Helen introduces Lyn to us

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Big Tits

On Friday afternoon I got home early from a business trip. My wife, Irmeli, was still at work and Helen, the uni student who I had picked up (actually she picked me up) at an engineering conference, and who now lived with us and shared in our sexual activities, was still at uni. I was glad to take off my business clothes and leap naked into the swimming pool. I swam a few laps then climbed out, fetched myself a cold beer, and sank into a deck chair beside the pool.

I must have fallen asleep because some time later I was startled by Helen arriving home with, in tow, another young woman who I did not know.

“Ah! There you are, Fred. I’d like you to meet Lyn. Lyn, this is Fred.” Helen said as she lent down and kissed me full on the lips.

I decided that it was too late to be embarrassed about my nudity, so I stood up to welcome the two young women. Lyn did not seem embarrassed by my nudity either, as she walked over to me and shook my hand.

“I’m delighted to meet you, Fred. Helen has been telling me about you and Irmeli and how much she enjoys living with you.”

“I hope you don’t mind, Fred, I’ve invited Lyn to stay for the weekend.”

“That’s fine with me, provided I don’t have to wear clothes or refrain from sex.”

“No one wants you to refrain from sex. Quite the opposite!”

“Would you two like a beer?”

“I’ll get them. Are you ready for a refill?”

“Yes please.” And she left me alone with Lyn.

“So, Lyn, are you a fellow student with Helen?”

“I’m still an undergrad. Helen takes one of my tutorials. Somehow we got talking about sex and …”

“That sounds like Helen’s favourite topic of conversation these days.”

“What do you mean, my favourite topic? It’s my only topic since I met you and Irmeli.”

We opened our beers and took our first mouthfuls.

“Ah!” “Great!” “I needed that!”

“So Fred, I brought Lyn home to meet you and Irmeli because she has a sex problem that I hoped you could help her with. When her boyfriend fucks her, he’s all finished in less than 5 minutes, then rolls off and falls asleep, leaving her aroused but thoroughly frustrated.”

“That’s an easy problem; she needs to find a new boyfriend ASAP.”

“But she really likes Bob. I thought that maybe we could show her how good sex can be, then perhaps she can encourage Bob to be more considerate.”

“So Helen, why can’t you tell her all the things that you like doing or you like done to you, and then she’ll have some ideas of what to suggest to this Bob.”

“I started doing that, but she was so shocked by most of the things that I described to her that I gave up.”

“So, Lyn, do you really want us to do to you some of the things that you found too shocking to even talk about?”

“Well … Helen convinced me that I should put aside my inhibitions until I have experienced some of the thrills of great sex.”

“So! Is that why you were unphased at shaking hands with a totally naked, strange man?”

“She did well didn’t she?”

“So! Let’s explore what you might and might not do. Are you on the pill?”

“Yes. I am comfortable with straight fucking.”

“What about nudity? You seem comfortable with my nudity. Would you strip if I asked you to?”

“Yes … I think so.”

“OK. Why don’t you and Helen strip and have a quick dip? I’ll get another round of beers.”

When I came back with four beers, an extra one because I expected Irmeli home at any minute, there was a pile of clothes beside the pool and two naked bodies splashing in the water.

“OK. Sex hikayeleri Come and get your beers.”

Helen got out straight away; she and I are often naked in each others presence and in the presence of other sex partners.

“Come on Lyn. If you want him to fuck you, you’ll have to get used to being naked around him and anyone else that happens to be around.”

Lyn climbed out of the pool and walked over to me to claim her beer. I pulled her to me as she took her beer, pressing her wet, naked body against mine and kissing her on the lips. She resisted weakly at first, then changed her mind and returned my kiss enthusiastically, opening her lips to allow my tongue free access to her mouth.

“So who are you kissing this time?”

My wife had just arrived home. Lyn pulled away from me, looking embarrassed. Irmeli came to me, gave me an enthusiastic kiss, complete with tongue, then turned to Lyn.

“Don’t be embarrassed young lady. We are husband and wife, but, to us, that means something different from what you may have expected.”

“Irmeli, this is Lyn. Helen brought her to meet us because she has an inconsiderate boyfriend who fucks her and leaves her unsatisfied.”

“So. Fuck someone else.”

“I suggested that but it is a bit more complicated. She has never experienced mind-blowing sex. She wants to spend the week-end with us in the hope of learning what it is that she is searching for. From what Helen tells me, Lyn needs to get rid of some of her inhibitions before she can really enjoy fucking.”

“Well, Lyn, you may have to lose your inhibitions very rapidly because we are all going to a slut party to-night. If you come with us, and you bring your inhibitions with you, it could destroy your sanity.”

“What is a slut party?”

“It’s a party at a friend’s place, where at the beginning of the evening, all the women compete for the sluttiest clothing. Soon afterwards, no one is wearing anything any more and it becomes just a communal sex orgy. Do you want to go?”

“Errr. I think so … But I have nothing really slutty to wear.”

“We’ll organise something for you, provided you think that you can cope with a full-on orgy.”

“Helen tells me that I should let go of everything and just immerse myself in sex. I want to come.”

The three women disappeared into the house. I stayed by the pool, sipping another beer slowly and enjoying the early evening sky. Eventually they came out to show me how they were dressed for the party. All three were dressed alike.

Lyn was wearing a very short denim skirt. It had been attacked with scissors to remove a 3” wide strip of material up one side, exposing her bare thigh. On top she wore a plane white T-shirt which had also been attacked. It only just extended as far as the bottom of her breasts. More surprisingly, two round holes had been cut out to expose her nipples and areolae. Her lips, her nipples, her finger nails and her toe nails were all painted the same colour, bright red. Her feet were bare. Then she tugged at her skirt, rotating it around her body till the slit that had revealed her thigh, now gave me a clear view of her pussy. Her pubic hair, which was plentiful when she emerged from the swimming pool, was now gone, shaved. Also, her outer labia were painted the same bright red. “Stunning!” was all that I could say.

Helen and Irmeli were dressed identically, except that Helen’s lips, nipples, nails and pussy lips were painted white and Irmeli’s were blue. Very patriotic really! Red white and blue! Again “Stunning!” Sikiş hikayeleri was all that I could say.

“Well, Lyn, I’m starting to think that you will enjoy this party. You seemed to have major inhibitions earlier but I don’t see any evidence of them now.”

“Irmeli’s and Helen’s enthusiasm is so infectious. I’m really looking forward to a fucking good orgy tonight, now.”

I pulled on a pair of shorts that Irmeli had brought for me from the bedroom, then we were ready to leave. I collected a slab of beer from our enormous fridge (I feel guilty about the power it takes to run, but have not done anything about getting rid of it, yet) and we headed out to my car.

We arrived at the party at Colin and Annie’s place just in time for the ‘Parade of the Sluts’ where all the women parade around the room in front of the men who yell rather coarse encouragements like “Show us your tits, Mary.” “I hope your not wearing panties, Virginia.” (I can’t help wondering what parent would call a girl Virginia?)

‘My’ three women paraded as a group, and got cheers from all the men. When someone yelled “Are you wearing panties, Irmeli?” the three of them spun their skirts around to reveal their bald pussies with their colour-coordinated, painted cunt lips. Perhaps I was the vulgar man who yelled that question, I don’t remember. All the women in the parade were declared super sluts and the orgy began. Within minutes there was not a stitch of clothing on anyone present.

I moved toward Lyn, planning to eat her pussy. She grabbed me by the hand.

“Not yet Fred. Before you do whatever it is that you are planning to do with me I want to watch the others. I have never watched anyone fucking until now.”

So, we stood watching Irmeli and Helen in a 69 on a low table. Helen was on her back with Irmeli on top. From the look on Helen’s face it was not possible to decide if she was in agony or ecstasy until she stopped eating Irmeli briefly and yelled “Ohhh yesss! Fuck yes!” She was in ecstasy.

While we watched the show I was gently squeezing Lyn’s nearest nipple. She turned and gave me a big kiss, then took my hand and led me over to a group of three, two men fucking one woman on the carpet. She had one cock in her pussy and the other in her arsehole, and she was screaming lewd encouragement to her two partners. “Harder! Faster! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my arse! Fill me both of you! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!”

This time I stood behind Lyn and pressed my hard dick into the crack between her bum cheeks, pointing straight up. I held her against me by gripping her breasts and pulling her back against my body. After watching for some time she turned around, gave me another big, sloppy kiss, grabbed my dick and led me off to see another couple. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Irmeli and Helen were still in their 69, but now they were being fucked by two men, so I steered Lyn back to check them out again. When we got close we discovered that they continued to eat each others pussies while they were both being fucked in the arse. Of course nothing that those two did could surprise me anymore, but, judging by the way that Lyn tightened her grip on my cock, I deduced that she found this really hot. Still with so much action around the room, Lyn did not want to stay in one spot too long. Still holding my cock she led me over to another couple, a young man and an older woman who were fucking furiously. The man was lying on his back and the woman had her knees on the floor either side of him. She was rising up and down. “Cum in me. I want Erotik hikaye to feel you spurt inside me. Oh yes. I’m cuming too. Fuck!”

Again I was standing behind Lyn, pressing my hard erection against her bum crack , while pulling her back against me, gripping her breast with one hand, while I finger fucked her with the other. I thought that she was enjoying my attention, but apparently she was more excited by all the lewd activity going on around us, because she again grabbed my cock, gave me a generous kiss, and led me off to another display.

This was a tangle of four bodies all on top of each other on a patch of carpet. I can’t give a detailed description of this group’s activities because I knelt in front of Lyn with my back to the group activity and dived into her cunt. Within a remarkably short time, a few minutes at most, of my tongue exploring her hole and flicking her clit a huge orgasm swept through Lyn and she collapsed on top of me, unable to stand upright. I would like to think that her response was all due to my expert eating of her pussy, but honesty forces me to recognise that the visual stimuli of the previous hour played a part in giving her such a great orgasm. No matter! As she collapsed on top of me I fell back so that I was lying on my back, pulling her on top of me. I slid her back down my body and my aching cock slid straight into her very wet cunt. She squealed with what I took to be pleasure as I held her by her hips and started to lift her up and down my cock. She reached in under herself and started rubbing her clit. Within minutes I felt her vagina pulse as she cried “Oh fuck yes! I’m really cuming!” Her orgasm, following everything that had gone before triggered mine; I filled her with squirt after squirt of my cum.

“Bravo Fred!”

“Did you enjoy that, Lyn?”

Irmeli and Helen were standing above us, grinning and clapping. When I looked at them I could see cum dripping down their inner thighs. I just lay there, my cock still inside Lyn, her body pressing down on me.

Lyn gave a little wiggle and said, “Oh! I’ve never felt so satisfied.”

Again I felt pride in my performance, even though I knew in my heart of hearts that all the ambiance of the slut party had contributed to her sublime response to my fucking her.

Eventually Lyn rolled off me. Irmeli knelt between my legs and cleaned my cock, licking up the come which coated my cock. Meanwhile, Helen knelt between Lyn’s legs and started to eat her pussy, slurping up our mixed cum. In no time, Lyn was enjoying another massive orgasm; Helen must be as good at eating pussy as I am! It took a little longer, but not very long, for my cock to be fully operational again. Then Irmeli squatted over my cock and guided it into her cunt. I really enjoyed being fucked by my own wife, after all the promiscuous sex that I had witnessed, and participated in, that evening.

We left the party soon after that. I found my shorts and put them on; I needed my keys which were in the pockets. ‘My’ three girls did not bother to recover their clothes. After all they were only suitable for another slut party, and they would want to wear something different to the next slut party.

When we got home I pulled off my shorts and we all got into the shower together. We have a special shower stall about 10′ by 10′ with shower roses all around the walls, so that quite a large group can shower together. Since we were only four we just used four showers in one corner. There is something very special about soaping each other and rubbing bare wet flesh against bare wet flesh. We dried each other off and all piled together in Irmeli’s and my king-sized bed. I fell asleep very quickly, I don’t know whether the girls played with each other before falling asleep, or not.

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