Her Voyeuristic Fantasy

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It was a warm summer night with a light breeze. Brian couldn’t sleep and he didn’t want to be in his room, so he decided to go for a walk. As he made his way down the street, he happens to look over and see this beautiful lady opening her bedroom windows. He wasn’t normally one to sit and watch at a distance but he couldn’t help himself…

(however, for some reason, he’s very intrigued…)

She had no idea that someone was just outside. The blinds were open just enough for him to look inside. As she starts to undress, starting with her shirt moving oh so sensually. Once her shirt is off, she goes for her bra. Brian couldn’t believe what he was seeing so he moves closer to get a better view.

(Brian is really interested in what he’s seeing. He loves her breasts and wonders what size they are)

The bra joined the shirt when it fell to the floor. Suddenly she looked in the mirror, and then turned around and immediately he saw that she had a nice set of breasts, but it was almost as if it was intentional, like she wanted him to see them. However, he knew better. He guessed to be somewhere between a B&C cup. He so wanted to get his hands on them to rub, and suck on them…

(Brian’s cock was really starting to bulge in his pants.)

Brian continued to watch her through the window as she continues to get undressed. Her pants and panties were suddenly taken off in one swift motion -he couldn’t believe what he saw. Almost directly in front of him was a perfectly shaven pussy and a nice set of legs he was certain come up and made an ass of themselves. She pulled back the covers to get into bed and slid in coolly. Suddenly she had this feeling that someone was watching her. She looked over to the window and thought she saw someone but as he couldn’t be too sure just yet

She had been turned all day and could wait to get some relief…her pussy ached and was very creamy. She started by slowly massaging her breast and punching her nipples…this turned her kütahya escort on even more. Then she moved her hands down even lower to the top of her clit. ..Brian was very hard and dying to let her know he was out there watching her and wanted to help her…he decided not to let her know just yet

(he stayed just far enough away…)

As she began to touch herself she let out a soft moan that drove Brian crazy. He loved hearing her, watching her. She turned him on so very much. She began to rub her clit a little faster and then a little more. She took her other hand and inserted two fingers into her tight pussy; her breathing had changed it was heavier…

Brian was right directly outside the window now, not caring if he got caught.. He couldn’t stand just sitting there watching her no longer. He came up to the window and she heard the rustling of the bushes outside. She turns her head and looks out the window seeing him there and acts with no surprise at the sight of him. With a sly grin on his face, she simply asked “do you like what you see?”

(immediately struck with fear that he had been caught, he nods unknowingly of what would happen next)

She asks him if he would like to join her and again he nods. She tells him to go to the front door and she would let him so nervously he goes to the front door while she quickly wraps a towel around her and goes to the door to let him in. As she opens the front door, she gets a better view of the man that was catching her. she asks him his name and although he stuttered a bit with nervousness, he answers back “Brian.”

(Brian feels very awkward but keeps on his mind that he still has a raging hard on)

She grabs him by the hand and leads him in, shutting the front door and locking it behind him. She then continues to her room, immediately dropping the towel and suddenly and aggressively reaches over and rips off his shirt As his hands begin to explore her body, she malatya escort unbuttoned his pants and removed them and his boxers in one quick movement.

(Brian reached up and cupped her tender breast, running his fingers over her nipple)

She loves seeing hes so hard he is and her body tingles from his touch…

(he longs to be closer to her; their naked bodies, but he knows he’s getting ahead of himself)

She pushes him toward the bed. They both get into the bed, their hands still exploring each others bodies. She asked him if he remembered just where she left off. He said you were rubbing your clit. Remembering this, she pushed him away and told him to watch. She didn’t know how he felt about this but he did as commanded. She always wanted to be watched and this was her one chance, so she laid back giving him full view of everything. He started stroking his hard cock and she picked up right where she left off.

(he had no choice but to touch himself. He felt enormously turned on)

He so wanted to be inside her and to touch her again. She started rubbing faster, moaning. Brian reached over and touched her thigh. He begged her not to cum yet because he wanted to be the one to make her cum. He started kissing her thighs lightly and tenderly and she gasped with intense pleasure and he smiled at her lustfully.

(realizing she may submit to his request, he moves forward.)

She was ok with this as he moved his kisses up her thigh to what he noticed a very swollen, creamy pussy she had. He just knew she’d taste as amazing as she looked

on her amazing pussy which was more sexually swollen than he’d ever seen. Suddenly he stopped she wondered if she did something wrong. He asked where the bathroom was and she pointed off the bedroom and said that it was just through that door (it was connected to her bedroom.) He made his way to the bathroom and comes back with towels.. He took a chance in hoping she’d be manisa escort into pee play, something he had loved since he was very little for some reason. He returned to the bed and told her to raise her hips off of the bed, placing several towels under her hips. She was very confused by this but it only raised her excitement to a new level. .

Brian made his way back to eating her pussy it tasted so good, even better now that she had become more excited and more creamy than before he stopped the first time. She screamed out in pleasure as she came all over his face, only stopping when he removed his tongue from her clit.

He looked at her and smiled..he was so pleased he made her cum so much.. He looks at her and orders her to pee. (“What? He wants me to do WHAT?”) This was very strange to her but somehow turned her on even more, which she didn’t think was possible. She obeyed his orders however and let go a small slow, stream of pee. Brian was ready for this and put his hand in it, feeling the warmth of it This was a big turn on for Brian. Suddenly she got brave peed harder and Brian immediately opened his mouth to catch some. He enjoyed what he was tasting very much and, after he got what he wanted, she knew he was ready to explode and quite honestly, she was too. They couldn’t take it anymore. Brian climbed on top of her and slid his hard cock into her wet, creamy pussy.

Brian started thrusting and she watched his pace as it plunged in and out of her hot pussy. They were moving as one; she rocked her hips, his hands on her breast, hips; what ever he needed to rock harder. Her hands were scratching his back. They were both moaning breathing heavily She ordered him to cum for her: “do it! cum for me and fill my pussy with your cum! you know you want to!” and then suddenly… he did! He came hard and fast, all the while she came right there with him. He fell on top of her from ecstasy and she panted hard and tenderly caressed his shoulders. Brian rolled off beside her, her head now on his chest. They said nothing and just enjoyed the feeling of orgasmic ecstasy that hung it the air, knowing that this voyeuristic event had just become a very intense and long term event that would define who they were and what they wanted from now and on into however long it lasted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32