He Said, She Said: Those Friday Stockings

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I strode down the hallway surveying the office to determine who might still be around at 5:00 pm on a summer Friday afternoon. All the assistants appeared gone, their desks empty and computers turned off. Their bosses’ doors were closed, a typical sign that they too had left for the weekend.

My body was pumped, muscles ripped from the afternoon workout at the gym. More importantly, my heart raced with excitement. I had received ‘the signal’ from Elizabeth Meade that morning. It was ‘our’ signal. Today Liz wore those stockings- the black ones with small polka dots and a seam up the back, the ones which so beautifully adorned her sexy legs and told me she wanted me. If it was going to happen any day of the week, it could only be on a Friday. Every Friday morning was exciting, although every Friday did not bring the wanted signal.

We were paired together when I started my first job out of graduate school at Smith Gump, LLP. I was the young hot shot they recruited that year. Liz, a prim and proper British woman with a proper (and sexy) accent, was assigned to me as my assistant. She was maybe eight years my senior and had been with the company a while, guiding and grooming the firm’s young recruits, turning them into star performers.

Liz and I worked together like a hand and glove. She was a steadying force to my frenetic deal making. Without her I would not have developed a multi-million dollar book of business, making oodles of money for my employer in the process. Management acknowledged how well we operated. When it wanted to assign her to a new recruit, I vigorously opposed the move. After a heated power play, I prevailed only because of the amount of money I, no we, were making for the firm.

We worked together and grew to know one another on a very personal level. We had a great repertoire- we worked, talked and joked, we became mutual confidants and friends. I thought she could discuss anything with me. I felt the same way with her, and went so far as to pour out my heart, all to often in fact, over failed relationships and the young women I coveted and chased.

Then around our seventh year together she confided that she was in a failed marriage, one which had been disintegrating for many years and had finally reached collapse. I was shocked, not just because of the revelation itself, but also because of how long she had kept her situation from me. She suspected “he” was cheating on her, that “he” had not touched her in years, that they agreed to stay together and live under the same roof for the benefit of her two sons, who were near college age. Once the boys were away at college he was going to file far a divorce. She said it was irreconcilable, not that she wanted reconciliation. She was disheartened over it. I would have never known if she did not mention it. She said she had low self esteem believing “he” wanted nothing to do with her- she thought it was because of her appearance or persona, although she admitted “he” had never given her a clear and convincing explanation of his feelings and behavior. I was astounded and assured her she was completely wrong- that she was a highly attractive woman and a wonderful person. I blamed it all on “him”. She told me I was too kind, had always been to her, and she appreciated my support and kind words. Then the subject was dropped and we went about our business without mentioning it further.

Later that year, Boaz, Guild, LTD, a competitor of Smith Gump, solicited me to switch firms. I could have left Liz behind and trained a new assistant. It would have taken a good six months to a year to develop the working relationship I needed, and that assumed the person I hired was the right one and I did not need to go through a series of hirings and firing until I was satisfied. But Liz was too valuable to me. She was my right hand and alter ego. She gave me confidence to do the things I needed to do knowing she stood behind me to properly handle clients and matters in my absence and make critical snap decisions. And, work would not have been the same without her. No, I could not leave her behind. I told Boaz Guild that they had to hire Liz too or I would not make the move. Brazen? Yes, but i recognized she was my strength. Boaz solicited her without hesitation. Smith Gump found out and countered her hard. Knowing I was going, she did not flinch as she took the jump, and the hefty bonus that came with it.

Boaz was extremely happy with our production. I started giving Liz a cut of every commission I made. She deserved it. She worked hard, was dedicated to my success and made sure things just went right every day. Clients always told me how much they enjoyed working and talking with her. Basically, she just made it all happen and allowed me to focus on what really mattered.

About a year into working at Boaz she again vented about her marriage late one afternoon. She again expressed how much she appreciated my support and then she dropped a bomb, perhaps it was a slip of the tongue, when kartal escort she told me, “Alec, if I were single and younger, I would snatch you up before those other women come to their senses….”

That comment coaxed me to think about her in a manner different than before. I admit, I always had found her very attractive and was intrigued by her. Every day I went to work looking forward to seeing her. Given her married status, I always looked past her. I did not want to ruin our platonic relationship. Now, given her void marriage, well, I wondered if her innocent comment was designed to open a door between us.

As she rose to leave my office she dropped a load of papers and files on the floor. I stood and crouched down helping her to pick up the scattered documents. “Liz,” I started placing my hand on her arm about to tell her I would clean the mess.

She looked at me as we knelt, faces but a foot apart, “Yes,” she interrupted as I began.

Then I took a leap of faith. “Is it just me?” I asked. She blushed a bit and hesitated in her response.

“No, its me too,” she admitted in a hushed British accent. I leaned forward and gently kissed her beautiful red lips. She hesitated at first but became receptive. A soft kiss inflamed long held unspoken passion. We rose and our bodies pressed together. We respectfully touched each other through our clothes, exploring each others bodies, slowly bridging the gap of the past years. Tender loving kisses led to naked tangled limbs and joined flesh infused with the rapture of two finding sync for the first time.

When it was over, we agreed we would continue what was long overdue but also agreed we could have no expectations- just a casual affair. We understood our time would be limited to Friday afternoons in the office- she had to get home to feed her kids dinner and could not linger late. We also understood that getting caught carried dire unwanted consequences. Discretion was the rule. We had to be careful to avoid raising suspicions. Our encounters had to be quiet and behind locked doors, when nobody was around the office who could find us, and if we were caught together after hours late on a Friday we could not raise suspicions. We had to keep our clothes from becoming disheveled, avoid smudging her make up on my clothes, avoid all suspicion and appearance of impropriety. Yes, it was of paramount importance to protect our illicit affair and hide our mutual lust.

We coveted our encounters. They were the release of pent up daily sexual frustration, a way to end the week, say good bye and start the weekend apart. Friday mornings I had an extra step in my strut as I walked to work wondering if Liz would give me the sign. She knew my schedule and made sure I would see her as I came into the office, whether she stood by her desk in the hallway perusing some papers or walked down the hall to saunter by me as I went the other way, she made sure I knew. We met daily in my opulent office at 11:00 AM and then again at 4:00 PM to review matters. We never discussed our impending encounters- that would have removed the salacious nature of it all. No, instead, she went out of her way to wear a skirt that revealed her knees and sometimes rode up to her mid-thigh as she sat in the chair across from my desk. She would cross her legs and flash her inner thighs, graze her breast with her hand, lean forward and reveal her cleavage- foreplay and seduction to drive me crazy with anticipation. She would slowly leave my office, carefully placing one black spiked high heel in front of the other, making sure I observed the backs of her legs, the seams of the stockings, her muscular calves, firm thighs, curvaceous tight body, flaunting it as if she was on my private cat walk. Behind her proper exterior lived my personal seductress, and we loved every minute of it.

That Friday, as I returned from the gym with anticipation, I reminded myself we had not hooked up for a few weeks. I was concerned something was wrong but had not asked fearing I would give the impression I was anxious or expecting of her. I walked past her desk and turned left, walked between her desk and Abigail Peter’s and entered my office. Liz stood behind my desk waiting for me. I closed and locked the door and approached her. She stood silent watching me, a look of slight insecurity on her face.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

She took my lapel between her fingers and felt the fine fabric mulling her response as she stood close, “Alec, I’ve missed you,” she replied, “…You have been ‘distant’.”

“Funny, I was wondering why you seemed so reserved and aloof. We have not been together lately and I have been afraid to ask,” i replied.

She perked up hearing my response, “Well, it sounds like we have a misunderstanding,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my back and looked up at me a smile of relief on her face. I leaned forward and kissed her. She hugged me tight and lay her head against my chest, “I thought I was loosing you… I have not cumhuriyet mahallesi escort been available to meet you lately but even when we work, you have been different….”

“We have been so busy I have not known which way is up from day to day… maybe the stress and the pace have had an effect on me…” I stated.

“Well, I’m glad to hear its not me,” she replied.

“No, you would not do that to me,” I responded as I ran my hands across her back.

“Well then,” she started, “shall we?” she asked with a tease in her voice and a devilish smirk on her face. I pulled up her skirt and ran my hands across her round bum, squeezing her cheeks and pulling her closer against me. Our clothed sexes pressed as we slightly swayed. My hands roamed, fingers slipped beneath the elastic of her panties and slithered between her soft skin and silk underwear, down and around to her front until they found her bush and massaged the precious lips hidden behind the garment.

“Mmm.” she cooed as I tended to her needs, slipping a finger between her furrow teasing her moist slit and bud. When I knew she was ready I pulled the garment down to between her thighs. She instinctively turned around, faced the desk, ankles together, hands on the desk top bracing her body, waiting for me to service her. I raised her skirt and threw it over her hips and across her back. The thought of being buried in her privates was irresistible. All week we worked together, looking at each other longingly, not mentioning our illicit tryst, seething for a mid-week opportunity, sending veiled flirtatious messages in conversation, waiting for this very moment when we could be one.

I loosened my pants and removed my flaccid cock. It eagerly stiffened as I thought of the impending penetration and lurid act. I rubbed my head in her furrow and felt her warmth. I teased her just a bit, making her wait for what she craved. Then I pushed forward submersing my swollen head and stiff sex in her tight folds, respectfully penetrating and widening her walls. She quietly gasped under her breath, she always did when we joined, and held me tight from within as my hands held her hips and pulled her back against me, pressing our flesh together. I leaned forward and nuzzled her behind the ear and I told her how she excited me.


My walls stretched to take him. He widened me, more than any other man ever had. I enjoyed it- he was the right size and fit. Just enough to fill me, but not so large as to hurt. As my walls held him tight, so too did he impale my kitty. Slowly he worked in and out, prolonging the pleasure as much as possible. One hand was brought around and beneath and he tenderly rolled my rose bud between two fingers. His other hand palmed and massaged a bosom hidden beneath my leopard print silk blouse.

Everything Alec told you was true. Over time I fell for him but could not tell him or act on it. He had become the one man in my life who cared about me, who interested me and gave me purpose. He knew when I was having a bad day and anonymously sent me flowers. He was grateful for all I did for him. Working with him was incredible but I wanted more, I wanted to know more about him, spend more time with him. Besides, his body was well kept- younger, strong, chiseled and vibrant. His personality was charming and kind. So, when we had our first encounter, I was instantly beyond smitten. Don’t get me wrong, I never planned it, it just happened over the years, developing from a nurturing professional relationship into mutual personal allegiances and fidelity. And, I never planned to cheat on my marriage and family, but being abandoned by “him” gave me justification to seek my own relationships. Never had I acted to find someone outside my marriage. I had planned to not act until we divorced. But opportunity presented itself and I could not let it pass. Oh, and by the way, that comment about the younger women, what I said was true, but the ultimate effect was unintended….

Our affair was salacious- mutual seduction all week long built to irresistible passion on Fridays. And, he was such a good luv. He always knew how to read my body, knew how to be tender, how to coax me along and prolong the pleasure, when I was close and when to let me release. But that Friday was exceptionally erotic- when we were joined, I am sure my whispers of passion, coaxing him on were a tell tale sign that I was close. The more I concentrated, the quieter I got… Alec knew then that I was close. He placed his hands on my hips and serviced me- slowly and steadily dipping his sex in and out of me as I gasped in hushed tones. It was all to much for me to handle and it took every ounce of internal discipline and determination to not cry out for him.

He picked up his pace. Small waves crossed my folds, nips and nether region… my muscles tightened and I bit my lower lip and quipped as I crested and climaxed. He pulled us together, my bum against his hips, I pushed yunus escort back, grinding against him as he writhed within, pushing and pulling at my walls. I knew he reveled in the tightness and warmth of my release. The harder I pushed back, the greater his excitement. This time I ground against my luv exceptionally hard. He seized and came in the strong steady streams of a desirous vibrant man defiling my folds.

When it was over, he wrapped an arm around my mid-section and held me tight, not wanting to let go, his sex resting deep within me. I could have stood there with him forever. Normally, after a few moments we both would come to our senses and realize the time and that I had to leave and meet my family obligations. I always told him how I wanted to be with him longer and apologized for having to leave. He always said he understood. Each time I just wanted him to tell me I had to go with him, to be swept away with him for a weekend at some distant resort or spa. Anything to take me away from my reality for a few days together outside the office free of potentially suspicious eyes, conjecture and risk. But I knew all it was all fantasy….

But that afternoon was different. “Alec,” I started peering over my shoulder at he angelic face resting next to mine, “I have some good news.”

“Yes?” has asked, his voice a dreamy orgasmic tone.

“The boys are having dinner with friends. Who knows where ‘he’ is and when he will get home… I have some extra time for you tonight…”

A smile broke across his, “Really?” he replied.

“Yes, really.”

“Liz, you little minx,” he said as he removed himself and spun me around so my ass leaned against the edge of his mahogany desk. He tore off my panties and stuffed them into a desk draw- for safe keeping he told me. Then he picked me up and sat me on the desk top, lifted my skirt and told me to lean back. He lifted my legs, spread my thighs and placed my feet on the desk. My sex spread and exposed, I waited for him to act. And that he did with wanton pleasure. He took his meaty cock in his hand and tapped my clit with the head, teasing my tenderness, rubbing it between my ready lips.

“Want me?” he asked.

“Of course, silly,” I replied. He inserted himself slow and deep into my waiting rose. Then he pulled out and slowly dipped back into me. This continued for a few minutes until I could take it no longer and I reached forward with one hand, grabbed his hip and held him close.

“Stop teasing me Alec- you drive me crazy,” I told him. In response he told me to lean back and he pushed in all the way. A thumb was applied to my bud and he stroked it up and down. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. By now my feet were wrapped and hooked behind his back for balance. Normally we do not undress but he started unbuttoning my blouse.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I want them,” he aggressively stated. Today I would not deny my Luv. He unbuttoned the blouse with excited fervor, found me bra-less and immediately lowered his face and suckled my pert nips, feasting on them a man deprived. His mouth and tongue devilishly played with my tips- biting and tugging them, suckling and lapping them- as his thumb addressed my bud.

His cock filled me deep but he did not move as he toyed with my body. My tension rose and I felt the imminent shudders. I placed my hand on the back of his head and cradled it for balance as my other hand remained on the desk top, my elbow locked and propping me up. He drizzled kisses all over me as I lay spread and vulnerable. His thumb quickened its stroke and my thighs began to quiver. I exhaled deeply as I ascended towards climax. Hushed moans and vibrant quips escaped from me as I held him. He gently rocked within me, pulling at my walls while remaining fully buried. My thighs began to shake as the tension mounted.

“Oh yes, right there Luv,” I whispered with urgency. He pressed in against me harder and slowly ground himself into me. My thighs spread wider as my body tightened and I bit my lip, “come on babe,” he whispered in my ear, “let me feel you cum”. I could resist no longer. I locked my ankles behind him and raised my hips, swiveling them, controlling the pace as I impaled myself on his stiffness. A wave of heat flashed though my sex. My body seized and I came all over him, anointing his cock with my fresh cum.

As I recovered I thought we were through but he needed me again. He raised my legs, placing my ankles on his shoulders. He leaned forward and gripped the edge of the desk, his masculine arms rippled as he held it tight. My feet went over and behind my head. I hadn’t been so impaled in years. My hand reached under and spread my lips as he pressed into my immobilized body.

“That’s it Luv, have me,” I softly encouraged. I assumed he was going to savage me, release all his pent up frustration and lust for me. I was certain I would cry out in rapture as he took me. He pulled himself all the way out and slowly dipped back in, penetrating me deep and widening my walls. I was slick inside. He glided within me despite his largess. I could tell he was close- his breathing was deeper, his muscles taught, his penetrations even more deliberate and he held himself deep within me longer each time before withdrawing again.

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