Her Penance

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My eyes dragged over Chrissi’s long, curvy, perspiring nude form standing in front of me. Her hands were shackled above her head of luscious, wavy blonde hair, which hung down to her shoulder blades, except for where it was stylishly buzzed tight on the right side of her head. Vibrant green eyes were locked on mine as I paced around. The brilliantly colored rainforest scene on her left shoulder and upper arm danced as she strained against the chain holding her up on tiptoes. Two steel bars ran through the fat pink nipples that capped her firm, heavy DD breasts. Her soft, wide hips joined together at her thin landing strip of wispy blonde hairs. The moist flower of her big outer lips blossomed from under her mound.

“So tell me pet,” I began as casually as I could. “Why shouldn’t I flog the hide off you?”

My business trip in Singapore had been shorter than expected, so I jumped at the chance to run home and surprise Chrissi. I flew back two full days early, making reservations at our favorite restaurant on the way. Slipping into the house, I saw what she had done.

She was asleep on the couch, naked and flushed. Two vibrators lay gleaming in the dull evening light. I knew that afterglow like the back of my hand. And she knew she didn’t have my permission to orgasm that day. Or at all, while I was gone.

So there she found herself, shackled to the ceiling in our playroom with an angry pink handprint on her ass, stammering to justify herself.

“I…I’m so sorry, Master. I had been so good while you were gone and I just…I….”

Her protests faded. She knew she was in for it.

“How many times?” I asked sternly.

“I….” Her eyes dropped to the floor. “Twice, Sir.”

Unbelievable. I shook my head as I walked over to our toychest, deciding what to do. Digging around, I picked out two different cat o’ nine tails, a small bullet vibrator, a ribbed glass dildo, clover clamps, and handful of small weights. Chrissi’s eyes bulged as I arranged them on the table in front of her.

“I have to punish you, you know.”

She dropped her gaze to my feet.

“Yes Sir, I know.”

“You know I was going to let you cum as much as you wanted tonight? Any way you wanted?”

Chrissi just whimpered. Picking up the nipple clamps, I draped them around my neck as I strolled over to her. I wanted her to really stew over her punishment. Slowly walking around her, I pulled up close behind her and cupped her tits in my hands. The way she purred under my touch, I almost wished I didn’t have to punish her.

Without warning, I pinched her nipples, hard, and pulled them away from her body, holding them there a few seconds before letting them go. This drew a satistfying yelp from my dear slave. Fixing the clamps on her hard nubs, I gave the chain a quick tug, then walked around in front of her kuşadası escort again.

“I hope you made those count, Chrissi. You’re going to ride my cock tonight, and beg, and beg, and beg to cum. But you won’t. Not until we’re even.”

By now I had the flogger in my hand, and had gently emphasized the word “beg” by softly tapping each time against her thighs, just below her shapely ass. Her hamstrings tensed with each slap of the suede strands. She yelped when the first hard swing landed on her left cheek. Strolling around her now, I landed three consecutive soft taps across her legs, hip, and stomach, until the next hard strike hit her on the thigh.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said breathily. “I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you, Master.”

“Good girl. I have a few thoughts on how you can do your penance.”

“Of course, Sir. Whatever you decide, I only want to do my penance.”

I smiled. She might regret that. The next whack of the flogger landed across her lower belly, followed by another one working up towards her heaving, flushed breasts.

“Remember before I left, and this very flogger made you cum?”

Chrissi’s eyes bulged out of her skull. I had used the flogger on her pussy, keeping her squirming and totally overstimulated until she finally succumbed, practically screaming in tongues, to the sensory overload. It took her nearly ten minutes to be able to tell me how much she liked it.

“We’re going to get you right. Along. The edge,” I said, deliberately, as flogger strkes to her delicate breasts underscored the gravity of her situation. Chrissi whimpered as I leaned in and kissed one of the rising pink stripes on the side of her tit.

“Whatever pleases you, Sir. I’m going to make it up to, whatever it takes.”

“Good girl.” I kissed her and tugged the chain between her nipples once more.

She pressed her breasts out as a few more strikes landed on them, left and right in succession, moaning softly and thanking her Master for each. Slowly I worked the flogger down across her stomach and back to her thighs, lazily zeroing in on her leaking pussy.

The first time the straps met her lips, it was barely more than an accidental tap, but it already elicited a long moan. I knew she had been looking forward to the next time we played with this toy in equal parts eagerness and trepidation. A precise flick of my wrist bumped the cat o’nine against her pussy once more, this time following it up by dragging the tails along her wet folds.

Twice more like that, and twice more she thanked me for it. Our previous play with flogging her pussy left her sweaty, drained, and lost for words, but it took us a long time to work up to higher levels of stimulation from the flogger. Tonight, though, she was already splaying her thighs and pressing her plump mound kuşadası escort bayan towards it, panting eagerly.

“You know the drill, pet. As close as you can get to cumming, then you tell me and keep tally. Does this feel good on your pussy already, Chrissi?”

“Ohhh yes, Master, it really does. Please hit my tight little puss harder. I’ll edge as much as you want, Master.”

Chrissi moaned the last word as I hit her again, harder now, with the flogger. Her hips bucked hard towards me after the blow.

“Please Sir that hurts so fucking good. Hit me harder.”

I smiled as she begged for more, knowing just how much I could tease her now. I delivered two quick, lighter taps to her crotch before a sharp, hard one landed. I chuckled at the delighted yelp that came out of her. Without giving her time to regain her composure, I kept a steady stream of quick, light strikes to her center until she finally needed mercy.

“Please, Sir, stop, I’m close,” Chrissi pleaded.

I whipped the flogger away from her and stepped close, holding her face.

“Thank you Master. That’s one.”

I kept up a nonchalant tapping rhythm on the inside of her thigh as she cooled down. I didn’t want to give her too much too early, and was beginning to think about how I should get my own relief. A scheme emerged by the time Chrissi was ready for more.

Once again starting off slowly and gently, I increased the pace and power of the cat o’nine tails on her folds until she squirmed away moaning and crying out. She counted off her second near-orgasm, and before long we started all over again. And again, with less time to recover. And once more until her wetness glistened against her twitching thighs as she hung, limp and sweaty, from her chains.

“Good girl,” I whispered in Chrissi’s ear as I kissed her jaw. “You did great my little pet. Come with me.”

“Thank you, Master. I love pleasing you, Sir,” she said breathlessly as I unhooked her shackles and led her over to the table, bending her over it with her hands cuffed behind her back. I picked up the large glass dildo next to her and nestled it between her plump ass cheeks.

“I’m glad you love pleasing me, slut. Because I’ve got some catch-up to play.”

I rolled the dildo around between the cleft of her butt to warm it up, and marvelled as her wet pussy sucked it right up into her. I slid it in and out of her, with a gentle twisting motion, as I smacked her ass a few more times with my free hand.

“You don’t need much warmup at all tonight, do you my slut? You miss my cock, don’t you?”

Before she could even reply, I had undone my fly and slid myself up into her heavenly wetness. I slid the entire length of my cock in one smooth go, letting her walls twitch and adjust to me once I bottomed out with a groan.

“Oh escort kuşadası god Sir, yes I missed your cock so much. Thank you for fucking me even though I was such a bad girl.”

My hips thrust into her in a quick, easy rhythm. She was so wet from everything we had done up to now, I could feel her juices leaking down onto my balls. I started alternating my thrusts, some hard, slow ones, followed up by quicker ones. I was trying to stave off my own climax as much as anything.

Before long, I heard Chrissi’s plea.

“Please Sir, slow down, I’m so close to cumming.”

With an unsatisfied grunt I slipped out of her velvety pussy and unshackled her hands. I got a fistful of her hair and guided her down to the floor with me. I knew I needed to get off myself, and there was one last way I could drive her wild.

“Ride my cock, pet. You still can’t cum, and I’ll tell you when I’m close. I’m going to cum in your mouth tonight, you haven’t earned having me finish inside you yet.”

Her eyes bulged again as she nodded. She absolutely loved being on top of me, it rarely failed to get her off, so this would be a massive challenge for her. She dutifully straddled my hips and aimed me into her opening.

“Yes Sir. Anything to make you haaaaappy with me again.”

Her words stretched out as my cock filled her again, hitting all her favorite spots. Her hips rocked forward and back, slowly. Chrissi gasped as our bodies ground together, stimulating her sensitive button. I knew these moves as her stall tactics – it wasn’t the first time she had to ride me without orgasm as punishment. I sat up and grabbed her hair again.

“I said ride my cock, bitch. Fuck me like the dirty slut you are,” I snarled in her ear.

The words kicked her into overdrive, just like I knew they would. She ground up and down on my shaft, putting a delicious little wiggle into her thrusts as she bottomed out. Her hands grew heavier on my chest, and her curling fingertips told me she was doing her best not to get off herself. To help her out, I pinched and pulled each of her nipples. Hard.

She screamed as the pain distracted her from orgasm, but not from fucking me as hard as she knew how. I felt myself losing control.

“Now, Chrissi.”

It was a well rehearsed ballet as she hopped off, with a long disappointed groan, and knelt with her mouth open and tongue out, waiting for my cock. I stood up and pushed myself into her ready lips. She gripped my shaft and sucked, and I was done for.

My knees went weak as I grunted like a caveman. She kept pumping my and sucking and swirling her tongue exactly the way that made me powerless. All the week’s tension erupted out of my core and spilled out of her mouth and dripped onto her heaving bosom. Finally, after what felt like minutes, my orgasm’s final waves rippled out into nothing, and I slid my soft, overstimulated cock from Chrissi’s mouth. She gamely swallowed what she could, but we were both sticky messes.

“I didn’t cum, Sir.”

“Good girl,” I said, kissing her forehead. “We’re even now….for the first time you broke the rules.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32