His First Party

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At first he visited the coffee shop only on Saturday afternoons around 4:30, the same time as their first meeting. Then he found himself visiting on Friday’s and Saturday’s and now it’s Wednesday afternoon and he’s at the same table as before. Since that first meeting he’s been thinking of her and the way that she made him feel. An internet search on ‘Dolora’ or ‘spanking’ turned up much fodder for his fantasies but no real link to her. To be so lost in her power and to feel himself slip under her control. It was an intoxicating experience that has been slowly weaving it’s way into his mind and driving him mad with lust. He has masturbated to her spanking him so many times now that he is obsessed with finding her again and risks almost daily visit to her usual haunts. There is a fine line between desire, longing and obsession and he is precariously balanced on the edge of the abyss.

He was so lost in his own thoughts that he hadn’t even noticed the elf-girl standing right there in front of him. There she was, Dolora’s messenger, with an expectant look on her tiny round face.

“May I”, she slumps down across from him. She is young, probably 19 or 20 and smaller in size than he had thought with small round, perky breasts. There is an uncomfortable silence that she finally breaks.

“She’s having a party”. She slides a pale yellow envelope across the table to him. Her green eyes pierce him. She is waiting for a response. He has to say something. He wants to tear Dolora’s letter open and ask questions but all he can manage is “Okay, thanks”. What is it with these women that make him seem so out of control, so helpless.

“Well okay then, see you…maybe. Oh by the way, I’m Zia and you?”


When she’s gone he looks at the pale envelope. Hmm, a party. On the paper inside is another one of her cards, with a new address, Shady Beach Dr and a date, October 17th, 9pm. It’s Wednesday three days until Saturday and the wait will be interminable.

The House

Dolora was careful as she watched him these past few weeks. He hadn’t noticed her but then again most men rarely take notice of the subtle things around them and she has so many ways of watching men. She knows he will come tonight to her house and to her party. He has been looking for her and waiting for her to show up in his life. It’s a fait accompli. The party is in full swing by nine pm with the awkwardness of the first hour already past. She sends Zia to watch for her newest play thing, this newbie man who will be as if lost at sea when he arrives.

The house is big, ostentatiously so and to Rob it’s a bit off putting. A modern take on an English kuşadası escort tutor manor house with a large front circle driveway and well manicured evergreen, oak and willow trees in the front and side yards offering some privacy from prying eyes. Since it is situated on a lake with a dock he can see the charm of this place even if the style is not to his liking.

He’s nervous. Looking through the windows the place seems full of people, if only lit in shadow through the sheer drapes. He knocks but then pushes open the front door and is greeted by warm air, a large brightly light foyer of marble flooring and cream walls. The sounds of the party draw him inwards. Laughing, talking and music playing in the background are all the familiar sounds of a Saturday night party. Everything looks reasonable enough and he is at ease to enter. When you don’t expect anything out of the ordinary it can take a few minutes to realize that things are not at all what you had thought they would be. Such was the case for Rob. At first he notices the obvious things, that there are naked and semi-naked men and women and their demeanor is as if there was nothing at all out of the ordinary in their nakedness. It is as if these naked people were always so and lived comfortably in their skins.

Not all of the guest are naked, others are wearing a variety of fetish wear ranging from latex, leathers, kilts, boots; everything imaginable is possible. There is a man in the corner wearing a full latex body suit. Some people have collars, nipple clamps and other assorted clippings and piercings that Rob is now really taken aback and he can feel his face flushed, his palms sweating. If it weren’t for the fact that he was not the only person in normal attire, his visit to Dolora’s house and her world would have been cut infinitely short. Then he sees the one person he knows, Zia.

She is cuter than he realized. Her red-hair slicked back close to her head. She is wearing a black latex dress that is form fitting and flattering to her petite figure. It is short revealing her shapely legs but not her smaller breast. She walks over, a grin on her face and her green eyes are painted sparkle green to extenuate her elf-look.

“I’m glad you came, really glad” she takes his arm and is close to him in an almost embrace. Brushing against him, her small body and her fresh earthy smell makes his dick imediately harden. Unlike all the other times when she had been aloof, Zia is nicer to him, more friendly and more of a friend. He doesn’t feel so out of place with her next to him. She leads him around the main floor stopping to introduce him to people here and kuşadası escort bayan there that she knows. From casual conversation he picks up that Zia is a Sophomore English major, working at the library part time and has met Dolora through a mutual friend a little after she started school last year. He came here to find Dolora and yet even if she never showed up the evening would not be completely lost. He’s lost in her intoxicatingly small elfish body, her light voice and funny laugh.

Zia turns her back on him and then he see it. It is both amazingly beautiful and deeply disturbing, a light green ribbon is laced down her back from her shoulder top and disappears into the small of her back which is covered by her dress. The ribbons are held in place with surgical needles that pierce her skin through, leaving the skin red but not bloody. Instinctively he touches her needle corset, he can’t help himself. He could never imagine something like this-so alluring, so taboo.

“Did it hurt?”

“Of course it did, that’s the point” she smiles, “look there’s a lot that goes on in this community, you know BDSM. There is a dungeon downstairs and if you like I can take you down there. It’s likely Dolora is there. She’s the one who did the needle play with me earlier today”.


She takes he down the stairs, it’s so dark his eyes take a moment to adjust to the dim red light. Half way down, Zia suddenly stops and turns to face him. “Everything you see here is consensual There is nothing happening that is not unwanted or undisired. I want you to keep this in mind. If someone is unhappy or scared, all they have to do is call a safe word, like RED, and it all ends”.

“I understand” Rob answers her, but he’s not sure why she says this. She is suddenly so serious and frank. He wonders why-what could possible be happening down there.

“Really, do you, I wonder if you do” she retorts. She’s been in the scene long enough to have seen plenty and even now there new frightening and exciting things happening.

As they resume their decent he is aware of the music, a loud and rhythmic noise that is electronic or metallic It’s hard to place the band or the type of music. There are plenty of noises but no one is talking, at least not in casual conversation. His eyes grow accustom to the light as he makes his way into a vast basement that is nearly the length and breath of the house. The ceilings are not low as in typical basements but at least 10 feet with reinforced beams placed throughout. There are support pillars-well and he laughs at the thought. Its a funny thing to think about because clearly they escort kuşadası are supporting more than the ceiling or the house. There is so much to take in that it’s hard to decide where to start and what to describe first. He stops dead and just stares into the room as Zia stands patiently by his side, letting him direct her as to what and where he would like to go.

Most of the people are either in fetish ware or completely naked and although there are men and women doing all sorts of things to each other, he is drawn to one particular activity. In front of him, slightly to the right is a man nearly his age and height chained to a large X with wrist and ankle cuffs. The man is naked and blindfolded and is bound to the X. Although he can move a bit, he is clearly not able to leave. Behind him is a tall, dark African American women in a latex body suit with long dark and straight hair and a long lean, muscular body.

She is truly a stunning women but what makes her arousing is her light brown short whip that she wields with expert precision She swings the tip overhand and it snaps on the man’s back with a crack, leaving a red scrap behind. As it leaves his back, her bound victum moves a bit, perhaps moans or whimpers a ‘thank you ma’am’ to her. Just as he does so, she snaps the whip up and back again as agile as the last strike and the tip hits him again on his back, on the opposite side as before. She is slowly and expertly walking her whip up his back, leaving a red strike as if a trail to mark her enjoyment. Her face, it has a look of deominc delight. The bound man is sweating and Rob panics for a moment. Clearly this is painful, the man is nearly bleeding and very red from the marks of the whip. Zia senses Rob’s uncomfortableness and says softly to him “I know you think this is extreme, but look at the man’s dick”.

He looks down the length of the man’s body and realizes what Zia is talking about. The man is hard, throbbing he looks to be near orgasm. His moans were not those of a man who is in a pain that he wished would stop. His sweating was not that of a man in distress. Rob had read the man completely wrong. This man is so close to the edge of climax, so enthralled with the whipping that he is loosing himself in it. Rob wonders what it feels like to be in a situation where the pain that one experiences is lost and mixed together with the pleasure of a forbidden sexual desire. His own memories of Dolora’s spanking stir in him again. Her touch, lightly caressing his ass and thighs and then her strike, hard and punishing. Rob feels his member grow harder in his pants and his desires now are confused. The desire of seeing a beautiful naked women, and there are plenty of those here, are mixing with the desire of this tall, strong African American women who is whipping a man much like himself.

Zia takes him now and turns him slightly so that he can see her, Dolora, the women he had come here to meet again.

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