His Dream Comes True Ch 02

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Peter mesmerized by Anne, as he watches her masturbating to an orgasm in front of him. He sees the large amount of milk streaming from both of her nipples; he thinks to himself, “What is it going to be like to nurse from a her breasts. What sort of a sensation will I get, will she become excited by me sucking on her tit, just how far will Anne to allow me to go and will she let me fuck her. Hopefully soon I may get to see her naked close up and not from up here in my room.”

“O god I’m coming, fuck that feels so good, shit I needed real cock in there, not my two fingers.”

Looking out her window, she just can see Peter through his curtains looking down at her. She has an idea, I wonder how I can get him into my bed and get him to fulfill my needs. He has been looking at me when we had been working out in the garden. I’ve gotten used to it and have even given him a show at times by opening my legs and allowing him to see my knickers up the leg of my lose fitting shorts.

Still using her fingers, she can feel another orgasm building, closing her eyes she pictures in her mind that Peter is fucking her with his big hard cock. Pushing her fingers in as far as she can, Anne can feel the opening to her cervix

My god, I can hear what she is saying down there, she want me to suckle her tits, fuck her, I know how I can get at those milk filled tits now. I will just come straight out and say to her, I can help you with anything you want me to, even private things that you are unable to attend to by yourself. Hell that was the most powerful climax I ever experience so far, what will it be like when I get to fuck her properly.

Lying back on her bed, Anne slowly recovers from her orgasm, looks out the window and sees the faint outline of Peter behind his white curtains. With the small amount of light entering his bedroom from the hall light through his partially open door is casting a very light shadow on the curtain.

Well if he heard me, it too late now, he must know now what I want. Let’s see what he does tomorrow morning when I will ask him to do a few small chores that I unable to do. I will get him to put these large suite cases in the garage. I will tell him that they are too heavy for me to carry, I won’t wear a bra and if he asks, I will tell him that they are hurting me when I wear a bra and if he wants to know why they hurt, I will tell him.

Slowly rising from her bed, Anne walks to her bathroom to have a long hot bath. On the way back to her room, she turns out all the lights, she is totally drained and wants sleep more that anything, except having Peter lying in bed beside her. With in a few minutes of laying her head on the pillow, she is fast asleep.

Peter still is sitting on his bed when she returns to her bedroom and turns off the light. After a few minutes, he get up and makes his way to the bathroom and haves a shower. He is glad that his mother is out with some ladies from her bridge club. He walks back to his room naked and stands in the window looking down at Anne bedroom. He turns out his light and retires to his bed, shortly he is dreaming of being beside her in her bed. He is gently caressing her large swollen breasts, squeezing the nipples, getting milk to leak out and trickle down the side of her breasts.

His mother is calling his name and it takes him a few minutes to realise he been Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort called. Rubbing his eyes with both hands, he tries to focus on the clock beside his bed to read the time. Seeing that it all ready past 8:30 am he rises out of bed and puts on his dressing gown before heading downstairs to the kitchen. With weary eyes he looks at his mother who says to him, “Well hello their sleepy head, you slept in late this morning. Anne was over a short while ago and asked if you go over to move some heavy things out to the garage for her.”

“Sure thing mum, how long will breakfast be ready, I starving, I can eat a horse with plenty of tomato sauce.”

“Its ready now for you to sit down and eat now, I’d hate to see you eat a horse. When your finish, go up and have a wash before going over to give Anne a hand. I will be going into town for a few hours to get some things for Anne and us. She said that she will give you lunch, so I can spend some time just looking around in town. You know how I like to do a lot of window shopping, I not done this in a long time, you don’t mind do you.”

“No mum, I don’t mind at all, you not had a day to your self for some time, so go and enjoy yourself. One thing I like about you and Anne is, it like I have two mothers now, but I feel that I am neglecting you by all the work I do for her.”

“Far from it, you been a big help around here for me, so don’t ever think that you neglected me in any way.”

“I feel that the amount of time I’ve helped her that you may get jealous by thinking that she taking up most of my time. Anne pays me quiet well for all the work I do for her and I put it the running of the house.”

“I know you do, you got her and our places looking the best in the street and we are both happy with what you done. Now go up and have your wash, because she waiting for you to move the things for her. Anne did say there are two heavy bages that she cannot move by herself. I will see you when I get home later on today.”

“Okay mum, see you soon.”

I walk up to her and hug her and give her a kiss o the check, I can feel her firm breast touching my chest. I start to wonder, why I now took notice of this until now, I begin to like the feeling of her breasts against me. There is that familiar tingling sensation in my cock again, pulling away from her and I turn to go up the stairs. When I in the bathroom I hear mum start the car and back it out the garage down the driveway.

After my shower, I walk to my room and think what am I going to wear. Opening my draws I take out a pair of lose fitting shorts and a sleeve less T-shirt. I pull the shorts on with out putting on any underpants, follow by the T-shirt and slipping on my thongs on my feet.

Walking over to next door, I greeted by Anne at her door and stop dead in my tracks. I look directly at her large braless breasts contained inside the button up see through top and she has black satin shorts on. They have a wide opening leg on them and I cannot make out any lines to show that she has knickers on. Hell, we both have no underwear under our clothes; this is going to be very interesting to say the least.

My god, he cannot take his eyes off my tits, that all I need, my nipples becoming erect and I can feel them starting to leak. I better get him inside now or I will to fuck him out here on the porch, “Come in Peter, I’ll show what I want move out from the spare bedroom out into the garage.”

“No worries Anne, just lead the way sweet lady.”

“You’re a cheeky boy, you just want to check out my butt, don’t you.”

“There other things I like to look at beside your butt Anne.”

“What could that be young man?”

“Well, you know.”

“No, not really, what do boys your age like to look at. Can it be, you like to look at my, big breasts, my swollen tummy or maybe want to look at what between my legs, would that be it.”

I don’t where to look as my face has turned bright red, I try not to look directly into her eyes. After a moment or two, Anne puts her right hand under my chin and lifts it up. Looking into her eyes she says, “It’s nothing to get embarrassed about.”

“What that Anne.”

“Wanting to look at a my body, it only natural, I like to look at men’s body whenever I can. I have seen you looking at me when we have been working in the garden together. Do you like the look of my body, even at this late stage of my pregnancy?”

“This is the first time that I had an opportunity to watch a women body change the way your has over the last six months. ”

“What do you find fascinating about it.”

“Oh, the big change in the size of your breasts, I like big boobs and with your getting bigger all the time, I just can’t stop looking at them. Try as hard as I can, I not able to keep my eyes off them, even now. I love seeing your nipples when they stand out and now they are leaking, I think that so beautiful. I also like the way four tummy pushes out, I think it very attractive and makes you look, ever so radiant.”

“Why would you think that I sexy in this condition.”

“Because you are to me, a very sexy lady if I may say so.”

“Have you been watching me from your bedroom window.”

Lowering my head down ward, I slowly nod it a few times.

“Did you liked what you saw Peter.”

“I know it wrong, very wrong to spy on you like that, but you are a beautiful and I like to spend as much time with you as I can. I’m sorry, can you forgive me, I will not look anymore if that what you want.”

“I know you been watching me for some time now, if I did not want you to see or watch me, I would have closed the curtains. I have enjoyed you watching me, even when I masturbated like last night. I wanted it to be your big cock in my wet cunt, not my fingers. I want to feel you suckling my milk from my breast while you fuck me. I want to feel your body next to mine, as we lay naked in my bed together. Do you want this just as much as I do?”

“More than anything in the world, I wanting this for some time now and I do know that I am too young for you.”

“No your not too young for me, I am very much attracted to you, I like your manor, your pride in your self, I love you for being what you are, your self. How about we get these bags out in the garage and we can discuss this further when that done.”

“Ok, lead me to the bags and show me where in the garage you want them to be stacked.”

With that, Anne leads me into the spare bedroom and points to the bags sitting on the spare bed. I struggle to carry the first bag out to the garage and place it where Anne points too. The second one is a lot lighter and easily managed, I put on top of the first one. When I return to the lounge room, Anne is waiting for me. She says to me, “Come and sit with me Peter, thank you for doing that.”

When I sit with her, she leans over and kisses me hard on the lips, I feel her hard bloated breasts against my side, and I feel the warmth coming from with in them. She stays leaning on me for a short time, then lift her head slightly to look in my eyes. After a moment, she says to me, “You know, sitting here the way we are now feels so perfect, I love this, and how does it feel for you.”

With a smile on my face, I say, “This is great, I did not know cuddling up like thus could be so good. It different with you than mum, I like feeling you lying against me like this, can we stay this way for a while if we can.”

“We sure can, I mould perfectly into your body, when you had enough would like for me to take off my clothes so you can see my body, do you want to touch and feel my tummy, my tits and my cunt, and I will open my legs so that you can see what it look. You will have to promise me one thing if I do.”

“What that Anne.”

“That you don’t say anything to anybody, not to your mother, not even to any of the boys at Uni. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes, I will promise you Anne, that this will be only between us.”

“Ok, I like you to undress also, if you are going to see me in the nude, I want you to see you naked too my love.”

“Your wish is my command, my lady.”

With that, we separate from each other, I pull the T-shirt over my head and let it drop to the floor. I watch as Anne undoes the buttons on front of her top. Slowly her engorged tits come into view, I clearly se he dark blue veins under the skin. I see her large bark brown nipples and areola, a small droplet of milk forms on both nipples, they hang there for a moment before falling from the excited and distended nipple. She slide it off her arms and I see her full breasts for the first time, standing straight out from her chest. Underneath is her swollen tummy, her belly button turned completely out and I can see some pubic hair is visible at the top of her shorts.

“Do you like them, they are big aren’t they, are they better than any of the girls at Uni, touch them and gently squeeze the nipple to see what happens.”

I place my left hand on her right tit, god it hot to my touch. Sliding my hand over the nipple, I gently squeeze the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. A multiple streams of milk jet out from the nipple end, they ark away from her and land on the floor three feet away. I repeat this five more times before Anne puts her hand over mine and stops me.

I watch her lift her bottom from the lounge and slide her shorts off and along her long shapely legs. I gaze at all the pubic hair covering her virginal mound. Rising slightly I remove my shorts and my hardening cock springs free and stands straight up.

Anne turns herself on the lounge and puts her legs over my lap. Then she opens them and I look at the widening cleft under the pubis hair to see her most private place. I watch the inner lips spread out to reveal her virginal opening. With her hands, she pulls the outer mound fully apart and I see that her fully distended clitoris. Virginal fluid weeps freely from the opening of her cunt and dribbles between the cheeks of her arse. With Anne opened her legs the way she has, my stiff cock lying on her right leg and it is pointing up at the opening of her virginal canal.


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