would help him fight off the fatigue. Since he didn’t have to go to work today, he decided to stay home for the day. As midday arrived, he sat in the living room in silence. He wore his earphones as he listened to some more classical music on his smartphone. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, composed by Claude Debussy, seemed appropriate. It at least calmed him down for the next ten minutes.

Eighteen-year-old Olivia showed up in the living room to inform him that she would be out of the house for the entire day to hang around with friends.

Carl asked, “Is Jerry joining you?”

Olivia shook her head. “No, he said that he’s got some other stuff to do today.”

Carl didn’t say anything else. He just watched as his daughter left the house. The house had grown silent yet again. Carl was no longer in the mood to listen to music. Instead, he went upstairs. As soon as he took off his clothes, he stepped inside the shower and turned the faucet. The warm water helped alleviate the thoughts that centered on Jerry and his mischievous intentions. Carl breathed a sigh of relief. Even if he still didn’t understand why Jerry would feel this way, he just felt glad that it didn’t aggravate him as much as it did last night. He knew that he and Jerry would have a serious talk about this. He would have to give Jerry a call after taking his shower.

A few minutes later, he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. He dried himself with his towel before wrapping it around his waist. He exited the bathroom, but something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He quickly turned to see a familiar individual sitting on the edge of the bed. Carl held his breath.

“Jerry, how did you get in here?”

Jerry had a little smile on his face. “You gave me a spare key two weeks ago. Don’t you remember?”

Carl did indeed remember. “What are you doing here?”

“Didn’t I give you a little hint after all those text messages?”

“I don’t think it’s gonna happen.”

Jerry stood up and stepped closer. “Oh, please. You don’t realize how much I want you.”

Carl raised an eyebrow. “How long have you felt this way?”

“Long enough. I adore you. You’re Şirinevler Escort Bayan such a great guy. I mean, look at those abs. They’re extraordinary.”


“Look at those broad shoulders. And those muscles on your arms.”

Jerry looked down at Carl’s towel. “And if you don’t mind, I’d like to see how big your dick is.”

Carl couldn’t look away at Jerry’s flirtatious behavior. This sort of attitude would have been perfect on a woman. But seeing as how Jerry used the same strategies to gain a man’s attention, it felt so surreal.

Jerry whispered, “Let me see your dick.”

Carl, transfixed by Jerry’s unusual demeanor, did the unthinkable. He took off his towel and showed his long hard cock to his daughter’s boyfriend.

Jerry smiled as he let out a deep sigh. “Oh, it’s beautiful.”

Carl stayed composed. “You like it?”

Jerry licked his lips. “Oh, I like everything about you.”

Without hesitation, he closed his fingers around the dick and opened his mouth wide. It took Carl just one second to realize what would happen in his own bedroom before Jerry did the unthinkable. The young man had Carl’s cock deep inside his mouth. He moved his head back and forth while drenching the cock with his saliva. Carl looked down to see the submissive move in progress. He couldn’t believe what he witnessed at this very moment.

“What…why are you doing this?”

He didn’t receive an answer, since Jerry kept the big cock in his mouth. Despite the lack of a proper explanation from this entire scenario, a similar feeling had risen from his mind. It was the feeling of satisfaction when being serviced by a woman. He recognized the subservient attitude brought upon by Jerry. In fact, his long blond hair indeed made him look like the same women that provided pleasure. The type of pleasure that epitomized extravagant ecstasy.

Carl took a deep breath. He could feel Jerry moving his tongue around in all directions while soaking the cock with even more saliva.

“I can’t believe that I’m saying this…but you’re good. You’re really good.”

Jerry pulled the cock out of his mouth and gave the older man a smile. “Don’t you want to continue on with this?”

Carl was so captivated by Jerry’s behavior that he had forgotten about his fear of betraying Olivia. “Oh, now I want to see if you can handle it.”

Jerry stood up. “Oh, yes. I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

He wrapped his arms around Carl’s neck and gave him a kiss. Carl hugged him back. He touched Jerry’s long blond hair, which helped him relax after discovering the absolute truth.

He didn’t waste any time. He grabbed Jerry’s t-shirt and immediately took it off of him. As always, he admired the young man’s healthy figure. And it made him want more of what the obedient one craved for. As soon as Jerry finished unclothing himself, he showed off his naked body. It made Carl smile like a devious antagonist.

“I’m so glad you’re here today.”

Jerry chuckled. “Go ahead…show me how long I can last.”

Carl turned him around and gave him a preview of what was to come. He slid his hard cock across Jerry’s ass before he touched the hole with his tip. He could feel Jerry shiver in his embrace.

“Oh, yes. My ass is ready for it. I want to be fucked so hard.”

Carl couldn’t help but say, “Yeah…I want to hear you squeal.”

He thrust his cock deep inside Jerry’s lower hole. Jerry gasped as his narrow passage began to undergo an unusual series of events.

“Oh, shit!”

Carl didn’t start nice and slow. His acceleration was instant. He let Jerry know that he would never be gentle in bed with anyone. His hips collided with Jerry’s ass, which produced the familiar smacking noise that Carl knew and loved.

Jerry took quicker breaths. “Oh, it’s…it’s so big! Escort Şirinevler It’s so amazing!”

Carl didn’t stop. He kept his cock in motion. Jerry had to bend down and place his hands on the bed. Now, he was on all fours. Carl’s cock kept working wonders inside Jerry’s passage. It made both men completely aware of their new roles in their relationship.

Jerry moaned. “It’s like you’re destroying my ass! I love it!”

Carl could feel the humidity in the room rising. He grabbed hold of Jerry’s hips and said, “This is how it’s done!”

Time had passed, but Carl had lost track of it. He couldn’t tell how much time had passed since he stuck his dick deep inside Jerry for the first time. It may have been fifteen minutes, or perhaps even half an hour. It didn’t matter to him. Appreciating his new relationship with the younger man was more important to remember. He enjoyed himself. He found a new way to be entertained, and it was in the form of Jerry’s naughtier side.

Even as Jerry collapsed on the bed, Carl didn’t stop. He now lay on the blond man’s back and kept his forward propulsion strong and plentiful. He continued to give Jerry a taste of his high-octane performance. He assaulted the young man’s hole with as much strength that he could muster. He ignored the sweat that dripped down his skin and enjoyed his domination. The smacking noise that originated between the hips and the ass grew louder. Jerry’s blissful moans didn’t stop. It had been a long time since Carl felt this way. And instead of a woman, he had his daughter’s boyfriend below him. The nostalgia, coupled with the curiosity that came with the attraction to the same sex, almost overwhelmed him. He wanted more of it, even though he knew that it had to end eventually.

Jerry cried out, “Fuck, yes! Destroy my ass!”

Carl wanted to laugh. “That’s right. My dick is amazing!”

He held Jerry tight in his arms. And when their playfulness reached its peak, the most splendid sensation arose from within. Carl’s most powerful motions led to his climax. Jerry almost screamed as he grabbed hold of the sheets. Carl could feel his semen being ejected before it flooded the same narrow passage that his cock infiltrated.

The two of them collapsed on the bed. They were now exhausted. Carl laid right on top of Jerry’s back. He finally pulled his cock out of the hole and rolled over.

Jerry breathed a sigh of relief. “I sure wish I could see how long I’d last if you fucked me all night long.”

Carl closed his eyes. “That sure is a nice thought.”

He reminisced on how it all started. It began with Olivia’s attraction. Carl would learn about his daughter’s boyfriend, and grow to trust and admire him for the past two months. And now, here they were. They lay beside each other after a long period of being dominant and being obedient.

Jerry laughed. “Oh, I’m so happy to be here.”

“Yeah, I bet.”

The two men looked at each other. They knew what the other thought about. Both of them knew how their relationship had suddenly changed, and how amazing it felt. They shared a long kiss before Carl heard a few faint footsteps coming from the open entrance. He looked to see that his own daughter stood still and looked absolutely mystified at what she just discovered in her father’s bedroom. Olivia’s eyes had widened with shock.

“What…what’s going on?”

She must have had her outdoor activity cut short. Now knowing that both he and Jerry lay on the bed naked and the latter drenched with cum, Carl stayed calm and provided a brief analysis in the situation.

“Olivia, here is what’s going to happen. Jerry is still going to be your boyfriend. But in the meantime, I’m also going to keep him around. I’m going to fuck him as much as I want. You and I will share him. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Jerry chuckled. “Your dad is great, Olivia. I’m going to enjoy my time with him.”

Olivia still looked flabbergasted. “I really don’t know what to say about this.”

Carl smiled. “Don’t worry. Jerry still loves you. But he loves me, too. He wants the best of both worlds. Like I said, it’s going to be a lot of fun. You’ll see.”

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