Home For The Summer Ch. 2

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I didn’t want to seem too eager, but it wasn’t easy to kill the two and a half hours after breakfast Sunday morning until it seemed decent for me to show up at Peg’s door. She was in a bikini again, a different one than yesterday but just as skimpy. Wet and beautiful, damn but she looked delicious. Today, however, I was ready for her. I was in my swim trunks too, no shirt, no shoes, ready for action.

“Good morning, Peg,” I greeted her. “I’m back for that chess game just like I promised. Hot day isn’t it. Mind if I join you in he pool?”

There was that smile again. “Well…, just a swim you understand,” she said cautiously. Then perhaps as a warning she was quick to add, “Carol’s still here and there’s no telling when her date will be here to pick her up for the beach.”

The way she said that bothered me. Carol was still here…, damn, but what really distressed me the undertone. Peg sounded almost hopeful that her daughter might not be leaving anytime soon.

Whether she was glad to see me or not tho, I was thru the door, and I had no intention of leaving. She led me out to the patio where she hit the deep end of the pool with a graceful running dive. Either she wanted me to chase her in the water, or she was trying to find a place to hide. Well, I was more than willing to chase her, and I for damn sure wasn’t going to let her hide from me. Into the pool I went in right behind her. Under water I swam toward the pair of long lovely legs I could see treading water out in front. I came up beneath her with one arm hugging her body close to mine, and the other sliding my hand inside her bikini bra hunting for the lovely sensitive breast I knew was in there. That soft full tit felt wonderful in the palm of my hand, and for just an instant I’m certain I saw a flash of that same desire as I had seen in her eyes last night. Never the less she pulled away.

“Now, Now, none of that,” she scolded me. We’ll talk about this later, but Carol is still here, and as wonderful as that feels, you just must keep your hands to yourself, at least for now.”

I didn’t like the sound of that “at least for now” either, but there was no chance for me to answer. Speak of the devil! Carol walked onto the porch even as her name was called. She too was in a bikini, not as scandalous as that of her mother’s, but pretty small none the less. She too looked damn good, not as classically beautiful as her mother, nor as sexy either, but if she wasn’t a 10, she damn sure was a 8.5 or 9.0.

“Joe will be here soon mother,” she announced. “You two have fun playing, what is it…, chess? I’ll be home for supper. I’ll be exhausted I expect, so I won’t be going out this evening. I guess you’ll have to put up with me hanging around.”

I would swear that she was talking to me more than her mother. At any rate she was looking right at me when she slipped in that snide comment about “what is it…, chess,” and the emphasis on “hanging around’ made it sound like she knew damn well she might not be welcome.

“Interesting,” I thought, “I wonder where this little bitch is coming from.”

Before I could deal with that unknown, however, Peg had scrambled onto the pool deck and announced that she was going to get dressed and would be back in a minute. It was all too plain that Peg was using the safety of her daughter’s presence to shed that provocative bikini. I remembered what she had said last night when I was leaving her. “…but just for a game of chess.” No doubt about it. She is for certain trying to keep a respectable distance from me. I took some comfort in the realization that last night had been a pretty sudden thing, and some morning after remorse was to be expected.

Then she dropped the real bomb just as she went out the door. “Federal Auditors will be at the bank tomorrow. I have to work tonight to have our books ready. If you’re hanging around here Carol, you’re going to be by yourself unless you can get Ricky to stay and entertain you. Maybe he could teach you to play chess. I can tell you, he’s real good at it.”

Her eyes twinkled at those last sentences. I don’t think the double entendre joke was lost on any of us. It certainly wasn’t on me,

Carol stayed on the porch for a few minutes while I treaded water in the pool, but she was pretty frosty toward me and we didn’t speak. That was all right with me. I had a problem of my own. My little tussle with Peg in the water had me with an embarrassing hard-on, and with Carol hanging around I couldn’t leave the cover of the pool until it went down, which the damn thing refused to do. Just then the front doorbell rang and Carol ran to answer it. I had been saved by the bell so to speak.

I heard voices out front and then the door slam right after a “By Mom; See ya later” came floating out from the family room into the patio, I was just climbing out of my watery cover, erection and all, when Peg came back from changing clothes. She looked gorgeous. She had dried her hair and tied it back in a pony tail. nişantaşı escort She had on white linen shorts, not short shorts, but not long ones either. Up top she had on one of those summertime cotton bra tops with a loop around the neck to hold it up, and straps at the bottom that wrap around the back and tie in a bow at the bare midriff above the exposed belly button. It was all I could do to keep from reaching for that bow right away and giving it a pull. That bra top and those shorts, and the considerable female flesh they left in view, weren’t helping my hard-on problem a bit.

Peg giggled at my predicament, and stole a line from an old Mae West movie, “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me.”

“I grinned back and assured her it was not gun. The sunshine on her face faded into a serious frown, however, as she sat down on the lounge and motioned me to come sit beside her.

“Sit down here Ricky, I need to talk to you,” was the way she began, and I could see right away the my Peg was deep into a guilt trip, and I wasn’t going to like what she was about to tell me.

“Look, Ricky, I’m so ashamed. What were we thinking of? No, what was I thinking of? I’m old enough to be your mother. I shouldn’t have allowed you to fuck me”

“Peg,” I interrupted, “DON’T! How old you are didn’t matter last night and it doesn’t matter now. I had the best sex of my life, not with ‘an-older-woman’, but with the most beautiful and desirable female I have ever known. So, we enjoyed each other. There is nothing wrong with two unmarried adults having wonderful sex together regardless of any difference in ages. We hurt nobody. We betrayed nobody. Neither of us have anything to feel guilty about.

“Oh, but Ricky, I do feel so guilty, so slutty. I don’t know what got into me last night. I’m not that way at all. I was lonesome and feeling sorry for myself when you dropped in out of the sky. You were an answer to a depressed and horny woman’s prayer, but that’s no excuse for me going into heat. I was just going to tease you a little to keep you around. I was so enjoying your company, talking with you, laughing with you, playing chess with you. Why did I let things get so out of hand?

“Well, for one thing Peg,” I told her, “’things got out of hand’ as you put it, because I pushed them that way. I may be a bit young, but I think I should get a little credit, or blame, for seducing you…, me and the liquor at least.”

Peg thought a minute considering what I said. “Its true I had more to drink than I should have. I had a pretty good buzz on about the time you showed me that absolutely delectable big cock…, and one thing led to another. You were so sweet when you were telling me how aroused you were…, and asked to kiss me… Do you know how long its been since a man asked to kiss me? It has been forever, and I don’t think I have EVER been asked or kissed so lovingly or with such sincerity. After that kiss I couldn’t resist reaching out to feel your cock. It was right there on my belly next to my pussy. I knew you wanted me, and it would be long and fat …, and hard. Then when you started to feel my tits and my pussy…, forgive me Ricky, but I had to have you inside me. God, you must think I’m such a slut!’

Why would she think that I wondered? This is not only the most beautiful woman I have ever known, she’s certainly the most lovable as well. I tried hard to tell her that.

“Peg, you weren’t, and you aren’t, a slut! I didn’t fuck you because you were beautiful, available, drunk or horny, or even because of that bikini. Those are damn good reasons I will admit, but they don’t really apply to what happened last night. I swear it was you…, you and that smile of yours…, that I made love to. I refuse to regret something so loving and natural, and I wish you would too.”

Peg shook her head slowly as if to reject what I was telling her. “Oh that’s well and good for you to say. You’re a man. It’s all right for you to do things like that, but when a woman with a daughter almost as old as her lover does the dirty deed, trust me…, everybody will agree–she’s a slut!”

“CRAP,” I answered, “nobody knows so nobody cares. Nobody but me anyway and you can bet you’re no slut to me. I promise you, nobody will ever know because whose to tell? Certainly not me. Anyway if that is what people think, then they’re wrong. They don’t know. They weren’t there. Don’t ruin what we have together because of what some unknown somebody who doesn’t count anyway might think.”

“Look, I realize you’re trying to tell me that you don’t think we should have a repeat performance. Well won’t lie to you–I do, and I think that except for this silliness about our ages, you do to. Still, if you are really so stubbornly determined as all that, so be it. I regret that. I will regret it for the rest of my life. Still, I will respect your decision. At the same time, however, you owe me a fair and fighting chance. I promise not to ask you to do anything kağıthane escort you really don’t want to, but I won’t promise to quit trying to change your mind. You have to give me that opportunity. Fair enough?”

Peg studied me as if debating my offer. “All right,” she finally agreed, “but you’ve got to play fair. I may get weak and let you feel me, or press that big cock of yours up against me, but even if do egg you on a little, if I tell you to stop, you must promise to stop.”

“O.K., deal,” I told her. “With this understanding. When you say stop, I can ask you twice more if that’s really what you want. You must tell me three times, or ‘no’ really doesn’t mean ‘no’. Three times so we can both be sure you mean it. O.K.?”

“Somehow I think you’re stacking the deck here,” she told me. “Three times, that’s a lot of pressure on a girl who already knows what is waiting for her between your legs, but O.K. I’m already giving in too easy, and that’s a bad sign. You’re such a lover, can I really deny you anything three times? I guess that’s only fair tho. Be good to me Ricky. I’m pretty fragile right now and its obvious that I’m not very good at this sort of thing.”

“Well I’m glad that’s settled,” I told her with a grin. “I’ll tell you what. You make us some sandwiches and iced tea and I’ll set up the chess board.

Peg giggled and gave me her best smile. “Just like a man. Volunteering for the tough job. I’ll be back in a flash with the hash.”

We settled into our game after that. Peg was fidgety and not playing well. She repeatedly fell into clumsy traps that she had easily avoided yesterday. I won the first game easily and early in the second, I had already forced her king into a nearly hopeless corner. She was bent over the board frowning at it when I reached across the table and tilted her surrounded King over on its square–the chess sign of surrender.

“You don’t want to play chess,” I told her as I got up and walked around behind her. “your mind isn’t on it, but I know what you are thinking about. The same thing I am.” I nuzzled my lips against the back of her neck, then blew in her ear before running my tongue inside.

“Stop now!” she told me. “We have a deal remember”

“I remember, but wasn’t there something in that deal about saying ‘no’ three times?” My arms were around her now, and from outside her bra top I was holding a breast in each hand. She whimpered, and then moaned.

“Do you really want me to stop Peg? You don’t do you? You can’t even say it twice can you?”

“No” she said in a whisper.

“’No’ what woman? ‘No’ as in stop, or ‘no’, as in I can’t say ‘stop’ anymore?”

“Please Ricky, I’m so weak! don’t torment me like this. You know very well what I’m saying. ‘No’ as in please DON’T stop.”

I reached for that bow I had been wanting to pull all day and gave it a tug. The bottom of her bra top loosened, and I pulled it up to bare her breasts. All that smooth lovely tit flesh was now free and available to the caress of my hands. I squeezed gently on first one and then the other, playing with her nipples by rubbing them between thumb and forefinger. If there was still any doubt, her repeated moans confirmed that this contest of wills between us was over and I had won.

“What do you want now Peg? Tell me Peg! What should I do with you now?”

“Oh Ricky Please,” came her quiet answer. “Strip me Ricky. Take me off to my bed naked like the helpless slut I am. Lay me on my back and make me spread for you. Fuck me Ricky. Oh God Ricky, I need you so. Fuck me with your great cock!”

I stood her up from her chair, and squatted behind her. I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of her shorts, and gave a single hard downward yank. The shorts slid down her long legs to just above her ankles. Her panties came down along with them. Daintily she pulled her feet free and she was nude now below the untied top that was still looped around her neck. I took full advantage. I caressed each of those lovely bare buttocks with my hands and lips before I stood up and turned her around to face me.

As we broke the kiss I forced upon her mouth, Peg raised her hands to her neck and started to pull her head out of the top loop of her bra top that was hanging loosely from her neck. I jerked her hands away. I had conquered this lovely woman and I meant to claim my prize as any conquer would. I twisted the slack front of the now useless top into an improvised leash leaving the shoulder loop still in place around her neck. It was by this ceremonial restraint that I led my naked captured lover off to her bed in triumph.

From the time she had begged me to fuck her, neither of us had spoken, nor was it necessary to now. Once inside her bedroom, I released the neck of my beautiful captive, and spread her naked on her bed. Instinctively she parted her legs and brought her knees up, exposing her pussy to my pleasure. Ready as she was for my cock, however, I had other ideas. From the foot of the bed I crawled osmanbey escort into that cradle between her raised thighs. My shoulders pressed under her legs forcing them up and back, and my head hung directly over her pussy.

“OH GOD,” came her scream as I brought my mouth down on her pussy and drove my tongue inside her. “Oh God, that feels so good. What a stallion you are! Eat me, my boy stallion. Please, eat me. Eat me until cum.”

I stayed with her, licking her slit, lashing with my tongue at the little nub of clitoris that was peeking out from its protecting fold of flesh. I felt her shudder as she announced the arrival of her orgasm


I would like to have stayed there punishing her with orgasm after orgasm for her stubborn foolishness this morning. I could wait no longer, however. My cock ached to take her pussy. Anyway, it would be more fitting to punish her with the cock she had tried to refuse. Crawling upward, I cleared myself past her thighs, but by hooking her legs with my elbows, and lifting my body up on top of hers, I carried her legs with me forcing her knees back upon her own shoulders. Her cunt was left behind at the mercy of my cock.

“Tell me again Peg! Ask me to fuck you! Beg me to fuck you!

“Oh yes, my young stallion. Take me! Fuck your old mare. Fuck me Please, I beg you.”

“No more foolish guilt either. Tell me that I own you. Tell me that you love my cock. Tell me I can fuck you anytime I want.” I was demanding her total surrender as I felt my penis slip inside her. For emphasis I punched it halfway deep into her crack.

Oh God yes Ricky, that feels so good. You do own me. I love your young cock. I never want to be without it. I’m so sorry for trying to refuse you. I’ll never deny you again I promise. You can fuck me any time, all the time. Please just fuck me now.

And fuck her I did. My lovely Peg was wet and slick, a female in heat, begging over and over for more and harder, screaming out with one orgasm after another. I did not last nearly as long as I would have liked altho in my excitement, how long that was I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that long before I wanted, my seed came boiling out of my balls and into her pussy.

Sated I wanted to stay in her arms and cuddle, enjoying the moment, as we had done the evening before, but Peg would have none of it.

“Damn you, Ricky Newton!” She was laughing at me, and once again…, there was that smile I loved so.

“You won’t leave me alone, so I won’t leave you alone either. You want to fuck me do you? Well I intend that you shall do just that. Your old gal slut wants more of that big ol’ cock of yours so let’s see if we can’t bring some life back into it shall we. You have a hot pussy on your hands that needs more service.”

With that my well used and now flaccid penis disappeared into her mouth as she crouched over me, her head bobbing, going down on her man. I watched in awe. I swear there is nothing sexier than a woman’s lips stretched around a great big cock, sucking sweetly to make it hard with the promise that it will soon fuck her cunt. I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the warm smooth attention of her mouth, or the sexy scene of her servicing my penis.

It didn’t take her long either. In what seemed only minutes she had me erect and ready to go again. The edge was off tho, and this time we were less frantic in the pleasure we took from each other. There would be another difference also. I had just finished sucking her nipples into hard nubs, and her pussy was leaking it juices once again, when out of the blue, Peg made a request I didn’t expect.

“I hope you won’t think your woman is hopelessly kinky, but I want you to do something for me, Ricky. I want you to dog fuck me, put me on my knees or my belly and take me from behind. I don’t know why but it me sets me on fire to be fucked like a bitch.”

Sounded good to me! Within the minute I was kneeling behind her with my cock in my hand while Peg rested on her knees and elbows, and wiggled her wet pussy at me like a poodle in heat. Her cunt was open and well stretched from the wild fuck we had so recently finished. I had no difficulty sliding my full length home to the hilt with a single thrust. I pumped at her like that for some minutes as she begged for more, but just kneeling behind her wasn’t enough for me. I had to feel her flesh, have her tits in my hands, have her taste on my tongue.

I pushed her forward collapsing her flat on the bed. This was better. I could lay on her back now and feel her skin against mine. I could reach under her and take a tit in each hand. I could kiss and lick her ears, her neck, and that tender spot between her shoulder blades. Perhaps best of all, the depth and extent of each thrust into her pussy was necessarily limited. We would both last a very long time like this, each of us enjoying the body of the other to the utmost. At last, as our respective orgasms did finally catch up with us, they were well worth waiting for.

“Oh my goodness Ricky, what am I going to do with you?” my darling Peg asked me when at last her breath returned to her lungs after being crushed under my weight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32