High Heels

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You tense at the sound. You know it as well as you know yourself, it’s her heels on the tile floor. She loved to wear them when you’d meet and tonight was no different although you expected something, what you weren’t sure; but something…

So you wait.. as you always have and will; kneeling naked; hands bound; head bowed, as you’d been taught. The heels getting closer the faint smell of jasmine you know as hers assails your nostrils. You realize your cock is hard and engorged and you haven’t even seen her yet. You swallow hard. You hope she is not displeased, for she is your mistress and you her slave and you would do nothing to displease her.

OMG the heels are closer..

You remember the first time you met. She was very nice but you sensed a power within her; a power drawing you like a moth into the flame. She wasn’t beautiful but something about her presence commanded you even before she spoke. Her voice soft and melodious contrasting with the power within. You toyed with each other then she had no idea of her affect on you. You wanted to belong to her to serve her she wanted only to be with you to love you. You’d ask her about the power if she felt it. She admitted to feeling something but power? hmm who knew?

She resisted at first.. she loved you she didn’t want to order you. But she too sensed something. Sensed your need to be dominated. You wrote volumous mail to each other detailing rendezvous’ involving her dominating you. And then one day.. she did it she did it all on her own. She wrote the story. You remembered how your hands trembled as you read it. How she must have felt as she typed it Typing the words that gave you orgasm after orgasm.

You were lost and disorientated.. the fog surrounding you like a blanket so you stumbled into an open doorway to find yourself in a club. The inner door was manned by a burly doorman who seemed to know you. As you headed for the door he grabbed your elbow and directed you to a hidden alcove and another door.

He opened it for you and you could hear the chatter within it was dark kuşadası escort and smoky like most clubs you’d been at lately. As your eyes got accustomed to the darkness something about this room makes your head reel. Before you can react and turn she has you. Grabbed you so quick and had the collar on you before you could even think about what was happening. Your senses returning to you, you realize you’re naked “Hey what is go….” but you never finish the sentence. A nudge of her foot and you’re down on all fours. She reaches down and tousles your hair and you realize you love this; this is what you live for.

Her hand lightly slaps your ass and then travels around to stroke your balls as they hang free under you. Thinking to your self “egads man you’re about to cum and she hasn’t even touched your cock yet”. Then you feel it, the jerk on the collar and realize you’re leashed as well. Another jerk more insistent then the first tells you to move. You hear the words of appreciation as she walks you around the room with you on all fours. Her hold on the collar is such that you cannot lift your head up. You sense movement near you and realize someone has approached.. You tense not knowing what to expect but in an instant a growl coming from her tells the approacher to back off. She has claimed you.. you are hers.

She leads you over to a sunken area and as you two descend the crowd moves in around you. You realize you are being displayed and this realization makes you love her all the more, now you understand what it is to belong to someone completely and without reservation you know you are hers and will do anything she ask of you. She lays upon a chaise and pulls you over by the collar. Absently she begins to stroke your face, which hardly masks the adoration you have for her. She takes the collar and pulls you down to her pubic hair. Questionably you look at her she only smiles her encouragement as you begin to run your tongue through her pubic hair.

Her legs open wider and seeing this additional encouragement your tongue flicks kuşadası escort bayan out over her clit and she gasps which in turn draws approving comments from your audience. Your audience, you’ve forgotten about them, there is only the two of you.. you and her and you are lost in the scent of her. She picks her legs up and rests them on your shoulders her hands in your hair roughly pulling you to her. You push your tongue into her and she moans and arches off the chaise. Her clit engorged now you take it between your lips and lightly play with it sending waves of pleasure through her.

Glancing quickly to your right you see a woman pushed to the floor as a large erect cock is forcibly pushed through her lips. Obviously enjoying her self she is sucking her partner with relish. Another couple, both female each have their hands between the others legs enjoying the wetness of each other. The moaning of your mistress brings you back to reality and you worship her body with your mouth and tongue. Then you gently push a finger all the way into her and now she is hot her orgasm coming just over the brink she reaches down her hand on top of yours and shows you how to move it. It’s more then a command but it doesn’t matter, you are helpless to resist. Moving your fingers in and out of her, her body arching and writhing on your fingers you are filled with desire as you watch and the orgasm racks her body.

Your pleasure will come when she allows it but for now you wait.

You continue following her instructions as she guides you to her pleasure. Again you sense a movement off to the right and you glance at your mistress as she raises her head smiles and moans all the louder. You realize a hand is upon you and you react by looking fearfully at your mistress. Her look tells you to allow anything and you settle back to pleasing her. The woman you realize it is a woman, moves to kiss your mistress and its all you can do to keep from coming. You continue tonguing your mistress all the time watching the two of them.. Your Mistress’s hand guides escort kuşadası you to the other woman.. the encouraging look and commanding demeanor in her hand you know she wants you to please her friend as well. You quickly move to the other woman and being licking her. Her taste and scent only slightly different from your mistress you relish the honor your mistress has given you having never shared you before.

The pleasure in the other woman only brings a smile to your mistress’s face and you beam at this knowing you have pleased her as well. The woman’s orgasms wrack her body and you find your head pressed tightly against her. Moving back slightly you see your mistress and her friend kissing. God she is torturing you, you’ve never seen her with another woman let alone been able to join her and her special friends. You cock aching for release you watched mesmerized as the two women pleasure each other. Her friend whispers in your mistress’s ear and you are called and ready to serve. You look confused as you are laid on an adjacent chaise her friend intent on stroking you. Your whole body aches as you look to your mistress for instruction. She only smiles. “Mistress may I come?” No answer The agony so painful now so all encompassing.. “Please Mistress” you whisper Her hand moves to your face and she kisses you forcibly putting her tongue in your mouth you moan knowing you can’t hold out much longer.. Her look betraying nothing she commands you to come and relief floods you as you feel her friends’ mouth wrapped tight around your cock your balls spasm and you’re shooting vast amounts of hot white come into her mouth and down her throat. Your Mistress is pleased as she strokes your face. Kissing you softly your body shaking and dripping wet with sweat this is what you live for.. the look on her face the feeling of utter release the total belonging to another. Her hand absently runs over your collar and you know you love her would do anything for her and you are so proud as she pulls you up to her . And for the first time since she placed her collar on you tower over her standing tall and proud. She tugs on the collar and as you leave the only sound you hear is the tapping of her high heels on the tile floor.

Then suddenly you find yourself forced to the floor “STEVEN!! Pay attention” her foot absently tapping on the tile floor and you smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32