High and Low Ch. 03

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Brenda really wasn’t happy. Here she was aimlessly wandering around West Hollywood on a wild weekend that had lasted two months. She was going to go back to her apartment in Long beach and get her head together.

Many men and women couldn’t help notice Brenda as she strolled along though. With her sexy spike heeled strut, with her incredible ass cheeks almost busting her denim. Her size C tits jutting out, near bursting her skimpy sky blue nylon top. Making many a mouth water.

This blonde was a looker.

She had taken a break from working as an assistant nurse at LA general hospital. It was burning her out and the last few months had been crazy. She had done a lot of drugs. A lot of partying. She had a lot of sex. She had met Karen!

She had sex with Karen! Karen was crazy!

Today she walked through the shoppers from the suburbs. The street people. The beautiful people. Goth’s, punk rockers, metal heads, hip hoppers and gangsters. The gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and transsexuals. The crazy people. The conservatives. The hookers and dealers. Everybody.

She was walking thinking about her problems, and then she saw him. Simon! Simon was walking along looking like some kind of post hippie techno bohemian. Scraggly messy longish light brown hair, wearing some kind of tight sleeveless club wear tee shirt, with slanted black and silver diagonal lines. He wore lots of silver and gold bangles.

He wore the tightest jeans, accentuating a very sluttish feminine ass. He was barefoot wearing a toe-ring. He walked in such a sultry way. Somehow Brenda found this so very fucking sexy! Other people did too from the looks he got.

“Simon. Hi! ” she said.

She walked up to him and placed Gaziantep Olgun Escort one of her fake long nailed hands on his fore arm. “How are you? ” she said affectionately.

“I’m all right I guess, ” said Simon.

“You look hungry! ” said Brenda very concerned.

They went and sat at a table at an outdoor cafe.

“At least there is no pesky smokers sitting near. You want something to drink? Beer or wine? ” said Brenda.

“No , I don’t drink much. Ice tea for me. I hate smoking too, ” said Simon.

“Wow! So sweet! So seemingly uncorrupted. Very innocent, yet so fucking sexy too! ” thought Brenda.

“I’ve been crazy lately! ” admitted Brenda.

“I’ve been doing drugs. I’ve been a bit of a slut. I had sex with Karen. Karen is nuts! ” she said.

“I don’t do drugs. They scare me, ” said Simon.

“I don’t have many friends though, ” he added.

“Karen treats you like shit! She bosses you around! She’s unreal! ” said Brenda as they both picked at pasta dishes.

After eating they wandered the streets checking out second hand stores and thrift shops. They soon wound up back at Simon’s place.

Before entering they had met Simon’s landlady Jessica. She was a greying blond fifty something lady who still had quite the body to say the least.

She wore a red velvet waist jacket over a white blouse and tight blue jeans. Simon always found her hands incredibly sexy. Why, he didn’t know. Maybe it was because of the way she waved them and articulated with them.

She wore gold rings and silver bracelets and something about her smoking her cigarettes always seemed so sexy to Simon. So sensual.

They had run into her when she was doing some weeding of the small front yard.

“Pleased to meet you, ” she said to Brenda seemingly pleased that Simon had a new friend other than that loud obnoxious Karen or whatever her name was.

“Do you always go barefoot? ” asked Brenda, while they sat opposite each other in the living room. She kicked off her heels.

“I hate wearing shoes, ” said Simon.

“I’d love to go barefoot too, It’s so cool, but I’m such a square, ” laughed Brenda.

“Let me see the bedroom! ” she then asked.

Soon they were both sitting next to each other on Simon’s bed.

“You seem so nice, ” said Brenda.

She placed her hand on Simon’s thigh and rubbed sensually. Slightly catching his hardening prick with her pinky finger. She placed one of her feet on his and curled her toes around the edge of his foot.

She then unzipped his fly and began stroking his cock.

“My! You’re getting hard babe! ” she smiled and hissed.

She kissed his cheek several times. She then threw her mouth onto Simon’s lips. Her tongue entered Simon’s mouth. Simon caught on, and so began the sensual sexy tongue wrestle. A messy very pleasurable saliva exchange while she kept on stroking his cock.

With her free hand she grabbed Simon’s hand and placed it on her Breast. She moaned in delight as Simon massaged her juicy plums. Her toes curled around the edge of his foot even more.

“Oh God! ” she squealed.

She jumped up and tore off her jeans.This was one vibrant hot pussy. Her long California girl legs were naked bliss.

“Take them off!Take them off! ” she implored Simon as he removed his jeans too.

She jumped on the bed with her back to the head board and spread her legs wide.

She curled her finger at Simon.

“Come on babe! ” she implored.

“I’m so fucking hot, ” she said rubbing her cunt area with her thin sexy fingers. Simon got on his knees on the bed and placed his hard prick into her pussy.

Brenda threw her legs high in the air, wrapping them around Simon’s neck.

Simon began pumping in furious strokes. So turned on that this woman had taken the lead and told him what to do. God it turned him on.

“Oh fuck! That’s so good, ” screamed Brenda as Simon pumped even harder. The head board smashed against the wall in rhythm.

As he fucked her, her legs slid up and down his torso. Her feet massaging his back and neck.

He placed his hands on her firm buttocks as his cock slid in and out, and up and down.

“God! Simon must think I’m a slut! ” Brenda laughingly thought. Loving the the fact this sexy fem boy was fucking her raw.

“I mean, I made it with Karen right in his living room! ” she slyly thought while amidst in the sexual ecstasy.

“Maybe she has a thing for bare feet too, ” it entered Simon’s mind as his sexual tension increased even more, and he continued to bang this LA beauty.

“God! He’s so androgynous and sexy! ” the thought blazed through Brenda’s mind as his cock probed and satiated her main erotic zone.

The fucking continued relentlessly until Simon finally felt the sperm shooting out of his cock.

“I’m ejaculating! ” he screamed.

“God! God! God! ” purred Brenda. Taking in her final orgasm and locking her legs around Simon in a vice grip. Finally the bed stopped shaking.

Simon sat on the edge of the bed panting. Brenda spent a moment to regain her breath.

She then sat next to him and kissed him repeatedly, passionately on the cheek.

“That was beautiful Simon. Just beautiful.”

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