Holly’s Awakening Ch. 04

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Ever since Holly and Sonya’s encounter with the strippers, they couldn’t get their mind off each other. So the next day that they were off, when the boys were at work, Holly called Sonya, and she answered by saying, “You read my mind completely, I’ll be right over!”

Sonya came to the door wearing some short short’s, and a halter top, and Holly was waiting for her at the door wearing nothing but a smile. One of the neighbors may have gotten an eyeful when she opened the door.

Holly stripped Sonya right out of those clothes, as quick as she could. They were all over each other, as the time between the incident and this act only made them want each other more. They had so much that they wanted to try but were unable to that night.

Sonya laid back as Holly explored every inch of her body with her tongue. Then they got into the 69 position and buried their faces in their pussies. After several minutes of this, Holly repositioned herself and pushed her pussy against Sonya’s as their well lubricated pussy lips slid back and forth against each other.

They grinded their hips together as they moaned with pleasure. Then Holly got up and led Sonya to the bedroom, where she pulled out a brand new black dildo-vibrator, that was 10″ long.

Sonya spread her legs and Holly let her have it, thrusting it in and out at a rapid pace, while she licked and sucked on Sonya’s clit. The neighbors had to have heard her love screams, as she had multiple orgasms only a few minutes into this.

Then Holly laid back and enjoyed the same thing from Sonya, only Sonya got into the 69 position again as she had to have Holly lick her pussy even more, while she slid the dildo in and out and she toyed with Holly’s clit. Then Holly exploded as her juices shot all over the bed. They laid on the bed exhausted afterward holding each other and gently kissing.

Holly said, “I am so glad Rocco made us make love to each other.”

Sonya said, “Me too.”

Holly said, “You know what we need to do?”

“No, what?” Sonya asked.

Holly said, “We need to do it, while Jim and Billy watch us.” “Then we could even swap lovers back and forth, and swing a little.”

Sonya said, “I don’t know about that.”

“Why?” “Does it make you jealous to know that I want to have Billy?” Holly blurted out.

“No, of course not, hell, I want to have Jim as well, but I just don’t know if the boys will go for it”, Sonya responded.

They talked about this for a while and decided they would set a trap for Billy first, as he was the most likely to fall for it. They figured if they could just swing as 2 committed couples, that would be cool, but they both were hoping for a more broad horizon with their swinging.

Well, the trap was set, Billy was quite the electrician, so Sonya had asked Billy to fix a light switch at Holly and Jim’s house, as a favor to Holly. Sonya told him that no one would be at home, so Holly left her car at another friends house to make it look that bursa escort way.

Billy arrived and used a key, that he got from Sonya to open the door. Billy went to the master bedroom to fix the switch, when he saw Holly laying there totally nude, fingering her pussy. Billy said, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Holly said, “No, come here.” Billy did so, but didn’t look directly at her. Holly said, “Sonya wants you to have me, so you don’t have to be nervous.” “But there’s one condition, you must let her have Jim”, she added.

“I don’t know about that”, Billy responded.

Holly said, “Sonya and I want our 2 couples to swing together, and if the swinging goes over well with you guys, then maybe we could do some more adventurous things, and if not, just the four of us could do it and it would be awesome too.”

Billy said, “I don’t know, I mean I’ve fantasized about swinging, and Sonya being with another man, but…” Holly didn’t let him finish as she sat on his lap with her legs spread.

Holly said, “C’mon you can’t turn this down”, as she grabbed his hand and placed it just inside her pussy lips. The look on Billy’s face made her know that she had won the battle and his long black dick was hers.

Billy released his hand from hers and started moving it all around her pussy lips. Holly leaned toward him and put her arms around his muscular torso. She started kissing him on his neck and then traced her tongue upward to his ear lobe, then she gently tongued it. Billy moved his arms around her and picked her up just enough to center her torso onto the bed.

She felt so vulnerable as she laid there totally nude, as this clothed black man that she had long fantasized about was feasting on her trembling flesh. He rapidly tongued her pussy, and sucked on her clit.

His attentions moved towards her tits, as he massaged and kissed them, then he gently kissed her neck as she reached for his crotch area rubbing on the outside of his dark pants.

She had never seen his cock before but what she could feel through his pants felt huge! He started kissing her and their tongues slid back and forth, and she could feel pussy juices dripping off her moist cunt.

She grabbed his pants at the belt line and firmly grabbed them, moving his hips toward her. Billy pulled his upper body upward and allowed her to do this, as he pulled off his shirt. His crotch was right on top of her milky white tits.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants to expose his boxers with a very large bulge in them. She pulled his extra large member out of the fly, and started rubbing both of her hands up and down the extremely long shaft.

Gently pushing him on to his side, she totally removed the rest of his clothing. She started sucking his cock, it was probably a couple of inches longer than Jim’s. As she tried to deep throat it, it would gag her in the back of her throat. She made love to his cock with her mouth and tongue.

Moving her torso up, she sat on his fully bursa escort bayan erect cock, moving up and down at first, then back and forth. It felt so good to have his hot, stiff cock inside her, it filled her like no other’s had. She was massaging her own tits and pinching her nipples, while Billy reached for her clit and was fingering it, while she was riding his dick.

“Play with that clit”, Holly said in her trembling voice.

“You look so hot”, Billy responded. “I’ve fantasized about this for a long time.”

“Well, you don’t need to fantasize anymore, you need to just come over and fuck me”, Holly added.

She slid off of his moist cock, and said, “Fuck me hard, Billy.”

Billy got on top and started rapidly moving his huge cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy, as she moaned with pleasure. They moved into the doggy style position and he rammed it even deeper into her steaming hot snatch. It hurt, but it felt good if that’s possible, as it went so deep inside her. Billy shouted, “Oh, babe I feel like I’m cumming.”

She pulled off and started sucking on his wet cock, as he shot his wad into her mouth and all over her face. They collapsed onto the bed in each other’s arms.

Holly asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Billy said, “Are you kidding?”

Holly said, “If you want to ever do this again we have to get Jim on the same page.” Oh, by the way if you want me to make love to Sonya again, also, we have to get him on the same page.”

Billy said, “What?” “You’ve had sex with my wife?” She started giggling, and he said, “I’ve got to see that!” They talked for a while about the plan, then they kissed at the door before he left. Now part 2 of the plan was ready to be initiated.

Next week, Holly said she was going to see her Mom, and left Jim at home. Supposedly, Billy was at work, and Sonya was home alone. Jim got a call, and Sonya asked Jim if he could come down the street and look at her hot water heater, as the pilot went out and she can’t get it to restart. She told him she really wanted to take a shower but there was no hot water.

Jim arrived to find Sonya wearing nothing but a towel that rode up as high on her as the miniskirt did on the night that she and Holly went to see the strippers. Jim always loved her tan and it was really hard for him not to stare at her. She went to show him where the hot water heater was and she decided she’d make a good show of it. Her pussy was already getting wet from being almost naked in front of him, and the thought of what was going to take place really had her excited.

Sonya bent over to take the pilot light cover off the heater, and Jim got a full view of the bottom of her ass, and her shaved pussy. She pretended to not know what she just did but the shade of red to Jim’s face gave it away anyway. She said, “Oh, I’m sorry I forgot how uncovered I am, I hope I didn’t embarrass you.”

Jim said, “It’s OK I don’t mind.”

Sonya said, “Did you like what escort bursa you saw?”

Jim leaned down to look at the pilot which she and Billy turned off on purpose, and proceeded to start lighting it, while responding to her question. “Uh, yeah, what normal guy wouldn’t like looking at you?”

Then she made her next move as she dropped the towel, and stepped over in front of him while he was crouching on the floor, which put her pussy right in front of him, just over his head. He looked upward, and she pushed it right up to his mouth and she grabbed the back of his head with both of her hands, and forced it towards her. “I want you, Jim, and I want you now”, she said.

He started licking her pussy slowly and gently. This went on for a while but he was so good at it that her knees started feeling weak, and she said, “Let’s go to the bedroom Jim.”

They got to the bedroom and she laid a kiss on him and started rubbing at his blue jean covered crotch. She could feel his already hardened dick trying to fight it’s way out of his jeans. She helped it out by unzipping his pants and pulling all of his clothes off. Then she laid a blow job on Jim like he’d never had before. It was all he could do to keep from shooting his load right down the back of her throat.

They got into the bed and were kissing like 2 lovers who hadn’t seen each other in months. Holly came into the house quietly, on cue. She peaked through the door that Sonya had left just cracked open. She pulled her clothes off and fingered her wet clit while watching her man make love to another woman. It made her so hot!

Jim then got over Sonya’s moist cunt and slowly started sliding his cock in and out, while he was also fingering her clit with his right hand. His cock wasn’t as large as Billy’s, but it wasn’t small either, and Sonya loved his style, the way he was making her feel was the most important thing to her.

They rolled around on the bed and changed positions several times, then when they were back in the missionary position, he pulled out and shot his load all over her tits.

Holly called Billy on her cell phone in the hallway to let him know it was time, and then she went into the room. Jim was totally shocked! “Honey what are you doing here!”, he exclaimed.

Holly said, “It’s OK Jim I wanted you to have Sonya.” “Billy did also, you see we want to swing as 2 couples, and maybe try some other stuff too.” Jim was still stunned and just sat there listening. Sonya added, “We figure that if we try something knew and it doesn’t work out we can still have the four of us and that will be fine, but we want to try something new and keep things interesting.” “What do you think?” she asked.

Jim responded, “Since you put it that way, as long as everyone stays on the same page and none of this is done behind someone’s back or without their knowledge I guess it will work.”

Holly said, “Good, because we want to put a show on for you and Billy.”

Jim said, “Only, Billy’s not here.” Then Billy walked in, naked as well. Jim said, “Well I guess he is.”

Holly leaned over Sonya and licked Jim’s still warm cum off of her tits as Jim and Billy sat there stroking their cocks.

(To Be Continued)

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