Her Handsome Prisoners

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Even before the knock on the front door, twenty-three-year-old Sophie could already sense who had paid her a visit at the moment. She opened the door, and her uncle and aunt appeared. The two of them wore their usual lavish attire, Aunt Martina with her black sleeveless dress and Uncle Joaquin with his casual black coat and tie. Sophie spotted the silver-colored vase, sealed shut with its own lid, that Uncle Joaquin held in his hands.

Sophie gave a little smile. “I hope they didn’t give you any trouble.”

Joaquin replied, “It turned out to be a very simple task.”

Sophie let her relatives enter her apartment.

Joaquin placed the vase on the coffee table. “No niece of mine should ever endure such humiliation.”

Sophie nodded. “I cannot thank you enough for this.”

“It is fine. After all, it is free.”

Aunt Martina sat down on the sofa. “Men these days can be so unkind.”

Sophie asked her, “Has anyone ever given you such unwanted treatment?”

“I remember when your uncle and I still lived in Chile many years ago. What you’ve been through isn’t as malicious as what has happened back home.”

Joaquin remarked, “Please don’t exaggerate, my dear. All he ever did was flirt with you in the library.”

Martina rolled her eyes. “Oh, yes. But even as I told him I was married to you, the man overlooked my little announcement and continued to ask for my phone number.”

Sophie chuckled. “That’s what you call a straight-up pervert.”

Joaquin kept his eyes on the silver-colored vase. “You’re not the only one who had a little bit of fun. I remember at least thirty years ago, when I worked for that inexcusably conceited bitch of a boss. Nobody liked her, including me. I felt tempted to give her a piece of my mind, and Saturday night had become the perfect night to do just that.”

Martina shook her head. “Oh, you were such a deviant back then.”

“You held the same philosophy, also. There is no room for double standards. And besides, at least she admired the experience when it ended. And we soon parted in good terms when I left the company.”

“The one in the library felt the same way.”

Sophie picked up the vase. “Explain to me again how the two of you used such incredible magic.”

Joaquin cleared his throat. “You know we are forbidden to give such elaborate details of our enchantments. If we did, then everyone in the United States would want to share these powers of ours. It’s too great a secret to be revealed.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Sophie pressed her left ear against the vase. She could hear muffled voices from inside. She couldn’t comprehend the words due to such a faint volume, but she managed to hear the word “help” amidst the screaming.

“I can hear Brent’s voice. He doesn’t sound very excited.”

Martina crossed her legs. “He will be as soon as you eat your mint.”

Joaquin pulled out a little green box from his coat pocket and handed it to her niece. “One is enough, but if you feel the need to bring things up a notch, take two more.”

Martina asked, “Do you mind if I stay with Sophie? I always love to watch such a dazzling performance.”

“I should remind you that-“

“Oh, not to worry, darling. I won’t participate at all. I will just have a look.”

Joaquin readjusted his tie. “Good. Well, I must leave. I have to go back to Los Angeles for a business meeting.”

Sophie added, “I’ll take Aunt Martina home when everything’s finished.”

“Good enough. See you tomorrow, Sophie.”

“Bye, Uncle Joaquin, and thanks for everything.”

When Joaquin exited the apartment, Martina followed her niece into the master bedroom. Sophie closed the curtains and turned on the lamp on the nightstand.

She closed and locked the door just before Martina took the little green box from her and opened it.

“Explain again who those two young men are.”

She pointed at the vase. Sophie replied, “It’s quite complicated. I know one of them. His name is Brent, and he’s four years younger than me.”

Martina picked up a tiny sphere-shaped mint, the color blue dyed on its entire surface, and put it in her mouth. She chewed on it while she asked, “Were you truly attracted to that young man?”

“Yes, and I seem to regret the decision to go out with him.”

“Oh, don’t be too hard on yourself. His leaving you for another woman is good news. Now you can entertain yourself as he and his friend become your…how should I say this…your prisoners.”

Martina handed her the open green box, to which Sophie took it and placed it on the bed. She remarked, “If this doesn’t go very well, then I don’t know what else to do.”

“Do not feel so concerned. I promise you good times once you open the lid.”

“Okay, here it goes.”

Sophie opened the lid. The faint echoes of two frightened men had reached her ears. She lowered the vase, situating it right above the already-made bed, and tilted it at a diagonal position, as if she was about to pour water on the blanket. Screaming, two tiny figures Halkalı Escort slid out from inside the vase and landed on the surface. Brent and Andrew had an average height for two nineteen-year-olds. Now, with the use of some exotic magic, they had been shrunken in size. They were now four inches tall.

To the best of Sophie’s knowledge, Brent and Andrew had been close friends for some time. So she blamed Andrew partially for what happened between her and Brent. At the moment, the two young white men both wore brown cargo shorts and plain t-shirts. Brent had short blond hair, while Andrew was the one with the brown shoulder-length hair. They stood up and gazed at the pair of Chilean women looking down at them with their arms folded across their chests. Sophie, especially, gave them an icy stare. Brent appeared as though he tried to fake a smile.

“Nice to see you again, Sophie. Uh…”

Sophie asked, “So who was that other woman you were with last night?”

“Oh, she’s an old friend from high school. Nothing’s really going on between us.”

“You’re not that good a liar, you know.”

Martina interrupted. “You have to admit, both of them are so cute. I particularly like his friend.”

She reached down and closed her fingers around Andrew’s waist and legs. In a frantic manner, he tried to escape her grasp by pushing her fingers and kicking her nails with force. It proved unsuccessful as Martina lifted him up into the air. Andrew could do nothing but watch as she brought him up right in front of her face.

She smiled. “Oh, he looks fine.”

Andrew’s eyes remained wide open with fear as she asked, “Aren’t you the one who persuaded your friend to see if Sophie would be the one for him?”

Andrew gulped down air as he tried to say, “Yes…I am.”

Sophie shook her head. “That’s not even the half of it. Brent always told me that I became something special. It seemed harmless enough. But it’s a filthy lie, I tell you.”

Martina still fixed her gaze on the tiny man in her grasp. “Please, tell me more.”

Sophie replied, “I think Brent should be the one to tell you what’s really going on.”

Brent took one step back. “Oh, I wouldn’t want to bore you with all the details.”

She looked down at her shrunken ex-boyfriend. “Tell my aunt Martina about how you used me. Tell her how you wanted to see which one of the three women suited you the best.”

Martina asked, “Is that why he broke up with you? Because he chose the woman he wanted the most?”

“It’s sickening, isn’t it? One day, he took me out to dinner. The next day, he bought the second woman flowers. And the day before that, he took the third one to the movies. And to make matters worse, he didn’t even tell me about the other two. And I don’t think they knew about me, either. It’s an invisible contest, Aunt Martina. You pick the one you like the most and dump the rest. We had a trust that failed.”

“What a shame.”

“It sure is. I was used the entire time. It’s been happening for eight weeks. And don’t even think about what’s been happening in his bedroom. I liked him very much, and now I’m crushed. Andrew has done the same thing.”

Martina held a devious look on her face. “This will be better than I ever expected.”

Brent had to ask, “Why? What are going to do with us?”

Martina inhaled Andrew’s natural aroma through her nostrils as she softly caressed his long hair with her index finger. She whispered, “Oh, it’s exquisite.”

Andrew tried to look away. “You’re not going to eat me, are you?”

Martina chuckled as she continued to play with his hair. “Oh, of course I won’t. Sophie and I have another thing in mind. Would you like to see it?”

Andrew took a deep slow breath. “Okay. Let’s see it.”

Sophie asked Brent if he wanted the same, to which, with a nervous tone, he replied, “Sure. Anything to please you two ladies.”

Martina murmured, “Oh, how sweet.”

She took a deep breath and blew a slow little breeze at Andrew. The scent from the now-diminished mint had become strong enough to linger in her mouth for this long. It caught itself in Martina’s exhalation and came into contact with all of Andrew’s five senses. He lifted his chin and gasped. He closed his eyes as several strands of his hair had been raised and demonstrated irregular movements while fixated with the gentle wind.

Martina whispered, “You like that, don’t you?”

Andrew just moaned. She carried on with the transfer of her newly obtained chill fragrance, from her mouth to his body. Andrew slid his hand across his chest while clutched the side of his neck with the other. His demeanor had readjusted to a more sensuous stance, thanks to the strong sensation caused by the potency of her fresh breath. He became a spellbound hostage in her hand.

Brent looked confused. “What the hell is she doing?”

Sophie finally consumed a mint from the green box. “She’s just preparing him for tonight’s entertainment. But don’t feel left out.”

She seized him by the waist and legs Halkalı Escort Bayan and brought him up to just a few inches in front of her face. “It’s such a shame that you didn’t grow fond of me. We would have had such a great future together.”

Brent found himself shivering beneath the skin of Sophie’s fingers. “We can still have one.”

The absolute fear in his eyes became pure stimulation for Sophie. “It’s too late.”

Now, it was her turn to give the four-inch-tall man a cool breeze. Brent let out a little whimper as the smell of a sumptuous mint took hold of his body and mind. The tingling sensation caused him to take deeper breaths, just the way Sophie liked it. Brent began to squirm in her grip.

With the use of her fingertips, Martina pulled Andrew’s shirt off from his upper body. He stood half-naked, baring his flat hairless chest to the woman towering over him. “Oh, you look so good to me.”

Sophie flicked the sandals off of Brent’s feet. “Don’t be afraid. Just stay calm.”

She ticked his feet, which made him grab hold of her thumb and laugh with added ecstasy. She didn’t stop wiggling her fingernail against his skin, and just watched as the grin on Brent’s face had grown to a more suitable size. She enjoyed the exhilaration expressed through mild laughter.

Martina had just pulled the rest of Andrew’s attire off of him. Her grip on his waist stayed firm as his unclothed appearance further enhanced her stimulation, especially when examining the dangling appendage between his legs. She began stroking it with her finger.

Andrew groaned. “Oh, that feels nice.”

His cock stiffened as a more solid matter. Martina lowered her head and, for a brief second, gave it a lick. Thick saliva had now been embedded on its surface.

Martina whispered, “You’re so handsome. I know what’s going to make you feel even better.”

Sophie dropped Brent’s shirt and shorts on the floor and held his naked body in her hand. She kept on exhaling her cool and sensuous breath onto him. Thanks to the power of Chilean sorcery, it was as if he felt hypnotized by his ex-girlfriend’s determination. He gasped and moaned as the sensation that she produced dominated his current psyche.

She slid her finger up from his chest to his cheek. “Does it feel good for you?”

“Oh, yes.”

He dug his nails deep into her skin, but she only felt a little jab.

She murmured, “Look at Andrew. Watch as he feels the same way.”

Brent turned his head to see his friend experiencing the same opulent trance caused by a rousing aroma. Just the sight of a young man with his hair floating erratically in the mechanical breeze made his cock grow harder than usual.

Sophie asked, “Don’t you think he’s handsome?”

Brent took a deep breath. “Yes, I do.”

Martina asked Andrew the same question, to which he replied with a simple “yes.”

“Then, go to him.”

Both Sophie and Martina got down on their knees and brought their tiny captives down on the bed. They released their fingers from Brent and Andrew’s bodies. Sophie picked up the remote control from the nightstand and turned on the stereo system from on top of the chest of drawers. It took several seconds for the speakers to blare the first few notes of electronic trance music at mid volume. Brent and Andrew, still small in terms of size, closed their eyes and let the simple and ambient rhythms of the music enhance their senses.

Sophie and Martina placed their arms on the side of the bed and leaned their heads over.

Martina muttered to the two young men, “Open your eyes, my darlings. Take a look at your friend.”

Brent and Andrew gazed at each other. As they took deeper breaths due to the stimulating fragrance in the air, they looked into each other’s eyes. With rising arousal hanging in their heads, the sight of a naked man made their members even stiffer than ever.

“Oh, he makes you hard, doesn’t he? Go ahead. Come closer.”

By following Martina’s command, Andrew grabbed Brent’s arms while Brent began to stroke Andrew’s chest. Their heads were only two inches apart. The music from the speakers grew tense, the audible bass swelling to a more strident level.

“Do it, you two. You know you want to.”

Brent never realized how attractive his best friend really was. Amidst the hypnotic musical trance, he gave him a kiss to mark a volatile infatuation no longer in hiding. The two young men embraced, wrapping their arms around each other’s backs. Potent feminine breath permanently altered their cerebral hardwiring and replaced their traditional needs for something that only Sophie and Martina found appropriate.

Brent and Andrew stopped kissing and found themselves panting. Brent placed his hand on the back of Andrew’s neck as he stared straight into his eyes. Sharing their warmth seemed to have a positive effect.

Brent whispered, “Oh, Andrew. I want you. Please tell me you feel the same way.”

Andrew licked Brent’s lips before replying, “I want you so bad.”

As Escort Halkalı the music continued, a female vocalist began to resonate with some straightforward lyrics. However, it became genuine bliss to the men’s ears. Andrew grabbed both of their cocks and rubbed them together, both shafts pointing upward. Brent received a more dynamic feeling from this simple action. Gasping, he gave Andrew another long kiss. Sophie and Martina just watched from above, feeling impressed with the circumstances that they had created for themselves.

Martina licked her lips. “Oh, you are doing well.”

Andrew gave her a sidelong glance. “Yes, we are. Do you want us to keep going?”

“It would be nice.”

Still under the women’s devious spell, Andrew told his friend to turn around. Brent didn’t say a word as he spun one-hundred-and-eighty degrees. They now stood facing the same direction. Andrew began kissing Brent on the cheek before closing the fingers of his right hand around Brent’s six-inch plaything. He slid his fingers up and down, granting Brent a welcome encouragement for an impending climax. He let out soft moans as Andrew pushed and rubbed his cock against Brent’s buttock. Their hips moved back and forth in a pattern. They held each other tight.

Martina still provided motivation with her alluring accent. “Oh, yes. Don’t stop, my darlings. It looks impressive.”

Andrew didn’t stop his repetitive progress with his friend’s prick. As he sped up his hand movement, Brent couldn’t stop with his moans and quick breaths. He almost let out a girly whimper when he reached his orgasm. Thick creamy cum spewed out from his shaft and onto the blanket. Little drops inadvertently landed on Andrew’s fingers. Brent relaxed himself while Andrew examined the liquid substance on his own skin. The temptation seemed too great. He licked the drops of semen off of his fingers.

Sophie grinned. “I love it. It’s making me hot right now.”

Andrew whispered in Brent’s ear, “Let me fuck you hard.”

Brent looked timid at the moment. “I’m yours. Fuck me please!”

Andrew backed away as Brent got on his hands and knees and fully exposed his bare buttocks at him. He nudged his pair of hefty bumps, since Andrew held a look of untouchable ardor on his face.

Brent gave him a dirty look. “Push it in. I know you want to.”

As soon as he got down on his knees, Andrew slapped his cock around the blond man’s clear entrance.

Brent blurted, “Don’t stop! I want it inside me.”

The music gave itself a more epic scale as it grew more electrifying with its deep bass, smooth synthesizers and powerful female vocals. It became a perfect time for Andrew to shove his cock inside Brent’s thin canal. Brent’s loud moan was followed by shorter shameless cries. Andrew grabbed hold of his friend’s hips as he thrust his ravenous member in and out of the hole that he longed for. Brent tightened his grip on the blanket as he tried to overcome the irresistible sensation that engulfed the entire state of his body and brainpower. He moaned even louder, giving Sophie and Martina supplementary satisfaction. Sophie would never forgive her ex-boyfriend for discarding her for someone else, which is why she took big pleasure in watching him endure deep penetration. She smiled, engrossed by such an explicit spectacle.

Andrew provided more force to his pelvic thrusts, assuring that it would take longer for that long-awaited climax to arrive.

Brent couldn’t stop moaning at such a high volume. “Oh, it’s so good! I can’t take it anymore!”

But Andrew didn’t stop. Several minutes passed. Both Sophie and Martina let out their own soft whimpers as they found themselves deeply aroused by the performance of their two visual artists. Andrew grabbed Brent’s shoulders and pulled him closer. He placed one hand on Brent’s hip and the other on his shoulder. They held each other even as they carried on with their rapid movements. With the temperature rising and the humidity staying intact, both men had drops of sweat sliding down their foreheads and all the way to their cheeks.

“Harder, Andrew! Harder!”

Andrew used up all of his frenetic energy to keep himself inside his friend. At last, the two of them surrendered to their climax. Brent’s scream didn’t last long as both he and Andrew collapsed on the bed. Panting, they found themselves completely exhausted. Andrew’s milky seed had been ejected from his cock and flooded Brent’s vessel. Brent gave him a smile and a kiss.

Martina took a deep breath. “Oh, that was so fun.”

Sophie stood up. “I couldn’t agree more.”

She left the bedroom and returned with a cubic-shaped birdcage with thin white bars. She and Martina picked up their entertainers and placed them in the cage.

Once she locked the entrance, Sophie proclaimed, “The two of you are my prisoners. I don’t know when I will release you from this spell, but I hope it won’t be sooner than expected.”

Martina asked, “Why don’t you keep them for the rest of the weekend? You can have your friends come visit you and watch these two perform for you.”

“It’s a good idea.”

Sophie pointed at her ex-boyfriend. “You be a good boy now.”

Brent lunged for Andrew and embraced him, an anxious look on his face as he gazed at his former girlfriend. “Will this be a harsh punishment?”

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