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Its 2 am and I am sitting in my patrol car on the side of the interstate running radar thinking about my life. It’s kinda quiet tonight. I currently am employed as a highway patrol. I have been working with the highway patrol 10 years. I am 6’5″, 260 lbs., size 14 shoe, a 34″ waist shaved head and dark skinned as night with a 9.5″ cock. I see my radar flash, the car is only a little over the limit so I just go back to thinking. I see the car that just passed me move over to the emergency lane about 1/2 mile ahead of me. I decide to offer assistance, so I proceed and pull up behind them and turn on my lights.

I get out and walked up behind the young white male opening his trunk. He turned and introduced himself, Charles but his friends call him Les. Another white male came from the passenger side and Les introduced him as Will. He said his tire blew out just after he passed me, and he was going to change it. He removed the tire from the trunk and gave Will the tire wrench and jack. We moved around to the passenger side and Les knelt to loosen the nuts. He wasn’t having very good luck, so he asked Will for help. One got on each side of the wrench and they still couldn’t get it to budge. I told to stay there and knelt down and put my arms around the them and my hands on the wrench ends. Will and Les placed their hands on top of mine and we pushed. Will was to my left and Les to the right, as we loosened the bolt I could have sworn Les’s elbow brushed my crotch, but it happened so quick I doubted myself. I heard my radio so I went back to my car. We had to resume the same positions to get the rest loose Will to the left and Les to the right as we went from bolt to bolt. Will rubbed my crotch with his elbow and I saw Les smile. As we removed the rest of the bolts they alternated the teasing.

We got the flat off and the spare on. They tightened the lug nuts and then we all snugged them down really good. My cock was really starting to harden now. I stood, and they turned to look. Les was fixing to touch my crotch but I stopped him. By this time it was about 330 am, I told him there was an all-night station so could stop there and I’d be there soon, my shift ended at 4. I handed him my cell and told him to enter his and Wills number.

It had been a slow night so it didn’t take long to turnover and change clothes to my jeans and boots. I texted Les and told him I was on my way, he responded immediately that were still there. I had driven my F-350 so I could leave my car for maintenance. I bahis firmaları drove up, the car was still on the lift, with Les and Will waiting nearby. I motioned them over and told them I was hungry, lets get something to eat. They both agreed so we sat down in restaurant and ate and talked while the car tire was fixed. Les said they lived about 60 miles up the road but they didn’t have anywhere to be for a few days. I told them I was off for a few days and didn’t live too far away and they were coming to my house to do with as I pleased. They looked at each other and agreed.

About this time, Mike, the mechanic came over. He told them there car was ready and the bill had been taken care of already. Will and Les started for their car but I told Les to ride with me. I texted my address to Will just in case. Les climbed into my truck as got in the drivers seat. I ordered Les to slide over to me, the windows were all blacked out so nobody could see. I took Les hand and placed it on my crotch. I ordered Les to lay across the seat on his belly with his face in my lap. I raised my ass, unsnapped my jeans and let Les slide them down. I intentionally didn’t put on underwear. I had slide his shorts down also leaving that little white ass bare. I placed 2 fingers in his mouth to get wet. I asked him if he was a virgin. He said no but Will was the only dick he’d had in his ass and likewise for Will. I told him to suck my cock as I traced a line from his neck down to his ass crevice and back up again and again finally going for the gold. I run 1 finger into his ass and stretched it out, then added the 2nd, Les moaned and I pushed his head further down on my cock. I told Les to get his phone and video chat Will and tell him to place his car in the empty side of the garage and when the door closes to remove all his clothes and place them in the front seat of my truck neatly including cell turned off and wallet. I pulled my fingers from Les ass hole and held his phone as he gave Will the orders as ordered. When Les was done giving him the orders I ordered Les to suck my cock so Will could see as I pushed his head down further.

When we pulled into my garage I hit the button to open the door. I entered and Will entered behind and I closed the door. I ordered Les to zip me up. After he completed this task I ordered him to prepare himself as ordered. He removed his t shirt, shoes and socks and got his shorts. He folded each neatly in the front passenger seat, turned off the cell and placed it with the wallet kaçak iddaa on top. I slide out my side and ordered Les to exit after me and make sure Will followed orders and place his things beside his. Les went around to make sure Will was following orders. After Will completed his task as ordered they spread their legs, grasp hands in the front and looked at the floor.

I walked up the them and placed a thumb before each one. I ordered to suck them. When they got good and wet I ordered toe boys to turn facing away from me. I stepped forward and ordered them to bend at the waist. I then placed the tip of my thumb at each hole and placed pressure on the hole until it popped in past the ring. I eased my thumb into each ass until it was all the way in as they moaned in pleasure as I moved my thumb. I removed my thumb and ordered them to follow me. I turned and walked into my home with Les and Will following as ordered. I locked my truck as we entered. I sat in my leather recliner and motioned to Will and Les to sit at my feet facing me beside each other.

I asked their ages. Les said 22 for him and 21 for Will. I asked about their experience, Will said they had only been with one another. Will also said Les was the dominant one and he the more submissive. That was just as I thought. I ordered Will to remove my boots, he leaned forward and removed both. I ordered Les to remove my socks and suck each toe as he did. As Les got to work I ordered Will to polish my boots with his tongue. As Les was sucking the toes on foot he used his hands to remove the other sock. He sucked each toe and run his tongue between each. He finished up just as Will was completing his job with my boots. I ordered Les to my lap facing me. I ordered him to remove my t-shirt. He grabbed it on each side and pulled it up and over my head. I took his head in my hands and placed his mouth over my nipple. He took the hint and sucked one then the other. I guided Les to the middle and pushed him down to my navel. He cleaned it out good, sucking and licking. I ordered him to unbutton my jeans. He unbuttoned each button until he got the last one.

I pushed Les to the floor and told them to remove my jeans when I raised my ass from the seat. As I did and they pulled jeans down my cock came into view. They both sat back in awe. I asked Les if he thought he could handle it and he nodded yes nervously. I looked at Will and asked the same thing, he said yes also. I told them both we were at the point of no return and they could kaçak bahis get dressed and leave if they were not willing participants. I looked at each and they both said they in till the end. I asked them they ever got this close to a black cock. Les said not as close as they were now but they did see some across the locker room and showers in school.

I used my finger and called Les forward. I spread my legs over the recliner arms ordered to suck my nuts. He said he didn’t know if he could. I looked at him and told him he could. He started with the first one and rolled it around getting it good and wet. He pursed his lips and let it pull from his mouth. He then took the other in his mouth and sucked and bathed it. After getting it good and wet he took them both in his mouth and rolled them and nursed on them. I grabbed a handful of hair and held him in place. I ordered Les off and told them to follow me as I led them my bedroom. I lay back on my bed and ordered Les to lay over me with his ass over my head. When Les had assumed his ordered position I ordered him to suck my nuts again. I called Will forward and ordered him down to eat Les ass and told him to eat it as I opened it with my finger. Will took my finger to get it wet, then he licked Les hold and poked his tongue against it. I could Les take a deep breath as Will tongued at his hole. I ordered Will to push his tongue in and wiggle it as Les took another deep breath. When Will pulled off I started working my finger in one knuckle at the time until I was finger deep. I’d pull out and let Will lick then push my finger back in Les wet hole. After a few times I used 2 fingers to open that hole. Les was really moaning now. As Will and I kept going I used 3 fingers to open that hole.

I pushed Les and Will off and ordered a change of position. Les laying on his back, Will on top in the 69 position. I ordered them both to suck each other’s nuts as played with Wills hole. I spit in the top of Wills crack and let it run down as I massaged it in just teasing his puckered ass with the tip of my finger. I spit in his crack again and let if run down and inserted my finger knuckle by knuckle until whole finger was in. I eventually got 3 fingers in and the boys were really moaning now. The excess spit was running down Wills crack onto his nuts and into Les mouth.

I rolled Will off and ordered them up. I lay back on my bed and ordered Les on top facing me. I ordered Will to get the lube from the bedside table and lube up my cock and Les’s ass. When Will was complete I ordered him to take my cock and place the head at Les hole. I took his chin and told him he was going to fuck himself on my cock, my whole cock. He nodded and said yes sir.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32