Helping Jodi Pt. 05

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Several months have gone by and it’s late on a Friday evening…

Stanford operates on an academic quarter system. Bonnie and I finished our final exams for the spring quarter earlier today. As with the first two quarters, we have no reason to believe that our straight-A status will not continue unabated. Twelve days from now we’ll begin classes for the summer quarter. Until then, we are free to do as we wish.

Well, almost. The drinking age in California is twenty-one. Bonnie and I both turned nineteen during the spring quarter, so we will still have to depend on others for access to alcoholic beverages for two more years. Neither of us is a lush, but we do enjoy wine or beer from time to time. Fortunately, my boyfriend Zach turned twenty-one last fall and Bonnie’s boyfriend Darren reached the magic age in January. Both are more than happy to ply us with booze and then have their way with us.

All of us are looking forward to the break. Bonnie and I were raised in Calabasas and the guys are from nearby Pacific Palisades. We were all home for a week at Thanksgiving, nearly two weeks at Christmas, and then another long visit between the winter and spring quarters. During each of those visits everyone was under heavy family pressure to stick close to home, so our sex lives suffered a bit, having become accustomed to enjoying sex several times each week when classes are in session.

This time, Bonnie and I are not going home. The guys have already left to attend a wedding in the Palisades but will return to Stanford on Monday. None of us has yet decided how we want to spend our free time over the break, but we’re up for almost anything. Until they get back and we all figure out what we want to do, Bonnie and I have some time to kill.

“I’ve been thinking lately,” Bonnie begins. We have showered, returned to our room, and are now going through our bedtime routine. She has already brushed my hair and now I’m working on her luxurious mane.

“Uh oh,” I respond, smiling to myself. “Wanna tell me about it?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Let’s hear it then.”

“I’m bored with my sex life,” she replies, causing my heartrate to jump a bit.

“With you and me?” I ask. Bonnie and I started having sex with each other shortly after our arrival at Stanford and several weeks before we met Zach and Darren. The guys know nothing about it and we’ve been careful to keep it that way so far. As roommates, we enjoy each other whenever the urge overtakes us, which happens often. What we’ve shared has been mind-blowing for both of us, or so I’ve believed.

“Not you and me. Darren and me,” she replies, squirming a little where she is perched on the edge of my bed.

“How long have you been feeling this way,” I enquire, pleased with her answer but surprised by her admission, “and why haven’t you told me?”

“A couple of weeks, and I thought it might be temporary. Now I know it’s not. Darren and I have used every possible position multiple times, licked and sucked every inch of each other’s bodies, and had sex in places where we had a delicious risk of getting caught.” I know this already. Bonnie and I share every detail of what we do with our boyfriends.

“I understand,” I reply, having had much the same experiences with Zach. “Maybe you should just give it a bit more time.”

“More time isn’t going to help,” she responds with a loud sigh. “Here I am at the ripe old age of nineteen and I feel like I’ve already sampled everything sex has to offer. It’s depressing.”

Suddenly, her admission strikes an uncomfortable chord with me. I have been vaguely aware of something gnawing at my subconscious about my relationship with Zach. And then Bonnie catches me by surprise for the second time in as many minutes.

“Do you see your relationship with Zach going the distance?”

“Wha…what do you mean?” I stammer, stalling for time while I try to examine my feelings.

“You know. Marriage, kids, a picket fence, all that stuff.” I don’t answer for several long moments.

“No.” I eventually admit. “I haven’t been thinking that far ahead. I don’t have a clue about what I want to do with my life. I’m not even sure what my major is going to be. I like Zach a lot, but I don’t see him as my future husband.”

“Exactly,” Bonnie agrees. “I feel the same way; about my life, school, and Darren. And now I’m finding sex with Darren has become boring. It feels good so I still enjoy it, but it’s getting to be pretty routine stuff. We’re in a rut.”

“Oh fuck,” I murmur. “I’ve sensed something similar about Zach and me, but I couldn’t put a name to it. Boredom hadn’t occurred to me.”

“Well, the guys won’t be back until Monday so we have all weekend to think everything over,” she announces. “So let’s have sex. That should get our minds off sex,” she adds with a giggle.

“Then let’s use the dildo. I like to watch your face when you cum,” I tell her with a wide grin as I pull the implement from its hiding place in the plastic bin under my bed.

The dildo was a gift Bycasino from Mitch, a porn star who works at the studio where my mother is a highly regarded director of upscale sex videos. Mitch is also a high-class escort with extraordinary lovemaking skills. At my request, and with my mother’s reluctant help, he relieved me of my virginity on my eighteenth birthday, giving me an unexpected orgasm in the process. The event was captured on video, as were two subsequent encounters with him; one with Bonnie, and a second episode with me. Our little movies have provided plenty of entertainment since then.

The dildo is perfectly sculpted, very much like Mitch’s cock and about the same size. It is made of smooth flesh-like material, probably some form of silicone. Perhaps its most useful feature is a handle about four inches long, similar to the end of a baseball bat, that provides its user with precise control. Very heavy tungsten testicles sway gently back and forth as I wave it about it the air, still grinning at Bonnie.

Several minutes later, after taking time to make out like the teenagers we are, Bonnie is lying naked on her back in my bed. Her head is raised on a stack of pillows so she can watch what I’m doing between her widely splayed legs. We have agreed to be gentle tonight and make everything last as long as possible.

Sitting cross-legged between her knees, I am slowly moving the large, lubricated phallus in and out of her pussy and earning soft moans of pleasure for my efforts. On occasion I lean forward and gently stroke her clit with my thumb to get a sharper cry of arousal. I love listening to her.

Fifteen minutes more and I have her teetering on the edge.

“Harder!” she suddenly demands and I immediately increase the speed and force of my thrusting. A few more flicks of my thumb across her clit send her over the top with a high-pitched wail and an extended series of orgasmic spasms. I keep thrusting until I’m certain her climax has run its course.

I withdraw the dildo but stay where I am, gently stroking the inside of her thighs while she regains control of her breathing. The soft skin is slick with lubricant and glistens in the light from my bedside lamp. One forearm is resting across her eyes as her breathing slows. Finally, a slight tremor signals the last of her aftershocks.

“My turn,” she eventually announces with a languid smile and we change positions. What happens to me is a carbon copy of what I just did to her. I watch the dildo rhythmically disappear and reappear between my open thighs for as long as I am able. Finally, drowning in sensation, I clamp a hand over my mouth and cum with a muffled shriek, my entire body trembling in exquisite release.

“Oh God that was good,” I murmur when I am able to form words. “Come lie with me.”


It is nine o’-clock on Saturday morning and we are just finishing breakfast in the dining hall.

“Aside from my issue with Darren, there’s one more thing that’s been on my mind,” Bonnie announces, looking across the table at me.

“Let’s hear it,” I urge, wondering what else could be bothering her that I didn’t already know about.

“I don’t know how many times we’ve watched the videos of us with Mitch, but something suddenly dawned on me the other night while we were watching the one of him fucking me last year,” she replies.


“You were in the room with me when it happened.”

“I certainly was,” I respond with a smile. “And as I recall, you insisted that I be there.”

“Yes I did. I wasn’t about to go through with it unless you were with me.”

“So, is there a problem?” I ask, now really curious.

“Not at all,” she replies. “It’s just that I realized you are the only one who has actually been in the room with someone else who is having sex. That probably includes the guys too. I doubt that they’ve had that experience.” I don’t say anything for a few moments while I consider my response.

“That hadn’t occurred to me, but you’re right, and probably right about Zach and Darren as well. Are you suggesting that we figure out a way to level the playing field a bit?” I ask her with a smile.

“I am,” she replies with a shy little smile. “”What was it like?”

“What was what like?” I counter with a straight face. I know what she means, but I like to pull her chain once in a while.

“Watching Mitch fuck me,” she replies with a little frown of annoyance, “from a distance of only four or five feet.”

“Experiencing sex and watching it are two wildly different things,” I begin. “Mom once told me that the brain is the most powerful sex organ. Watching you with Mitch helped drive that point home. Setting aside physical sex, it was the most erotic experience of my life. That fact that you are my best friend was a major factor. I’m certain I would have been aroused watching Mitch with someone else, but he was fucking you and that completely blew my mind.”

“I thought you were going to say something like that. You told me you had to Bycasino giriş masturbate at the end, so I knew that watching us had you amped up.”

“Amped up is not an adequate term for what I was experiencing. Watching you had me jumping out of my skin. I had to cum as quietly as possible to avoid distracting you, but what I really wanted to do was to scream my head off and keep making myself cum until I passed out.”

“I want to experience that,” Bonnie declares.

“What? Making yourself cum until you pass out?” I joke.

“No!” she responds with a fake glare.

“Well then, how about this,” I respond after thinking for a few moments, “Mom wanted no part in your encounter with Mitch, but maybe I can talk her into giving you a tour of the studio when they’re filming. They have several sets going at any one time. She might even be able to set it up so that Mitch is working.”

“That’s not quite what I have in mind,” Bonnie tells me with a little smile.

“Then what do you have in mind?” I ask with a smile of my own.

“I want to watch you get fucked,” she replies, looking directly into my eyes as her smile fades. I remain silent for a couple of minutes while I process what I just heard. Bonnie waits patiently, knowing she has delivered a bit of a shock. Eventually I am able to respond.

“First of all, the idea of you watching is turning me on right now. The obvious solution would be to arrange another get together with Mitch, but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. Boring or not, my relationship with Zach is exclusive until something happens to change that.”

“I understand,” she says in a soft voice.

“Then I take it you’d like to watch me have sex with Zach.”

“That would do,” she replies, her voice barely audible.

“Then I’ll talk to him. I have no idea what his reaction will be. Let me think about how to broach the subject with him. For the next few minutes we sit in companionable silence, each lost in our own thoughts.

From my perspective, I have no problem with Bonnie’s request. She has an itch that needs to be scratched and the thought of fucking Zach in her presence arouses me. I can feel myself lubricating as mental images flash through my brain. Of course, Zach is the wild card in all this and I do see another potential issue.

“I suppose a direct approach will be best,” I tell Bonnie, “but I don’t know how to explain to him why you want to watch without admitting that I have already witnessed you having sex.”

“Why do you have to admit anything?” she asks, looking over at me with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Because it doesn’t make sense that only you have such a need. Why wouldn’t I have a similar desire to watch you and Darren? Besides, there is no way for you, me, and Zach to pull off something like that without Darren finding out. I doubt the guys keep secrets from each other any more than we do.”

“I see what you mean,” she admits with a look on her face that tells me she isn’t being completely candid, a highly unusual occurrence.

“Okay,” I tell her with a squint, “out with it.” Bonnie takes a deep breath and then lets it out with a loud sigh.

“What I really want is to watch Darren fuck you.”

“What?” I yelp, truly dumbfounded. “You’re joking, right?” She is returning my gaze, her face now composed, but she doesn’t answer.

“Answer me!” I demand. The shock is wearing off, irritation taking over.

“Watching Zach fuck you would really turn me on. Watch Darren fuck you would be way beyond that.”

I am at a loss for words. Nothing like what she is suggesting has ever occurred to me. After a long pause, the most likely conclusion of her proposal dawns on me.

“Then by extension, Zach fucks you while I watch,” I finally respond.

“Exactly. Think about it. If the guys agree, we have an opportunity to experience something really exciting.”

“You’ve lost your mind,” I conclude with a shake of my head.

And then it hits me.

“This conversation started with you expressing a desire to watch me have sex, but you had swapping boyfriends in mind from the beginning, didn’t you.”


“So why didn’t you just tell me that up front?”

“I’m telling you now.”

“How long have you been thinking about this?” I’m now more curious than annoyed.

“Just since last night when we talked about you being the only one of the four of us who has actually watched someone having sex. I knew I wanted to watch you and Zach. Then one thought led to another and the idea of you doing Darren occurred to me…”

“…and soon thereafter the idea of me watching Zach fuck you entered your fertile little mind,” I interrupt.

“Yeah,” she replies, looking a little sheepish. Suddenly, I realize that I have not yet dismissed the idea out of hand. I need to give her idea some thought.

“Be quiet. Let me think,” I tell her. Bonnie sits in silence. Occasionally I glance at her sitting across the table from me. Each time our eyes meet there’s Bycasino güncel giriş a little smile on her face.

Bonnie and I have shared everything for so long that the idea of her fucking Zach doesn’t induce any anxiety. What does give me pause is that I’m experiencing some sort of creeping comprehension; I am beginning to realize that I wouldn’t mind having sex with Darren while she watches. It doesn’t take long for mental images to start forming in my mind.

“What if the guys don’t go for it,” I suddenly ask, breaking the silence.

“Are you kidding? Of course they will,” she says with a wide grin, now realizing that I might be open to the idea.

“What if they’ve already fallen in love with us?”

“I can’t speak for Zach, but I’m certain Darren isn’t in love with me. He likes me a lot, but I seriously doubt that he sees our relationship differently than I do.”

“I get the same feeling with Zach,” I admit. “I think we’re both content with the way things stand until something happens to change the status quo, and your idea will certainly do that.”

“You wanna go for it!” Bonnie suddenly exclaims with a broad grin. “I knew you’d take the bait!”

“Fuck you, you little tramp,” I respond, grinning back at her.

“So how do we approach them?” Bonnie asks.

“Beats me,” I answer, still grinning. “This is your show. Let me know when you have it figured out.”

“Some friend you are,” she replies with a little pout.


It’s now Saturday night. We spent the afternoon shopping, had dinner at the Palo Alto Creamery, and returned to our room. We’ve showered and I am brushing Bonnie’s hair.

“Let’s just use the direct approach,” she begins. “They’ll be shocked at first but that won’t last long. Once they’re on board, they can help with the details. We’ll choose a good time and place and then make it happen. Simple.”

“What if they balk?”

“Let’s see how that might work,” she replies with a finger pressed to her chin. “Darren is presented with an opportunity to have sex with the most beautiful redhead on the planet, with my encouragement no less, and he declines. Not going to happen. And I’m guessing Zach won’t think I’m too ugly to fuck either.”

That gets me laughing.

“And we don’t have to tell them anything else. Nothing about Mitch, nothing about the videos, and nothing about the sex you and I enjoy together,” she continues. “They won’t give a shit about how we came up with the idea.”

“We, Kemo Sabe?”

Bonnie turns her head, sticks her tongue out at me, and then grins.

“Wanna do sixty-nine?” I ask with raised eyebrows.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she answers with an aloof look while she examines her fingernails.

Fifteen minutes later, our muffled shrieks announce the onset of simultaneous orgasms. When we can remember how to breathe again we lie wrapped in each other’s arms, sharing our usual post-sixty-nine kisses and reveling in the commingled nectar of our pussies.


It’s Sunday. Bonnie and I eat breakfast in the dining hall and then walk the Stanford Dish. While strolling along, we decide to hit the guys with Bonnie’s idea as soon as they return. Arriving back at our dorm, we shower, have sex using the dildo, and take a long nap. We don’t rise until after dinnertime so we decide to dine on popcorn and trashy stuff from the vending machines in the dorm’s common area.

“Can you believe we’re going to get this ball rolling tomorrow?” Bonnies asks with a huge grin as she crumples her empty Fritos bag.

“Rolling yes, but where it stops is still an open question.”

“Don’t be such a pessimist. They’ll be gung ho about the idea within minutes after we tell them.”

“I hope so,” I respond, now firmly committed to what we intend to set in motion.


It’s now Monday afternoon. The guys call when they arrive back at their dorm to invite us out for pizza at Maldonado’s. By any standards the pizza looks superb but it seems nearly tasteless to me, my apprehension about the conversation that is about to take place overpowering my taste buds. Bonnie seems a bit jumpy as well. The guys don’t seem to notice, so maybe we’re doing a better job of projecting calmness than we think. Suddenly Bonnie clears her throat a couple of times.

“We are about to deliver a shock to both of you,” she begins, her voice charged with emotion.

“We have a proposal,” I add before either Zach or Darren can react.

“Okay,” Zach says with a puzzled look, “let’s hear it.” Darren just nods his head in agreement, his mouth full of pizza.

“We want to have sex,” Bonnie continues. “Something…

“Who doesn’t?” Darren interrupts with a wide grin, having swallowed his pizza. “We’ve been celibate all weekend.”

“…different from what we’re accustomed to.”

“How different?” Zach enquires, still looking puzzled. I take a deep breath.

“Group sex,” I answer and everyone at the table is suddenly silent for what seems like an eternity.

“What…what do you mean?” Darren finally asks with a small frown.

“Have you guys ever watched a porno flick?” Bonnie asks with an innocent look on her face, apparently more comfortable now that the conversation has begun. I feel a bit more relaxed as well.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32