Hello Sir

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Hello Sir,

Last night after we spoke I sat in my bed and wondered what I could do. I remember your explicit instructions, to make myself reach an earth shattering orgasm either by methods I normally use or with the use of things You have been making me do this past week. I went back into my mind Sir, back into the depths of where all of what W/we have been doing began. I decided to take bits and pieces of things I’ve done for you and incorporate it to see what would happen. I wanted to do something different that would give me an intense feeling of pleasure while also pleasing You once You learned what I had done for You.

After a few minutes passed I decided to gather a few materials. I grabbed my string and made a crotch set up with it. I tied it around my abdomen, first, so it was snug against me before tying the ends of two other pieces to the back. One they were tied off I slipped it down between the crack of my ass and up between the lips of my pussy. I tied it off against the rope around my stomach close enough to where the string rubbed against either side of my sensitive clit. Each time I moved to get the rest of myself set up I felt the string. I felt it rub against me, making myself more turned on then I already was. I knew I was getting wet from it and the need to play was pulsating through me.

The next thing I grabbed was my nipple clamps. I placed them on my already rock hard nipples and felt a quiver course through my body. I felt görükle escort so alive Sir, felt as if it was taking forever to get set up for what I was going to work towards. After the clamps were on I then grabbed electrical tape and used a pair of medical scissors to cut two small strips. I placed the strips against my laptop then moved around to gather my towel and a couple of my toys. The toys I grabbed were my vibrating dildo and my vibrator Sir. I grabbed both so I could use one on my clit and the other inside my tight little pussy.

After placing the towel down onto my bed I was finally ready to get started. Grant it I was already wet and aching from the string rubbing but still, I wanted more. I slid down onto my back and bent my legs at the knee to press my feet firmly against the bed. With thighs parted wide I placed my dildo into my pussy and my vibe on my clit, both on a medium setting to get myself started. As the first jolts of the vibrations pulsated through me I felt my breathe quicken and my muscles tense up some. I quickly took the tape and placed one over each eye, darkening all that surrounded me and shutting down one of my senses.

I felt so different Sir. Each feeling felt different in its own way until I placed the tape over my eyes. Once that was done each feeling molded into one never ending circuit that seemed to heighten with each passing moment. Within a few minutes I could feel my breathing quicken, my görükle escort bayan pussy begin to throb, to pulsate, to ache. I could feel the lightest movement as the breeze coming in from my window caressed me. I placed my hands against my sides, letting the vibrations and movements take control. I pretended I was unable to move. Pretended you had me cuffed at the wrists and ropes were tied up around my body to keep me from moving. I thought of You there Sir. Thought of You sliding your hands along my breasts, pulling the chain to the nipple clamps as the jolts of pain mixed with the intense pleasure coursed through me. I felt so alive Sir, the imagery so vivid and mind numbing.

I don’t know how long I stayed like this. I remember hearing my alarm go off on my phone. I set it to go off after 15 minutes for the first one so I knew how it all was going along. The alarm made everything feel like it was slowed down. I thought I was like this for an hour at least Sir. I felt as though I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and that I would explode without holding back.

Then, it happened. The thirty minutes hit and I moved. I parted my thighs more and slipped the vibe on my clit into my mouth after turning it off to suck my juices off of it. While doing this I began to slide my dildo in and out of me. Everything narrowed down into this one moment as I fucked myself hard and fast for You Sir. The sounds echoed through me as the slapping bursa escort noises mixed with the obvious wet ones rang out in my room in time with my moaning and breathing. I couldn’t take it anymore Sir. I couldn’t hold back.

I begged for it, begged for You to let me come. After I begged a little my body went through spasms before I screamed out. I bit down on my lip as the orgasm jerked my body up and my hips off the bed. I squirted all over for You Sir. I squirted like your good little sex kitten even after I slipped my toy out and sucked the juices all off of it. They tasted so good Sir, but, I wish I were cleaning Your cock. I wish it was your cock in my mouth and I was cleaning all of my juices and you’re cum off of it.

After a few minutes passed I slipped the clamps off my nipples, the pain causing a quiver to ripple inside. I then cut the string off and slipped it off, the string soaked from my juices and my clit continuously throbbing for more. I didn’t give it more Sir. I remember only being allowed to cum once for You and that was it for the night. I curled up in a tight ball, fully spent and high inside to rest and relax. I don’t remember what happened after I curled up in a ball Sir. All I remember was imagining You here holding me and telling me how much of a good girl I was and how messy I made myself for You.

I woke up a little bit ago and was smiling Sir. I thought about You as I took the tape off my eyes and was finally able to see. Now I am writing to You Sir. Writing of what I did and hoping You approve. I hope I have pleased You Sir. Hope I made You happy to know how much of a dirty girl I am for You even when You are not there listening or witnessing it Sir.

Your good little kitten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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