Helping out at the Office

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They met at a going-away party for mutual friends. It was a text-book case; his eyes met her tits across the room…and gradually his eyes moved up and met hers. He blushed slightly that she had caught him ogling her, but began moving across the room towards her when she merely smiled lightly at him. As he approached her he continued to check her out; she was short and curvy, with a 100-watt smile and long, wavy brown hair. All his favourite things in one woman; the stars must have smiled on him tonight. He smiled as he reached her.

“Chris,” he said, holding out his hand. Her smile dipped to the side slightly, and she blinked her large grey eyes.


“I’m rather embarrassed that you caught me checking you out,” he said. Tits were his fetish, but he tried to be a gentleman and not a dick. “The fact is, you are beautiful, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

Mona laughed; it was a beautiful sound in his ears. “Thank you,” she replied. “How do you know Anne and Mick? Or are you just here to check out their friends?”

He grinned. “I used to work with Mick. I was absolutely not expecting to meet anyone special today. It must be fate.”

Rolling her eyes at him, Mona laughed again. “I’m Anne’s sister; I believe I’ve heard about you!”

This made Chris nervous. How much did Mick know about him, and what would he have told his sister-in-law? He had no skeletons in his closet, but for a woman he was interested in to know about his fetish before even meeting him could prove disastrous for any future relationship with her.

“Really?” he asked, trying to hide his nervousness. “What have you heard?”

Mona smiled slyly at him. “I understand that you have a fascination with a particular part of a woman’s body. An area in which I happen to be gifted.” Her eyes teased him; he didn’t know whether she was stringing him along to crush him when he admitted it, or if she was flirting. Oh, well, he thought. She obviously knew; if it bothered her, it would be over soon and he would make say his good-byes to Mick and Anne and leave. If it didn’t bother her, the future would be bright.

“I can’t deny it,” he admitted. “You are gifted; but I am also admiring your sparkling eyes and brilliant smile. I also like your sense of humour. You are teasing me, right?”

Mona put her head back slightly as she laughed. “Yes, I’m teasing. I decided years ago to embrace my body and dress to look my best. If I didn’t want anyone to see the girls, I would dress in baggy shirts, not low-cut fitted ones.” Her eyes danced as she watched him, waiting for his response.

“I would love to get to know you better. Are you doing anything tonight, or can I take you out to dinner?”

“I’m afraid I’ve got plans with Anne and Mick tonight,” she replied. Chris’s heart fell. Did she really have plans, or was she letting him down gently?

“But I’m free tomorrow night,” she added. “And I like Thai food.”

* * *

“I don’t know why I never thought of setting you guys up,” Anne confessed later, while she and Mona relaxed with glasses of wine in the quiet house. “Obviously you’re his type; you already know he’s a breast man. I guess because he was Mick’s boss it didn’t seem appropriate.”

“He was Mick’s boss?” Mona repeated. “I don’t think you ever mentioned that!”

Anne grinned. “Oh yes; he owns the company! He is smart, hot, and well-off!”

Mona was impressed. She had noticed the husky dark-haired man in the black button-down shirt before he noticed her. However, she had long ago learned that not every man was attracted to her body type, and didn’t get her hopes up that he would even notice her. When she saw that his green eyes were fastened on her, she already knew she was interested.

“Tell me more,” she ordered her sister.

“Honestly, I don’t remember too much; we never hung out with him socially. Mick obviously knows him better than I do. From what he’s said, though, he’s a good guy. He’s not a creep, or anything.”

“That’s good,” Mona replied, “since we’re having dinner tomorrow night and I’ve already given him my address.”

“What?” Anne said, her eyes wide. “You shouldn’t do that for a first date, Mona! What if he had been a creep?”

“No,” said Mona, leaning back and picturing Chris in her mind. “I’ve got a feeling about this one.”

* * *

Chris managed to get through dinner the following night with his eyes mostly on Mona’s face. Whenever she looked down he allowed himself a quickly glance at her tits. She had worn a fitted black dress that showed all her curves and the top of her breasts, beautiful white orbs that made him hard. Thankfully she had a quick wit and sharp mind that kept him engaged so that his thoughts weren’t Gaziantep Gecelik Escort only on her tits.

For Mona’s part, she could see the struggle that Chris had at times throughout dinner. He obviously wanted to stare at her tits, but was trying not to. She appreciated that; she didn’t like when that was all a guy saw in her. When the server brought the dessert menus, she made a point of taking a while to look at it to give him a chance to get a good look. He was able to engage her in conversation throughout dinner, and make her laugh; that, together with how hot he was, meant she was definitely interested in seeing more of him. She didn’t want him to think he couldn’t ever look at her breasts.

After dinner they walked for a while along the river. Neither seemed to want the night to end, but Mona decided to call it a night while it was still going well, and to keep him dangling. He promised to call her soon.

* * *

On their second date, Mona sat on his lap, facing him, and put his hands on her breasts. His eyes lit up like a fire had been building just behind them; he stared hungrily at her tits as he squeezed and fondled them. Looking up into her eyes, Chris slowly grabbed the hem of her shirt, and pulled it over her head. Looking back at her breasts, he reached around behind her and unfastened her bra. Mona held her breath as he let it drop; she had never seen such fascination on anyone’s face for any reason, and it turned her on to know it was her tits that inspired that look on Chris’s face. He reverently touched a hand to each breast, gently running his hands over, around, and under them. He squeezed them gently, pulled lightly on the nipples, and then leaned forward and rested his head on them.

He was breathing heavily, and there was a definite bulge in his pants. “You have the best tits I’ve ever seen,” he said earnestly. “I’m in tit heaven. D38, right?” Mona nodded, shocked at his accuracy. His eyes were somewhat glazed over, and she smiled at his enthusiasm. “Thanks for being so understanding of me,” he continued. “Some girls would be offended by my fetish. There’s so much more to you, and I don’t want you to think I’m only here because of your tits. But they are so amazing!”

Leaning forward, he took a nipple into his mouth; his hands were still on her breasts, gently massaging. Sucking the nipple gently, he pulled back slightly, tugging the breast. Mona’s breath hitched. Chris caught her eyes briefly, and the intensity in his gaze was almost overwhelming. He looked quickly back at her tits. He sucked a bit harder; Mona could feel herself getting wet. For several minutes Chris suckled like a baby, still squeezing both breasts with his hands. Without warning, he took more of her breast into his mouth, and began flicking her nipple with his tongue. His eyes were closed now; he focussed intently on the sensation of the large tit in his mouth, and under his tongue. Mona’s core tingled. She was sure she was wet right through to Chris’s pant leg, and didn’t care. She was feeling utterly worshipped, and had never been more turned on.

Slowly pulling her breast out of his mouth, Chris met her eyes again while he moved over to her other breast. “Tit heaven,” he repeated huskily, before sucking that nipple into his mouth. As he had done with the first nipple, he sucked it gently, then pulled back, tugging the breast. When he began sucking harder, Mona moaned. She had never before orgasmed without any stimulation to her clit, but she was getting very close. “Oh, yes, suck my tit.” Chris growled, and she felt his cock twitch under her. He took more of her breast into his mouth, flicking her nipple with his tongue as he had before. “Yes!” Mona cried loudly. “Suck me! Suck me till I cum!” She began grinding her pussy on Chris’s leg as he suckled her tit, still gently squeezing both breasts. His eyes were large and wild. As he sensed Mona getting close, he gently bit her nipple. She screamed, and shuddered, collapsing towards him as she peaked and released.

Chris’s face was now smothered by her large breasts; he continued to suck on one. As she finished her release, and he felt her cream soak through his pant leg, he reached his own orgasm, trembling with her tit still in his mouth. They sat for several minutes, her naked tits pillowing his head, recovering from the intense release.

“I have never had an orgasm that intense,” Mona told him. “And it was the first time I have orgasmed from tit-play. You can suck my tits any time you want.” She pulled his head up and kissed him long and hard.

“Are you sure?” he asked with a sly smile. “You may never get dressed again.” He pulled the first nipple back into his mouth and sucked again for several minutes. “Your tits are like a drug for me,” he told her. “I am already addicted.”

On their third date Chris stayed overnight at Mona’s place. He made love to her tits for an hour before moving on to the rest of her body. Both of them orgasmed from his tit play, and again several times afterwards.

From then on, every time they were together, Chris sucked and licked her tits. He squeezed them, buried his face in them, came on them, rubbed them, made love to them. Mona gained a new appreciation for her girls, seeing them through Chris’s eyes. They brought both of them much enjoyment, and many orgasms.

After three months, Mona moved in with Chris, to his condo around the corner from his office. As an illustrator of children’s books, she could work wherever she wanted, so she worked either at the condo, or at local coffee shops. Often, she would drop by the office, and got to know Brad, the VP, and Jace, the Accounts Manager. Both were old friends of Chris’s; the three were close friends and knew each other better than anyone.

Sometimes Chris would close his office door and strip off Mona’s shirt and bra. He would love her tits as long as he could before having to return to work. Both of them loved this at work tit-play. “I feel so much more inspired when I go back to drawing after you make love to my tits,” Mona told him one day as she put her shirt back on in his office. His face lit up. “Really? I’m so glad you like it, too. I find I am much calmer after I suck your tits; I make much better business decisions, and have a clearer head. Even Brad and Jace commented that whenever you come to visit, I am much calmer and able to get a lot done. I’ve never told them what we do in my office, but they know me – they probably have a good idea.”

Chris confessed to her one day that part of his business success was due to Brad’s ability to represent him in meetings with clients. “I get too agitated in anticipation of a meeting, and can’t focus my thoughts enough once I’m there. We quickly learned that these meetings go better if Brad represents me; sometimes I will just listen in via phone.”

Mona felt bad that Chris, who was such a brilliant businessman in every other way, was crippled by this anxiety. “What if I were to come in before these meetings; could some good tit-play help you to relax enough to go to a meeting?” she asked.

Chris looked at her tenderly. “You are so sweet to offer that. You know, I think it’s worth a try. Let’s do this; next time there is a meeting scheduled, I’ll plan to join in via a conference call. You come in an hour before, and I’ll suck your tits for an hour. We’ll see how much calmer I am on the conference call after that.”

The day of the call, Mona showed up as scheduled. Closing Chris’s door, she pulled off her shirt and bra, and sat on his lap. She had learned to put a towel under her, and partly folded over Chris’s cock, so that when they both came, his clothes remained clean. As Chris began to suck on her tits, she pulled out his cock and folded the towel over it. Losing herself in the sensations his mouth on her tits produced, the hour passed quickly. His assistant knocked, his signal that he had five minutes until the meeting. Wiping themselves quickly with the towel, the fixed their clothes and Chris gave Mona a quick but loving kiss as he headed to the conference room to take the call. Mona headed home to draw, and wait to hear how the meeting went.

Her heart dropped when Chris walked in the door several hours later. “What happened? Was it the phone call?” Mona asked.

Chris sank into a chair. He looked tired, and dejected. “It started off fine; I was calm, relaxed from all the tit-play. But as the meeting progressed, I got more agitated. I knew Brad was there handling it, but I was still unable to focus my thoughts and contribute anything. I really thought we had figured out a cure.”

Mona sat down on the arm of his chair. “I’m sorry, Baby; I had hoped this would work, too. But Brad is still here, and handles your meetings well, right? We can keep working on this.”

Chris put his head in his hands. “Most of the time, yes. But we have one potential client who has a meeting scheduled next week. Brad is flying out to meet them, but they insist that I be in on the meeting; by phone, if not in person.”

Mona knelt on the floor in front of him, and held his head between her hands. “Chris, we will figure this out together. You are such a capable businessman; I know you will be able to do this.”

Chris fell asleep in frustrated exhaustion that night; Mona stayed awake for hours, trying to figure out a solution. When she finally fell asleep around 4:30, she did so with a smile on her face.

The next day, Mona was tired but excited. “Chris, I think I know the answer! I will come to the office that day and sit with you in the conference room while you’re on the call. You can suck my tits during the call…and speak when you need to.”

Chris looked at her in amazement. “I think that might actually work! When I have your tits in my hands, I am more calm than any other time. If I can do that during the meeting, I shouldn’t have any issues! You are brilliant, my Love.” He kissed her passionately, and once again showed her tactically just how much he appreciated her and her miracle-working assets.

On the day of the meeting, Mona went to work with Chris. She set herself up in the conference room, working on illustrations, but available to Chris if he needed her. Several times throughout the morning he asked her to come to his office. Tit-sucking helped calm down his anticipation of the meeting. By the time of the meeting he was doing quite well. Closing the conference room door and telling his assistant no-one was to bother them during the meeting, Mona stripped off her shirt and bra and positioned herself on Chris’s lap.

As he sucked hungrily on her tits and listened to the meeting via speaker phone, Mona focussed on not moaning or crying out. She didn’t want to embarrass Chris in this important meeting! Knowing several people were on the other end of the call while Chris sucked and squeezed her tits turned out to be quite a turn on, and Mona had several orgasms over the course of the two-hour meeting. With business concluded happily for all, and the call ended, Chris picked her up and hugged her. “You saved the day, and got us this contract!” he whispered into her ear. “Thank you.” Pulling back, he kissed her breasts. “And thank you, girls!”

When Mona saw Brad next, he shook her hand. “I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you’ve transformed this guy. I’ve never heard him do so well in a meeting as he did on that phone call! You should be on the pay-roll!”

* * *

It seemed that they had a solution to Chris’s meeting-related anxiety, and life moved along well for the couple. They went for dinner, they worked, they watched movies, Chris worshipped Mona’s tits. They were both extremely happy. Until the day that a client in another city called an emergency meeting with Chris, Brad, and Jace.

“Mona, I’m beside myself,” he told her over the phone. “They want all three of us on a conference call this afternoon to discuss this issue; they need to hear from all three of us. It’s a make-it or break-it deal; if they aren’t pleased with how we handle this, we could lose their account. And it’s a large account!”

Mona saw only one solution to the problem, but hesitated to mention it. But, she had never seen Chris so concerned. He really was worried about the future of his company. For his sake, she would throw away her pride.

“Baby, there is one way…”

Ten minutes before the call was to begin, Mona arrived at the office. Chris called Brad and Jace into the conference room and closed the door, while Mona waited nervously in the reception area. Five minutes later, Chris opened the door and called Mona in. As she entered, she avoided looking directly at Brad or Jace; she kept her eyes on Chris.

“They agreed to it,” he said quietly. “They really are good friends.”

Mona was nervous as she sat on Chris’s lap at the round conference room table. Brad set up the call as Mona removed her shirt and bra. She tried to forget that the other two men were in the room, but behind her, thankfully, and to focus only on remaining quiet as, once again, Chris sucked her tits during the call.

It turned out to be impossible to forget Brad and Jace’s presence, since they talked regularly. Instead, Mona found herself very aware of their presence, and of the likelihood that they could see glimpses of her large breasts, as Chris’s fondling often moved them around past the edge of her rib-cage. For the first time in her life, Mona realized she was an exhibitionist. She tried to subtly turn to the side occasionally to ensure that Brad, then Jace, saw her tits. It wasn’t a large table, so she didn’t have to turn much to make this happen. Chris, thankfully, seemed to be able to focus on both her tits and the conversation, and at the end of the meeting seemed very pleased with the outcome. Brad and Jace seemed pleased yet a little flustered; again, Mona turned toward them a bit as she put her clothes back on.

As she turned around, fully clothed, she made eye contact with both, and was pleased to see both sported bulges. “Uh, thanks for your help,” they both managed to say, before leaving the room. Chris seemed oblivious to their discomfort, and hugged Mona, thanking her again for helping him through the meeting. Mona looked forward to many more conference calls at the office, and envisioned ways of making them even more intimate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32