Helping Hands. Touch of Desire

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Paul and Ginny have always enjoyed a very close relationship. Their relationship has always been very open, extremely honest(some would even dare say brutally honest) and quite candid. They tell each other everything no matter how intimate and hold back nothing. The only secrets they keep are the ones share with each other and keep from others.

Paul and Ginny have enjoyed this kind of relationship for as long as they have been alive. They were born fraternal twins and as twins, they share the intimate bond most twins share. However theirs went deeper and was almost spiritual.

As they got older and matured, they got closer and this closeness would take on a new level once they turned 18. The walls of modesty came down, at least between them, and they began go naked around each other without any qualms or problem.

To them, it was no big deal. After all, they were adults now and it was only a natural outcropping of their already openness between each other. They also became very open sexually. They both had very strong sex drives and had no reservations about pleasing themselves even when the other was watching.

However, this new openness did create a bit of an awkwardness and problem when it came to their parents. They had always figured their parents were old fashioned and they were. So after high school, Paul and Ginny decided to ask their parents for own place together while they attended the local university.

They loved mom and dad dearly and all that, but as we all know when children become young adults, they want their own space and that was the excuse they used to sell the idea. They also threw in the bit about learning how to become more independent and all that.

Call it naiveté, call it being gullible, or just call it a case of minds not thinking along a certain train of thought and buying into the idea of them sharing a place together. Paul and Ginny were ecstatic when their parents agreed to let them have their own place together.

Paul and Ginny would find a nice three bedroom two bath condo within walking distance of the campus. It was around 1750 square feet had a nice newly renovated kitchen with all new appliances, a nice laundry room area with a high-efficiency washer and dryer and a nice living space.

They decided to move in the summer before Fall term was to start so as to “get used to the place and break it in properly,” or at least so they said. Instead they wanted to be alone so they could enjoy themselves.

Paul and Ginny wasted no time in making it their own. With their parents not being around, Paul and Ginny could do what ever the hell they wanted and they did. They partied, stayed up late at night and of course they were enjoying their new found sexual openness without having to worry about their parents.

While they were alone, they very rarely wore anything. They enjoyed seeing each other naked and found it quite liberating and of course deliciously naughty.

There is an axiom that is pretty well known and used by a lot of people(especially comedians) when it comes to people going naked. It states that certain people just shouldn’t be seen naked, meaning either they are too fat, ugly or old and for the sake of the people around them, they should keep covered up.

That may be cruel or harsh but some people do hold that view. But in Paul and Ginny’s case however that was never a problem. They were both very good looking when it comes to what the world and media hold up as “The Beautiful People”

Ginny was quite sexy and a head turner. She stood about 5’7″ tall weighed maybe between 110-115 pounds with short straight chestnut brown hair that was parted in the middle and came to just below the top of her shoulders and curled under at the bottom.

Ginny also had the prettiest blue eyes, eyes that could captivate you and steal your soul. Her lips were very kissable, her legs were long and very well toned mainly because she had been on the dance team in high school and was captain of the most elite troop in school.

Ginny’s breasts were nice and perky not small but not too big either. She wore maybe a B to C cup depending on the make of the bra. She had very little body fat on her and overall she had a stunning 34B-22-33 body.

In high school Ginny hand been very popular and chased by all the guys. She could have had any guy that she wanted and always had them asking her out but deep inside she only had eyes for Paul. Paul knew Ginny was attracted to him by the way she acted around him but she would never act on it until they both were out on their own.

Paul was handsome as well. He stood about 5’8″ tall weighed about 150-160 pounds had short brownish blonde hair and blue eyes. His hear was cut so that it was moderately long on the top but clipped tight and short on the sides It was almost a crew cut on the sides but still had enough hair their so you didn’t see his scalp.

Paul was considered by most girls in his high school to be a hunk and he could had any kayseri escort girl he wanted also but chose not to. Like Ginny’s attraction to him, the attraction was mutual and preferred to keep only to her.

Some people who saw them together even made up rumors that there was an incest thing going on there. Paul and Ginny both knew about the gossip but never did anything to either confirm or deny it They figured “What the hell let them try to figure it out for themselves.”

Anyhow, Ginny and Paul enjoyed their new openness. They were free spirited and nothing was taboo to them. Ginny would be masturbating on her bed and Paul would walk in and Ginny never stopped. She even let him watch sometime and would watch as Paul whacked himself off.

They also LOVED looking at and watching porn together. Ginny would be on her laptop looking at pictures or watching a movie and frigging herself into a frenzy and Paul would either be right the beside her watching or on his own computer.

As you can imagine, it probably wouldn’t be long until they would end up shagging each other silly and they did. There comes a time that as you feed a habit, it takes more and more stimuli to satisfy the drive and that is what would happen.

It would not be even a week after they moved in until they fucked, five days to be exact, but with all the exposure to porn and seeing each other masturbate it is any wonder they lasted that long. Probably most people would have ended up shagging the first night or second night.

It was a Saturday mid morning around a quarter till ten and Paul and Ginny had been just gotten up out of bed about an hour earlier. Paul had gotten dressed because he had some stuff he wanted to get done and it involved going into town. He had a package he wanted to mail home to their parents plus he wanted to pick up some steaks to grill out that night.

As Paul passed Ginny who was had just gotten back from her morning jog around campus he asked her if she wanted to tag along.

Ginny had already stripped out of her running shorts and was lying back on the couch in her pink tank top and orange pink yellow striped panties. Her back propped up against the arm of the couch and her legs were spread wide open.

Both legs were bent at the knee and her left foot was flat on the couch and her right foot with just her toes touching the floor while the rest of it was off the floor. Her legs were spread wide open and was already pleasing herself as she rubbed her pussy through her panties.

Ginny just looked up at Paul and grinned that devilishly wicked and oh so delightfully naughty grin that Paul knew all to well. Ginny just smiled and said “I think I am just going to keep myself otherwise occupied for a while”, and with that she picked up her 8 inch torpedo shaped vibrating dildo and placed it in her mouth, licking it until it was nice and slippery.

Something delightfully wicked and deliciously naughty came over Ginny because she just smiled, pulled her panties to the side exposing her nicely shaven pussy which was already dripping wet with moisture and looked up at Ed.

The look in her eyes and the expression on her face said it all. They echoed what she really wanted. If they were to talk they would have said “Wouldn’t you much rather stay here and play with me?”

Ginny would say ” You have fun sweetie,” but then as delightfully wicked lascivious thoughts which were running through her head began gain more control Ginny would add “Wouldn’t you much rather stay here and have fun watching me? Who knows, if your good, I might just let you help.”

A surge of intense desire rushed through Paul and it was all he could do to keep his composure. He was so very close to saying yes but he squelched that desire, at least for the moment. However, it would affect him without him knowing it and he would end up coming back sooner than he had anticipated.

Call it being momentarily distracted or call it subconscious desire to stay overriding his logic, but what ever it was, Paul would end up forgetting to grab the package he was going to mail without knowing it.

Paul gave a good comeback though which even surprised himself. He found himself saying “Well sweetie save some for me. I’ll get some when I come back”

“Oh don’t worry hon, there is more than enough to go around” Ginny replied with a sexy moan as she pulled up her top and stroked her breast. “It’ll be here when you get back,” and with that she plunged the dildo into her pussy and began to sink into her carnal delights.

Paul would leave without knowing he left the package but he would be back soon enough. He got about 5 minutes down the road then he remembered he had left the package. He swore angrily as he turned the car round and drove back to the condo in a hurry.

He parked the car grabbed the keys and opened the door. Ginny was in the middle of pleasing herself and as Paul opened the door he heard something that kayseri escort bayan would take him by surprise but in a very pleasant way.

“Oh God Paul baby, fuck me fuck me good and hard,” Ginny would moan in ecstasy with her eyes closed and totally unaware that Paul had come in and heard her.

“Make me cum baby” Ginny added as she feverishly plunged the dildo in and out of her wet pussy. “Oh God yes baby that’s right. Don’t stop hun. Oh yes! Oh God yes!!!!”

Ginny would gasp for breath as the pleasure seized her body causing her to tense up momentarily and then relax as the feeling began to subside. Ginny would flood the dildo with her sweet sticky cream. She loved the taste of her own honey dew nectar and relished every drop.

Ginny would open her eyes and see Paul standing there. She was basking in the afterglow of the pleasure she had just experienced. Then it hit her. Ginny realized Paul must have heard her “confessions.” For most people that would make them embarrassed but not Ginny. She had little to no shame.

“Back so soon, Ginny said with a smile. “I guess you just couldn’t stay away huh, Ginny would add with a naughty wink. “So how long you been back?”

“A couple of minutes or so,” Paul replied. Ginny was right. Paul did hear what she had said but she made no apologies for it, but instead Ginny would make her move on Paul.

“You know hon since you are back, I could use a little help,” Ginny said licking her lips. “Dildoes are fine up to a point but they are no substitute for the real thing.”

With that, Ginny would raise up so that she was on her knees. She would unbuckle Paul’s belt, unfasten his jeans and let them fall to the floor. Paul would step out of them and then Ginny would have Paul sit on the couch while she knelt on the floor in front of him.

Ginny would literally rip Paul’s underwear off him by gripping where the “fly” area was and taking her hands Ginny would pull the briefs apart quickly causing them to tear.

Ginny wasted no time in taking Paul’s throbbing 8 inch cock into her mouth and sucking on it. She took it all the way in deep throating it. She slurped on Paul’s cock like a person would slurp on a popsicle making loud obnoxious slurping noises as she did.

Paul let out a low guttural moan as the pleasure inside him was building up. He could feel his cock swelling with cum and he knew it wouldn’t be long until he would blow his load.

“Oh God Ginny yes,” Paul moaned. “I can’t hold it too much longer.”

“I want you to gimme all of it,” Ginny said with a lustful tone.

Ginny would suck on Paul for another fifteen to twenty seconds and that’s all it took. Paul’s cock would twitch, cum would quickly flood it causing it to swell, and not even a half second later, Paul would spunk his load into Ginny’s mouth.

Ginny smiled as she drank Paul’s manhood down not missing a drop. Ginny would continue to suck on Paul while he continued to pump his load. Paul’s pulsating would subside as the flow of jism gradually decrease until they completely stopped.

Ginny wouldn’t care. She would suck Paul again until she got him good and hard once again. She would then spread Paul’s legs shoulder width apart, sit on his lap facing him and lower her wet pussy onto his rigid tool.

Ginny gasped as she took Paul’s male member into her womanhood. Ginny was still a virgin and even though she frigged herself off constantly with dildoes she was tight and still had her hymen.

The feelings that coursed through Ginny’s body were a mixture of pleasure and pain. Having Paul’s massive cock inside her hurt yet at the same time it felt oh so very wonderful.

Ginny would slowly begin riding Paul as she moved up and down on his tool. She moaned as the feelings of ecstasy inside her increased at an ever increasing exponential rate. Soon the feelings of sheer delight and ecstasy beyond her wildest dreams consumed her and she lost all inhibition and began riding Paul like he was a wild bucking bronco.

Ginny would pull Paul to herself and wrapped her arms around his back as she held her tight. Inside Ginny could feel her pleasure build and without warning her hymen would break sending blood and water covering Paul’s cock.

“OH god I am a woman now,” Ginny exclaimed loudly with great pleasure and delight as she would continue to ride Paul.

Paul could feel his cock swell again and he knew he was on the verge of cumming.

“Oh shit I can’t hold it,” Paul moaned “Oh God here it cums.”

“Don’t fight it baby give into the feeling, Ginny panted. Gimme all of you baby. I gotta have your hot manhood deep inside of me.”

“Wha, what about the risk of getting preggers,” Paul grunted with a hint of concern in his voice.

“Don’t worry baby,” Ginny said reassuringly “I’m on the depro shot and have been since we turned 18. Also it’s not my fertile time and besides if all else fails, I still got the morning after escort kayseri pill I got some at the pharmacy yesterday. I am going to take one as soon as we finish.”

With that Paul succumbed to the feeling and let himself spunk his monster load deep inside of Ginny’s sweet pussy.

Ginny came at the same time Paul did and the mixture of their juices as they mingled together in her cunt made Ginny croon.

“Oh god yes baby,” Ginny purred with delight. Oh baby you don’t know how long I have been waiting for this moment.

Ginny would quit pumping up and down on Paul’s cock and just sat in his lap as she kissed him passionately and they embraced their warm bodies pressed together.

Paul sensed Ginny wanted more so he stood up with Ginny’s body pressed into his her legs wrapped around his back and his cock still buried inside her. Paul would walk them into his bedroom and lay her out on the bed.

Paul and Ginny would lie side by side as their bodies pressed together Paul’s cock was still inside of Ginny and he would pump it to keep it hard. They would kiss and caress as their bodies moved as one and then Paul would roll Ginny over.

Paul would begin kissing his way down Ginny’s soft warm body and Ginny would just stretch like a big cat and let Paul have his way with her. Paul would nibble and suck on her neck and whisper erotic sayings to her. Since they both knew French he would use that language to talk dirty to her in.

That would just get Ginny that much hotter and soon her pussy would quiver and juices trickle down her thigh and on to the cover Ginny would moan lustfully and gasp for breath as the orgasm hit her.

Paul would move his way down Ginny’s body sucking on her breasts. He would run his tongue around the nipples and suck on them like a nursing infant. Ginny would just purr with delight as she held Paul’s head their and allowed him to nurse.

After spending about five to ten minutes on Ginny’s breasts, Paul began moving his way down Ginny’s torso. He kissed and nibbled his way down her soft warm flesh until he reached the top of her pubic region. Ginny’s legs would instinctively part opening the gates leading to paradise.

Paul would place his head by Ginny’s pussy and he inhaled the sweet musky scent of her womanhood. It filled his nostrils and he breathed it in savoring the heavenly aroma.

Paul would kiss the inside of Ginny’s thigh and then placed his mouth on Ginny’s eagerly waiting pussy. Ginny could feel Paul’s hot breath on her womanhood and felt the touch of his tongue on her quivering lips.

Paul would decide to have a little fun with Ginny, not out of spite, just to add some tease. Paul would move to Ginny’s foot and he would begin kissing his way ever so slowly up her leg starting at the toes then ankles then the calf up the inside of her thigh until he reached her pussy.

Paul would lightly flick his tongue over Ginny’s wet clit stimulating it just enough to cause her body to shudder and leave her begging for more and just when Ginny thought he was going to dive in and eat her out Paul repeated the tease.

This may sound cruel, but Paul was not entirely heartless. He wanted to build up the anticipation and he had every intention of fully pleasing Ginny. He just wanted to add some playfulness to the routine.

Soon Ginny was begging and moaning for sweet release. Ginny lifted her head up and looked at Paul. Her eyes seemed to be saying “Oh God please don’t torture me any more.”

With that, Paul had made his way to Ginny’s pussy again, and as he had purposed, he would grant her sweet release.

Paul began running tongue up and down Ginny’s slit and the effect was immediate. Ginny’s pussy quaked and she came Paul would continue o suck and he would eventually find her clit and started sucking on it.

This took the pleasure to a whole new level. Ginny’s whole body began to shake and convulse uncontrollably. A casual on looker would have thought she was having a seizure and she was, but the cause was not a disease or epilepsy. It was the feelings of orgasm that were rippling through her body.

Ginny’s body tensed then relaxed as she climaxed again. She would cum flooding Paul’s mouth with her sweet sticky cream. Paul continued to suck on her and as he did Ginny grabbed Paul’s hair and held his head to her pussy Ginny would then buck her hips up and fuck his face.

Paul would eat Ginny out for another five to ten minutes making her come over and over again. Ginny would flood Paul’s face with her sweet honey dew nectar and Paul would lick it all up savoring each drop.

Paul then would embrace Ginny again and they would cuddle together some more. Paul’s throbbing hard 8 inch tool was pressing up against Ginny’s pussy. She had to have it inside of her again so in one quick fail swoop, she turned Paul over so that he was on his back.

Ginny wasted on time in crawling on top of Paul and lowering her soaking wet pussy onto Paul’s hard penis. It slid in easier than a hot knife through butter. Ginny would get a good rhythm and pace going and soon she was riding him hard and fast.

Paul could feel Ginny’s pussy walls grip the sides of his cock and milk it for all it was worth. Ginny’s sweet sugar walls felt like 1000’s of tiny fingers made out of the softest silk nature could produce.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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