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I walk in the halls, looking at almost every guy that passes by me. I look at their face and think, about how good their kiss would be, or maybe something totally else. I smile at that and try to forget it. I look at their body and think how good it would feel to have their body on mine, the pressure of their weight crushing mine sweetly.

I moan as I think this. Why does this have to be? I ask myself.

I’m against the wall waiting for my teacher to open the door, then I noticed that I’m rubbing up against it like a cat would. I wonder if anybody saw me, and shrank into the room trying to forget this all to together but not suceeding very well.

My thoughts go to guys. To imagine him and me having a bit of fun. Fun that scares and excites me. Oh boy! Stop it, stop it! I ordered myself. No more thinking! I cry . But my thoughts don’t listen, they keep coming and going. Making my mind a blur of wanting and squiming in my seat.

Now I’m alone in the hall, on a college campus, with a hot guy at his locker with nobody around. Oh boy! My mind cries fearfully. Here I go.

My feet crept silently towards him, my mind whirling with thoughts of what I was going to do with him. I’m filled with eagerness and lust and just can’t wait to get to him. My mind cries out to me, telling me to stop, but I pay no heed.

I get to him and run my fingers greedily up his back, feeling the contours of muscles which just made me the more hotter. He starts to turn around and I pull him against me, turn him around, and kiss him hard. At first he struggled, but then deepens the kiss. I pull him closer and felt both our matched urgencies.

My heat that was just embers a minute ago was stoked to a blazing bonfire. He nibbled on my earlobe and I felt my knees go weak. Then the way home izle he worked his way down with his mouth and bit at the side of my neck. Which made me moan and clutch at him, and my knees unhinged. I would have tumbled to the floor if he didn’t have a tight grip on me.

I lay my hands on his chest feeling his warmth and sudden wanting came to me to touch his skin. I wanted it, no I needed it. So I then tugged off his shirt and felt his warm skin.

I smiled and lay my lips against his shoulder and my tongue slipped out and tasted his saltly skin. I bit him lightly then and he shuddered in response.

He looked down at me, smiles and then kisses me hard, with the same built-up hunger that matched my own. His hands slides out of the curve of my back and up to cup my breast. I sigh as he touches me and want more.

My hands fumble at his pants, trying to unbutton them. I could feel my heart pounding and the craving and need throb and pulse inside me. His hands slip off my shirt and fumble with the clasp on the back of my bra. My bra then flutters to the floor as he strips it off of me.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the hall and panic starts racing through my mind. I grab our clothes and tugged at his hand to follow me down the other hall. We then slipped into another room and I immediately kissed him hard from the rush of almost being caught.

My arms were around his neck, tugging him closer to me, when he stumbles and fell back with out me onto the floor.

A grin spread across my lips as I saw him lying there. I then slowing went down and sat on his stomach. I greedily ran my hands across his chest and let my mouth kiss him everywhere that I could see skin. My tongue darting here the witcher izle and there to taste him.

Slowly I kissed down his chest which made him breathe more heavily. His chest rising and falling in antisapation.

I slowly made my way down his body and finished taking off his pants. I then got off and slowly took my own off along with my blue g-string. I then straddled him.

His swollen cock just touching my wet entrance and I slowly took him inside me. Filling me whole. I gasped as I fully went down on him. He was that big that it almost hurt but it didn’t stop me, merely only stoked my need.

His hands slid up against my thighs and onto my hips. He then slid me up and down on his swollen shaft, setting the hypnotic rhythm. I moaned as the sweet pleaure filled me. I moaned and he pulled me down so he could kiss me. His hands then slid up my soft sides and to my breasts. He pulled and pinched at my nipples and my breasts were more fuller and firmer than they ever were before.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wanted more. I went down on him harder, faster, deeper, but it wasn’t enough for him. He gripped my hips and did it himself, but so much more faster and harder that I could barely scream out my pleasure. It was now so much fuller and sweeter and it all consumed me.

I bit my lip from the sweetest bliss, and a moan escaped my lips. I never felt so whole and powerful in my life.

“Oh god!’ I groaned. I then cried out over and over as my climax hit me. But the pleasure continued over and over, filling me whole.

He then groaned out and climaxed himself, with me crying out with him. I lay atop of him, we both breathing heavily. We laid there together and dozed for awhile.

When I the witcher blood origin izle woke, it was dark outside. I picked up my head and found myself resting next to him with his arm around my waist. What did I do? My mind cried. Had some fun, it answered back with amusement.

I got up slowly and put my clothes back on. I then looked down at him and saw that I at least picked a cute one. I smiled.

He opened his brown eyes and saw me, and said, “Hey beautiful.” His vocie was deep and sexy, it made my toes curl. He smiled and I saw he was really attractive when he smiled and I just wanted to curl back against him again but stopped myself before I could.

I smiled back, unable to resist, and said, “I have to get home.”

“Alright I’ll take you.” My heart pounded at that. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea anymore. He got to his feet and dressed and we went out to his car.

In the car we road in silence. “By the way, I’m . . . ” and gave me his name.

Heat filled my cheeks and I smiled. I then told him mine. We both smiled and laughed, and the tension eased away from us.

Soon enough we reached my house, but I stayed in the car, not sure what to say. It also seemed to me he wanted to say something as well, so I waited.

“Umm . . .I had a good time tonight.” He said nervously with a smile.

“Me too.” I said with amusement flickering in my vocie.

“Umm . . .” He paused, not sure where to go with this. “I was wondering . . .” He paused again. “If, you would like, we could hang out again, sometime. ” I smiled. “Sure. I’ll be your girlfriend.”

He looked at me, as if not believeing me of what I just said. I nodded and he smiled.

“Pick me up at 7 tomorrow.” I said softly. I then leaned over and kissed him and he kissed me back. It tasted so good that I wanted to stay and have another little go around. I smiled and got out of the car.

At least in this time of heat, I had a good time and got a nice cute boyfriend. With my heat gone, I was free. But I couldn’t wait til the next heat came around with my new boyfriend. I just had to smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32