Heidi’s Hot Halloween Holiday

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Masturbation toys, the perfect Halloween gift for your wife, significant other, and/or girlfriend.

Brenda grabbed the pillows, put them behind her, and fixed them so that she had a comfortable cushion, her launching pad ready for a slow, steady, steamy takeoff, as if on a cloud ready to float her away on her erotic journey. She opened her case, looking at each one of them, and touched their boxes with her fingers, as if patting their little heads for the pleasure they all surely would give her, if she gave them all the chance. Then, she reached for her favorite, Frankie, and pulled his box out of her case.

As a lark, as if needing an audience, her Halloween horde, she took all their boxes all out of her case and lined them up in a semi-circle around her, so that they could all watch. She imagined they all liked to watch. She imagined she liked to show. She imagined she was an exhibitionist giving a show to a crowd of voyeurs all dressed in Halloween costumes. She imagined she was at a swingers’ dance giving her public masturbation demonstration.

“Do you want to watch me play with my pussy? Do you want to watch Frankie finger me, lick me, and eat me?”

She hasn’t stopped masturbating, since she took this job. Not once during her interview or in the employee handbook that they gave her, did they list masturbating with their toys as a company benefit. She never would have guessed she’d become so addicted to masturbation in the way she has, once she found the right toy. The right toy?

Her first, she’s never had a toy, no vibrators and no dildos, just her fingers and her imagination. She’s always preferred men to masturbation. She never had a short supply of cocks and of men who wanted to fuck her and eat her. Now, that she has Frankie, her little battery powered lover, she’s in Heaven.

“Who needs men?”

She lifted his little mouth to her lips and kiss him. Such a perfect little lover to take him out of his box, when needed and put him away, when done. She wished she could do the same with her boyfriend, Jason.

“I’m done with you, Jason. It’s time to put you away, until I need you again. Turn around, so that I can remove your batteries.”

She wondered if there’d ever be a time of battery powered men that she could take out when she needed them and put away when she was done with them. How great would that be? Every year, she’d just go to the hardware store for a new battery pack. She could name them whatever she wanted. She could even sit him on the couch with Brad or Lance or Lorenzo to watch a chick flick with her. No more football. Wow. She could even have more than one. Double wow.

She loved her little Frankenstein toy. If only Dr. Frankenstein were alive today to see what he really created, she wondered if he’d be happy or angry. Maybe he’d want to sue her company for making a masturbation toy in the image of his scary monster or maybe he’d like to watch, too.

She lifted her legs, tossed her nightgown up and aside, pushed Frankie’s button, and gave him the place of honor between her legs, before closing her eyes. Oh, my God, this was so erotic. This was so hot.

“Make me cum, Frankie. Make me cum. I love you, Frankie. I love you. Oh, yes, right there, baby, right there, that’s it. Nice. Oh, wow. Hmmm.”

As if in a hypnotic daze that happens after a relaxing massage, she watched the action of his mini mouth through half opened eyes, as if he was really eating her. His eyes lit up and he made scary sounds that lulled her into believing that she was being taken. Yes, a monster of a man was ravishing her pussy, eating her, licking her, and touching her where she allowed no other man to touch her but her boyfriend, Jason. Now Frankie had the place of honor. Yes, she loves her little Frankenstein.

“Eat me, Frankie, eat me. Lick my pussy. Make me cum, baby. Make me cum. Give me a wonderful orgasm.”

If the Halloween masturbation toy line was this exciting and did this to her, she couldn’t wait to see the Christmas line. She imagined a short, round Santa Claus, a horny elf, and a salacious snowman. She could only imagine the Fourth of July line with military men lined up at attention and at her command ready to do whatever sexual orders she gave them.

“Lick my pussy, soldier. Get down on your knees, Marine. Oorah! Fuck me, sailor. Give me a long, deep fly over, airman. Check the perimeter of my pussy before going in and under deep, coastguardsman. Oh, Frankie…”

After his client cancelled a meeting, with time to kill, Jason took that as a serendipitous omen to go home unexpectedly. He thought he’d surprise his girlfriend, Brenda, on the pretense of coming home for lunch. Only, it wasn’t food he was hungry for, but sex. For sure, more in the mood for a clam, he’d rather eat pussy than a sandwich. Who knows, maybe she’d be in the mood for a hot dog and he’d give her his special white sauce to go along with it, after receiving a blowjob.

Excited by the thoughts of having hot sex with his hot girlfriend, Escort Başakşehir he couldn’t think of a better way to spend his sudden free time than with an afternoon of erotic pleasure. Hi sexy girlfriend, Brenda, had been acting a little weird lately and he hoped she wasn’t cheating on him. He totally trusted her and he truly believed that she loved him, as much as he loved her. He knew she wouldn’t cheat on him, as much as he’d be true to her, but unfaithfulness happens all the time.

Even though he couldn’t admit it to himself and masked his reason for coming home was for lunch and a quickie, his ulterior motive in surprising her was to see if he could catch her with her lover. Without doubt, he positively knew she didn’t have a lover and was faithful to him, of course, but you never know. Yet, before taking the next step with her, before asking her to marry him, he had to be sure she was the one and that she wasn’t playing him, while having sex with someone else.

With furtive glances, acting guilty and distant lately, her face has been flushed, in the way her face is flushed, after they’ve had unbelievable sex and he had given her an orgasm. She’s been acting weird lately, ever since she lost her job. Maybe it was because she had too much time on her hands and felt guilty that she wasn’t financially contributing to the household budget. Yet, there was plenty of things that she does around the house, shopping for the food, cooking it, cleaning the house, and then there’s all that sex she gives him, whenever he wants her. Yeah, sure, absolutely, she contributes plenty. He couldn’t imagine his life without her.

She’s been actively trying to find another job but, in this economy, good jobs are few and far between. She worked as a commissioned sales representative for a woman’s fashion line and those jobs are at the very top of the pay scale. All she’s been able to find are department store, sales clerk jobs that pay minimum wage, a mere fraction of what she was earning before and without commission or the opportunity of a bonus.

“Honey! I’m home,” he called out to her.

Suddenly feeling awkward about catching her in the act, not wanting to surprise her, if she was in bed with some hot, naked guy, he felt vulnerable. He felt sad by the imagined loss of his beloved girlfriend. Then, he took a breath and hoped that it was just his imagination getting the better of him and not his girlfriend using him. They were both educated adults and after he beat the crap out of her lover, they could maturely discuss why she felt the need to cheat on him and go outside their relationship for sex.

Even though he didn’t see a car parked in the driveway, her paramour could have parked his car some distance away and walked over. Maybe she’s having sex with a college kid and he rode his bicycle here. Maybe she picked him up, after he bagged her groceries at the checkout in the supermarket and plans on driving him home later, after he finished bagging her in their bed. Whatever the scenario, he needed to know why Brenda, suddenly, always looks as if she just had sex, especially when he’s not around to add blush to her pretty cheeks.

“I’m up here in the bedroom, Jason.”

Note to self, check under the bed, in the closet, and in the bathroom for her lover. Jason slowly climbed the stairs to his bedroom, as if climbing the steps to the gallows. This was it. Was she or wasn’t she cheating on him? He had a feeling he’d know as soon as he entered their bedroom.

As soon as he came up on the landing, he saw her sitting upon the bed. Aha! She’s still in her nightgown at, he checked his watch, noontime. That’s suspicious, isn’t it?

Still, she looked so hot. With her long, blonde hair, she was so damn pretty. She looked so sexy. Then, as he walked closer, she looked so guilty. He smiled at her and, when she turned to look at him and she returned his smile, he couldn’t help but notice the flush on her face. She looked, as if she just had sex.

He got on his knees and looked under the bed. Then, he went to the closet, walked inside, and pushing his suits and her dresses aside, there was no one there. Then, he checked the bathroom. Empty.

“Jason, what are you doing?”

“Oh, I was looking for my other briefcase. I left some notes in there, but I may have that at the office.”

She had what looked like toys spread all around her. With some in boxes and some out of boxes, all, except for one, were wrapped in cellophane. As if just caught with her hand down her panty, only she wasn’t wearing any panties, while imagining a secret, erotic fantasy, her face was flushed with lustful desire. She looked the way she does, after they’ve just had sex and he’s made her cum.

“What’s all this?” Jason looked at his sexy, blonde girlfriend relaxing on the bed in her short, low cut, sheer, and very revealing nightgown with a collection of colorful gadgets spread out all around her.

“Toys,” said Brenda.

Remembering Bayrampaşa escort it wasn’t so long ago that he loved playing with and building things with his Legos, he still had a secret stash of them hidden in the back of the closet that he took out, when his sister dropped his nephew off for the day. On the pretense of playing with his nephew, he played with his Legos. Not realizing that women played with toys, too, other than Barbie dolls and shopping with credit cards, of course, he thought she was pulling his leg.

“Toys?” He looked at her and she looked away. See? There. A furtive glance and a guilty look. She’s definitely hiding something, but what? “Seriously?” She nodded her head. “C’mon? Really? You play with toys, while I’m at work and working?”

“Yep, toys,” she said looking at him with a look of apprehension, while biting her lip. “I was going to tell you, but was waiting for the right moment, which is now, I guess, since you caught me.”

Caught her? Caught her doing what? Having sex with another man? Is that it? Fearing the worst, he stopped himself from verbally attacking her. He already felt the pain of her rejecting him for someone else. Why? What does her lover have that he doesn’t? Then, instead of jumping to rash conclusions, he relaxed and took a breath.

There must be a simple explanation why she looks like she’s just been fucked. With her flushed face and her lame excuse, maybe instead of having sex with any number of men, he figured he caught her wrapping his birthday gift for his birthday next week. Yeah, sure, that’s it. It would be funny if she bought him Legos. A 29-year-old architect, after all, it was Legos that got him interested in building things, he thought with a laugh. Now he plays with giant sized Legos.

“What are you reverting and reliving your childhood again? What are you 9-years-old?”

He looked at her and laughed. He looked at her with his heart already broken in a million pieces. He loved this woman. He truly loved her and if she’d only give him one more chance to try and fix whatever is broken, maybe they could salvage their relationship.

Playing her game and buying her lame excuse that she plays with toys, he bravely laughed and walked over to where she was sitting on the bed holding a suitcase full of assorted toys. If she wasn’t embarrassed to play with her toys in front of him, maybe she wouldn’t mind if he took out his Legos and built something for her. He always envied the guy or gal who worked for Legos and was paid to play with Legos all day. Wow. That’s a dream job.

He couldn’t help but think of Tom Hanks in Big, when he played Josh Baskin, a 12-year-old that gave his wish of wanting to be a grownup at a fortune teller machine. Then, overnight, he grew up into a twenty-something-year-old adult. Josh’s job was to play with and design toys all day. He loved toys and now knowing that his girlfriend had a secret love for toys, too, made him love her even more, that is, if she was being honest with him.

Only, how could she cheat on him? Why? He didn’t understand. What is that all about? He thought she was happy. He thought he satisfied her as a lover. He’s been nothing but good to her. How did it all go so wrong so fast?

“These are big girl toys, silly,” she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

Big girl toys? What the Hell are big girl toys? Without doubt it had something to do with her hair and makeup. She always looked so put together but it took her forever to look that way. Always, he waited for her to get ready. Yet, it was always worth it, when she finally came downstairs. Looking much like a better looking Christina Aguilera, she was so beautiful and he loved her.

“Big girl toys? I don’t understand, Bren. What do you mean, big girl toys?” He reached out his hands and grabbed two fistfuls of a Frankenstein, a Dracula, a witch, a werewolf, a ghost, a goblin, a ghoul, a black cat, a bat, and a Jack-o’-lantern. “What are you going to pass these out to the kids for Halloween, instead of candy? Is that it?”

“No silly,” she said with a laugh. “Not hardly. I’d be arrested if I did,” she said with a sexy laugh. “You’re holding more than three hundred dollars worth of my product.”

“Product? What do you mean, product?”

He examined her product that he held in his hand. For the life of him, he couldn’t figure out their purpose. They were all very cute, realistic in great detail. He imagined building full size versions of these out of Legos. He loved playing with Legos, but that’s his secret. Maybe, when he has a child, one day, they could play. He was hoping to have that day with Brenda, but now he wasn’t so sure.

“All of this is my sales merchandise. I’m the new sales representative for Heidi’s Hot Halloween Holiday,” she said with a proud smile.

“Heidi’s Hot Halloween Holiday? Now I know you’re pulling my leg,” he said looking at her with reservation. “Brenda, I know you’re desperate for a job, but have you lost Beşiktaş escort bayan your mind? Are you inventing your own career? Do you need help? Maybe you should talk to someone, sweetie, a professional,” he said patting her pretty shoulder and resisting the urge to grope her braless C cup breast.

Then, what the Hell, he did. He reached his hand down her open nightgown top and cupped, caressed and fondled her breast, before fingering her nipple. She had gorgeous breasts. She had a wonderful body. He couldn’t believe he was with this 24-year-old, blonde bombshell. She could be the one he’d ask to marry him and to make his babies. Yeah, if only she’d come clean and give him one more chance, after they reconciled, after they had some hot makeup sex, he’d buy the ring and ask her to marry him.

“No, this is a viable business, Jason,” she said swatting his hand away. “These are the products that I sell to women and for women. This is my Halloween line. If I’m successful selling these, they have a Christmas line that I can sell, too.”

He still had no idea what the Hell she was talking about. This is the price he had to pay to be with a woman so good looking. Pretty to look at but her head was totally empty. There was no one home, most times. A typical dumb blonde that was more intent on how she looked and what she wore, he could write a book of all the dumb things she did and asked. Still, he loved her and he found some of the stupid things she did and said endearing and part and parcel to the reason why he loved her so much.

“Sell? You sell all of these? Oh, I see now. So, what are these Halloween decorations?”

“You’re so naive, Jason,” she said rolling her eyes and letting out a puff of air with the toss of her hair. She smugly looked at her toys with a look of self-righteousness that she gets on her face, whenever correcting him, which was rare, as she was always wrong and he was always right. “They do look a bit like toys and/or holiday decorations, don’t they?” She laughed. “I guess they are designed to literally look like toys, but I don’t think that women would display these, though. These are sex toys.”

“Sex toys? What do you mean, sex toys?”

Sex toys? Working sixty hours a week, he no longer had time for toys. Sometimes, he felt, he barely had time for his girlfriend and for this relationship. Maybe he was naive, maybe he was the dumb one, but for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out how these things that looked so much like Halloween decorations could be sex toys. They were so cute. He couldn’t wait to help her pass these out to the kids at Halloween. He imagined how excited they’d be to receive these Halloween toys, instead of Halloween candy.

“Toys for masturbation,” she said with a sexy smile. “See,” she said lifting her nightgown and exposing her blonde, trimmed pussy to him, before turning on the one toy not in cellophane and placing it by her pussy and rubbing it against her clit. She put her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. Sexy Frankenstein lit up and made sounds of delight, instead of motions of fright. With his mouth opening and closing, he actually looked, as if he was eating and licking her pussy. “I just masturbated myself, before you walked in and had you entered a few minutes earlier, you would have caught me,” she said with a sly look and a sexy laugh.

“Gross,” he said tossing the toys he still held in his hand in the suitcase that she had on the other side of her.

Why in the Hell does his baby need a sex toy, when she has his pull toy to fuck and to suck? Granted, he hasn’t been home much lately, especially since he’s been working on a new project that has a fast turnaround deadline. Now, after looking at all these masturbation toys for women, he’d better watch his step or he’d be replaced by a Frankenstein, a Dracula, a witch, a werewolf, a ghost, a ghoul, a goblin, a black cat, a bat, and/or a Jack-o’-lantern

“Easy, Jason, you’ll break them.”

“How can you sell that, after using it,” he said pointing at the Frankenstein she held in her hand. “That’s unsanitary, isn’t it? I guess, if you wash it off really well and put it back in the box, no one would know and you could sell it.”

“This one is mine and not for sale, silly. I love my Frankie. I’d never sell him,” she said laughing at his ignorance about girls and their big girl toys. “They gave me this one to try and I absolutely love him. He’s my little battery powered baby. He gets me off all the time.”

Has she gone mad? She’s talking about this Frankenstein toy, as if he’s a real man. What does he have that he doesn’t. Suddenly, he couldn’t believe he was jealous over a battery powered masturbation toy.

“He gets you off all the time?”

“Yes,” she said with a soft, satisfied smile. “I call him Frankie,” she said patting Frankenstein’s little head. “You haven’t been home much lately and a girl gets lonely. A girl gets horny. A girl does what she needs to do to pass the time alone, lonely, and sexually frustrated.”

“So, what are you saying to me? I’m being replaced by a Frankenstein or by a Dracula or by this Jack-o’-lantern that lights up your pussy literally and figuratively?” He read the box and they all lit up and made scary sounds. “Are you kidding me? Bren, you can’t be serious. You’re dumping me for toys?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32