Highway Patrol’s Lucky Night Pt. 03

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When the boys got home Les texted me as instructed. I ordered him to video call myself and David.

Les did as instructed, after David joined in I told both boys to strip one at the time and remove the eggs from their asses displaying their selves to us. Will removed his first and turned it off. Next Les removed his and turned it off. I ordered the boys to kneel facing the cam.

David asked if they had a good time the last few days and they both answered they had a fantastic time with us. I ordered them to text me their schedules. They agreed and told us they would in the next hour. I ordered them to thank David and I for letting them use our big black cocks. Both boys thanked us for using their asses and mouths as cum dumps for our black cum and they couldn’t wait till next time.

Within the hour I received an invitation to view their calendar. I also ordered Les to text me his address. He responded, “Yes Sir, as you order Sir.”

I saw that on Friday in 1 week they would have 3 days off. I placed David and my name in the empty 3-day block and told them to be ready at 6 am, David and I would pick them up since they were relatively close to David’s house.

David told them we would text when we got close, all they needed is an overnight bag, to make sure their asses were good and clean and have the eggs charged and in place after the ass cleaning. He also told them they needed to be prepared for a short notice arrival so go ahead and get the bag ready.

We were within 10 minutes when I texted Les and told him we were almost there and be ready at the front of the building. I told them we’re driving a jacked up, big tired, Black Ford King Ranch because we knew how they like big and black, with blacked out windows and running boards, Les was to get in the front and Will in the back with me. We drove up and only Les was on the curb with a bag. Les opened the door and said, “Hello Sirs. Will was struck with a 24-hour bug, will I do alone? I have both eggs in my ass.”

David told him he’d do fine. He told him to turn off his cell and put it in his bag and climb in. I slid in behind Les pushing him to the middle between David and I. David and I got our phones and started the eggs. I reached into my bag and handed Les a bag to put over his head which he did with some apprehension. He put his bag on and faced David and I tied the elastic drawstring in a bow.

David ordered him to remove his t shirt. After Les removed his shirt I reached over the seat and got my bag. I removed some twist up suction cups from my bag and put them in place. David took one hand and placed it in his lap and I took one and placed it in my lap.

David talked to a friend that has a summer place at a nearby lake and asked if it was empty. He let us use it occasionally as payback for keeping an eye on it when there was no one there. The owner said it was empty and said it would be nice and quiet, pretty much everyone was gone by now and we’d most likely have the lake to ourselves, so we could get loud and crazy.

I put the address into the Garmin and set it to silent so Les would not know where we were. We made an order online for groceries at a local grocer on the way. When we got to the grocer I pulled the bag off Les’s head and told him to put on his shirt. David called and told them we were outside and gave them the order number. Shortly someone came out with our cart of groceries. A thin white young man of about 25 came out and asked for verification.

When he and David were done checking the order, he said “Thank you Sir, come again Sir,” stressing the sir. David was making small talk now, asking the young man about himself. Every response by Nate to David contained “Sir” in some way or another. David handed him his phone and told him to enter his name and number.

He did as I ordered and handed the cell back saying “Job complete Sir, call anytime Sir. We aim to please Sir.” David trapped him in the open back door and was squeezing his ass. David told him he smelled good and he said, “Thank you Sir and you do too Sir.” David backed off, so Nate could close the door.

Before we left the parking lot. I placed the bag back over Les’s head and ordered him to remove his shirt. When the shirt was removed each of us thumped the screw vacuum. I rolled the hood up so Les mouth was exposed, and we started off again. As the town died away and we were back in the country I ordered Les to remove his pants and underwear.

When Les was naked I ordered him to lay on his back with his head in David’s lap and ass in mine and place his right leg over the seat and his left in the floorboard. David was working the suction devices on Les’s nipples while I worked the eggs in his ass pulling them almost out then pushing them back in. In between turns on the screws David was exploring Les mouth with his fingers letting Les suck them.

We turned off the main road and started down the access road to the cabin. After a few minutes Bayan Escort Gaziantep we arrived. David and I exited the truck and found the key with Les following. Les went for his bag and I told him he wouldn’t be needing that, just grab the groceries. We made quick work of the unloading and ordered Les to put away the refrigerated stuff. It was almost 8 am and we were kind of hungry. David ordered Les to fix some eggs and grits. Les quickly got busy as we watched his sweet little ass.

Les made quick work of breakfast and he fixed ours then his. He asked for permission to sit and David and I thought for a minute finally giving him permission, but he was going to sit in our laps feeding us in turn and taking his plate when he changed laps. Les started in my lap and gave me a forkful then himself. He next changed position to David’s lap doing the same for him and kept this up till the plates were empty and placed them in the sink.

Next David and I both stood and ordered Les to strip us. He stood and removed our shirts and knelt to remove our boots, jeans, and boxer briefs. David looked at me and asked if we dared go for a swim and we headed down to the lake. We waded into the water each holding Les’s hand. When David and I got chest deep Les was already not touching bottom, so we lifted him up between us kissing his neck and face and lips, turning him around doing the same and playing with his ass and balls and the eggs.

We were raising and lowering Les in the water dragging him over our hard cocks letting them touch under his balls and ass. We alternated playing with the screw suction cups, thumping and twisting and pulling. Les was really getting cock addicted or maybe it was just black cock addicted. As we surveyed the lake we only saw one other cabin. It was private, we could only see one other place. We maneuvered Les toward the bank, so he could touch bottom and grabbed a hand each and led him to the cabin. We found towels and let Les dry us.

We chose the largest bedroom, and all tumbled into bed. Les lay back and David knelt over Les mouth placing his nuts in his mouth. I removed the suction cups from Les nipples and replaced them with my mouth sucking and chewing on them. They were good and extended. Les was moaning around David’s nuts, his mouth was full almost to overflowing.

David was sitting down with Les nose in his ass. David would raise up pulling his nuts out of Les’s mouth and I would let him suck my fingers using his spit to work his nipples. I grabbed my bag of tricks and got the lube. I covered three fingers, removed the eggs and started working my fingers into his ass, all the way to the third knuckle. Les was really beginning to thrash around. Change positions I said, me on my back, Les facing me and David kneeling over me to have Les suck his big black cock.

Les crawled up over me and I told him he had been so good I was going to let him fuck himself with my big black cock. Les reached down and took my cock in his hand and placed the head against his asshole and paused. I raised my hips quick opening his ass and he yelled, and David took the opportunity to fill his mouth with Five inches of thick black cock. I stopped and let Les take more and more of my cock in his ass until he was resting at the root. David took Les head in his hands and started working more and more of his cock into Les mouth.

I could see Les throat swell every time David went in deep, I reached up and I could feel David’s cock head enter Les’s throat. Les was getting better and better at controlling his breathing and the gag reflex was gone. As David got into a rhythm face fucking Les he established his own rhythm fucking himself with cock. As Les was fucking himself I grabbed both nipples and started working them. As I worked them David screamed keep doing it, working his nipples was making Les work his cock over even better. I thought then how good Les nipple would look with a piercing.

David said he was fixing to cum as he fucked Les face faster and faster finally holding Les’s face down to his groin, shooting his load deep into Les throat. Les swallowed all the cum even with 10 fat inches of cock in his mouth but it was serving as a pretty good plug. I started working my cock into Les’s ass, in and out, rolling my hips, hitting all the spots including his prostate. We changed position, me with my cock to his ass and David kneeling over Les, on his back I pushed his legs back and David grabbed them and placed his ass over Les mouth. Les got the idea and started eating David’s ass.

As I was pounding deep in and out of Les ass he was thanking us. I was going balls deep and moving my cock around like I was stirring his ass. I felt the cum building and drove deep and stayed feeling Les ass spasming around my cock as I held it deep. I started working on Les nipples again and I told him I was going to get him a piercing. Les said, “Sir, thank You Sir.”

I let my cock soften in Les ass and it finally came out with a very loud pop. Les lay back with me to one side and David to the other. Les reached over to each of us taking our cocks into his hands and thanked us for being such good Sirs and being so good to him. He turned his head to each and kissed us deep. We all fell asleep. When I woke up I got David’s phone and took a picture without heads and sent it to the kid at the grocery and Will, so he would know what he was missing.

I got Les’s phone from the bag and turned it on to see who was texting him. He had a few from Will explaining the virus had passed and he was good as new. I went back to the bed and lay back down. David was starting to stir now. David and I both raised up and started sucking and nibbling Les nipples as his cock started to harden. Les moved his hands to our backs and started rubbing up and down and squeezing our asses.

David jumped up and said lets swim, last one in gets fucked. Of course, Les was the last there, as if he planned it. David lay on the edge of the lake with his chest covered by the water. He ordered Les to straddle him and fuck his self on his fat black 10″ cock. Les took David’s cock in his hand and placed the head at his anus and moved his ass down taking half of David’s cock in his ass.

David reached up and grabbed both nipples and Les groaned. He lay down on David’s body and kissed his chest. I reached under Les and run a finger around his anus where David’s cock was. I finally got my finger in beside David’s cock and Les groaned, I worked another in beside the first and moved them around between David’s cock and Les’s hole. Les was really losing it now as I started to place a third in with the two.

I looked at David and told him I bet Les could take both our cocks. I felt Les’s body shudder when I said that, and he moaned loudly. Les was moving his ass faster and faster with my fingers still in his ass with David’s cock. Les started to cry out as David’s cock shot cum and filled his ass. David’s cum was leaking out around my fingers, I pulled my fingers out and let Les suck David’s cum from them. David sat up, sitting with Les in his lap facing him and kissed him deep letting Les suck his tongue.

David stood and threw Les over his shoulder and played with his cheeks all the way from the pond to the cabin. When we got back to the cabin we decided it was time to eat. I told Les to find something to fix and let’s eat. He got out the steaks and potatoes. He found an iron skillet and fixed them right on the stove and microwaved the potatoes. It didn’t take long before and we were chowing down on a steak dinner. Les was really getting good at serving David and me.

I told David to get his phone and see if he had any text, he had one from Will and Nate. Will said he was ready anytime ordered. Nate responded, he was ready to serve at our beckoning. David replied to Nate and asked if he was free to video call. Nate responded immediately “Yes Sir, ready, willing and able Sir.” David and I got shorts and t’s from our bags and slip on shoes. I got an inflatable dildo and inserted it in to Les’s ass.

I instructed him to pump the bulb 4 times now and every 15 minutes after, letting Nate watch the whole exchange. I found some rope in a drawer and tied Les to the bed, arms to the sides of the bed and feet spread and placed the bulb in his hand. David ordered Nate to text his address where he would be waiting, and we’d be there shortly. David and I left to get Nate.

When we got there Nate was ready with his bag. I drove this time with David riding shotgun. David exited the truck and let Nate climb in and he took his place after Nate was in his. I asked Nate if he understood his position with us and he nodded and said “Yes Sir, I am here for your pleasure Sir. No other reason Sir.”

David told him he would do well with us. I ordered Nate to remove his shirt, shorts and underwear and give me his cell. I had grabbed the clean eggs when we left and ordered him to place them in his mouth and get them good and wet. When he had rolled them around and got them wet David told him to face me and he inserted them both into Nate’s ass. We started the app. Nate was kind of short, so we had him sit facing us in front of the seat back to the dashboard.

David reached over and got the hood, so Nate couldn’t see where we were going but left his mouth available for us. David and I each slid our shorts down and each took a hand and let Nate work our cocks. David got his phone and videoed Nate working our cocks. I pulled his head over to mine and pulled him to the head until it just touched his lips. He opened wide taking my cock head and sucking it and licking.

I used his head for leverage and pushed him down about half way then pulled him off, he groaned and told him his time was coming. David pulled his head over to him and lifted his cock, so his nuts were available.

David pulled him to his nuts and when he touched them Nate opened his mouth wide, taking one then the other and finally both. I asked Nate if he liked the position and he just moaned with his mouth full of David’s nuts. I grabbed one of Nate’s nipples and asked him if there was a piercing artist in town. He just looked at me his mouth still full of David’s nuts. David ordered Nate to pull away with his lips sealed and not to let his nuts come out.

David ordered Nate to let his nuts go and he pushed him back until they came out of his mouth them he pulled him back down to his cock head. He stopped when Nate opened his mouth and took his cock head in his mouth. David gave a gentle push of encouragement as Nate opened wider and took more of David’s big fat black cock in his mouth. About this time, we were turning off the main road on to the dirt road to the cabin. When we pulled up to the cabin Nate pulled up and David pushed him back down and told him, “We give the orders, do nothing if we don’t tell you to do it, got it!”

Nate shook his head as much as he could with 10 inches of fat black cock in his mouth. He pushed Nate off and we got out of the truck and he ordered Nate to get all our clothes, fold them and bring them in, we wouldn’t be needing them though. When we walked thru the door Les in the bed with the inflatable dildo in his ass. I ordered him to pump it 4 times, he groaned very loud in pleasure.

I ordered Nate to grab the dildo and give it a good tug to verify it was good and tight. Nate tugged and Les groaned again. David sat down in the front room and I sat beside him. David ordered Nate to his knees and told him we had way more room here. I got up and I untied Les.

He walked on his knees walked over to David and I told him to crawl up across our laps. He started with his face in David’s lap and his ass in mine. I ordered Les to get the lube and lube my fingers and remove the eggs. He obeyed promptly and sat at our feet. I looked at Les and ordered “4 more,” Les complied.

I started out with one finger. David asked him what the largest cock he’d ever had, he said 7 inches. David just laughed and told Nate he was in for a treat. I told Les to present his ass to me, so I could check, he did, and I pushed and pulled the dildo, pumped it 3 times and his knees got wobbly, so I pushed him.

I finished with one finger and inserted the second and started working it in. I was hitting his prostate each time. When the second was in all the way I inserted the third and rotated them and pushed them in and out, spreading them in his ass. I told David I wanted some face time and he ordered Nate to turn. Nate turned and presented his ass to David and his mouth to me. I told Nate to lift my cock and take my nuts in his mouth and suck them deep pulling as far as he could.

David started with his fingers and commented on Nate’s tight white ass. He worked thru the first three quick but when he got to the fourth Nate groaned loudly. The vibration from the groan felt fantastic on my nuts. My nuts filled Nate’s mouth, so I grabbed his nose and closed it off. Les was kneeling watching so I ordered “three more.” He pumped and grimaced.

Using Nate’s nose, I pulled him off my nuts and guided his mouth to my cockhead. He opened wide and took my big black cock with me still using his nose as leverage. As David worked his fingers in and out of Nate’s ass I pushed further and further in to his mouth until my whole 9.5-inch fat black cock was in all the way, getting past his gag reflex damn easy. David looked over said “Awesome man, he is a natural cocksucker.”

I ordered Les, “Two more.”

Les replied “Yes Sir.”

David reached over and pumped twice more just for good measure then let some out. Using Nate’s head for leverage I fucked his face deep and long. I could feel the cum building in my nuts, I told Nate, “You are ours to use, you will eat all bodily fluids.”

He moaned yes around my cock. I told him I was shooting, and he better not lose any of it. When I started shooting, I held his head down and shot my whole load down his throat. His eyes were watering, but he didn’t lose a drop! He held what was left in his mouth until I softened and removed my cock from his mouth.

David looked at me and said, “You got your nut and now it’s time for mine, besides it looks like Les is lonely.”

I used my finger and called Les to me. He crawled over to me and I told him to crawl into my lap with his ass in my lap and place one leg behind getting me access to that sweet ass. David had taken Nate to the bed, so they’d be more comfortable, but I could hear Nate groaning. I let more air out and moved the dildo around in Les’s ass.

I finally let out all the air and removed the dildo and replaced it with my fingers. All four fingers were in and I was loosening up his ass. I asked Les, “Are you liking the ass play?”

He said, “Yes Sir.”

I asked him, “I am doing this, so you can take me and David at the same time. Do you think you can take 19.5 inches at one time?”

He moaned “Yes Sir, I think I can do it for you Sir. I know I can do it for you Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32