Hard Drunk Love

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Someone tumbles through my door, and I already know it who it is. I’ve been expecting her. Dressed for full winter, she’s already tripping out of her knee high boots before she’s properly in view. That white woollen hat with the bobbles on it falls to the floor and as she grasps at the buttons on her big but stretching green coat she pauses and looks up at me.

“Hai” she chirps a bit breathless, red in the cheeks and with dancing eyes.

Marvellous. I sit up and cross the bed on my knees as she removes her jacket completely, revealing a tight green strappy top that shows just a tiny bit of midriff and the mysterious black band at the top of her underwear. I wait a second, just admiring the tautness of her abdomen, the curve of her shoulder, and the arc of her ass as she leans over to toss her jacket aside.

Finally, unencumbered she steps to the side of the bed and clasps her hands behind her back. The action accentuates everything I love her about her, from her perfect from, to her perfect tits. I wonder if that’s why she does it. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, and with her standing on the floor there’s an obvious height difference. She looks up at me and grins, the kind of deliberate look up and deliberate grin that says ‘you’re mine’. It’s the kind of look up that she could easily use to drop her mouth open a tiny bit, and utter ‘aaaah’ then bite her lip. That’s exactly what she does, and my cock stirs in my boxers. She knows what drives me wild, and when she’s drunk she isn’t afraid to use it.

She knows that as far as I’m concerned the view from where I’m standing is absolute perfection, and that she has me right where she wants me.

“Hug me” she proclaims, and leans against my bare chest. We wrap our arms around each other and sway from side to side a bit as is our want. I can smell the faint scent of apple sourz and fresh sweat. It’s actually a pleasant smell, it’s the smell of a girl who has enjoyed herself and is looking to do so more. Something sharp nips at my chest, and I try to pull away. Anna keeps her arms tightly around me and takes another nibble at me, in a different place. Then her arms slip and she nibbles a little lower and to the side – at my ribs. My cock stirs a bit more and I start to really like where this is headed.

Suddenly, Anna pushed me backwards. I struggled to get my legs out from under me as I toppled back on the bed, but she helped by quickly pulling them down onto the floor. I found myself looking up at the ceiling and lying on the edge of my bed. Anna pushes herself between my legs and glides up to meet me, driving her nails above her head all the way up my body. She runs her hands into my hair just long enough to hold me in place to peck me on the lips, and then slides back down again, dragging her hands and nails behind her.

It sends electricity all over my body, and makes me shiver. It’s almost so distracting that I miss on the way back down she’s pulled my boxers down to my knees. Just as I realise, and without preamble she digs her nails into my inner thighs and takes the head of my cock in her mouth. I pop up on my elbows instantly, the tightening in my core compelling me to tense up. Of course, she was waiting for just that reaction, and there she is, on her knees, my cock in her mouth and those beautiful eyes just smiling up at me. Playfully she lets my cock drop out of her mouth just long enough to give me a thoothy, cheekbone-enhancing grin.

She gives a toe curling celebratory swirl with her tongue and lips around the top of my cock before pressing me firmly onto my back and going to work. So, how does one describe a drunken blowjob from Anna without trivialising it somewhat? You can’t. It doesn’t matter what I say, you’re not going to understand the true depth of sexual pleasure it brings. But I feel bad for all you poor folk without her, so here goes.

At first she likes to build suspense. She’ll focus on the head a good bit, powerful sucking, swirling and hand motions inducing panicked warnings from me about blowing my load in her mouth because the pleasure is painfully good. I mean, I’m actually convulsing as she gives it a pop and smiles at me. But she is the master of my instrument, and always knows how kartal escort and when to slowdown or stop. It drives me mad, I’m always terrified I’ll cum in her mouth and she’ll hate me, and she’ll always remind me that if I do, it’s her fault and I don’t need to worry. So I can relax and actually start to revel in the anticipation, is this going to the moment she swallows? I know she wont’ let me, but she isn’t above teasing me with the possibility to make it all the more mind-blowing. And I love her for it, cause in her own twisted way she’s letting me have a part of something I can’t ordinarily.

After the tease she stops abruptly, stands up and hauls her top over her head. I sit up and see she must have undone her trousers while blowing me, because they’re already open at the front and ripe for the picking. But I just sit back and watch as she relieves herself of outdoor clothes and is left standing in front of me in nothing but sexy.

Black and red, smooth and lace, contoured and perfect. It’s like the carving of exotic fruit. I know the fruit is going to be juicy, and delicious, and worth it, but the packaging and presentation just add to the experience. I try to sit up, I can’t wait to get at her, but she pushes me back down again.

“Not yet, not yet.” She says tutting at me.

She climbs on the bed and inverts herself, it turns out the show isn’t over yet. She kneels beside my head, places her chest over my abdomen and in one smooth motion drives herself throat first onto my upwards facing cock. Good. Greif. That girl can get deep. She pushes herself all the way down making a wet, not quick gagging noise that almost puts me over the edge. Once there, she shakes her head slightly from side to side and starts pulsing her throat. It’s absolute fucking heaven. I’m waving my arms about at this point because it’s difficult to think and I don’t know where to put them.

Anna removes that problem by grasping at one of them, while still coming clean up and clean down my cock like some sort of gag reflexless gift from a god I don’t believe in, and placing it on the back of her head. She pauses long enough to give me a “mmhm” noise to let me know its okay, and I silently wonder what I did to find this girl?

Karma for having to deal with crazy bitches perhaps? Permission given I take the back of her head in both hands and in earnest start to fuck her mouth. I mean, she’s doing a lot of the work in taking it, but I’m giving her a helping hand down while thrusting up with my hips. The sensation of power, and lust, and physical satisfaction is overwhelming. She folds her hands behind her back and just submits to me, and I’m absolutely in awe of her. She is doing everything she knows that turns on me. I could easily lose control and just keep going until I cum straight down her throat, but she trusts me and knows I won’t go that far.

I take one hand off her head and unhook her bra, dropping it off the bad and watching her beautiful tits swing as I fuck her mouth. I use that now free hand to hold her wrists behind her back and heighten the sense of sexual control.

That brief glimpse of her tits, and that perfect ass hanging next to my face starts to take over, and the urge to end my self-satisfaction and set about tiring this goddess out overwhelms me. I take her wrists, grab her hair – a full handful not a few strands like she hates – and pull her up straight. Drunk Anna loves it and makes a sort of triumphant laughing sound. She likes when I take control, but take care. I sit up to face her, those beautiful water blue eyes, that perfect little smile and puffy red cheeks. She makes a shocked face and breathes “oooohhh”.

I kiss her deeply, then pull back slowly. I release her wrist and hair, and glide my right hand up her ribs, over her breast, across her chest and up to her neck. I grasp firmly at the arteries on either side of her neck, watch her eyes light up a little, and then drive her firmly back on to the bed.

“My turn” I laugh.

The only thing that lies between me and perfection are those sexy as fuck red and black nickers. They’re the perfect cut too, the ones that drop in curves across the bottom. Sort of like female boxer shorts. On the kartal otele gelen escort way down her body I kiss her tits, give a nipple a quick suck, and then nibbles in at her hip, just below the underwear line. She’s breathing a bit heavier now, and its making her chest heave. I can hear her wee giggles and it excites me. My cock is hard and literally throbbing, as I take both her ankles and in one hand and lift them clean up, stretching her legs.

I look down the length of them, to where they terminate in her perfect ass, and that sweet sweet spot between her inner thighs. I rest her ankles on my shoulder and reach inside her waistband with my thumbs and slowly remove her underwear. Taking care to keep her legs straight, I admire the wetness of her sex, and roundness of her ass as she finally kicks the wrapping paper off the present I’ve been waiting for.

I part her legs, but before I drop down to my knees I squeeze both her ass cheeks at once. Just for that visceral feeling, you know. The, holy shit, she’s sleeping with me feeling. I brush up the smooth cleft of her sex with my thumb and drop down to my knees. She knows I love when she shaves, because then there’s nothing between me and her, no irritations to get in the way of me making her crazy.

I start to circle the hood of her clit with my thumb, slowly, a bit distracted really. I rest her legs on my shoulders and drop my mouth down to kiss her. I kiss her inner thigh, the very joint between her leg and pelvis, and then I slowly lick in one motion from the bottom of her wetness to the top. Just as I remove my tongue, I give her clit a little flick with just my thumb.

She makes happy noises, and swats playfully at me with one hand.

“You like?” she asks rhetorically.

I let me actions speak instead of word. Using each of my thumbs I part her lips and use the flat of my tongue to caress her slowly awaking clit. I like to vary it a bit, most guys think a pointed, flicking tongue is where its at. But most guys are idiots. It’s about texture as much as it is rhythm, about persistence as much as it is about speed.

I play little circles with the tip of my tongue, pressing it under the hood of her clit and trying to bounce it about a little bit. I feel her tensing, and grasping at the bed. I know she likes it, so I switch it up a bit. A bit of pressure, and a smooth, rhythmic up and down with the flat of my tongue. As much of the roughness of my tongue on her clit as possible. I move down a bit lower too, getting in between her lips and licking the wetness from in and around her, not just her clit. She takes my head in her hands and holds me there.

Right at the dipped point, just below her clit with a flat tongue, straight up and down. If I keep this up, she’ll come in a dozen seconds. I feel her lift her head an uncontrollable response to her sexy stomach contracting. I stop, just for a moment. I feel her getting wetter and wetter. I take my left hand and rest it on her lower abs, I want to feel them tremble. I open her legs wider, and go back to my circular, flicking motion. I keep it up until she’s squirming again from a different sensation, I can feel her stomach convulsing slowly and I know she’s getting close.

Trump card time.

I slip two fingers inside her, and start pressing not only quickly, but firmly upwards into her g spot. The sudden change startles her and she props up, her stomach tenses completely, she gasps out loud, and that’s when I switch back to the flat tongue. The dropped angle, just below the clit so I’m licking it, and her opening at once. I speed my tongue up to match my now quickening and deepening fingers and she explodes.

“Oh god.” She gasps. “Oh god… god… god.”

She squeezes her legs shut trying to deal with it, but I don’t give up. She’s cumming all over my fingers, tightening and squeezing like a perfect little sex vice, and I’m licking furiously. I have no intention of stopping. I pummel through her objections, her pleases and her laughs. The whole time her sex pulsing wanting on fingers, and her stomach convulsing in orgasm. She cums again, harder this time. It’s all over my face and chin, it tastes kartal eve gelen escort like liquid fun.

I hear the noises, and exclamations, and I’m hard. The wetness, the tightness, the sheer closeness of knowing that right now if I asked her to speak whatever she said would be utter nonsense. I did that to her body, and I did that to her brain. Cause I love her.

I slow down a little bit with my fingers, but keep my tongue going, and then I slip my fingers out complete. She laughs a little and manages a sarcastic “fuck me.” She’s actually shaking. I’m still holding her stomach and still licking her as she wriggles and writhes about having cum twice already.

So, I fuck her.

I stop licking her and dart upright, grip her by the hips and pull her to the edge of the bed. I take her by the knees, and push them up her chest, exposing and tightening her now soaking wet sex, and I drive myself in before the effects of her last orgasm are even gone.

I’m a good deal firmer and rougher than I normally would be. She’d driven me mental, cum all over me and was drunk, she could handle it. She looked at me with lidded, lusty, angry eyes. The best eyes you can have during sex.

I reach between her legs, over her chest and grabbed her by the kneck. I squeeze both her arteries enough to cut the blood off and fuck her as hard as I could without cumming on the spot. I watche her eyes roll back into her head a little bit, her neck get red, and her bit her lip. She reached down with her hands and grabbed my waste, and physically pulled me into her, hard and harder. At first it broke my rhythm, but once I knew what she wanted I better positioned my self to smash her pelvis with mine. I kept one leg over my shoulder, but let the other one drop down to the side.

After a moment, I stop quickly, step out from between her legs, and grab her by the waist. I shuffle for a second and then flip her onto her stomach. I gently slap her legs to let her know to get up on her knees and she does. Knowing what I want, she drops her shoulders right down on the bed and sticks her ass up as high as she can. I take her by the hips and start fucking again. Smooth, deep, to the hilt strokes. I press harder each time, and I can feel the bones in her ass pressing into my pelvis. I groan and reach down and pull her up a bit by the hair, so she’s leaning on her hands. I swap my grip from her hair to around her neck from behind. Now I’m physically pulling her, while choking her, back to meet my charging cock.

The hand I had left on her hips I use to grab one of her hands, and roamed it over her body and left it just above clit. She obliged and started rubbing it from side to side with her index finger. It drove me mental. To watch her please herself, while I pleased her. To see her so turned on it was almost violent. I squeeze and twisted her nipple, she yelps. She angles her head to make brief eye contact with me, and I slap her, hard across the face with my free hand. Still choking her, I use my free hand to rub her ass cheeks a bit, and snake my thumb towards her hole. I test, because I can never really be sure, but when I start to rub her ass hole with my thumb a bit she pushes back harder and moans.

I take the plunge, and while still fucking as deeply as possible, still choking her from behind, I start to press my thumb in and out of her ass up the knuckle. I try to do it deliberately out of time with my cock, so the sensation is pulsating and alternating. And then it happened.

She began to visibly shake. She started rubbing her clit not just fast, but hard. She was muttering to her self, “harder. Hard as can. Go, go for it.”

So I did. I fucked her as hard as I was physically capable of, I choked her harder than I had before. She loved it. I felt her hot wet gush of cum on my cock as she exploded – for the third time. She moaned loud, and freely. She kept rubbing, furiously. I kept fingering her ass. She was convulsing and squeezing on my cock, and I came before she’d finished coming on me. She was still physically shaking, bouncing, her tits were bouncing, her face was red from lack of oxygen and her eyes were glazing, but we’d did it. The double climax. I kept going as long as I could, but it wasn’t very long given there is only so much pleasure one human being can take before they faint. I collapsed onto of her, and she gave a playful squeeze with the muscles of her sex.

“I love you” I said.

“I love you,” she replied with a breathy laugh, “now rub my back.”

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