Health Class

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“Peter,” Isabella said in her low, throaty voice. “I need someone to help with the class I teach on Wednesday nights at the community college. Are you free tonight?”

“What kind of class is it?” Peter asked, watching the brunette looking everywhere but at him.

“Well, it’s a health class. Of sorts.” Isabella said, perching on the edge of Peter’s desk and crossing her legs. Peter couldn’t see an inch of leg peaking from the ankle length denim skirt she wore. Isabella swung one ankle lightly against the side of the desk and gazed up at the periodic chart, avoiding Peter’s gaze.

“So you talk about nutrition?” Peter asked.

“Oh, we talk about food, sometimes, yes,” Isabella answered, with a swing of a leg.

“And exercise?” Peter asked, reaching a hand to Isabella’s knee to stop her nervous kicking.

“Uhm, yes, that too.” Isabella’s leg stilled. She set her palms against the desk behind her and stretched a little, distracting Peter for a moment with the jutting of her breasts into the air as she stretched. Peter gave a little cough and continued his interrogation.

“And the dangers of smoking?” he inquired.

“Actually, we talk about different types of drugs, so yes, we cover that, too,” Isabella answered, sliding off the desk and walking towards the door.

“What would you need me to do?” Peter asked on a sigh.

“Well, I need a volunteer who I can demonstrate ideas on. The regular guy has the stomach flu and can’t make it, and tonight’s presentation specifically demands that I have a male to demonstrate on.” She said this all in one breath, rushing through her explanation.

“Demonstrate on? Sounds wikkid. I’ll be there.” Peter winked and swatted Isabella’s round butt.

Isabella gave a nervous little giggle and with a wave, she rushed off. “It’s at 6:30 in the Wilson Room of the Women’s Studies Building. See you.”

“Women’s studies?” Peter pondered. He went about his day, thinking of what he could possibly be doing, figuring that he’d probably be helping Isabella with CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and would get to either press his lips to hers in rescue or embrace her to save her from choking. He smiled at the idea of her playing the helpless choking victim or him playing the drowning man and the other coming to the rescue.

Peter’s day wrapped up quickly and after a quick meal and a quick shower, he made his way over to the college. At 6:30 on the dot, he walked into the Wilson Room. Isabella sat on a desk at the front of the room, her long denim skirt covering her legs and her burgundy tank top pressed against her breasts like a delicate embrace. She scanned her room of students and Peter’s eyes followed her gaze. Fifteen undergraduate female students sat, all dressed to kill, all attractive, and all eyes on Isabella, waiting in rapt silence for her words of wisdom.

“Welcome to Women’s Sexuality 101. Today, we continue our lesson on pleasing a man.” She jumped up and pulled down the over head screen. “Last week, we learned all the anatomy on our gorgeous male model, Garrett,” she ran a fingertip over the full sized picture of a naked male. “And we finished our lesson with ways to look more attractive. Garrett was going to give his comments tonight, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. He’s ill. Anyway, my friend and coworker, Peter, is stepping in to fill the gap. Say hello to Peter.”

Fifteen pairs of eyes swung to gaze at Peter and fifteen voices welcomed him. Peter cleared his throat, “It’s…uhm…nice to be here.”

“Peter,” Isabella turned to him. “These young women have just completed an assignment that included dressing for success when it comes to enticing a male. Would you please assess them? It is part of their grade, and must be done before we can start the next project.”

Peter again cleared his throat and turned to the class. The girls all stood up. Peter surveyed the room of girls who had all taken pains to look attractive. Skirts were short, sweaters were tight, heels were high, makeup was flawless, and each girl was a sight to behold. Peter glanced nervously at Isabella, unsure as to what he should say or do.

Isabella walked into the midst of her students. “For example, let’s start with Cecilia.” Isabella approached a tall, slender red head. “Now, we discussed last week the differing views that men have about breasts. Men like breasts, right?”

“Uhm, yes,” responded Peter, eyeing Isabella as she traced a tiny hand down Cecilia’s shoulder.

“Cecilia, you look lovely.” Isabella looked into the young sophomore’s eyes. “Cecilia is naturally slender. And slender everywhere, yet Cecilia is experimenting this week with a breast enhancer.” One palm cupped the tall girl’s breast. “Feel this, Peter. How does it feel?”

Is this gonna get my ass kicked? Peter thought. But, he tentatively Bycasino reached out a hand and felt the firm, round breast.

“Cecilia, may I?” Isabella asked and waited for a nod. She then reached and unbuttoned the girl’s tight green sweater. She slid the sweater off of pale, freckled shoulders and arms and unhooked the girl’s white bra, slithering out two fake flesh colored inserts and dropping them and the bra to the floor, leaving two small breasts exposed to the whole room. The breasts were small and firm with pale pink nipples that immediately hardened as left naked in the air and sea of gazes. “These are gorgeous breasts, don’t you think so, Peter?”

In his mind’s eye, he compared them to Isabella’s generous breasts, cream colored and round with raspberry nipples. His eyes met Isabella’s and then the vulnerable gaze of Cecilia and he studied her breasts for several moments of silence. “They are beautiful breasts,” he said quietly. “Any man would be honored to take those breasts in his hands or in his mouth.” The girl blushed and straightened up a little more, glancing down in surprise at her small taut breasts. Peter felt proud to have bolstered her confidence a bit, and strode down the aisle giving praise to each girl, noting their eyes, their hair, their lips, their calves and every other beautiful feature about them.

He finished his assessment and returned to the front of the room. “What about Professor Isabelle?” asked a tentative voice from the back. Peter’s gaze flew to Isabella’s face. “Well,” he cleared his throat again, “she IS the professor. I’d have to say that she has the whole package.”

“Uh, thank you, Peter, and thanks Regina for not wanting to leave me out. Anyway, you all passed this project brilliantly. If only my middle school students could handle Shakespeare with such finesse! And onward to tonight’s topic: male arousal.” She turned to Peter. “Have a seat on my desk, please.” Peter complied and sat on her desk, watching this petite woman as she spoke with confidence on erections and torn between wanting to possibly strangle her or throw her down on the floor right there and ravish her. “Now, in last week’s anatomy lesson, we discussed erogenous zones and I pointed out that there is a spot on the groin area that when touched produces an instant erection.” One delicate hand brushed against that spot on Peter and instantly, he felt a stir in his pants. “See how Peter’s pants have suddenly become a khaki tent housing his erection?” Peter was hard as a rock and 15 pairs of eyes on Isabella’s hand on his crotch made him a bit uncomfortable. “Now, there are several ways to get him soft again. If that’s what you wanted. One is to have sex and attain his orgasm, which will leave him flaccid for about 30 to 45 minutes. Another is to handle his member incorrectly. And the last is to mention something like,” she turned to Peter, taking her hand off his crotch. “Your grandma is sexy when naked,” she said with a purr and a wink. Peter’s eyes widened and he grimaced at the mental picture and the class chuckled as the tent in his pants fell.

“Fortunately, men are complex creatures. So, if tactile tactics are not used, there are other methods available to attain arousal. Think, ladies, visual. Vizzz-yew-alll. That means their eyes! A strip tease could do the trick. Or engage their imaginations.” She turned to Peter again, stepping back so she was not touching him. “Peter,” she purred, “I love it when your big strong hands stroke my body and travel in a caravan with your tongue down my breasts and tummy and explore my hot, wet pussy. I am always so tight inside for you, always wet, always ready to have you inside me. I love it when I get to wrap my lips around your cock. Either my pussy lips or my facial lips. I love sucking on you, sliding my tongue along your shaft and cupping your balls in my palm. I love that warm spurt of salty liquid as you cum in my mouth. And I love the feel of your cock inside of me.” Peter groaned as his cock stood at rigid attention. “And now, ladies, I am going to demonstrate proper procedure for oral sex.”

Isabella stood in front of Peter, and unbuckled his belt, sliding her hands inside his waistband and stroking his tummy, tracing a palm against the trail of hair leading downward. She leaned in and licked at his top lip before unzipping his pants and releasing his hard cock from its khaki prison. Her eyes looked up into his with sexy mischief, but her voice remained controlled as she spoke to the class. “Now, we all know the proper anatomy, and it will be hard to talk with my mouth full, so please, just watch, ladies.” She kissed the tip of his cock with a closed mouth and then peeked her tongue out to lick a swirl around the head. Her right hand started to stroke upwards on his shaft as her tongue played for several moments. Bycasino giriş Peter’s hands gripped the edge of the desk and he tilted his chin down to watch Isabella demonstrate her technique. He glanced up for a second to steal a look at the class of women who gazed with admiration at Isabella and his cock. He glanced down to see Isabella roll her eyes a bit as her mouth formed a smirk for a moment before enveloping him inside the velvet wetness of her throat. With her mouth suckling and licking and her hand stroking, she worked Peter into a frenzy, until his knuckles were white and he had forgotten about the audience. All he could think about was the pleasure inside Isabella’s mouth and with a shout of bliss, he exploded, spurting with a gush of liquid into her mouth. He looked down at her and blinked, his heart racing and his breath ragged. For a moment, he was confused. Why was she dressed? Why were their women watching? He blushed a little and with a low murmur, whispered to Isabelle, “I might just kill you.” She smiled and turned to the class.

“I hope you all took notes. Would any one like to try on Peter what I just demonstrated?” Fifteen hands shot up in the air. “I’m impressed, Peter. Even my 3 self proclaimed lesbians are interested in learning.”

Peter stopped her before she could continue, putting an arm around her waist and squeezing her, he interrupted her before she could go on. “Now, class. Has Isabella explained ways to please a female?”

A voice piped out. “Yes, sir, two weeks ago, she led us in a masturbation session, detailing in explicit detail ways to please ourselves.”

Shit! And I missed that?! Peter thought, feeling aroused. He grinned a cocky, no pun intended, grin. 30 to 45 minutes of staying flaccid? We’ll see about that.

Another voice chimed in, “we had a little problem with the G Spot, but Isabella says that one takes time and gave it as a class wide project. We have to work on that throughout the semester until we achieve an orgasm that way.”

“But Professor did tell us how to fake an orgasm!” said one sassy blond.

“But not with you, Peter,” Isabella whispered. He curled his fingers into her waist, tickling her a bit. “Tsk, tsk,” he chided. “Has my favorite drama queen been lying to me?” He tightened his arm around his waist and whispered a hushed “you owe me” before addressing the class. “When you get home tonight, I strongly suggest you try some of this with your partners. What your partner must do, he or she, it doesn’t matter what gender your partner is. Your partner must establish the mood and tone, making you feel completely relaxed, completely comfortable, completely safe, and completely confident. As he or she undresses you, they need to tell you how sexy you are.” He peeled the tank top off of Isabella’s body. “You are so sexy.” At this, Isabella started to giggle until her giggles became hiccups. “Take her breath away with a long kiss and soothe her with long strokes along her arms and back.”

The room grew silent as Peter kissed her for a long time and his hands slowly glided up and down her arms and back. Her hiccups stilled and Isabella melted into his chest, her eyelids getting heavy. “Ah, my kiss is a drug,” he teased, but kissed her again before she could laugh. During the kiss, his hands dropped from her back and undid the button and zipper of her skirt, sliding its long length to the floor in a blue, denim puddle. With his hands cupping her butt, he lifted her off the floor so he could kick the skirt out of the way, and then set her down again. “Notice how Isabella is not only relaxed, but is beginning to be aroused? Her nipples are straining against the satin of her bra. And ah, those lacy see through panties.” He displayed Isabella to the class. “Notice how she is clean shaven? Now, if I nuzzle her right here on the back of the neck, and put my hand here, ” he pressed his lips against a sensitive area on her neck and reached a hand between her thighs, pressing his palm against her white see through panties. “I put my hand here after nuzzling and find that she is already damp.” He tickled a finger along that narrow strip of panties between her thighs. “Now, your partner wants you to be nice and wet.” Peter removed Isabella’s bra and panties and leaned his butt against the desk, pulling Isabella back to be cradled against his chest. He flung one of her knees over his leg and maintained hand contact on her slick, smooth pussy. He talked as he caressed her, applying pressure against her clit and enjoying the power of a classroom of attentive listeners and the woman who lay like moldable putty, trusting and languid, in his arms.

“When you are fully relaxed and very wet,” he said to the class as he continued to caress Isabella’s wet clit, “your partner needs to then insert one finger inside, and then two Bycasino güncel giriş inside.” He held up the hand that was not inside Isabella and demonstrated a curling position of two fingers. “We are in a perfect position right now because when I curl my fingers up towards her navel, I can scout around for her G-Spot.” He put his hand back on Isabella’s body and curled his fingers inside of her. His fingers brushed against that sensitive area and Isabella groaned. “Now, class, the G-spot is located here and feels like a throbbing cluster of grapes,” His fingers stilled on Isabella’s spot and he raised his eyebrows at the class. As one, the students stood up, washed their hands at the sink, and lined up in front of Peter and Isabella.

Peter laid Isabella across the desk, spreading her trembling thighs, and guided the first student’s hand to Isabella’s pussy. “Feel how smooth she is? How wet? Now touch her clit.” The female’s middle finger rubbed at Isabella’s clit and Isabella gave another moan as her back arched. “Now insert two fingers.” The student inserted two fingers and Isabella’s hips raised, bucking against the woman’s hand. “Not yet, babe,” Peter whispered, putting his hands on Isabella’s hips to still their rocking. He turned to the student whose fingers were inside Isabella’s cunt. “Tell me how she feels inside.”

The student thought for a moment, head tilted as her hand explored Isabella. “She is incredibly warm, wet, tight around my fingers, feels like there are ridges inside, and if I curl my fingers….Oh mi gosh!” the girl yelled and looked at the class. “I felt it! I felt her G-spot! This is so cool!” Her fingers brushed the sensitive spot and Isabella’s toes curled, but Peter’s hands remained on her hips and his voice told the student to not apply any pressure.

Isabella lay in a hot, aroused haze as each college student took a turn exploring her body, rubbing her clit, inserting fingers inside of her and feeling her G-Spot. Several students made her cum when they tickled her clit, and the orgasms came like rolling waves, but Peter allowed no one to bring her to a G-Spot orgasm. As the last student finished, Peter had the women form a circle around them and he laid across the desk on his left side, cradling Isabella to his chest and traveling his right hand down her till he reached the delta of her thighs. His mouth nipped at her earlobes and neck and his hand stroked her tummy, her pelvis, her thighs, her pussy. He slipped two fingers inside of her and let her hips buck against his hand. He curled his fingers, brushing against those swollen grapes and with several well practiced strokes brought Isabella to eruption. With a scream and a savage thrust of her hips, Isabella came and wet juices burst from her cunt, covering Peter’s hand and pooling on Isabella’s thighs and the desk. The girls all watched in awe and reached out hands to touch the liquid pleasure. Some sniffed at their coated fingers, some tasted it off of their fingers. Isabella lay panting, her heart struggling to return to a normal rhythm. The bell rang, signifying the end of class, and with a thank you from each woman, the students gathered their belongings and left the room.

“You are a very bad man,” Isabella panted from the table as Peter straightened up his clothing. “I don’t think I can move. I feel like a limp noodle.” Peter gave a laugh. “And don’t think you’re getting any sex tonight!” chided Isabella. “That was almost like an orgy and I’m spent.”

“Baby, you’ve got way more cash in you,” Peter leered.

Isabella sat up and slid her panties on, laughing at Peter. “Now, there’s a line!” She rolled her eyes, dressing slowly and smiling dreamily ever so often. They talked of nothing as she gathered her clipboard and lesson plans and placed them in her attaché. Peter wiped Isabella’s juices off the desk and offered to carry her attaché. She handed it over and they walked towards the room’s exit.

At the door, a yellow flier with the words “syllabus” on it caught Peter’s attention. He read aloud, “Women’s Health 101, taught by Professor Isabella Davis.”

“C’mon, Peter, we gotta go. I haven’t eaten dinner yet and I’m hungry.” Isabella said in a rush.

“Wait, I want to read this,” he grabbed Isabella’s wrist and tugged her to his side. “Week one: women’s anatomy. Week two: Pap smears, endometriosis, and breast exams. Week three: finding a good gynecologist. Week four: PMS and menstruation. Week five: proper nutrition, vitamins, and exercise plans. Week six: other health issues…” Peter voice slowed down at each week’s lesson. Isabella stepped out of the classroom, impatient, tugging on Peter, who held her wrist captive. He let her go and she eyed him nervously, clearing her throat before attempting to say good-bye. “I’ll…uh…see you tomorrow at school, Peter.” Peter finished reading the syllabus that had nothing to do with masturbation, oral sex, and pleasing a man, and chuckled before giving a threatening. “Why you little!!!” he swatted at her butt and gave chase as she started to run down the hall. “I’ll get you!”

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