He Likes To Slap Women

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There is nothing quite like the look on a woman’s face after you’ve slapped the hell out of her stunned mug while slamming your cock deep into her tight asshole. I ought to know, I do this to women all the time. Since the dawn of humanity, bitches have been slapping dudes. Yet bitches are always shocked when the shoe’s suddenly on the other foot. Which probably explains why I love doing it to them. My name is Jamal Silverman, and I’ll be your six-foot-tall African-American sexual adventurer for the evening.

I’m currently at Jasmine’s house, drilling my cock into her asshole like butt fucking is going out of style. Jasmine is this plump black bitch I sort of know from my college campus. She’s ugly in the face, thick in the body but has a juicy plump booty. I’ve been wanting to tap that ass for ages. But mostly, I’ve wanted to slap the hell out of Jasmine’s ugly mug. She’s such a loudmouth and such a classless, endlessly cussing bitch that I simply couldn’t help myself. Fortunately, I’m a sinfully sexy brother whom the sisters can’t resist. This made my task a lot easier.

It was simple for me to get Jasmine into bed. Everyone knows my name on campus. I’m a senior at Saul College in Rhode Island. Founded in 1981, Saul College is a small private school with around ten thousand students. It’s also a favorite among minority students in the state of Rhode Island. Over half percent of the school’s student body is either African-American or Latino. Also, the gender ratio is quite balanced. Fifty percent male and fifty percent female. I’ve always wanted to go to a historically black college or university but when I graduated high school, Saul College was the only school offering me a scholarship. Since they had a diverse student population, I decided they were alright.

Saul College had always done decently in both academics and athletics. The Saul College Department of Athletics sponsors Men’s Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Gymnastics, Fencing, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Wrestling, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse kuşadası escort along with Women’s Softball, Basketball, Fencing, Cross Country, Swimming, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Field Hockey, Equestrian, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. We compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Two. The year I enrolled at Saul College, they had just began to field an Intercollegiate Football Program. I was one of the first guys to try out.

I made it on the team, and became one of the best offensive linemen. As a tall, good-looking black stud walking around campus in a letterman jacket, I got noticed by tons of females. Jasmine was no exception. Just one look at this female told me she was trouble. Even though Jasmine was dressed like a preppy gal, I could tell that she was from the ghetto. Hell, she definitely had the prototypical ghetto booty. This plump black chick had a huge ass that must have been visible from orbit. She began flirting with me heavily. I wasn’t all that interested in her. I mean, I am such a super stud that I had women falling all over me. White women. Asian women. Latin women. Middle-Eastern women. Black women. They all wanted a piece of my sugar. Why should I bother with an ugly black chick like Jasmine?

Jasmine accosted me one time with a proposition. She told me that she could give me something none of the other women could. She was offering me her ass. She declared herself a total submissive who would do anything I wanted. I paused to think about this. Sure, why not? I went to Jasmine’s dormitory, and we had our fun. The whole way, she was kissing me and feeling me up. I just smiled and went along with it. When we finally got there, she sat me down on her bed. I looked around the place. Jasmine’s dormitory was kind of small, but I didn’t care. You might think I’m just a college guy who does his thinking with his dick and will hop into bed with the first woman he meets. That’s only partly true. I had a tiny camera installed in the baseball cap I always wore. It was a kuşadası escort bayan gift from my father, who works for a high-tech firm in Providence. It had hundreds of hours of film and I always had it with me. I put it on Jasmine’s nightstand. It would record everything we did. Just in case she decided to be a man-hating psycho bitch and falsely accuse me of sexual assault or some shit like that. Women are manipulative, treacherous and deceitful. A man can never be too careful with them. That being said, I’m going to fuck her brains out.

I sat on the bed while Jasmine freshened up. In the meantime, I stroked my cock. Eight inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. I’m all-natural. When she came back, the plump black chick was stark naked. I looked her up and down. Not bad. I’ve always had a thing for big women. I find black women beautiful. My only issue with many of them was their lack of class and manners. I mean, I’ve seen a beautiful black businesswoman in a thousand-dollar suit cussing like a common hoodlum on the subway. Yeah, you can take the bitch out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the bitch. Unfortunately for lots of black men, black bitches from the hood are much better in bed than the women of most other races and cultures. They’re sassier, livelier and wilder. They can rock your world. Why else do you think self-respecting black men bother with them? It’s certainly not their wonderful mindsets or sparkling personalities!

Jasmine stood naked before me, a big and plump black bitch with huge tits and a fat ass. I told her to turn around and show me what she was working with. I watched her fat black ass as she spread them plump cheeks. Her tight asshole stared at me obscenely. Her pussy was hairy and wet. I dipped two fingers inside, and she squirmed. I laughed and smacked her hot booty. If you ask me, it was the best part of her anatomy. I bent her over and lubed both her ass and my dick with the lube she handed me. I made sure we were both ready. Anal sex can be escort kuşadası quite fun, for both men and women. However, lube and patience are required for best results.

Without further ado, I pushed my cock into Jasmine’s tight asshole. She squealed, but I gripped her hips and held her into place. This is where I start to have fun. I smacked her fat ass, making it jiggle as I fucked her. Jasmine yelped, and urged me to fuck her harder and faster. I did. I slammed my cock into her asshole like anal sex was going to be made illegal the next day. At some point, I found myself inspired to try something new. I grabbed Jasmine and flipped her. She now lay on her back, thick legs in the air, ass spread. I shoved my cock right back into her asshole. She winced, then smirked. She liked that. What was the bitch smirking about? That’s when I slapped her. Right in the face. It sounded like thunder.

I looked into Jasmine’s eyes. The bitch was stunned. I smiled. Bitches are always smacking dudes cause they can get away with it. I slammed my dick deeper into Jasmine’s asshole. What you got to say now, bitch? I want to hear you talking trash when I’m fucking you in the ass and smacking you in the face. I reached for her tits and pinched the nipples. She winced. I smiled, and smacked her again. What’s my name, bitch? I asked. Jasmine looked at me fearfully, and said my name. I told her to say it louder. She did. I then slammed my cock so far up her asshole, I seriously thought it was going to come out of her mouth. That’s when I came. I blasted my cum deep into Jasmine’s asshole. The bitch squealed. It was music to those ears of mine.

Later, I left Jasmine’s dorm. She told me to check up on her every now and then. I was a good lay, apparently. Damn right I’m good in bed. First of all, I’m a black man and we’re genetically designed for fucking bitches. Second of all, I’ve actually got technique and experience. And I’m a macho man who loves fucking all the females. That’s how my legend grew on the Saul College campus. Before long, I had women lining up to sleep with me. Man, I could have starred in my own porn anthology. But that’s a story for another time. I’ve discovered a new fetish. Slapping a woman in the face while I fuck her in the ass. Hot damn. That’s hot. And I will continue to do it. It’s my new favorite thing.

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