Heart Problems V

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The air in the silent bathroom of that disco was humid. Many entered and left, only to kiss each other with the conquest of the evening or to… free themselves from an oppressive burden. Each time, the music covered every noise, nobody could hear noises whose sound was less than the volume of the music that the DJ was shooting in the speakers. Therefore, it would have been impossible for anyone to hear what was happening beyond one of the three bathroom doors. Trying to knock, there would be no answer. It was impossible to receive it. Two girls who stayed in that bathroom for a good hour had closed the door for a specific reason.


Normally, everyone would rush to hear a girl moan, but not that time. It was impossible to hear it. As well as the rest of the noises, that came from that bathroom. Everyone was unaware of what was going on. All but three people. A boy stood at the bar, his eyes perfectly locked on the main bathroom door. He knew someone would come out for him. However, who didn’t know. He was most anxious to see who would come out of that door. In addition, this leads to the two girls locked in the bathroom. It would have been normal if they had been simple friends, but they were none of that. They were something very far from being friends. That evening, they were rivals. More precisely, one was the predator and the other a guardian. They had met that same evening for the first time. The predator had already identified her prey, or the boy sitting at the bar. She immediately flirted with him, completely ignoring the possible presence of a possible girlfriend. However, unfortunately for her, the girlfriend was there. And as soon as she saw her, he intervened to save what was his. She knew that this girl could safely succeed in her intent, but she would never allow her boyfriend to leave her. Therefore, the two girls started talking, resisting the temptation to jump on them. They couldn’t start a fight in front of everyone, it wouldn’t solve anything. The girlfriend knew that even if she won against that girl, it wouldn’t help eliminate the danger. Her boyfriend would have thought of that girl he met at the disco. She had to prove she was better, and she only knew one way to do it. They went to the bathroom, and shut themselves inside. After a few minutes, they had pressed their magnificent breasts together. Both knew that whoever came out of that bathroom, who won their duel, would be on that boy’s mind in the bar. Girlfriend or stranger, only those who showed that they were better than the other would have been free.


Their struggle was now at its peak. After an hour of continuous crashes, slaps and grinds, it was time to bring out the winner, the better of the two fighting girls. After hugging each other for the last time, they both felt the other girl’s warm breath tickle their neck. They rhythmically pushed their boobs together, and finally a couple began to gain ground between them. Slowly, the losing breasts began to retreat under the weight of the dominant breast. The girl who was losing began to struggle less and less, unable to recover the lost ground. After one last push, a girl’s breast finally gave way. Her arms would drop to her sides, waiting in tears for their duel to end, while the winner would continue to push her breasts forward, to cause even more pain and frustration to her rival. The loser fell to her knees, cradling her battered boobs, while the winner would have smiled maliciously as she watched the work done from above.

“Now he’s mine, bitch,” hissed the predator, before leaving the bathroom.

The girl stayed in that bathroom for another few minutes, until the tears stopped. She had lost everything she had … again.

I woke up in the late afternoon. I was tired after the umpteenth evening with Lara after training with Giorgia. A few months passed in which the two girls trained in fights and, although it was immoral how rare such a thing was, the training sessions always ended in a trio. Moreover, I have to say it’s damn hard to please those two girls at the same time. I lived every boy’s dream, but when you imagine you don’t feel tired. When I imagined having sex with two girls, I was like a God, immortal and tireless. Nevertheless, reality was a heavy truth. Giorgia was an insatiable nymphomaniac, which made my girlfriend like that. Perhaps she felt compelled to show me that she too could be like her friend, or it was simply the time. So I was in bed with two insatiable nymphomaniacs, friends and rivals, ready to abuse my body. And every time I sleep late, being tremendously tired of my performances.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” said Lara, sitting by my side.

“Good morning, love,” I replied.

Honestly, I’m not sure I managed to say it perfectly. I tried to get up, but I felt sore. I was on the sofa. I didn’t remember how and when I got there, but my awakening was more painful than expected.

“How long did I sleep?” I asked yawning.

Lara laughed, stroking my head as I rested it Gaziantep Saatlik Escort on her legs.

“Over ten hours. You gave it all yesterday, huh? “She laughed.

“Oh yes” smiles.

I had really given it all up. Giorgia had been home for a few hours, she and Lara had eaten together, joking about the previous night.

“Don’t you even say hello?”

I opened my eyes wide, staring at the ceiling. I knew that voice, and I was sure it didn’t belong to my girlfriend or Giorgia.

“What the fuck?” I jumped up, sitting on the sofa.

I hadn’t noticed the presence of another person in the least, perhaps because I had just woken up. In front of me, sitting on the other sofa, was Martina. I gasped without words, shifting my gaze to Lara and the girl who was my lover more than a year ago. What was going on?

Lara took my hand and started explaining things to me. I was still asleep when Martina showed up at the front door. While she was in the shower, Giorgia had let her in. When Lara saw her, she crashed on her, ready to fight like the first time, but Martina had come in peace. She needed her and her femininity. Martina told me that a few months later in the duel between her and Lara, she had met a boy. After a few months, they were engaged, until a few days ago. She had gone to the disco with him, like every Saturday night. Nevertheless, that night, a girl was in the middle between her and her boyfriend. It didn’t take long, and Martina felt that girl’s breasts pressed against hers. But despite her best efforts, Martina lost. She was left alone, her boyfriend went away with that girl and since then she has not had the courage to call him anymore. Martina thought of seeking help, and hoped to find her in her old nemesis.

“I know I have no right to ask you, and I will understand if you don’t want to help me … but I need help”

We remained silent. And that was the answer to his question. Martina left our home without receiving an answer. I didn’t know what Lara thought, so I pretended nothing. We stayed there on the sofa until the evening, watching the first episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix. We didn’t talk all the time, since I knew she was thinking about what to do.

“Giorgia said I should do it,” Lara said at one point.

I looked at her, her gaze was fixed on the TV. Giorgia had advised her to help Martina, so she would train. However, it was also true that it would help the girl who nearly ruined her relationship. It was a difficult choice.

“What will you do?” I asked

“Tomorrow I will write to Martina, and say something to her,” she said, leaning on me “but the reality is that I don’t know”

We went to sleep late. We weren’t in the mood for sex, so we went straight to bed to sleep.

“Noooooo!” Lara moaned.

“Oh yes, ugly bitch!” the girl hissed.

Lara and a sweet-faced girl were fighting on my bed. They were sweaty, and their red boobs from the constant rubbing. And after a long exchange of blows, Lara moaned loudly. I saw her magnificent tits deflate and give ground to the rival couple. Lara had a look of supplication and pain on her face, while the girl smiled malignantly. Pushing his body forward, she managed to bring Lara down. She immediately climbed on top of my girlfriend, and began to grind her victorious breast against the losing couple.

“Now he’s mine!” said the girl, before flattening Lara’s breasts completely.

I woke up all sweaty. I had never had such a dream. I looked at my side, but Lara was not there. I fell on the bed, panting. The day did not start in the best way.

Lara was in the living room, watching television. When she saw me, she smiled and kissed me softly. We spent twenty minutes on the sofa, without worrying about anything. But we both knew what had to be done.

“I will fight,” Lara said finally.

I nodded silently. I could imagine the weight of those words. She was about to help one of her rivals. She would have done it for her, for us and for Martina. I had no right to say anything to her. I thought about my dream, but decided not to say anything to Lara. I was afraid to ruin her unnatural calm, even though I knew she was nervous about what she was going to do. She wrote to Martina, giving her his answer and asking her about the girl. It was a Turkish girl, Ayla, a twenty year old whose breasts competed with that of Lara. His photos were all provocative, and she always showed off her belongings. Lara already felt annoyed by this girl, and together with Martina, they decided on the attack plan.

The following Saturday evening we were in a nearby disco, one of the usual ones that frequented Martina and that probably also frequented Ayla. We found ourselves in a disco full of people, all dark and with green and purple lights running through the room. The building was spread over two floors, where only “VIPs” could enter. The plan was simple: the evening had to pass normally, we would have fun. We just had to wait for the target to fall into our trap. In addition, after about twenty minutes, I sat at the bar to have a drink, waiting for Ayla to show up. Lara and Martina continued to dance on the track, keeping the situation under control. About ten minutes passed when a girl sat by my side. Long dark hair, dressed in a long black dress that did not hide her wonderful curves. I could feel his brown eyes looking at my body, dwelling on the area between my legs.

“Bloody Mary,” she said to the bartender. Immediately after drinking, she looked at me as she licked his lips. She had fallen into the trap “I never saw you around here … Ayla,” she said, holding out his hand.

I returned by introducing myself, stammering initially. Fuck, I wasn’t expecting such a sexy girl. The photos did not give the right value to its beauty.

“Are you here alone?” she asked as she placed a hand on my leg.

“N-no. I am with my girlfriend”

“Oh? And did she leave you all alone?” she asked naively smiling “You must not leave a delicacy like you unattended” she finished, looking guilty.

I didn’t know how to respond. I had to take time, but it took me a few seconds to make me forget the plan. Ayla could do it. I smiled, trying to think of something to say. I needed help.

“It would be a shame if the two of us ended up …” Ayla started to say while the hand was getting closer to my cock “… having fun together” sensually scanned the last words.

I swallowed hard. If I weren’t aware of what was going on, I would have been screwed. Fortunately, the divine hand intervened, and Lara approached us.

“What the fuck are you doing to my boyfriend?” she asked angrily.

Ayla lost her smile and looked at my girlfriend, lingering on her breast. My girl’s dark blue dress perfectly enhanced her body, making her sexier than she already was. After looking at my girlfriend for a few seconds, Ayla smiled and turned back to me.

“How about if we went to a place … more secluded?” she asked, ignoring Lara.

Lara’s face turned red.

“How dare you, bitch?” Lara said grabbing Ayla’s hand on my leg “Take your hands off him!”

“Otherwise, bitch?” Ayla asked, getting up.

The two girls stared intently, remaining motionless. It was as if everything else had disappeared for the two of them. Ayla pulled with her arm and Lara let go.

“I know people like you,” Lara began to say. “You think that just because you’re sexy, everyone must fall at your feet. But not this time, because he has better things”

“Better? You? Please!” Ayla replied, annoyed “You’re not in the least at my level”

The plan was proceeding perfectly. Ayla had fallen into the trap, and it was only a matter of time before she and Lara faced each other. Nevertheless, as they spoke, I remembered the nightmare I had, and a sense of unease began to form within me.

“Well, bitch,” Lara said finally. “Are you better than me? Show it then”

“I don’t ask for anything better!” Ayla replied “Here and now. I also know where”

I got up and followed the girls. We went upstairs, passing the “VIP” area. Ayla’s presence was enough to get us through. Afterwards, we entered a room at the bottom of the floor. A small corridor opened before us, with three doors on each side. We entered the last door, finding ourselves in a modest disco bathroom.

“Nobody will bother us here,” the girl said as she locked it.

Ayla and Lara approached the center of the bathroom and slowly lowered the top of their clothes, revealing their bras. Lara wore a white bra with blue dots, while Ayla in a black lingerie, which left nothing to the imagination.

“Just like a slut,” hissed Lara.

“This bitch is going to fuck your boyfriend, bitch,” Ayla replied.

As Lara unhooked her bra and dropped it to the ground, Ayla removed the top of the lingerie in a sensual way, stroking her naked breast while looking arrogantly at the girl in front of her. Ayla’s boobs were large, with long dark nipples. Looking at the two girls, I couldn’t understand who had the biggest breasts, they were identical!

In silence, Ayla raised her arms, raising her hair with her hands. She smiled, looking first at her breasts and then at Lara. My girlfriend growled in response, imitating her rival. The girls stared at each other, Ayla with a confident look and Lara with an aggressive look, as they slowly approached.

“Whore” mocked Lara

“Bitch,” Ayla replied.

Lara pressed her right breast against Ayla’s left tit, pushing up and down. The girl pushed back in response, pressing down on her right tit with Lara’s right breast. Their bodies move slowly, trying to keep their breasts more in contact as they push forward. Ayla smiled, turning her shoulders to swing her right breast against her counterpart, who molds herself around her rival’s tits. Lara hisses, taking a step back for the blow, while Ayla immediately puts her boobs into the fray. Ayla’s breasts slide over Lara’s pair, while my girlfriend arches her back to stop the rival.

Ayla pushes her breasts against Lara’s breasts, before repeating the previous move, again forcing the opponent to take a step back while keeping their breasts in contact. My girlfriend gritted her teeth and pushed forward, meeting the frontal shot of the black-haired girl.

“My boobs will destroy yours, cunt,” Ayla hissed as Lara moaned from the impact.

Lara closed her eyes as her back approached the bathroom wall. Ayla seemed to get stronger and stronger as she pushed Lara back with their head-on collisions. I looked at Lara’s face, trying to understand if it was part of her tactic aimed at reversing the situation, as the worry began to grow. Was Ayla too much for her too?

Lara was finally pushed against the wall with a dull thud. My girlfriend grunted when she felt the cold wall against her bare back, while Ayla started dragging her tits over those of her rival. Lara arched her back, trying to push the girl away, and their boobs swelled together. They fought for a few minutes before Ayla stood on tiptoe and dropped her heavy breast onto Lara’s couple. My girlfriend yelped, leaning forward for the blow as her tits swayed. Ayla did not give her opponent time and grabbed her by the shoulders, arching her back to slap her rival boobs with hers. I saw Ayla’s nipples penetrate under Lara’s areolas, while my girlfriend bit her lower lip. Lara stood on tiptoe trying to relieve the pain and Ayla pushed her body forward, continuing to pump her breast against Lara’s while my girlfriend turned her head uneasily. Lara was already in a thorny situation, Ayla was hurting her. Occasionally, Lara moaned or winced as her breasts were pushed and slammed by Ayla’s tits, who struggled with a confident grin on her face.

“What is it, bitch? Do boobs hurt?” urged Ayla pushing again “And this? It hurts, doesn’t it?”

Nobody could deny that Lara was suffering, her moans became more frequent. My girlfriend was stuck against the wall by her rival, which did not allow her to deal powerful blows to damage Ayla. Their breasts continued to slide and swell together, but Ayla’s breasts gained more and more ground. Each thrust of the black-haired girl corresponded to a sway of Lara’s flesh, while she writhes to embrace Ayla in such a way as to slow down her movements. Nevertheless, the girl is not an easy prey, and she grabbed Lara’s wrists, who pulled her hands down and up to free herself. Ayla smiled as Lara grunted as she tried to free her wrists, but the sweat on their bodies and the pain in her breasts were putting her to the test.

As she tried to free herself, Lara arched her back to fend off the enemy boobs, lowering herself so that her boobs slid under Ayla’s breasts. The black-haired girl prepared to push forward, but just as she moved her body forward, the smile disappeared from her lips. Lara jumped up, sending her breasts against the bottom of Ayla’s breasts, hitting them with a loud meaty slap. Ayla’s eyes widen as Lara continues pulling the girl towards her and grinds her breasts in the lower part of her rival’s tits.

“It’s up to me, bitch,” growls Lara pushing.

The black-haired girl moaned, trying to push the girl away. However, Lara would not lose the advantage she had just gained, and she continued to push and grind her tits in the weak part of Ayla’s breast. Slowly, my girlfriend moved away from the wall, then reversing the situation. However, unlike Lara, the black-haired girl did not intend to be push against the wall. Ayla managed to somehow stop the rival’s advance by pressing her breast from above when Lara pushed her boobs from below. Their boobs remained pressed for a few seconds before slipping between them. Lara grunted, starting to squeeze her tits against the girl’s, while Ayla pushes her breasts forward trying to stab the rival’s breast meat. In their struggle, their nipples occasionally collided, sending shocks to all their bodies. They began to pant for more and more intense contact, feeling the opposing nipples stabbing and rubbing in their flesh. Ayla smiled as she made her rival moan when she stabbed her small weapons deeper. However, Lara responds in kind, and the two girls begin to stab each other with their nipples. Back and forth, they keep hitting each other nonstop. Panting and moaning, they continued for several minutes.

“You can’t … beat … my … nipples … bitch” Ayla insinuated.

“I can … and I will … slut,” replied Lara panting.

With mutual agreement, they freed themselves from their grasp. Both massaged their aching breasts, now red and sweaty from the constant rubbing. I could not see a clear difference between their breasts, the two pairs of boobs were reddened in the same way, hanging slightly downwards. Ayla was the first to move, lifting her breasts with her hands and pointing her nipples towards Lara.

“If you don’t want to look bad, give up now” Ayla smiled sweetly.

The desire to move forward was hidden in her voice, obsessed with finding out who would win between the two of them. A feeling that Lara also shared. I also raise my tits with my hands, pointing the nipples towards Ayla.

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