Honey’s Hidden Desires

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David had gone out of town on business – for two whole weeks. It was the first time she would be alone since she had moved into his place three months ago. They had been seeing each other exclusively for nearly a year when he invited her to move in. She had had some doubts, although the relationship was great – in truth, the sex was no better than it had been with any guy before. Outside the bedroom, though, the more time they spent together, the deeper she fell. She just hoped that the sex would at least stay good, and maybe even improve as they got closer.

Sue decided that if this, up until recently, “bachelor pad” needed anything, it was a good, thorough cleaning. She like the décor, even if it were a bit masculine, but she enjoyed the warmth and the strong, earthly tones. She had spent Saturday cleaning the bath and the kitchen, today, Sunday, she was attacking the dust “jackrabbits” (way to big to be called bunnies) under the bed and on the floor of the closet. That done, she set out to organize the boxes on the shelves in the close. She had some photo boxes and old tax records that she was hoping to make room for. It was fun seeing some of Dave’s old college mementos – even if she did feel a bit like a voyeur looking at them without his permission. Oh well, she had told him she was going to look for some space for her own stuff – and he hadn’t said she shouldn’t.

As she went to pull one box out, she nearly fell off the chair as the heavy cardboard box slid out and spilled onto the floor. She hadn’t been expecting to find anything that heavy up that high, and was duly impressed that he had been able to lift it up there. She looked down and saw that the box had been filled with magazines – the glossy paper spread out on the floor.

Sue jumped down and began to gather the magazines. As she did, she realized that what she had accidentally come across was a sizable collection of porn! Laughing to herself, she wondered how long ago Dave had collected these, and if he even remembered that they were stashed way up there in the back corner of his topmost closet shelf!

Flipping through the mags, she realized these were no ordinary playboys – or even the raunchier penthouse. The quality of the photography was really rather good, and there was a great deal of text. As she slowly paged through, she realized that the photos were not just of naked or scantily clad girls in lurid poses – there was more of a theme. Nearly all the girls were tied in some way, usually with hands and arms behind them. There were also multiple images of girls who had clearly been spanked – their shapely asses in various shades of pink to red, and some clearly bruised. A few of the photos included men – usually one, but occasionally two and three. The men were either wielding paddles or crops, or performing sexual acts with the bound women. One in particular that caused Sue to gasp in – was it horror or just shock – showed a woman bent over the arm of a couch. Her ass was bright pink, and a man on the couch held both her wrists on her back with one hand. His other hand was wrapped in her blond hair, pressing her face right up against his stomach, his cock clearly deep in her mouth. Behind her, another man crouched over her, his hands on her breasts, the flesh bulging out between his fingers. His hips were pressed up to her pink butt cheeks, his huge cock aimed at her tiny, crinkled brown opening.

Sue realized that she had been staring at this picture for several minutes – examining every detail. Her mouth was dry. She let the magazine slip out of her hands, and went into the kitchen, leaving the magazines scattered on the bedroom floor. She went into the kitchen and poured a glass of juice. She took a sip, them put it down and pulled an open wine bottle off the shelf, opening the cabinet that contained the wine glasses. She closed the cabinet without taking out a wine glass. She opened the cabinet with the few bottles of liquor they kept in the apartment, pulled out the vodka and poured a generous amount into the glass of juice. She took a gulp, choked, and dumped the glass down the drain.

She didn’t return to the bedroom for several hours. Keeping busy with some work she had brought home, cooking herself dinner – anything but returning to the bedroom. Unable to keep her mind on anything other than the glossy, colorful pages of sexual deviance scattered across the bedroom floor. Her mind flip-flopped between horror that this great guy she had been intimate with for over a year was into this stuff, and trying to gage her own reactions. To be honest, as shocked as she was, she was not as repulsed as she thought she should be. Dave had probably had that stuff for years – clearly forgotten it was even up there! Certainly, their sex-life over the past fifteen months never suggested he had any deviant tendencies. Sometimes she wished he were a little more imaginative. Maybe that was it – maybe he was more imaginative, but thought she would be too freaked out! Would she be?

Eventually, Betist she went into the bedroom and gathered the magazines, placing them back in the box on the floor. One thing was certain, she could never lift that box – so putting them back where she found them and pretending that she never found them wasn’t an option. She could always tell him she the truth, that she accidentally pulled it down, and let him put it away with out even mentioning their content – unless he did.

That night, Sue tossed and turned, images from the magazines flashing through her mind. Finally, she gave up on sleep, pulled out one of the magazines and started to read. She should have been horrified. She should have been repulsed. She was fascinated. Publication after publication – rough sex, spankings, bondage, and multiple men with one woman – and a prominent theme that both frightened her, and gave her chills – anal sex. She had never even considered it before, and the most intriguing of these stories about anal sex were always rough, always involved soreness and discomfort for the women in the stories.

Sue found herself re-reading these stories several times over the next week, especially the ones involving spanking. She was absolutely certain she wanted to try that. Anal she was less sure about, but wouldn’t make any decisions about that yet. In the last few days before Dave came home, she had made some decisions.

First, she went shopping. At first she was mortified to find herself in a sex shop downtown. When one of the clerks, a goth looking guy with some many piercings in his ears and face, she didn’t want to think about what was in his mouth or under his clothes, offered help – she almost fled the store. He seemed to realize that here was one of those customers that he should leave to muddle through the assortment of wares on her own.

She chose two dildos, and one smallish butt plug. Then she looked at the array of devices for spanking. Many of them looked way too serious. In the end, she chose a small, flexible crop and a broad, leather paddle. As she examined the numerous forms of bondage, she was just about to give up when the perforated goth clerk quietly suggested a pair of cuffs that attached the wrist to the opposite fore arm, right below the elbow. He explained as clinically as he could that guys love them, because in addition to securing the arms, the breasts really end up on display. Sue began to relax, stiltingly discussing the benefits and drawbacks to various toys. She admitted to being a novice, planning a surprise for someone special. Perforated goth clerk smiled, and he managed to make it reassuring, despite the profusion of metal. He suggested a special outfit, and called a very pretty – barely punctured woman clerk to help her choose. Sue quickly overcame her initial mortification, actually trying on a few of the lingerie items.

The night Dave was coming home, Sue cooked a favorite dinner of his, and one that could wait if he could not. She arranged a selection of the magazines on the coffee table, with the picture of the girl being double penetrated that had first caught her eye in a prominent position. The crop, the paddle and one of Dave’s belts she placed at strategic spots in the room. She put on the corset she had purchased – a deep blue satin with black lace trim. It ended above her ass in the back, with sides that came down a bit – making it look as if her pale, shapely ass was framed in black lace. In the front, her breasts were barely contained, and could easily be lifted above the scanty cups. She put on black stockings that attached to garter straps on the corset, and the highest stiletto pumps she could find. As she gazed at herself in the mirror, she was thrilled by the way she looked. Giving a last check on her hair and make-up – which looked more like she was ready for a black tie function than a night of wild sex, she placed the cuffs on her fore arms, and waited to hear the front door open.

The first thing Dave saw when he entered the apartment, was the dining room table. It was set with china and crystal – candles burned softly in Sue’s favorite holders. He smiled, pleased he was in for a night of romance – if not really expecting fireworks. Dave poured himself a glass of rich, red wine and entered the living room, also softly illuminated by candles. He stopped short, though, when he caught sight of his magazines on the table. Oh shit! That box was so high, and so heavy, he never thought she would have bothered to look into it. He froze, unsure of what Sue’s reaction was going to be. He looked up, and he saw her – dressed in the hottest, sexiest lingerie he had ever seen.

His eyebrows raised and he nearly dropped the glass in his hand as she walked slowly toward him. He searched her face – she looked nervous – even more nervous than he felt when he realized she had found his porn! She stopped in front of him, turned, placing her arms behind her, she said “I’ll need your help with these – even Betist Giriş if I could have managed them on my own, I just imagined the problem I’d have had if you had been delayed and I was stuck here with my hands bound behind me.”

Dave’s cock perked up, realizing she was offering her arms to be confined behind her. He looked at the clever devices, realizing that her arms would be folded behind her. Dave clicked them into place. She turned, lifting her lips for a kiss.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Oh my god, yessss. I’ve been thinking of nothing else for days.” She answered.

Dave pressed his mouth to hers, opening it to take her mouth in the most searing, earth shattering kiss they had ever shared. Sue slowly dropped to her knees, nuzzling his crotch, where his cock was straining against his slacks. Dave obliged her, opening his pants and freeing his turgid dick. She began slowly – licking and kissing gently – then sliding her mouth down his length. Little by little, she took more of him into her mouth, licking the underside as she did – until he could feel the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, and to his surprise, she did not jump off his cock, but slid right back down, apparently refusing to allow herself to give into her instincts to avoid choking. He was thrilled. Before he could risk ending this too early, he pulled her off of him. She looked up at his face.

“Relax – we have all weekend. If you come now, I am sure we can find some way to revive you” she said sweetly. Then she slid her hot mouth back down on his raging cock. He couldn’t believe it – she hardly ever went down on him, and she probably swallowed no more than twice! He slid his hands into her silky hair, and sank into her sweet mouth – savoring the exquisite feel. After a few pumps, he began to really fuck her face – not even realizing how rough he had become, so caught up in the pleasure, and her willingness to provide it. Her compliance thrilled him nearly as much as the physical pleasure her mouth was giving him. He felt her throat convulsing around his head, mindless in his bliss of her struggle to breath. Just as reason began to assert itself, and he was about to ease back so she could breath, he felt his orgasm roiling in his balls, and shot his cum deep into her throat – pulling back to feel her tongue.

Sue was so excited as Dave grabbed her hair and took control of their rhythm, thrilled he was enjoying this so much. As his strokes deepened, she nearly panicked, fearing that she would pass out as he cut off her breath, then he began to come, and after the first few shots coated her throat, he slid out a little and the rest slid onto her tongue, threatening to drip out the corners of her mouth. She concentrated on keeping it in her mouth, then swallowing the thick, gooey, bitter-salty liquid.

“Wow – that was incredible!” Dave paused, looking sheepishly at Sue “Are you okay? I think I got a little carried away.”

“A little? I’d say you got completely carried away – and it was amazing!” now she paused before assuring him. “I’m fine.”

Dave pulled her up, wrapping his arms around her, “You’re amazing! I can’t believe you not only let me do that, but you like it?!?! Damn – I should have left those magazines laying around months ago!” As he held her, his gaze swept the room, and he saw the paddle and the crop, then he saw a small tray with a couple of dildos, a butt-plug, and – holy shit – was that a gag? He held her tighter, his cock already reacting to what he saw, in spite of the incredible cum he had just had.

“Do you want dinner first, or do you want to play?” Sue asked, burying her face in his shoulder – still unsure of how he was going to react to all of this.

“I think we should have dinner and let things slow down, I think I need to plan a little bit here!” He pulled her back enough to allow him to take her mouth in another kiss, this one gentler, not as carnal as the one preceeding that killer blow job. His hands slipped down to her breasts, brushing across the nipples barely contained by the bra of the corset, then he reached into the corset and lifted her breasts. His mouth descended to the nipples – driving her insane with sensation, as he knew when he heard the sharp intake of her breath. He led her into the dining room, and poured her a glass of wine.

“Are you going to release my hands, so I can eat?” she asked. He looked at her, clearly considering her question.

“No. I think not. I’ll feed you. But first, have a sip of wine. You have some serious cum breath going on!” He lifted the wine glass to her lips, and wouldn’t take it away until she had taken several deep sips. Then he dished out one large serving from the casserole, and fed them both from the same plate. She ate lightly, still nervous about what the night still held in store for her. He seemed to understand, and while he didn’t press her to eat much, he made her finish her glass of wine and poured her another. She drank a significant amount of that, too.

“Now – dessert” announced Dave. He led her into the living room, and pushed her over the back of the couch. He was getting more excited, and wasn’t as gentle as he had been over dinner.

“Do you want the gag?” he asked her.

“Not really, I thought you might want me to wear it – and I don’t know if I can be quiet enough to keep the neighbors from getting curious.”

“Why don’t we try it without, and if we think we need it – we can always put it in later.” She nodded, not trusting her voice anymore.

Dave ran his hands over her smooth, shapely ass – loving the silky paleness of her skin. He had always adored her ass, but never thought he’d get to do more than caress it during normal sex. He looked at he array of toys, but opted to start slow – with his hand.

The first blow of Dave’s hand was more of a shock than anything else. It seemed loud, and while it stung, the sting dissipated quickly. By the tenth blow of his hand, she had forgotten the noise and squirmed from the steady burn in her cheeks. Dave ran his hands over her ass again, enjoying the slight pinkening of the flesh, and the warmth it began to radiate. He picked up the paddle. Again, he started slow, not really sure how she would react, then he began to paddle her in earnest – harder and swifter blows. She was squirming and wimpering, but she didn’t ask him to stop – so he kept going, getting steadily more excited by the deepening color of her ass cheeks, and the sweet whimpers and groans his spanking elicited from his beautiful girlfriend. He stopped and shed his shirt, beginning to sweat in his growing arousal as well as from the exertion of paddling Sue’s fabulous ass. Sue let out a long breath, thinking he was done. Then she felt the sharp, cutting blow of the crop. She yelped in pained surprise – but still, she didn’t tell him to stop, so he swung the nasty little whip a few more times, admiring the stripes it left on her red ass. He dropped the crop and ran his hands over her poor ass, kneeding and rubbing – loving the color and the heat coming off of it.

Sue yelped again – amazed that although he had stopped spanking her, her ass was so sensitive to his touch that his rough caresses may as well have been smacks. She squirmed and whined – a sound Dave was amazed to realize was as sweet to him as soft moans of pleasure would have been.

“God, I can’t wait to show you what your ass looks like. It is so sexy and gorgeous. I can’t keep my hands off of it.” Then he dropped his pants and ground his rock hard dick against her hot ass, his pubic hair like sand paper on her sensitive skin. Her squirming became wild – but still she made no objections, and made no effort to get away.

“I’m gonna fuck that sweet, hot ass. I’d like to promise to be gentle, but I think we both know I am way beyond that now. I’m gonna force the hardest erection I’ve ever had in my life into that tiny, virgin hole, and it’s gonna feel so incredible!”

“I know. That’s what tonight is all about. I’ll try not to complain, baby. You enjoy this!”

“Oh, I will, baby, but don’t be quiet about it. I want to hear every detail of how it feels – I want to know how hard it is for you to give me this!”

He slid his dick deep into her pussy, pounding harder than he ever had, amazed at how wet and slick she was. She enjoyed the fierce fucking he was giving her pussy, knowing as rough as it was, it was nothing to what he was about to do. Now that his dick was covered in her pussy juices, he slid out and lined his dick up with her impossibly tiny hole. In every story he ever read about anal sex, the guy always took the time to loosen the woman up with his fingers or a dildo – but he didn’t want that. He wanted her as tight as she would ever be. He pressed up against her and began a slow, steady, unrelenting push.

Sue had read that if she pushed out, like she was going to the bathroom, that it would be easier. She didn’t. If anything, she let herself tense up in her fear, fully conscious that it would make this difficult act even more so. She wanted it that way, she had decided to submit to this, and she wanted him to take it, to make it as hard as it could be. Sue felt the swollen tip breach the defenses of her tiny opening, and let out the low howl she had been choking back all though the long spanking.

Dave finally managed to force the head of his dick into her impossibly tight hole, and savored the long, low wail of the women under him. He stopped, knowing that he was pausing with the thickest part of his dick at the tightest part of her ass. He savored it, knowing that he should get this part over with for her, but enjoying it way too much to be kind.

After what seemed an eternity, Dave began to push further into her, causing her ass to burn more inside than outside, now. Every time she thought he must be in as far as he could go, he forced another inch into her. Once he finally bottomed out, and she felt his course hair on her burning, well-spanked ass, he stopped again while they both caught their breath. Then he drew back and began to pound into her tender ass harder than anyone had ever fucked her pussy.

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