His Pet

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I flop down on my queen size bed and just lie there for a few moments, too tired to even throw back the covers. What a day – run, run, run, and not a second to relax. As my eyes slowly close and sleep begins to overtake me, the ring of the phone on the headboard jars me back to reality.

Fumbling for the phone, I answer, “Hello.”

“Cassandra ,” a deep voice on the other end of the line responds firmly, “this is your sir. Are you ready to obey?”

Instantly a shiver runs through my body, seemingly whisking the tiredness right out of me, and causing my pussy to drench itself in a bath of warm juice!

“I won’t ask you again,” he snaps, “are you ready to obey?”

“Oh, yes,” you gush, “I’m ready to serve you!”

“Very good,” he replies smoothly, “but before we go any further, I want you to lie down and bring yourself to climax, is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand,” I answer, before letting my hand slide between my legs to find my wet pussy. After I cum (and it is rather quickly) he gives me an address on the other side of town and tells me to be there in twenty basmane escort minutes, and then abruptly he hangs up!

For the second time that evening I shiver, the first time from the sound of my sir’s voice, the second, from the appearance of the building matching the address he has given me! It is a private residence that looks absolutely gothic, with a front consisting of large thick stones, gargoyles, and of course covered with thick hanging vines.

I unconsciously pull my coat tighter together in front of me, and then with a little uncertainty , I climb the stairs and ring the bell. For almost a minute nothing happens and I am about to ring the bell again, when all of a sudden the huge carved door creaks and slowly swings open.

It is almost as dark inside as out, as the only light that can be seen comes from several oil lamps hanging from the wall. Gothic isn’t the word for it, this place looks positively medieval!

Gingerly stepping inside, I am taken by surprise at the sight of a dark robed person with a hood over his or her head. The hooded bayındır escort figure closes the door behind me, and without saying a word motions for me to follow them down a long dark hallway that is made even more chilling by the flickering of flames of the oil lamps that cause the shadows to jump from one spot to another.

With my heart pounding, I enter a large room that is at least thirty feet long and just as wide. What I see turns my stomach into a knot and stuns me so much that I can’t even move.

The room itself is lined with more of the oil lamps, which of course give off the eerie flickering light, but what really scares me, is what dominates the center of the room! It has the makings of a tenth-century torture chamber, complete with a stretching rack and naturally a device that would hold someone spread eagle in a standing position. I am so overwhelmed by the equipment that I don’t even notice that there are three other figures dressed in hooded robes sitting in a semi-circle in front of the “toys”!

I am startled from my trance as a bayraklı escort hand takes me by the arm and leads me to a place in front of the rest of the group. A male voice coming from under the hood of my usher orders, “You have agreed to obey and will do the bidding of your sir?”

“Y-yes,” I reply in a shaky voice, “I will obey you!”

I have never seen my sir face to face, but after having heard his voice many times over the phone, I am positive that the person speaking to me is not him. However, I can’t be sure that he isn’t one of the three others sitting before me.

The voice from under the hood then commands “Cassandra, remove your clothing, right now!”

I slip my leather coat from my shoulders and then slowly begin removing the rest of my clothes until I am shivering naked in the middle of the dark dank room.

Again taking me by the arm, the usher leads me to the rack and has me climb up on its table top and extend my arms over my head, where metal bracelets are then attached to each wrist and ankle.

After I am safely secured, the man in the hood asks, “Are you sure you want to continue? This will be the last time you will be asked. From then on you will do as you are told without question!”

With my nipples now sticking up hard in the cool air, I reply softly, “I will follow your orders completely!”

“Very good Cassandra,” he replies sternly, “then let us begin!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32