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Silence and darkness. They overwhelmed me when I heard the door shut behind the man who had just left. I could feel my heart beating all the way up into my ears. I heard my own breathing, heavy and labored, still trying to recover from what had just happened. I was nude. I was on my knees, blindfolded. Someone’s cum was dripping off my nose, my chin, and it had started to run down my chest. I had no idea who. I couldn’t hear her, but I knew she must’ve been there, somewhere, watching and smirking. My mouth had gotten me into another mess, literally and figuratively.

I’m Heather. I just turned 40. I’m married, but in name only. My husband Clark is a serial liar and a cheat. We’re only together because of our kids, fraternal twins who just went off to college. My husband cheated repeatedly, most recently with his secretary. He’s the type that had the gall to suggest that our lack of intimacy is what caused him to cheat, even though he was cheating well before we stopped being intimate. Now, the only sex we have is kind of a bargaining chip. Like, “hey, I’ll suck you if you do the laundry this week,” that sort of thing. The public has no idea of our arrangement, however, to the outside we appear to be a happily married couple. That is why this situation could be very embarrassing, to both of us. Why was I there like I was? Val.

Well, Val and my big mouth and pride. Val and I are best friends and have been since high school. Maybe we are best “competitors” more than besties. There’s nothing more satisfying than coming out on top in anything to do with her. It could be a discussion, a board game, a competition or it could even be over a guy, we’ve fought over it all. In high school, we both fought over becoming a cheerleader. She won, even became the head cheerleader, mostly due to her barbie doll skinny body along with with perky tits. She’s vain, even though she was genetically gifted. She’s enhanced her look since with botox injections in her lips and upgraded her tits with implants. All which I didn’t think she needed.

With her cheerleading status, she dated Jim, the handsome football playing hunk who I lusted after. She’d go on and on about how good he was in bed, how big his cock was, etc. (18 years old, for sake). In fact, Val won most things with me, which only infuriated me more, making me crazy to do anything to top her. It was Val who made up the, “I double slut dare you,” game, and we’ve played it, all the way up to now. It’s basically a loser’s punishment game.

We were at a house party and we both saw a guy we were interested in. We were debating about some fact that Val was correct about so as the punishment for losing, Val leaned in and whispered, “I double slut dare you to go over there, talk to him, and within five minutes let him touch you, either your bare tits or let him feel your pussy, through your pants.”

“Val!” I can’t do that!” I protested.

“Ok, but if I do it, he’s going home with me, is that what you want?”

So, my pride being what it was I bahis firmaları marched over there and four minutes later he had his hand down my pants. Embarrassingly, we didn’t end up having sex. In fact, Val ended up dating him, telling me he always referred to me as that “easy slut from the party.” I guess I was, letting a complete stranger finger me without even knowing his name. These were the situations I found myself in, often, because of her (and me and my pride, of course).

She didn’t always win and I keep those victories close to my heart. We were in a cab coming home from the club one night in our college days (yes, they had cabs back then for you millennials). The cabbie was an older guy with a Greek sounding name. He was eyeing her in the rear view mirror, she was in full club “slut” gear. She’d lost a bet to me earlier, so I whispered to her, “I double slut dare you to tease him and if he asks to see more you have to show him.” Never one to back down from one of our dares she toyed with him by slowly pulling down her already low top while we talked, to the point the top of her areolas were showing.

She acted as if she had no idea, but I could see his eyes burning. Most guys don’t know how to take advantage of a situation like that but this guy was either too naive or just too crude because at the end of our ride, as we were paying him, he said, “if you show me those,…” pointing at her tits, “it’ll be free.” I remember giggling as she stood there, top down in our parking lot, as he took it all in.

My favorite though, was the time she dared me to prove I was better than her at giving head. We “fought” over it all the time, teasing each other about it. So, we picked out two lucky best friends at a frat party one time and set out to prove it one way or the other. They couldn’t believe their luck at our idea. We took them to a free room. Val sucked one guy off, we’ll call him Jeff, while I sucked off his friend Carl. As agreed, we met them several days later and switched, where I sucked Jeff and she sucked Carl. Then, we met up and got the decision from the guys. I won! That wasn’t the best part. As part of the dare, we had agreed that the loser had to let both guys fuck her. I’ll never forget Val’s death stare at me as both 20 year olds got her from both ends. It’s a victory I still cherish today.

Don’t get me wrong. We ARE friends. She has helped me in more ways than I can thank her for. She has a job as an important executive for a fortune 500 company and has helped me financially more times than I can count, mostly to “save” me from ruin, such as when I’ve broken up with my husband over his cheating. She has pushed me almost from day one to dump him, but like I said, we’re sort of playing it out, waiting for our kids to become fully independent. I lost more dares than I ever won, so much so, in fact, that the game probably should be called, “I dare slut Heather.” I can’t count the number of strange guys I had to flash or let touch me or on rare occasions suck or fuck over kaçak iddaa the years (though all the actual sex was before my marriage, though she DID get me to suck off her brother while I was engaged, just another dumb bet and loss for me).

Which leads me back here, naked and dripping. I had never technically “cheated.” There were times I’d dated and had sex, but always when my husband and I were, “on a break.” But now here I was, in a back room at one of her huge parties, tasting another man’s cum on my lips. Was it a friend? Colleague? A coworker? I had no idea the depth of humiliation that Val wanted. All I knew was, someone out there knew what it felt like to blow a load in my mouth. Worse, the bet was for an hour. The real question was, how many more would know?

This was made all the more embarrassing by what caused me to be like this. We’d had some stupid argument over nothing, like an episode of a “real housewives of somewhere,” and who said what to whom. THIS is why I’d just had to gulp down an unknown guy’s cum. I could almost hear her cackling to herself. She got me this time, she got me good. I was SO sure I was right that I bet my mouth, for an hour, to whoever she wanted to send in.

Looking back on it, I really should’ve just gone with the flow. I love sucking cock, it’s probably my second favorite sex thing, next to getting licked. But in the moment, the nerves and uncertainty had most of my attention.

It was dark, I waited there, my hands on my knees as the cum had found it’s way all the way to my bare pussy. I could feel it dripping off, to the floor. If it was me, I’d have made her lick it up. I didn’t dare take off the blindfold just as I hadn’t used my hands at all in blowing him, per her instructions. She didn’t want me touching “them” because she didn’t want it to give away who it might be. Even though it was devilish, it was something I’d have done to her, also.

I heard the door open softly. There was more silence until I felt the warmth of his cock’s head on my cheek. After a sharp intake of breath I stuck my tongue out and “found” it, and began to lick it up and down. This one was prepared, he must’ve been pre-informed. He was already mostly hard. I purposely teased the head and licked his slit to prolong the process, in my own way trying to “win” at something. He wasn’t having it, he had come to get blown by some blindfolded slut.

He guided my head onto his dick, not so gently and soon he was purposely trying to see how deep he could get. Normally, I’d push away and tell him to slow down or he’d get nothing. Here, however, I didn’t really have any rights. I did my best to accommodate his girth and length to the back of my throat. I’m no deep-throater but I do enjoy a mouth fucking, when I can use my hands to control it. Here, I was just a receptacle. I was coughing and gurgling, which only turned him on more. I could hear his manly grunts and deep breaths as he pumped it in and out of me. Finally, he held the back of my head as he spent himself inside kaçak bahis me. Now, I’m a swallower, but not so much when the dick is buried halfway down my throat. I sputtered and choked as he dumped it all in me.

I heard a low groan, “fuck,” come from him, but not enough so I could recognize it. Again, the door shut behind him as I sputtered up then swallowed his load. How Val wasn’t laughing right then, I didn’t know. She HAD to be there, I’d never miss this if the positions were reversed, “and by god, they will be, someday!” I cursed to myself.

I could feel the cum I’d missed pouring down my tits. As added embarrassment, I could feel a rivulet go right down my nipple and drip off, like a leaky faucet. The other thing was…I was wet, SO wet, I actually was considering giving my husband a roll later which he so much did NOT deserve, in order to quench some of that fire.

was far more handsy, like the other two didn’t realize that touching was allowed. He worked my nipples hard, while my mouth was working to please him. This only drives me crazier, I swear the harder they tug at them the wetter I get. At least this guy allowed me to take it at my own pace. He was rewarded with a little extra tongue action, which made him cum like a broken fire hydrant. I let most of his cum just drip out the sides, adding to the others, already glistening on my torso. The door shut. Again, silence.

As I knelt there I actually got a smile when she whispered in my ear from behind me, “that was fantastic! I see you’ve still kept up your head game, good to know for the future,” she giggled. I took off the blindfold.

“God, you’re a mess, a beautiful, MILF’y mess,” she smirked. “Here, let me help you,” she said. She began rubbing all the spent cum all over my body. “I want you to feel it dry and tighten on your skin when we go back out to the party. There won’t be a minute you won’t feel it and remember what you did back here. “

She spread it out evenly all over my tits, my stomach, my back, my ass, everywhere I had skin, even on my face.

“But god, Val, I’m going to reek of cum,” I whined.

“Exactly,” she chuckled. “Let it dry, then come on out, your clothes are on the bed.”

She’d only left my dress, my underwear was probably in her purse. I sighed and went back to the party, nipples hard and pussy wet. I spend the next two hours trying to act “the good wife” by my husband, while catching the eye of guy after guy, wondering if he was one of the “lucky three.”

That’s the embarrassment Val wanted, for me to stand there, their cum still on me, wondering which of the host of guests had enjoyed my mouth. Knowing her, she also wanted to embarrass my husband, who took one look at me, sniffed the air, huffed, then ignored me for most of the night. In a way, I actually HOPED that they’d been a coworker or friend of his.

I realized that Val tended to win and get her way most often and that repeats of my debasement were coming. She’s also quite wicked and clever. It was almost time to just admit her dominance over me and just forego the pretense of the dare game. She owned me, she always had. I knew I’d be worked out again, and soon. I’m sure my mouth will get me into trouble again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32