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Sarah and DJ met online, as a result of their mutual interest in writing and reading erotic stories. Emails progressed to phone calls. They decided to meet. Sparks flew. After many weeks of almost around-the-clock, non-stop, hot, wet, “legal” sex (hey, sodomy is still illegal some places), the passion dwindled. Both realized the flame needed to be kindled.

Christmas was fast approaching. Neither could decide on that something special to give the other.

“DJ, what would you like for Christmas? Okay, so I finally had to ask. I have no clue what to get you.”

“Sarah, I think what I really would like is your ass.”


“Let’s do anal for Christmas,” DJ suggested. Sarah looked puzzled. “Anal–butt fuck.”


“But what?”

“It might hurt–up the butt.”

“Oh please, honey, do it for me. You asked me what I wanted for Christmas. That’s what I want. I want your cute little tight ass.”

“Do unto others as they do unto you, DJ.”


“You do my dirt hole, I’m going down your chocolate road. You got a nice bum, too, babe.”


“No buts…or no butts.”

“I’m doing you first, Sarah.”

“If you make me squeal like a stuck pig, I’ll do the same to you, DJ.”


“Why, Christmas Eve, of course.

“Hey, can I spank you before I…uh…”

“What you do to my behind, I’m doing to yours.”

“Quid pro quo.”

* * *

DJ and Sarah wanted to spend Christmas Eve somewhere romantic and decided on Niagra Falls as an appropriate spot for their anal adventure.

They drove over the Peace Bridge to Canada and exited Queen Elizabeth Way onto Highway 420. Then left on Stanley Avenue, and several more turns until they found the Maid of the Mist Bed and Breakfast.

Sarah insisted on sightseeing before getting naked and naughty. She gave DJ a concise but informative lecture as they took in the glory and beauty of American Falls. When she began to expound upon the dolomite layers and geological processes, DJ sought to tactfully change the subject. He repeatedly let his hand slip from her waist to her ass.

At Horseshoe Falls, Sarah elaborated on the fact that the Niagra River wasn’t really a river, but instead a strait connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. She explained how the massive amount of water that makes up the great lakes leads to evaporation that moderates air temperature in the winter, and inhibits cloud formation in the summer.

“What’s wrong, DJ?” she asked, concerned about his pained expression.

“I have a raging hard-on. Let’s go back to the room.”

Sarah smiled gloriously. “And exchange Christmas presents?”

“Oh yeah!”

* * *

He said butt…

DJ waited in the bathroom, naked, several gift boxes in his hands.

“I’m ready, honey!” he heard her call.

He opened the door and stepped out into the room. Sarah faced away from him, looking out the window. Her hands rested on the windowsill, with her back arched and her nipples gliding across the glass, feeling the chill of the winter night outside the room.

She was completely naked, except for a thick red ribbon that wound over her hips and thighs, tied into a big bow right on her ass.

“Isn’t the view wonderful?” she asked with a sigh, looking straight ahead.

“Fantastic!” he replied, licking his lips and looking at her bum, which she began to slowly swing side to side. “Beautiful.”

“Yes, awesome,” she agreed.

DJ walked behind her and got on his knees, not yet touching her, but close enough that his hot breath played on her skin. He whispered, “What could be more beautiful than the creations of nature?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, “the falls, the exquisitely formed snowflakes, and…”

“Your sexy, tight little ass.”

“My wha…?”

“This, honey hams.”

Sarah jumped slightly as he kissed an ass cheek gently, then moved over and kissed the other, giving it a little lick as well. “Aaaaah…” she moaned. “So, I guess you like your present, baby?” she asked.

DJ growled and took an end of the ribbon between his teeth, pulling back and causing the bow to untie itself and the red ribbon to fall slack around her thighs. He grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pushed his face into her crack, licking and sucking at her little hole.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. As she bit her lip, the pleasant sensations made it difficult for her to try and come up with one of her usual clever quips. “Uh…uh…so you like my hot buns? You gonna put a nice hot gooey sweet glaze on them?”

“That’s a long time from now, Sarah!” He gave a little spank on her ass. “I do love your buns, though–always hot’n fresh no matter how much I eat.” He brought his mouth to her bum again, spitting on her asshole and rimming it, beginning to push his tongue inward.

Sarah’s body quivered and she felt her knees get a little weak. She slid down slowly, ending upon her knees, head and shoulders resting against the plush carpet. Then she closed her eyes and ran her hands over her body. “Mmmm, DJ, you sure bahis firmaları do know ass.” She brought her hands to her ass and spread her cheeks to help him probe deeper.

“I don’t just know ass, I love ass,” he said. Her hands pulling her cheeks apart left him free to use a finger and lots of saliva to probe into her crinkled rosebud. “I love your

ass–your sexy, beautiful ass.”

“Ai!” Sarah acted shocked by the sudden intrusion of the finger, her body twitched, and her eyes shot open. In her position, she could see the pile of gifts beside DJ. “Hey, you’re goin’ to town on your gift, and I don’t get mine? No fair!”

“Alright, alright,” he said, and grumbled something else besides, as he removed his finger, and gave her butt a last kiss for now. “Let’s get into the hot tub. It’ll loosen you up.”

“Loosen me up?” Sarah raised an eyebrow.

DJ climbed into the hot tub and Sarah settled in between his legs, her back to him. He massaged her neck and shoulders while she pressed back against his hard cock.

“Oooh, I love presents,” she cooed, and reached over for one of the boxes. Opening it up, she found two butt plugs, one hot pink resembling a penis and the other yellow and shaped like an artillery shell. “Hmph. I suppose you’ll want to put this up my ass?”

“You bet,” he said, as his cock jumped at the thought.

Sarah opened another box. It contained a string with balls attached along its length, with a ring at the end. As she looked over her gift and handled it, he took from her hands after kissing her, and began to press the balls into her mouth. She tried to say something, but her voice was muffled until he pulled the balls out past her lips, popping them out one at a time.

“I thought that was supposed to go up my ass, not in my mouth,” she purred.

“All in good time, my dear,” he responded.

When she opened the last box, Sarah found an extra-large container of lube, and a variety of several smaller tubes and jars. “Ooooh, I know what this is for!” she exclaimed as she raised her ass up out of the water, and leaned over the side, presenting her ass to his face, wet and dripping with water.

DJ grunted and bit his lip at the sight. “Fuck, I’m dying to get up that ass,” he growled.

He tongued her rosebud again, and then used his hand to spread the lube over her ass crack. Then he pressed a single finger into her hole, up past the first knuckle.

“How’s that feel, Sarah?”

“Um…kinda funny.”

“How about this? He brought his other hand around her, and rubbed her pussy.


Applying more lube, he worked his finger in, and then added another.

“Yeah, you’re opening up real good for me, Sarah,” he observed, pumping his fingers in and out while his other hand played with her pussy. “Take these fingers like you’re gonna take my dick.”

Sarah bit her lip and grunted, beginning to move her ass back and forth in time to DJ’s fingers.

DJ withdrew his hand and looked at her exquisite asshole, slowly drawing shut. He grabbled the string of balls and pressed the first one against her bum. Slowing increasing the pressure, it finally was swallowed up and disappeared.

“Ooof!” she gasped.

“Oh yeah, you’re so sexy,” he sighed, and pushed another ball into her ass, continuing to tease her clit.

“Mmmm, this feels so funny. I feel so full.”

He pushed another two balls in, and then turned her over so that she lay on her side along the ledge at the side of the hot tub. Then he replaced his fingers with his mouth and licked her pussy, running his tongue along her folds and flicking her hot button.

“Uh…uh…uuuuhhh…MMMmmm,” Sarah moaned. Just as she exploded in orgasm DJ pulled hard on the string of balls in her ass, feeling the increased pulsing of her orgasm as she ground her pussy against his face. “OOOOOoooo!”

DJ stood up and ran his hands over her body as she lay there curled up, eyes closed, breathing heavily.

“You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?” he murmured. “Such a bad girl, cumming from me playing with your ass. You’re a bad girl, Sarah. Nasty. Cumming with a toy in your ass. You are very bad, you know that?”

She nodded weakly and mumbled something unintelligible.

“Bad girls need to be punished,” DJ continued in chastisement. “Come on.” He roughly tugged her by her beautiful, long red tresses. She struggled to keep up with him, crawling beside him on all fours as he led her to a chair. He sat down and pulled her on top of his knees, stomach down.

Sarah felt his hard cock bump against her stomach. “Well, hello there!” She tittered, and reached down with a hand to stroke it.

“Bad girls don’t get to choose their toys!” DJ roared. He’d brought a few things with him when he dragged Sarah to the chair, and now picked up the ribbon that she had used earlier to tie into a bow around her butt.

“Hey, what’s going on?” she asked, a little disoriented. He forcefully brought her hands back behind her, and tied them at the wrists with the ribbon.

“Now, I need to punish my little bad kaçak iddaa girl,” he lectured, and smacked her ass. She whimpered as the smacking sounds reverberated.

Red marks began to show on her bum, and he rubbed his hands over them, spanking her even harder. “Do you want me to put a butt plug up your ass, Sarah?” He ran his fingers up and down her crack, over her hot asshole.

“I…I…” she hesitated. “…I want your cock.”

“You either get the butt plug or nothing while I spank you. What’s it gonna be?”

“O…okay,” she said softly.

DJ slipped the lubed hot pink butt plug between her cheeks and into her hole, pressing and pressing until it popped in for a nice and nice fit. A small whine started coming from her throat, turning into a louder howl as he began spanking her again.

“You’re a bad girl, Sarah. Writing all those nasty sex stories. What kind of girl does slutty things like that?”

Sarah just grunted in response to the physical and verbal lashing.

“What kind of girl, huh? You like to think of all the guys jacking off and all the girls playing with their pussies while they’re reading your stuff?”

“Uh…yeah…I guess,” she admitted reluctantly, as he continued massaging and spanking her ass.

“What kind of girl does, that, I asked. Tell me, you hot little horny bitch witch! Confess!”

“Um…um…uh…I don’t…um…”

“A girl who is about to take my dick in her ass, that’s what.”

DJ popped the butt plug out of Sarah’s ass, and untied her hands. He brought her close in for a hug and kissed her lips, then her cheek, and nibbled her ear. “How’s tonight so far, honey? You doing okay?”

She kissed him and bit her lip. “My bum kinda hurts, baby.”

“Well, I’ve just the thing for that, too!”

They moved to lie down on the thick rug, while DJ reached for something nearby. He brought a joint to his lips, and fired it up with a lighter. After taking a few short puffs and exhaling, he took a big drag into his mouth and leaned over to Sarah, sharing a kiss while blowing the hot smoke into her mouth, which she then inhaled.

“How’s your ass now, baby?” he asked.

“Getting better.” She grinned, and took another kiss with a mouthful of sweet smoke.

He lay down on the floor and she spread her legs over his head, rubbing her pussy and ass all over his face as she smoked until the joint was finished.

“You like my ass, huh?” she inquired, lifting herself up.

“A woman’s place is on my face,” he replied with a grin.

DJ led Sarah to the bed, where she got down on elbows and knees. Cock in hand, he drew up behind her.

“Fuck,” he groaned, “I want your ass under my tree every Christmas.”

“Well, put your candy cane in me!” she suggested enthusiastically.

Slowly, he slipped his cock into her ass. Grunting and sweating, they both established a rhythm, slamming their bodies together.

They broke off momentarily, and DJ rolled onto the bed and lay on his back. Sarah moved over and straddled his body, facing him, and slipped his cock up her ass again.

“Ooooh, I’m kinda getting to like this,” she moaned.

“I’m liking you liking this,” he murmured, breathlessly. “You look so beautiful and sexy, taking my cock up your ass.”

They pressed their hands together, palm-against-palm and fingers entwined, as Sarah bounced faster and faster on DJ’s cock.

“Unnngh…” Sarah began breathing more heavily, and closed her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…ummm…” DJ bit his lip. Yeah, cum for me, baby! Cum for me with my cock in your ass!”

“Oooooooo…aaaahhh!” Sarah screamed and bucked hard, planting DJ’s cock all the way up her hole, as her body slammed his and stayed there as she ground her hips against his. Her twitching and spasms got off DJ, and his cock spurted like a gusher in the hot, tight confines of her ass.

Sarah, in convulsions, collapsed against DJ. As they caught their breath, DJ ran his hands through her hair, and said charmingly, “Thanks for making this the best Christmas ever.”

Sarah grinned and nibbled his lip. “Oh, we’re just getting warmed up, baby!”

* * *

She said but…


“Yes, DJ?”

“Pass me the joint, please.”

Sarah took another hit first. “This is some dang good weed. It definitely dulls the pain. And sure enhances the pleasure.”

“Smoke my joint, baby.”

DJ’s cock had become eager again and Sarah stroked it lovingly. “You have such a pretty penis,” she purred as she licked the tip and simulated speaking into a microphone.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, my dear.”

“Up your ass?”


“I have a pretty penis, too, DJ. It’s such a beautiful shade of blue.”

Sarah fetched blue latex slip-on tool, attached to the stretch to fit panties with two wireless, waterproof removable micro vibes.

“Would you like to suck my dick, DJ?”

DJ stared at the rigid latex penis as he twitched nervously. “Uh…I don’t think so. Baby, I though maybe we…could like…forget about you doing me with that kaçak bahis thing.”

“Fuck you, DJ. Fuck you in the ass. That’s the real deal. You did me in the back door. Now I’m going to do the same to you.”


“Hey! ‘But’ nothing. Look, you’re going to really piss me off if you don’t bend over for me, like I did for you. No more pussy for you. No more blow jobs. No more shooting your load down my throat and all over my face and tits.” Sarah glared at him menacingly like she meant it. “And no more fucking my ass!”

“Well…I…you won’t hurt me…will you?”

“C’mon, honey, you can take it up the fanny like a trooper, just like I did.”

DJ finished the joint and got another. Then he poured himself a shot of whiskey. “I’m ready, I guess. As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“One more thing…”

“What’s that?” he asked apprehensively.

“Here’s your Christmas present. Open it.”

DJ ripped away the paper and opened the box. “Wha…what…?”

He help up the French maid lingerie.

“Put it on!” Sarah demanded.

DJ just sighed. She helped him on with the halter top and skirt with a lace-up back.

“We don’t need to bother with the panties,” she stated matter-of-factly. “But I would like you to wear the garters and choker.”

He shook his head like he wasn’t going to do it.

“I’ll suck your cock sooo good if you do, DJ.” She knelt down and took the head in her mouth. And I do mean sooo good. I’ll deep throat you and …”

Finally he nodded like a woodpecker.

“Here’s your other presents, honey,” Sarah said sweetly. “I opened them for you.” She put the platinum blonde wig on his head and applied the Max Factor Lipfinity Luster. “This shade is called Electric,” she advised, smirking lewdly.

“My father would never speak to me again if he saw me dressed like this,” DJ whimpered miserably.

Sarah started to giggle. “You need Sexual Reassignment Surgery, honey. I never did a chick with a dick.” She tugged on it playfully.

“I never had a chick with a dick do me,” DJ muttered, resigned to his imminent fate. He got down on all fours on the carpet.

Sarah got behind him. He glanced back at her. “You look funny with a big blue dick, girl. Do you have a smaller attachment for that thing?”

“Nope. You cornholed me with your big wienie. Now I’m going to do the same to you. My, you have the cutest bum. Looks like a girl’s. I’m jealous!” She lifted up the little skirt and slapped his ass, hard.

“Yeow!” he screamed.

“Hey, now, I looked at my ass in the mirror–red as a herring.” She smacked him again.

“Damn! Take it easy! Your ass is red from the fucking, not the spanking.”

Sarah whacked him again. “You are a bad boy–a very bad boy–but now I’m going to kiss it and make it better.”

As she kissed and licked his bum, she played with his balls and cock with her hands.

“What are you doing now?” he asked as he felt her tracing circles on his ass with fingers.

“I’m painting a target on your ass with the cherry butt butter.”


She applied a liberal amount of the butt butter to the blue dick, and inside his hole with her fingers.

“Ouch!” he cried as she inserted the head of the blue dick inside him.

“Relax, baby. I’ll go nice and slow and gentle.”

“I can’t fucking relax!”

“Think about fucking my tits and mouth.”

“Can I?”

“Soon, honey, soon, but first…”

Sarah pushed a little deeper, gently moving her penis in a shallow circular motion, stimulating DJ’s sphincter nerve endings.

He breathed deeply and exhaled. She probed even further and leaned over and rested her breasts on his back, so she could fondle his balls and cock with her right hand as she directed the dong with her left hand.

“The tips of your nipples are like arrow heads, pressing into me like that, Sarah,” he moaned.

“Fucking you in the ass is turning me on like you would not believe, stud muffin. The buzz this blue banana is giving me ain’t bad either. Now you just relax and enjoy,” she encouraged, making him hard again with her ministrations. “I told you I’ll take it slow and easy. Trust me, baby. This blue dick is a lot smaller than the one you stuck up my ass!”

Sarah shifted the angle of the dong until she heard DJ groan, “Ahhhh…ohhhh…my…I…damn…ahhhh…”

“Did I find your prostate, baby?”

“Uh…yeah…I think…think…so…so…ohhhh…yeah…”

“Does that feel good?” She stroked his cock faster.

“Oh yeah…ohhhh yeah…”

“Do you like the way I fuck your ass, baby?”

Sarah enthusiastically thrust her hips forward and back

“Oh…ohh…ooooh…Sarah…I…I’m going to cum…it…feels…strange…ahhhh…I can’t…I…uuuuhhh…”

She felt him uncontrollably shoot a stream of cum and squeezed some out into her hand. Then she brought her hand to her mouth. “It looks different. Clearer. More watery. Like the drops before you cum.” Sarah lapped it with her tongue. “Tastes great!”

And then she rammed the blue dick all the way up his ass and started humping like crazy.

He screamed but let her have her way.

“Oh my fucking…oh…now I…I’m…close…so…MMMmmm…aaaah…ooooh…” she uttered, becoming frenzied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32