Helping Aunt Karen During COVID

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


When I in college, I did a thousand hours of massage therapy schooling. Doing this was helpful because I wanted to be a chiropractor, and with the massage therapist schooling, I would be able to earn money and utilize the skills once I became a chiropractor. Now ten years later, I have a successful practice and still take on clients for massage therapy.

I’m Dave, and at thirty-four years old, I live a comfortable life. I live in a nice two-bedroom house a few towns over from my family. Mom and dad like that I am self-sufficient, unlike my sister Jen. Mom is always asking me why I will not let Jen rent my spare bedroom. I explain the room is used for my home visit patients. I tend to avoid calls from mom at times because I do not want to hear about how lazy Jen is or how she does the bare minimum with her life.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic I ignored a call from my mother, she left a voicemail letting me know that my aunt Karen got into a car accident. I felt horrible that I avoided the call and did not listen to the voicemail right away. Aunt Karen is one of my favorite relatives, she has always been sweet and supportive throughout my life. I remember her giving me an escape when I was younger when things at home would be chaotic.

I returned the call a couple of days later, “Hi mom, sorry I missed your call. Is Karen OK?” I was panicked about how badly Karen was hurt.

“Dave, thank God you called back. Karen is going to be OK. She hurt her neck and back. Some idiot, blew a stop sign and smashed right into her. With all this COVID crap she can’t get any appointments to see a chiropractor. I told her; don’t worry, we have someone with a home office who can help her. Would you mind? I don’t know what your business is doing with this pandemic if it’s opened if it’s closed. I have no idea what the world is doing.”

I had to stop taking patients because of the pandemic. Like everyone else, I was home doing nothing every day. “Sure, mom you know I’ll take care of Karen.” I didn’t have the heart to tell my mother that I thought it was another Jen problem, and that’s why it took me so long to check the message. I told mom, “I’ll call Karen as soon as we hang up.”

“OK, perfect. Thank you, stay safe!” Mom said before she hung up.

Aunt Karen was a no drama, no-nonsense type of woman. I never understood why she never got married or had children. Karen was a good-looking woman that any man would be interested in dating. Even at fifty-five, she kept herself in good shape. Growing up, especially during my high-school years, friends would glare and salivate over Karen.

I called Karen, “Hey, aunty, how are you holding up?”

“Well, look who decided to check in with his old saddlebag aunt. It’s about time, selfish prick.” Karen had a lighthearted, smartass way about her. I should also point out that she is a flirtish tease who finds being inappropriate comical. “I know Dave, this is a messed-up way to get you to touch me, but girls gotta do what girls gotta do. Especially when they are as old as me.” Karen laughed at her comments. To be honest, I was glad she was ok, and being herself.

“I see you are feeling yourself.”, I sarcastically said. “Aunty, I’m home doing nothing because of this pandemic. We can plan this out any way you want. To be honest, I haven’t been around anyone in three months because of the pandemic. If you want, you can come to stay here until you feel better. We, can set up a treatment plan for you with some consistency? I have plenty of room and have groceries delivered once a week. If you have x-rays, I would like to look at them.”

“I think that’s a good plan, Dave. Plus, you owe me for all the times I let you stay at my condo. The problem is, I don’t have a car, and I’m in pain. Would you be able to pick me up? I know, I’m being a pain in the ass.”

Karen wasn’t being a pain in the ass. She has lived a self-sufficient life.

This situation must be driving her crazy, to be dependent on someone else. “You are not a pain in the ass at all! Tell me how long you need to get ready, and I’ll be there!”

We ended up getting back to my house at six. As I looked through the x-rays, there was nothing in them that should cause that much pain. I found it odd that Karen was claiming how much pain she was in.

I explained to Karen, “Your x-rays look good. I don’t know why you are in so much pain, though. We can start treatment tomorrow; does that work for you?”

“Yes, it does. Let’s just Netflix and chill tonight”, with that comment, Karen looked at me and smirked.

I told Karen, “I think you are too old to know what that comment actually means.”

As I was laughing, Karen responded, “You think I am too old to know what it means, but I’m not.” Karen then winked and laughed at her flirtish innuendo. This is how Karen can be at times. She likes to be risqué with her comments. İstanbul Escort To me, it was aunty being aunty.

I had to respond to avoid aunty making fun of me, “I’d be careful tempting people. This pandemic has made people isolate. It’s been a while.” Then, I returned the wink and smile. I knew how to talk shit with the best of them. I could hold my own with her.

Aunty challenged me, “Oh, really? Well, I bet I got you beat on that. How long has it been?”

I was taken aback by this question. I couldn’t let aunty outdo me, so I told her, “One year, beat that.”

Aunt Karen looked at me quizzically, “How have you not gotten laid in a year? Never mind, I haven’t gotten laid in fifteen years. I was engaged, and when it ended, I gave up. You know, heartbreak is hard to recover from. Enough of this talk, let’s Netflix and actually chill, in a G-rated way.”

I could tell that aunty was, being honest and that the heartbreak was real. I felt bad. I probably should not have been so focused on winning the shit-talking contest we were engaged in.

After a couple of shows, aunty asked, “What are the sleeping arrangements? I want to get ready for bed.”

I explained, “Well, the spare room is my home office, so there’s nowhere to sleep in there. I was thinking, you take my room; I’ll take the couch.”

Aunty looked at me with confusion, “You are giving up your room for me? How big is your bed?”

“It’s a king-size bed. Why?” I asked.

“Are you afraid you won’t be able to control yourself or something? We can share a king-sized bed. Unless you sleep nude or something.”, aunty taunted me.

“I sleep in shorts, smartass. Next thing you know, you’ll want to cuddle.”, I couldn’t let aunty get the last word again.

“OH, you fuckin know we are going to cuddle now. Great idea!” then aunty walked into the bathroom to get changed.

I went into my bedroom, put my shorts on, and got comfortable on my usual side of the bed. Aunty entered the room wearing a sleeveless nighty that came down to her knees. As she climbed into the bed, I could see right down her nighty. Her tits were amazing, auntie’s nipples were big and puffy. I tuned before she caught me staring.

Aunty asked, “Are you ready for bed?”

“Yup, as soon as you turn the light out. Unless you are afraid of the dark.” I sarcastically said.

“You are my nephew, aren’t you? Smartass just like me. No, I am not afraid of the dark.” Aunty then turned the light off and stated, “Snuggle time.” Aunty put her head on my chest and draped her leg across my mid-section. When she did this, I felt my cock twitch.

All I could think was, ‘I hope she did not notice that.’ Aunty would never let me live that down. Before I knew it, she was out cold.

I woke up the next morning cuddled up against my aunt. I immediately noticed my raging hardon was pressed up against her panty less ass. My arm was wrapped around her hips with my hand right above her pussy. I didn’t want to draw attention to the precarious situation we were in, so I laid the pretending to be sleeping. I pushed the envelope by moving my hand slightly so it would rest on her mound. There was no immediate response.

Eventually, my aunt rolled over onto her back. When this happened, I did not move and continued to feign sleeping. My hand was now resting completely on her pussy mound. Aunty then reached down and moved my hand, then got out of bed.

About a half-hour later, I got out of bed and went into the kitchen. Aunty was there to greet me, “Look who’s awake. Did you sleep well? I know I did. I think all the cuddling helped. I think that should be our nightly routine. What do you think?”

I was confused. It was painfully obvious to my aunt that she woke up to my hand was on her mound, with my cock pressed into her ass. I figured, sure, let’s play it out, “Absolutely. It might be why I slept so good too.”

“What’s the plan for my neck and back treatment? I’m actually feeling much better today. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be sent home.” Aunty said while feigning a sad face.

I couldn’t get how I woke up out of mind and had completely forgotten that she was here for treatment. “I looked at your x-rays. There is no structural damage to your spine. I think we should start with aligning your spine. I could then go old school with a massage. What do think?”

“Is the alignment going to hurt? That sounds painful. I’m all in on the massage.” She said with a wink.

“I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt you. FYI, the massage requires no shirt or bra. I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable being topless in front of your nephew.”

“You are oblivious to your surroundings, aren’t you? I sleep nude under my nighty. If I can do that, being topless face down is a walk in the park. Plus, let’s not kid each other; you have no interest in a mid-fifties’ woman. I appreciate the flirting, but I’m not an idiot. You are my nephew, and even if Kadıköy Escort you were not, you’d have no interest in me.” Aunty wasn’t joking with this statement. For the first time, I noticed that she seemed lonely and just looking for some attention.

I wanted to lighten the mood, so I said, “Well, contrary to what you believe, I’m enjoying the thought of you being topless. How about we start at six? That way, we can still Netflix and chill.” Aunty looked at me, attempting a somewhat angry face as I was laughing at my own comments.

Of course, my aunt couldn’t lose the battle of shit-talking, “You think you are funny? Are you sure you want to antagonize a woman who hasn’t gotten laid in fifteen years?”

Time seemed to drag for the rest of the day. All I could think about was being pressed against Aunt Karen, having my hand on her mound. It was consuming my thoughts. Around five, Aunt Karen let me know, “I think I’ll take a shower before our big night. I want to make sure I’m nice and clean before we get started.”

Again, I couldn’t let it go, “Thanks for the visual.”

Aunt Karen stopped and shot me a look, “You are a tease, aren’t you? Trouble, that’s what you are. See you in a few.”

Because we were doing a massage, I wanted to make sure I had the perfect oils for the occasion. I picked a warming oil to help loosen up any knots Karen may have in her back. I got my drop table ready, lowering it to waist high. Aunt Karen came into the room wearing a flimsy, thin robe, asking, “Can I wear this? I figured it would be easy enough to lower for the massage,”

I explained, “That will work for the massage, but when I align your spine, there is a possibility it won’t hold up. You can do what you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Aunt Karen had a devilish look on her face, “Well, I like this robe, and it’s comfortable, so I’ll take my chances. Hope you are OK with that?”

All I could think was, ‘Hell yeah, I’m OK with that.’ “Sure, fine by me. I need you to sit upon the table and cross your arms. I need to kneel between your legs and relax. Let our air out.” As Aunt Karen did this, I pushed her, completely down, with all my weight. The result was perfect. The vertebrae cracked into place. As I was getting up, I saw that her pussy was exposed. This morning, when my hand was resting on her mound, it was not completely shaven. Now it was.

Aunt Karen hurriedly covered herself and turned beet red, “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that. I’m really sorry and embarrassed.”

I felt bad. Aunt Karen was feeling embarrassed, “No, No, don’t be sorry. The best way to crack someone’s back not to let them tense up, so I couldn’t warn you. I don’t want you; to feel uncomfortable. OK? There won’t be any more surprises. We are done; with your alignment.”

I could see she was feeling better about the situation. “OK. You did warn me. I’ve been waiting all day for this massage, so get to work.” Aunt Karen was back to her brave, sarcastic self.

I had Aunt Karen lay face down. Then I slipped her arms out of the sleeves of the robe. I pulled the robe down to her waist. I started putting the warming lotion on her back, spreading it all over. I asked, “How are you doing? Everything OK?”

Aunt Karen cooed, “That feels fucking magical. No wonder your practice is successful. That oil is warming me right up.”

It was working. I told Aunt Keren, “Relax. We are only getting warmed up.”

I started deep rubbing in her shoulders and neck. I could feel the knots in her shoulders and focused on them. As I was rubbing Aunt Karen’s neck, I moved my hand to head. I could hear her softly moaning, so I asked, “Are you good?”

Again, the response was, “Amazing. Enjoying this, you have no idea. Don’t worry about me. Keep doing your thing.”

I did as Aunt Karen asked. Although, I was going to push the envelope. As I was rubbing her head, I would lightly pull her hair to see if there was a reaction. Aunt Karen let out a soft moan every time I did this. I decided to move to the middle of her back. I would move my rubbing to her sides, occasionally brushing my hands along the side of her breasts. Again, soft moans, no protests. When I got to her lower back, I thought I would see if she objected to me rubbing the top of her ass. I slid my hand down to Aunt Karen’s hips, doing a deep rub for a minute. I slowly started moving my hands over her ass cheeks. I did this for about five minutes when I noticed Aunt Karen’s hips in unison with my massaging motion. Her hips swaying from side to side.

I wasn’t sure my aunt was awake, so I asked, “Still good?”

I got a soft moan and a “UMHM.”

I was feeling more and more brazen at this point. I gently pulled the robe off of my aunt. Again, no protest. As I looked at my aunt’s ass and legs, I realized how incredible her body was. Her hips were wide, and her ass round and smooth. I moved my rubbing down to her thighs, again, deep rubbing them. Soft Kartal Escort moans were coming from my aunt as I rubbed where the crease of her thighs met her ass. There was complete silence like she was waiting to see what was next. My fingers reached the top, inside of her thigh, meeting her pussy lips. Karen’s pussy was soaking wet. I could feel the heat coming from her slit. I continued this motion waiting for my aunt to stop me. I went closer and closer with my hand when finally, I was rubbing her pussy.

Karen’s hips started moving back and forth until she said, “Dave, this is amazing but inappropriate. I think we should finish before we both regret this. Pass me my robe, please.”

I told her, “This is a full body massage. I’m fully clothed. People always get lost in a massage. Let me finish, then tell me what you think. OK?”

Reluctantly, Aunt Karen agreed, “OK. But we can’t go too far. What do you want me to do?”

Perfect. I thought. “Turn around. We are almost done. I want to finish the front of your legs. Then we Netflix and chill. OK?”

I could tell Aunt Karen was caught up in the moment. “Do I need my robe to turn around? I’m completely nude, and you have probably seen more than you wanted to.”

“No, you don’t need the robe, just turn around and lay flat.” I was convincing and confident now.

Aunt Karen rolled over and placed her hands on her breasts. All I could think was, no problem, that won’t last long. I started on the front of my aunt’s thighs, caressing and rubbing while putting the warming oil all over her upper thighs. I continued moving my motions up until had my hands were around her mound, deep rubbing, while her hips started swaying in a circular motion. I lightly grazed Karen’s slit with my thumb, looking for a reaction.

Karen took a deep breath as she slammed her hands on the bed gripping the sheets, then shouted, “OK, OK, FUCK! ENOUGH, WE’VE GONE TOO FAR! STOP, STOP!” She then sat up and put her hands on her face while shaking her head and mumbling, “what the fuck am I doing? Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Startled, I told her, “Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to go too far. I’m so sorry, aunty.”

“No, no, don’t be sorry. It’s OK. I need to catch my breath. I’m going to jump in the shower. Then we can watch some tv, OK?”

“Sure, Netflix and chill. G-Rated.” Jokingly I asked, “Too soon?” I was trying to lighten the atmosphere but probably should have stopped at “Sure.”

Karen got up from the table, standing in front of me completely nude, looking confused. She looked at me and stated, “Ha-ha, yes, everything should be G-rated because I’m not sure how much of this I can take. Find something for us to watch while I’m in the shower.” Then she realized she was completely nude and yelled, “FUCK! PASS MY ROBE! I DIDN’T REALIZE I WAS NAKED!” Then rushed out of the room and into the bathroom.

I was filled with anxiety while waiting for Karen to come out of the shower. She was obviously confused and upset with how far things had gone. I didn’t know how to clean up what had happened and was worried she hated me because of it. Then, I got a text from her, “if you don’t mind, could you pour me some wine? I’ll be out shortly.”

All I could think was, “OK, good. I don’t have to worry. She is OK.”

Karen joined me in the living room wearing only her flimsy robe stating, “OK, where’s my wine? This day has been exhausting. I’m ready to relax now that I’ve come to my senses.” She then started downing wine, glass after glass. About an hour later. Karen told me, “I’m going to call it a night. It’s been a long day, and I need some rest.”

As Karen got up, she stumbled and almost fell. I grabbed her and asked, “Whoa. You, OK?”

“Fuck, could this day get any more embarrassing? Yes, the wine must have hit all at once. Can you help me into the room?”

“Absolutely, aunty. Let me turn the TV off first. I’m going to call it a night too.” Karen sat back down on the couch and buried her face in her hands, sobbing. “Hey, don’t cry. It’s OK. Why are you crying?”

“Because I can’t do anything right. I’m a mess. I overthink everything. I’m lonely and can’t even spend time with my nephew without fucking everything up. I can’t even enjoy a massage without thinking something stupid like you were trying to fuck me. How stupid am I thinking that?”

“Aunty, let’s get you to bed. We will start over tomorrow. OK?”

“Yes, but I need your help getting to bed. No more crying or overthinking for me. It’s late.” As Karen got up, she started flailing her arms and told me, “Get this stupid robe off me. I’m tired of being confined by it.”

Once we got in the room, I removed her robe as she laid face down on the bed. I stripped down to my boxers. Got in the bed next to her and asked, “Do you want me to sleep on the couch? I don’t want to add any more stress than I already have.”

“No sweaty, stay here with me and cuddle. Or rub my back. Are you OK with that?”

“OK, I’ll rub your back, and then we can cuddle. Deal?”

“YES!” Then she turned her head away from me and said, “Get to it.”

I started slowly caressing her back while being propped up on my side on my arm. I could hear her moan occasionally. I asked, “Does this feel good?”

Karen giggled said, “Yes, amazing. Use both your hands. Stop being lazy. Put some effort into it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32