Heather Babysits

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Heather was fingering her eighteen year old pussy again, thinking about her hunky neighbor Mr. Braun. Her fingers were a blur as they sped over her moist flesh, rubbing her clit, pistoning in and out of her tight cunt.

“Oh Tom! Fuck me, yes, oh so good, yes Yes YES!” Her nipples crinkled tight as she pumped her virgin twat, her orgasm making her squeal and shudder. Heather was in her bed at home, just one house down from her current fantasy. Her lithe form rolled across the mattress as she clamped her thighs together, she loved cumming to thoughts of the handsome widow down the block.

Heather babysits for Mr. Braun, she calls him Tom in her fantasies. His wife passed away two years ago, now it’s just him and his three year old son Danny. Heather loves Danny, he’s a happy kid and no problem to watch. It was his father who had captured her attention.

Heather thought he looked like the actor on that old show The Nanny, with dark wavy hair and a sophisticated air about him. Even before his wife passed away Heather had thought he was hot, now that she had spent time with him and his son she’d developed a massive crush on the man.

Heather was five seven, with sandy brown hair and big brown eyes. She had a trim figure, like that of a runner, with long legs and a flat tummy. She’d dated before but never gone all the way. She thought boys her age were lame, she was hoping to give her cherry to a real man, someone like her sexy neighbor.

The fact that she lived so close to him was both a blessing and a curse. She loved being near him, but she felt he still thought of her as a kid, since he’d seen her grow up. She wanted him to see her as a woman, as someone desirable.

Heather thought of a plan. The next time Tom, Mr. Braun, asked her to babysit she would agree, then tell her parents she was sleeping at a friend’s place after babysitting. She’d have all night to seduce him then! She set things up with her friend Kira so that if anyone asked her alibi was secure.

Finally Saturday arrived, along with a request for her services to look after little Danny. Mr. Braun went to his book club at seven, Heather would be happy to sit for him!

The night crawled by. Danny was a fun kid to play with but she had more adult matters on her mind. At last he was asleep, Heather began her preparations. She brushed out her shoulder length hair, leaving it loose around her face. More dramatic eye makeup, nothing gaudy, just very sensual looking. A light mist of perfume. And the cherry on top, she stripped and put on one of his white dress shirts from the laundry.

Mr. Braun tossed his keys on the hall table and softly called, “Heather?” She usually met him at the door. He slipped his shoes şişli escort off and walked softly into the living room. Heather was on the couch, knees tucked under her, wearing one of his shirts. And it looked like nothing else.

Heather rose from the couch and came to him, gliding like a cat. She smiled a wicked smile and embraced him, pressing herself to him. “Welcome home,” she whispered, her lips grazing his neck.

Tom’s arms automatically went around the teen as she hugged herself to him, god she felt good, smelled good, for a second he just drank it all in. But then he pushed her away, held her shoulders, looked her in the eyes.

“Heather, what are you doing?” he asked. It was now obvious she wasn’t wearing anything under his shirt, her nipples were pointing at him through the fabric.

“I want you,” Heather said. She was trying to undress him now, unbuttoning his shirt, running her hands over his chest. “I’ve wanted you for years now, Mr. Braun, Tom, please make love to me!”

“Heather, I… how old are you?” He wasn’t against the idea, just surprised. He’d noticed his young neighbor fill out over the years, she’d blossomed into a sexy woman. But no way was he risking prison.

Hope sparked in Heather’s eyes. “I’m eighteen, remember, I had that party a few months ago, you called my parents about the noise?” If that was his sole objection she was home free!

“I’m not sure this is such a good idea…” Tom trailed off as Heather began kissing his neck again, she was reaching down to his crotch, running her hands over his growing bulge.

It had been years since Tom had been with a woman, he was fighting a losing battle. Now Heather was kissing him on the lips, reaching behind him and cupping his butt, pulling him against her.

He surrendered. Breaking their kiss he murmured, “Bedroom”, picking her up in his arms and stumbling down the hall as they continued making out. Once there he tossed Heather on the bed then quickly removed his clothes and joined her as she shed his shirt.

“Just remember Heather, you asked for this. I don’t know what you expected but I’ve always liked my sex rough and dirty. Think you can handle that? No romantic cow-eyes, just sweaty fucking.” Tom was kneeling on the mattress next to a supine Heather, his eight inches of hard fuck-meat waving in her face.

Heather grabbed his cock and jacked it as she spoke. “I have to tell you, I’m a virgin.” She felt him throb in her hand as her words registered. “But don’t worry, I’ve played around with plenty of cocks. I just wanted my first to be a man, an adult, not some loser from school.” She released his dick and sat up, facing him.

“You like it dirty, huh?” Heather smiled and cupped her tits, pointing her nipples at him. “Well you’re in fucking luck then, mister. I’m one horny bitch, you can fuck me silly!” She leaned forward and locked lips with the older man, reaching for his rod again.

Tom couldn’t believe his luck, the neighbor girl he’d always thought would be a good fuck actually wanted him! Out of all the young ladies in the neighborhood she was the one that gave off the ‘smouldering depths’ vibe, like she’d be a real hot lay. He was about to find out!

“Oh Tom, so many nights I’ve rubbed my little pussy raw, thinking about this cock, mmm, it’s bigger than I pictured, such a pretty cock you have Mister Braun.” She pushed Tom down on the bed and grabbed the base of his cock, then staring him right in the eyes she dripped saliva onto his cock-head, then gave him a long lick with a flattened tongue, right along the main vein.

Tom groaned and flexed his hips, trying to get his dick in her mouth. She obliged him, enveloping his hardness in her hot oral cavity, swirling her tongue in ways that were driving him up the wall with lust.

It was obvious from her skills that she loved giving head, Tom was glad of her experience in that area. He let her suck a few more moments then gently pulled her off him, saying “My turn now. I’m gonna lick that young twat of yours.” He gave her a passionate kiss before pushing her down and laying between her legs.

“Mmm, what a tasty looking puss, all fresh and yummy for me,” Tom said as he spread her thighs. His tongue shot out and flicked her clit, he munched her clam like a pro, making Heather arch her back and spout obscenities.

“God Tom, oh yeah, god that’s good, oh suck me, suck my pussy oh god!” Heather ground her ass into the mattress, she was mauling her tits, pinching the nipples, acting like a wanton slut.

“Oh yes! Fuck me with that tongue, oh god, so good,” she babbled, grabbing Tom’s head and shoving his face into her crotch. “Oh Tom! You’re going to make me cum, oh yes, going to cum on your tongue Tom! Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” Heather thrashed on the sheets as Tom drove her virgin cunt wild with his oral attack.

“Oh Tom!” Heather panted as she recovered from her first orgasm with an adult lover. “You really know how to please a girl!” Now she was more eager than ever to give her cherry to this man, none of her other lovers had made her cum like that!

Tom was rock hard from eating Heather’s wet quim. “Up on all fours, like a bitch,” he panted. He was going to pour years of no pussy into this fuck. Heather scrambled into place, her soaked cunny winking at him.

Tom was past caring if she was a virgin, he was mad with lust. He’d been celibate since his wife passed away, having a hot teenager in front of him asking for cock, it was too much for his sex-addled brain. He grabbed Heather by the hips and sank his rod into her balls deep in one rough stroke.

Heather grunted in pain and surprise as she was suddenly more filled than ever before. Mr. Braun’s unit was bigger than anything she’d shoved in herself so far, the feelings were uncomfortable, even painful at first. He began fucking her immediately, pistoning in and out of her willing but tight hole as she shuddered beneath him.

Tom slammed her tight pussy hard and fast, pent up need driving him to the brink. He couldn’t get enough of her cunt, it felt amazing after years of self abuse, he’d forgotten how good real pussy was! “God you’re so fucking tight, I can’t believe it!” he exclaimed.

Heather’s cunny was finally warming up, good feelings were coming from her whole crotch, her ass was tingling and her nipples were tight. She moaned and started shoving herself back against her adult lover.

“Oh Tom! My god, this is sooo goood!” Heather said as Tom slapped his groin into her jiggling ass cheeks. “God, I love it, I love fucking, oh Tom! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me!” Her body was flooding with strong new sensations, her first ever vaginal orgasm was approaching fast.

“You love it, don’t you, you horny slut?” Tom asked, sinking his eight inches deep again and again into Heather’s sopping muff.

“Oh fuck yes! Oh I love fucking, I love your cock! Keep going, almost there, gonna cum on your cock Tom!” Heather wailed. Her body began shaking, her eyes rolled back into her head and then it hit her, waves of pleasure, subsuming her brain, tingling every nerve, making her weak as it rolled across her body.

Tom kept fucking this hot piece of ass as she came around his dick, her pussy was twitching and clasping at him as he plowed her. Her arms gave out and she collapsed forward, tilting her hips up. Her cunt slammed tight around him and he couldn’t stand the added stimulation, he came with a roar.

“Take it, oh yeah, take my cum!” Tom yelled, his dong pulsing as hot jets of spunk fired deep into Heather’s young twat. “Fuck yeah! Oh such a hot piece of ass, oh god! Take it all, fuck!”

Heather felt Tom’s dick explode inside her and her orgasm leapt into overdrive. “Oh Tom! Yes! Shoot it in me, fill me up! Give it to me, give me that hot cum, yes!” She was panting into the mattress, humping her hips, being the wanton slut her adult lover desired. She loved the feeling of his hot load spilling from her tight hole, flowing down to tickle her tight rosebud.

At last the two ran down and collapsed on the mattress. Tom looked at Heather with a new respect. “So I assume you told your folks you were staying somewhere else overnight, once you were done here?” He idly toyed with one of her nipples as he spoke.

“You’re so smart, got it in one” Heather said as she snuggled next to Tom. “So, quick rest, round two?” She gave Tom her best seductive look.

Tom foresaw his life getting a lot better from now on.

The End.

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