Harry’s Passage to Heaven

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I was minding my own business on a Saturday afternoon just browsing around the shops wishing I was able to afford a few more things to impress friends who lately seemed to be draining away, like I was a leper or something, so truth be a was now a little vulnerable when out of nowhere there appeared beside me as I gawped at a great pair of brush jeans that attracted me, this guy who just started talking as if he’d known me forever.

“Can see by the look in your eyes you would really like to buy ’em Huh?” he said like he was reading my mind.

I said yes I would but I had no dosh.

“Shame” he said, you’d look good in those” He gave me that certain lustful look.

“You speak as if you know me,” I queried.

“Well I feel I do in a way, this is not a very big town after all so you get to know folks not personally but by their looks. My Name is Harry, what’s yours?” He asked

“Pete,” I happily responded, he seemed a nice guy and me being a little low on friends welcomed the possibly of making a new one.

“To be honest you do stand out, Pete – I have seen you several times lately around and about on your own, looking like you could do with some real company.”

It was like he was my guardian angel and I found myself soon chilling with him not feeling awkward at all and that was great, especially when he treated me to a sausage roll and coffee in a local café.

We soon got to sharing our personal; details, me telling him I was looking for a job – in fact I was in dire need.

He responded straight away , he said I was an ideal; model for his photography studio and he would be glad to take me on if I was willing.

I was more than willing, I asked him what sort of modelling.

He paused and said “Are you ready for this. Pete?”

Me – then not being quite so prepared in thinking maybe it was somthing to do with pornography – and how Antep Escort Bayan could I cope with that!

“Tell me?” I asked nervously.

“I do photographs for Gay Magazine he told me and you have got the physique and the looks they want, right?”

And while we are on the subject, Pete – are you gay?”

Well one thing led to another, it was something I had never thought about seriously to be truthful, but having said that I have realised quite often that it is not only women who attract me.

I felt comfortable with Harry and let it all out. Well not exactly I was gay ‘cos I liked girls too.

“That’s how it happens quite often, it did with me, ” he said openly, “sometimes it just takes something to spark it off, those deep set feelings that really need to come out, I have come out now and feel so much the better for it. But I can equally go for a woman as well if there is the attraction and the need.

“Tell you what let me take you to my studio , it is just down the road, give you the look of what I do.”

I was keen and felt encouraged with Harry’s so smooth approach, and seeing how he looked at me I felt excited too, and I really think he noticed that, just the touch of his hand on mine was enough to break the ice and in no time at all, chatting all the way as we walked along the high street, we’d arrived at his studio.

He unlocked the front door and prompted me to go up a small flight of stairs telling me his studio was at the top.

But half way up he said for me not to hurry, there was plenty of time. I realised what he was at when I felt the most divine touch behind, Harry saying: “That’s right,. Pete just chill as you are for a moment, I want to enjoy you from every angle. Well my excuse being that a good photographer need to study his subject from all angles to get the best picture!”

And there he was below and behind me on the steep stairway – really enjoying me, his hands everywhere, over my butt, between my legs and feeling my defenceless cock.. It did not seem odd at all, it was so wonderful and experience, I started to realise this is the sort of relationship I really wanted, closing my eyes and swaying my hips I just chilled and enjoyed, I felt his head press between my thighs, heard him sniffing me there, whispering what a great ass I had, and how he lusted to fuck me and would I go for that.

Well he had got me into a real state, the thought of his fuck interested me, even though I had never been fucked before, yet I felt a hunger I knew when I was a teenager, when the hormones started setting in, had it been ten years since then?, had I been without it all that time not realising my true leaning?.

Whatever, Harry was well and truly making me realise now and by the time we reached the top of the stairs he’d ripped down my jeans and briefs and was rubbing his nose between my ass which was truly a sensation I had never ever envisaged, all I new it was a wonderful feeling, just being there like that, bent over the stair rail with my bare ass pronounced and ripe for him, then I felt his massage of me there, his hands squeezing each cheek and releasing as he further ventured to lubricate my hole with his busy mouth, saying I tasted lovely and I was ripe for fucking big time and would I like to see his cock.

We had only just arrived and there I was kneeling down between his legs and being prompted to look at his very large specimen as he brought it out from behind his dropped trousers for full view.

“How’s that, Pete” have you ever seen one like that before?”

I was facing his upright cock, he stretching it back as I took in his scent, I felt good about it, it seemed right, it looked good and appealing.

“Suck it for me ,Pete?” He asked – “I love that.”

I paused to take one step at a time. Okay I had imagined what it would be like to suck cock, if only I could have reached mine orally, what a thought that was, here was I now with the real opportunity to see just how it felt to suck one

I gingerly opened my mouth to take in the first feel of it between my lips, I felt its pulsing, Harry holding it upright for me, prompting me to get on with it.

I felt is slide into my mouth over my tongue and instantly tasted the earthiness about it, a mixture of sea salt taste and as I started to such it was enormously soothing, looking up and seeing his lusty expression.

I loved the pliability of it moving around beautifully in my mouth, I sucked it for some time, getting use to the idea, its throb grew and grew and his throat noises became like he was going to shoot his load any minute.

But he yelled he wanted my fuck, pulled it away from my mouth with a slurp, ‘ordered’ me to bend over on all fours on his thick pile carpet and in a moment I was feeling just how it was to be fucked up the ass, his balls bouncing against my cheeks as he thrust in and out for me, it was hurting like hell for while and yet, after a few thrusts, I felt this numbness and it became wonderfully sensual, the thought of my being all ass for this lovely guy who was enjoying me so much was overwhelming. His cock was gorgeous and gave me suck wonderful feelings inside, he wanked me as he got to the final surge and I felt his last thrust surge deep inside me as he squeezed the spunk from my cock and we both came together.

It was divine.

He showed me how he wanted me in the studio as I took on his offer for Gay Boy magazine, he said at the age of twenty I was the perfect model and he would make lots of money out of me. And in return he paid me handsomely and the bonus was a regular helping of his cock which was always divine, and of course his regular assault on my more than willing passage.

Harry called it his passage to heaven!

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