High School Sweetie

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It was my senior year in high school and I had been dating Pam most of the year. We were both old for our grade as I turned 18 before the school year and she turned 18 a month after school started. I was in Cross Country and was rated one of the top runners in state based upon my strong Jr. year. However, my passion was not there and I quit cross country and decided to go out for the school play. This was where I met Pam.

Pam perused me. I was always shy around girls. I had given her a ride home one night and we had a nice visit. The next day she showed up at my house with some of her friends saying she forgot her purse in my car. Looking in the car it was nowhere to be found. Only later to find out she said that as an excuse to see me.

It wasn’t long and we were an item. I was very inexperienced with woman. I had only kissed a girl once before Pam. Pam was very animate that we would not have sex because her older sister got pregnant before she got married and her parents shunned her from the family. I was okay with this as we took care of our needs in many different ways.

It was a Friday night Dan and Sandy were having a party at Dan’s house. We were the first to arrive. Dan and Sandy decided to go upstairs and have a quickie before the other guest arrived. Pam looked at me and said, “I think we should take advantage of this time too. Do you still have that rubber you have been caring around in your wallet for the last 4 months?”

I smiled and said, “Yes I do.” I took out my wallet and produced the condom that had now made a nice round circle in my wallet.

We went to a back room and started to make out on the floor. It wasn’t long before we had our pants off and I was trying to figure out how to put a condom on my cock. With a little work I finally got it on. She helped guide me towards her wet awaiting pussy.

With one big push I was deep inside her. I saw her eyes go wide and could tell she was in pain.

“Hello, anybody here?” We heard as other couples had arrived.

We quickly got up and grabbed our clothes and headed towards the bathroom. Pam beat me to the bathroom as my pants were around my ankles and I could only take quick short steps. When she got into the bathroom she shut the door and locked it. Leaving me standing in the hallway half naked.

On my right was a curtain the separated the hallway from the furnace room. I jumped into the furnace room just before they came around the corner avoiding being caught.

I grabbed ahold of the condom and pulled it off with a quick hard pull. I had to stifle my scream as I pulled about 10 pubic hairs out with it. I threw the condom behind the furnace and quickly got dressed and went out to join our friends.

Pam joined us shortly. She whispered, “I think you forced my period to start. There was blood.” We were both naïve as we didn’t know that breaking the hymen could cause bleeding.

The party went on and I took Pam home and dropped her off. The next morning I get a call from Pam saying, “We need to talk.” I drove to her house nervous thinking she was pregnant.

When I got there she got in my car and told me about how after I dropped her off a friend of mine had stopped by and told her how he was in love with her and that I was going to break up with her.

I told her eventually we would need to break up. I still had college and a career to start before I would consider getting married. We broke that day. We got back together for a short time so we could go to Prom together topkapı escort then broke up a few weeks later.

I heard through the grape vine Pam got pregnant in college and married the guy. I saw her at a few class reunions but we didn’t really talk much.

Fast forward 30 years. Pam and I connected on social media. She had heard my wife had died. She told me about she lost her husband the day she divorced him. She said, “We should get together some time. There are things I have always wanted to ask you.”

Pam was going to be in my area next week and agreed to meet at her hotel bar/restaurant for drinks and appetizers.

By looking at her pictures on social media she hadn’t changed much since high school. I could see she had gained a few pounds and had a few wrinkles. As for me I had changed a lot. In high school my main sport was wrestling. I was always on a diet. I graduated weighing 119 lbs. at 5′ 9″ Now I am 205 lbs. and 5′ 10″.

After work I met Pam at the bar. She already got us a booth. I reached to shake her hand and she said, “I think we are beyond shaking hands.” With that she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

We sat and had drinks and talked about family and jobs. She had remarried 4 years after her husband had died and had two children with her new husband. She loved her job because she got to travel and occasionally her travels brought her to where her children have moved too.

Then came the big question. “So, I have wanted to know for so long. Why did you break up with me right after our first time trying sex?” She asked.

“Pam, we were young. At one time you talked of marriage. That scared me. Heck we were only 18 at the time. We both had a lot of life to explore before we settled down. Now I want to ask you a question. How come you locked me out of the bathroom when we tried having sex?”

We both laughed. I told her what happened afterwards with trying to take off the condom. That brought another big laugh.

Pam, got quite for a bit. Then said, “I wanted you so bad. I wanted our first time to be special. It turned into a disaster. I have relived that moment so many times in my head. Brian, I want another chance to make that time special.”

“Pam, you are married. Are you getting divorced?” I asked.

“No I am not getting divorced. I don’t plan on getting divorced. I just want a second chance to finish what we started.” With that she leaned into me and kissed me gently on the lips. I responded with kissing her back. It turned into a good 30 second kiss.

When we broke our kiss I could see a few people watching us. “Let’s go to your room.” I said as I put a $50 dollar bill on the table to cover our bill.

We held hands as we walked to the elevator. We held hands on the elevator and down the hall to her room. She opened the door to the room and as soon as she closed the door we started to kiss.

The kisses went to deep passionate kisses quickly. My hands were all over her body. I hand my hands on her ass and I pulled her body in tight against me so she could feel how hard she was making me.

I slid my hand off from her ass and slid it up her shirt. I could feel her hard nipples under her bra. She always got really hard nipples when we were young. I loved that about her.

While we kissed and I felt her breasts we slowly worked our way into the bedroom area. I lifted her shirt up and over her head and tossed it onto a chair near us. She had on a shear bra. Her breasts looked the same. fatih escort Dark brown hard nipples and C cup. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on her nipples. I kissed her again and with one hand was able to unhook her bra.

Pam giggled. “You still have that skill.”

Her bra straps slid off her shoulders then her bra fell to the floor. Cupping her breasts I rolled her nipples between my fingers making her moan softly.

I then lowered my head and gently licked her right nipple in a circular motion and then gradually taking it into my mouth.

“Mmmmmm that feels so good. Make love to me Brian. Pretend this is our first time.” She said.

I took off my shirt and by the time I had that off Pam was standing in front of me naked and moving to the bed. I stood in front of her as I lowered my pants and underwear. My cock was fully hard and stood at full attention.

“My god, no wonder why it hurt so bad. I didn’t realize how big you are.” She said. I laughed and got into bed next to her.

I continued my assault on her breasts. Her hips were pumping away and her pussy was grinding on my leg. I moved down working my kisses down her body. It had been awhile since I had seen a hairy pussy. Most women shave it or keep it neatly trimmed. Hers was natural and black just like her hair.

Until that one night we had never done more than me playing with her breasts and humping each other with our pants on. This was my first good look at her pussy.

I parted her wet lips and began my assault on her pussy with my tongue. I ate her pussy while I massaged her breasts. I brought her to 3 strong orgasms where her body would twitch and jump to a loud, “Fucking shittttttt!” each time she came.

I moved up and kissed her deeply letting her enjoy her sweet nectar. The head of my cock was throbbing as it lay by her wet pussy. Her legs parted allowing the tip of my cock touching the just inside her wet lips. I pushed slightly and the head slipped nicely into her warmth. I wanted her just as bad as she wanted me. I slowly entered her until I was all the way in.

“Oh fuck that feels good. I feel so full she.” She moaned.

“You feel amazing Pam.” I told her.

Her legs wrapped around my waist as I slowly fucked her. I took my time but I knew I wouldn’t last long. I only lasted about 10 minutes before I was fucking her hard and deep when I felt my balls filled and needing a release. I thrust hard 3 times and held it deep inside her as I felt several jets of my cum fill her pussy.

Out of breath I collapsed on top of her with my cock still buried deep inside her. I could feel the pressure in my cock starting to go down so I rolled off her and onto my back.

Pam had a big smile on her face as she looked into my eyes and said, “That was everything I had hoped it would be. But I am not done with you yet. I have some other fantasies to fulfill with you.”

Pam slid down and took my half hard cock into her mouth. As it grew she seemed to have more trouble with it. She stopped for a bit to say, “My god you have a thick cock.”

She spent some time licking my shaft and balls. Occasionally taking the head of my cock into her mouth. Her skills were good and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. She could tell as she took more of my cock deeper in her mouth.

I pressed my hands on the back of her head and held her there as I thrust a few times and emptied my seed into her mouth.

Pam didn’t stop. She kept going and I barely went soft. I was fully eyüp escort hard again within a minute. “Now I want just good old naughty sex. Fuck me from behind Brian.” She told me.

I got behind her and was about to enter her when I had a better idea. I got out of bed and gave her my hand and said, “Come here.” I took her to the desk that sat by the window that overlooked the city. I told her to lean over the desk. As she leaned over the desk I went over and opened the curtains.

“What are you doing? People in the other building might see us.” She exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. We don’t know them and they don’t know us. It will be exciting.” I told her.

The thrill of thinking someone might be watching us just added to the excitement. After having two orgasms I lasted a lot longer. Pam was very vocal every time she came. If we had neighbors in the room next to us I was sure they heard her. I was ready to cum. I pulled out and took my cock in my hand a jerked myself off shoot 4 hot jets of seed over her back and ass.

Pam stood up and turned around and said, “You are naughty! I hope someone was watching us and enjoyed the show. It was then that her cell phone rang.

It was her husband. We got back onto the bed while she answered her phone. She seemed to be talking a long time about his work and her work and weekend plans. While she talked I let my fingers explore her pussy. Every time my finger would go across her clit her body would jerk. It was getting difficult for her to talk.

I heard her say, “Yes I met up with him. He was very nice. But he really changed a lot from high school.”

So, he knew we were going to meet.

That turned me on even more. I started to play more and more with her clit. Her breathing was getting heavy and she was having a hard time talking. Finally she said, “Honey, I am tired and have to get up early for my meeting. I will talk to you in the morning.”

The phone dropped from her hand after she disconnected the call. It was seconds later when she was yelling, “Jesus Christ yes, yes, yessssss.” As she came hard on my fingers.

I was so turned on I was hard as a rock again. I put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her hard and deep what seemed like eternity before I finally came deep inside her.

Rolling onto my back I was exhausted. We both fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning hearing the shower running. I got up and went into the bathroom and Pam was already in the shower. I looked in to the shower and her back was to me and she was washing her face. I was already getting hard just seeing her. I slipped into the shower then wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Jesus, you scared me.” She said. “So you are up too.”

I pressed my hard cock up against her ass and said, “My cock is up too.”

“Oh god, I want you so bad. But I don’t have time.” Pam said.

I slid my cock between her legs pushing it against her clit and said, “Are you sure?”

“No, I am not. Maybe I have a little time.” She said as she leaned forward and put her hands against the wall.

We fucked hard in the shower. She could tell I was getting close as I was fucking her hard and fast. She suddenly stood up letting my cock come out of her pussy. She turned around and got on her knees and took me in her mouth and took my whole shaft down her throat. In seconds I exploded shooting my load down her throat.

She stood up with tears in her eyes and said, “I knew I could get that all the way.”

We finished our shower then got dressed. I called into work and told them I would not be in today. I asked her, “We parted with a kiss and said our good byes.

We have a class reunion in two more years. I wonder if she will be there.

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