Helen Enjoys Her Younger Lady Again

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I woke before the other two gorgeous bodies in my bed. Alex was facing away from me on the very edge of the bed. Lottie was still intertwined with me, our legs overlapped and I could feel the gorgeous smoothness of her thighs and calves. Her pretty feet stuck out of the covers, which were dishevelled and messy after our lovemaking.

I had never thought that I could be attracted to a woman, of any age, let alone be naked with one. The thought of sex with a woman had never crossed my mind in forty years of interest in the opposite sex. Whether I had been sheltered, been unadventurous or simply been lacking in opportunity, I was well and truly into lovely Lottie, my twenty-five-year-old lover.

I felt no regret at all, in fact, I secretly wanted to do it all over again. She had touched me so very differently to Alex, well any man really. Her lips were soft, she kissed with gentle urgency. Her mouth had kissed my breasts with passion and she had sucked my nipples firmly. It sent sparks through me and it was gorgeous. She had finished making love with me by kissing my clitoris, with a mouth already covered in Alex’s sperm. She had planted a soft tongue and lips on my deepest and most intimate place and pushed some of Alex’s semen inside me. It was something I had been dreaming about during last night. It was so intimate, so incredibly sexy and I fucking loved it.

I tiptoed to the bathroom. I was very good at gliding softly across a floor. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was all over the place. Lottie had run her hands all through it, my grey hair quite visible. I could still feel her fingers sliding through my long hair, gripping it as we kissed and as Alex slid deep inside her. I could feel her hands on my face, caressing me, probing deep in my mouth with her tongue. I could still feel her warm fingers slipping through my pubic hair, gripping it and parting my labia. I was getting aroused, just looking in the mirror and remembering it all so clearly.

I brushed my teeth, laying out a toothbrush for Lottie to use when she woke up. As I sat down to pee, I felt the familiar aching in my vagina and my womb. Alex’s masculine cock is huge, and every time we make love, it does this to me. It’s a reminder of my age I suppose. Although at more than nine inches, I perhaps should not be surprised that it hurts. He is a gentle lover, but when I am turned on, I just want him to fuck me, to take me and to hell with the consequences. I adore him, and fucking love the fact that I have a twenty-four-year-old man with a huge cock and perfect body, fucking me passionately in every way possible.

It was still quite early, so I slipped on a bikini and stepped outside into the cool of the morning. I didn’t feel sleepy and whilst I wanted to wake Lottie to make love with her, I was actually reluctant in case she regretted last night. In any case, I was oddly unsure of how to initiate sex with a woman and was a bit shy, I suppose.

I laid down on the sunbed and read a magazine for half an hour. Alex was first to get up and came outside to me. He was grinning like the cat with the cream and stepped over to me, kissing me slowly and gently on the lips.

‘Well, my gorgeous lady, what on earth was that?’

‘I know. I hadn’t expected any of it. So, is everything alright between us?’

He lifted his head, quizzically.

‘Of course? Why wouldn’t it be?

‘Well, we both made love to someone else. For me, it was a…well something I have never done. Touch another woman like that.’

‘To think you were trying to wean me off of you. You two ended up in bed together. It was wonderful though, yes? A life experience?’

‘I suppose. It was odd seeing you screwing another woman though. I’m not jealous, not upset. Well, it was my fault anyway, wasn’t it? No, I’m totally fine. It’s just seeing you inside her, giving her pleasure and making her orgasm so strongly. I don’t know what I am saying. Ignore me.’

‘Are you worried that I will now want to leave you, for a younger girl? Wasn’t that kind of what you were telling me to do?’

‘I know yes. You know that’s still the right thing. But not yet. I have come to realise that I don’t want to give you up, just yet. Just that if you wanted to give me up, I would understand and let you go, with love and no regret. yeni gaziantep escort Okay?’

Alex stood up. He was naked, his gorgeous, sexy body gave me shivers every time I saw him in the light. His toned form was just muscular enough to drive me crazy for him. Of course, his big dick was a deal clincher. Right now, it was not erect, but was firm to my touch. I ran my fingers along his length and down to his root. I slipped my fingers down over his large testicles, rolling them both between my fingers. He leaned down and kissed me again, then along my arms and across to my boobs. He moved the fabric to one side and licked my nipple playfully.

‘I’m going to have a swim in the sea, whilst there is no wind. I will be an hour. You decide if you want Lottie to stay or not. I’m going to give you some time to work out if you want me to leave you for another woman, or not.’

He moved away from me, his beautiful body disappeared into the bedroom and the room door clicked shut, just a few seconds afterwards. I looked through the window, Lottie was still asleep and had not moved since I got out of the bed. I went inside and put a capsule in the coffee machine. The coffee was most welcome and I looked out over the sea to drink it. I looked out for Alex and thought I had seen him dive in from the rocks in the distance. My darling man. My beloved Alex. Thirty-six years between us. How and when this bubble would burst, I knew not. In the meantime, I could still feel his enormous erection buried in my vagina. I can still taste his sperm on my tongue. It was glorious.

As I looked out to sea, I heard Lottie get up and step outside to join me. She was wearing one of my wraps that I had left out obviously for her to use if she wanted to. She put her hand around my waist and gently stroked my back with her soft palm.

‘Is that okay to do Helen? You don’t mind me putting my arm around you?’

‘It’s more that fine Lottie? It’s a gorgeous feeling in fact.’

‘So, you don’t regret last night? I know I don’t. I’m not attracted to women as a rule, but if I am honest, you are intoxicatingly beautiful. I really could not help myself and I really didn’t try to resist. Sorry for making a first move and if I have done something wrong, then just tell me.’

‘You haven’t. It was one of the most intimate experiences of my life. I’m not actually that experienced and never with a woman. Something to add to the experience bank.’

‘Oh, that is good. I thought last night was the best sex that I ever had. I won’t ever forget your beautiful naked body next to mine, nor the feel of Alex’s cock. Well, you know what I mean. Sorry.’

‘Oh, that’s fine. He is very well endowed, isn’t he?’

‘He is enormous, thick and my god, how hard does his erection get? It was like being fucked by a rolling pin.’

We both giggled. We both knew what Alex’s erection feels like buried deep in our vaginas.

‘So, what happens now, Lottie?’

‘Do you want me to leave?’

‘Do you want to leave?’

There was a pause, a pause lasting an eternity during which my stomach fluttered uncontrollably. I was conflicted. Lottie probably should go back to her friends, who might be worried about her whereabouts. Then again, she was an adult, and I realised I wanted her to stay, at least for a little longer. I actually wanted to make love with her again, taking my time and learning her body, and her desires.

‘No. I don’t want to go. I want to be here for a little while longer.’

I felt her hand move from my back down over my bottom and her hand gently squeezed my cheek. Her other hand moved over my stomach and rested on top of my bikini bottoms. Her head leaned on my shoulder. We stood there for a moment, both enjoying the feel of another woman’s body. The softness, the smoothness and the curves of a female form.

Then her hand slowly moved between my legs, her palm firmly indicating that she wanted me to just open my legs a little. She undid the simple knot in my bikini and it fell to the floor. Her soft fingers searched deeper between my legs. They slipped through my pubic hair and gently slid along my labia. Her warm fingers spread my pussy and I felt a finger gently move inside me. Two more fingers caressed my clitoris gaziantep yeni escort and I realised that Lottie was breathing heavily and was trembling as she touched me intimately. Her fingers found my vagina and she slipped them deeper inside, as far as she could whilst standing by my side.

‘Lottie, that’s so sexy. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop.’

She moved behind me and I instinctively opened my legs more for her and she was able to go deeper into me. I suddenly realised that in this position, she could imagine she was playing with her own pussy and replicate what feels good to her. It was deliciously naughty and sexy. Her young body next to me was starting to arouse feelings deep inside my spine.

Her fingers moved urgently inside me. She twisted and turned in me and made sure that her fingers were wet with my arousal. Then she withdrew her fingers and stepped around to face me. Looking into my eyes, she licked her fingers clean.

‘God, your pussy tastes fucking lovely. I wanted to taste you again, Helen. Last night, I licked you and the taste of your juice turned me on. Why don’t you find out how turned on I am for you?’

She leaned on the wall and the wrap fell open. Her naked body was simply stunning. Her long legs, her dark pubic hair and her beautiful full, young boobs. I remember having that body thirty years ago.

I kissed her fully on the lips, it was easy kissing Lottie. Gorgeous lips caressing mine, her tongue circling my mouth, eagerly tasting one another. It was bliss.

I ran my hands all over her body. Over her big bosoms, squeezing them to feel her shape and size. My fingers around her nipples, her hips and thighs. I felt her hands back on my cunt and she was stroking my clitoris with passion, running her hands through my pubic hair, tugging and stroking, occasionally sliding inside me again to wet her fingers. Each time she again lapped up my cunt-juice, making her sigh more in pleasure.

I moved down her body, covering her boobs in kisses. I sucked on her nipples, licking them before drawing her full breast in to my mouth. I could only manage a small amount of her breasts, but she filled my mouth and she tasted sweet and warm. I could also taste Alex’s semen on her big boobs, after last night’s wonderful sex.

I knelt down and saw her beautiful vagina, slightly gaping and very, very wet. I kissed across the line of her pubic hair, then kissed down her bush of hair. I could smell her fresh juice. I must admit it really turned me on. I opened my mouth and placed my lips on the sweetest, softest body. Her vagina tasted gorgeous, her clitoris was swollen and whilst I had never licked a girl before Lottie, I just did what I like to receive, just like she had done with me. I felt her respond and so we quickly taught one another what feels good. She opened her legs wide and shouted in pleasure. She crouched down a little and this parted her lips wide for me to enjoy. I licked along her cunt, from her clitoris to her vagina. My tongue slid inside her and I licked around her soft, willing vagina. The same beautiful vagina that Alex had hard fucked last night, with what I knew was a stone-hard erection.

I was licking her with passion and eagerness. My face was smeared in her cunt-juice, my mouth buried inside this gorgeous woman. She placed her hand on the back of my head and drove her clitoris onto my face.

Breathlessly she implored me. ‘Helen, can I come on you? Please let me come on you?’

I just responded by licking her as deeply as I could manage. I moved my face from side to side as I licked her clitoris. It was hot and swollen, I knew she was going to come soon.

I felt her thighs weaken and shake and her whole body sagged as she orgasmed. Her breasts bounced as she came, her legs rocked forwards and backwards, making her cunt slide over my face, long strokes of my tongue across her sweet, delicious pussy.

‘Don’t stop Helen, lick me more. I want to come again. I can come twice if you don’t stop.’

Her hips rocked backwards and she leaned back on to the wall. As she leaned back, I was able to spread her legs wide with my hands and bury my face in her hot, orgasmic cunt. I lapped her clitoris, sliding a finger inside her vagina as I licked gaziantep yeni escort bayan her. One finger, then three. I sensed the depth she wanted and how fast to move in her. I licked her clit as it was drawn inside her, following my fingers into her vagina. As I fucked her with my fingers, she started screaming loudly to fuck her harder.

‘Fuck me, you fucking sexy bitch! Fucking make me come Helen. Fuck! You are going to make me come on you. Please don’t fucking stop.’

I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and licked it with my tongue, not letting it out of my mouth. This sent her over the edge and she spread her legs wide and pushed my head hard against her cunt. She came again, half leaning over me, wrapping her body around my face, with her throbbing clitoris deep in my mouth, pulsing with pleasure as she came on me.

As her orgasm subsided, each breath accompanied by a loud sigh, she stroked my hair, running her hands tenderly over my face.

‘Fuck Helen, no man has ever made me come like that! Fucking never. Never been close to that pleasure. Fuck! Fuck!’

I stood up and she leaned to me and we kissed softly and tenderly, her cunt-juice lubricating our kisses.

‘God, you made me so wet!’

‘Your pussy tastes gorgeous. I have drunk so much of your sweet juice, Lottie!’

We giggled and I looked at her, hot and breathless, flushed and her body glistening. Between her legs, her pussy gaped and the deep pink of her vagina was almost mesmerising. I had just made another woman come twice, with shattering orgasms as an added spice.

Lottie composed herself and I led her naked body by the hand, back to our bed. I lay back and drew her on top of me. We kissed and I just wanted this beautiful body on mine, one more time. I wanted to feel all her curves, her hips, waist, her tiny, perfect little bottom and endless legs.

I opened my legs, not allowing her to stop kissing me. She responded and opened her legs for me. When my cunt rested on hers, I could feel her thick cunt-juice smearing over my whole pussy. Her gorgeous pubic hair tickled me and this was just where I wanted to be.

I lifted my leg and twisted so that she could slide her leg under mine and lock our two bodies together.

She slowly rocked forwards, squeezing my clitoris against her and then back, her fingers sliding over me, caressing my now fully aroused cunt.

As she kissed me, she lifted her head to lick her fingers.

‘Taste our fuck, Helen. Your juice and mine.’

She placed her fingers in my mouth and I tasted our juices. I liked the taste of our cunts, I really wanted her to make me orgasm.

Her body moved so deliciously over mine, moving in time with one another. Her pussy hard against mine, her soft labia sliding over my clitoris. It was girl heaven.

As she moved, she sometimes leaned down to lick my breasts. Again, she sucked my tiny boobs hard, taking my entire bosom into her mouth and then sucking my nipples firmly. The sparks flowed into my spine and as she released me from her mouth, my nipple stretched, wet from her attention and she gently blew on them, driving me wild.

I felt my body arching towards her, opening my legs as wide as I could, with her gorgeous body on top of me. Her boobs bounced against mine as we fucked. It was a different sensation, in this position, without a sexy cock stimulating me. But it was just as devastatingly sexy.

‘I’m going to come. Oh my god, I’m coming.’

‘Come for me Helen. Let me feel your orgasm.’

As I started to orgasm, Lottie moved down my body and sucked my clitoris into her mouth. She felt it throb as each wave of orgasm took over my body. I had just come on her tongue and it was explosive.

I lay there motionless, processing what had just happened. For quite a time we lay there, Lottie between my legs kissing and licking my soaking wet cunt, dripping from our fuck. Her sweet, thick and free-flowing cunt-juice smeared all over my lower body. Her hands slid all over me, she savoured every inch of my shape and she kept telling me how sexy I was and what an amazing body I still had. I even believed her after the eagerness of her lovemaking.

After what seemed like an age, she moved from me and pressed the button for an espresso. She stepped outside without another word and sat down on the sunbed.

After a few seconds, my mobile pinged a text message. It was an unknown number.


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