Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 05

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5. A Model Sales Rep

It was one of those all-too-rare, genuinely hot summer days in England. The blinding midday sun blazed down on the small market town from a cloudless, azure blue sky. Claire felt the heat bearing down on her oppressively as she strode across the top floor of the multi-storey car park, her thin white shirt clinging to her damp skin and the dusty air swirling around her bare legs as waves of warm air rose from the hot grey concrete. She slipped her jacket off, hanging it in the back of her car then eased slowly into the front seat, whimpering a little as she felt the fierce heat of the dark leather though her thin green skirt.

She started the engine of her company car and turned the air conditioning on full blast, sitting quietly for a few minutes before getting out her notepad and jotting down some thoughts regarding her meeting with the client. It was fair to say it hadn’t been a complete success. The shop owner had listened to her presentation patiently, and had said one or two encouraging things about her company’s new lingerie range but ultimately had politely explained that she simply didn’t think the range was a good fit for her boutique. “K. said the new range was a bit too racy, tastes a little more conservative in this quiet, commuter-belt suburb. However, did express interest in the new bridal wear range; need to follow-up and make appointment to come back when that’s available.”

Claire closed her eyes as she combed curls of honey-blonde hair from her damp forehead and plucked at her white shirt, tugging the thin cotton away from her moist skin as she waited for the air conditioning to kick in and cool the inside the car. Glancing in the rear view mirror, she noted that her hair had grown long, falling in soft waves over her shoulders and she pondered getting it cut shorter for the summer. Perhaps a neater, boyish cut would suit her slim figure. Her mobile bleeped as she tried to gather her thoughts for the next meeting, it was a text from her girlfriend Cassie: “Pls can u get some milk on the way home, luv u, xxx”

She and Cassie had been together for over a year now, and had recently moved into a tiny but expensive flat, a move made possible by them both getting better-paid jobs. Cassie was a nurse who’d recently changed to a more unsociable but better paid nightshift, and Claire had got this job as a saleswoman for Wild Orchid Lingerie.

Part of her salary was commission, so it was a shame that both of her meetings this morning hadn’t gone that well. In fact, she was struggling a bit. Colleagues kept telling her that it would take time to build relationships with the shop owners but it had been three months and she was still finding it difficult. Still, she thought as she consulted her list, things could only get better, right?

She ran her finger down the page, and found the details for her last appointment of today, then set up her sat-nav for Honeysuckle Lingerie in Victoria Street, back in the city.

Casey yawned, as she leant heavily on the desk and stared out of the shop windows towards the busy street outside, where people hurried to and fro in the bright sunshine. A couple of young women in short, summery dresses strolled past, takeaway coffees in hand, laughing and joking, and she glanced at her watch again, willing the minute hand to move faster. They closed early on Wednesdays and she couldn’t wait for four o’clock to roll around so she could join the throngs of people spilling out of the bars and cafes.

She covered her mouth as she yawned again. It had been a friend’s birthday last night and she’d been out partying, ending up at a lesbian club nearby called Lipstick. For some reason, she hadn’t been in the mood to dance, and had spent the evening sipping her martini at the bar, watching her friends bump and grind with the rest of the clubbers on the packed dance floor. She’d amused herself by categorising the young crowd: tattooed biker chicks in rock t-shirts, middle-aged bi-curious spectators, ultra-feminine innocents in the big city, trendy students drunk on pitchers of cheap margarita looking for action.

Despite a couple of lingering looks and promising smiles in her direction, she hadn’t hit it off with anyone and had gone home to her empty flat at about one. It was one of her favourite hunting grounds, and she’d often gone home with someone and so had left with a vaguely dissatisfied feeling of anticlimax, her body primed for something that had never materialised.

Despite her late night, she’d made it down to the store to open the doors at nine o’clock. Her sister, Stacy, was a stickler for opening the shop on time, as if there’d be hordes of women banging on the doors at 8:59 on a Wednesday morning, desperate to buy armfuls of exotic lingerie.

To be fair, it had been quite a busy morning but as the office girls finished their lunch breaks, and three o’clock rolled around, the customers had thinned out, heading for the parks and bars to enjoy the unusually hot weather. She would have Porno made an excuse and left early except Stacy had insisted she stay and keep an eye out for a sales rep. She sighed, perching her bottom on a waist-height stool as she recalled the last time she saw a sales rep. She had fond memories of the gorgeous Pippa and how she struggled in those handcuffs as Casey’s wicked hands had first undressed and then pleasured her, coaxing reluctant yet intense orgasms from her hot, young body. She closed her eyes momentarily, fantasizing that Pippa was here now; her hands tied behind her back, trapped between Casey’s long legs under the desk, licking her way up her wantonly spread thighs. The people rushing past outside glancing at her through the shop window, wondering what was causing her dreamy smile and the glazed look in her eyes.

Such a hot fantasy! She was pondering whether to dash off to the Ladies and ease some of the sexual tension gathering between her warm thighs, when she saw the young woman struggling with the door. She was carrying two large display cases, and Casey skipped over and held the door open for her as she squeezed inside.

“Thanks, I’m Claire from Wild Orchid Lingerie,” the young woman said, depositing the cases near the desk and offering her hand.

She was a petite, pretty young woman with large chocolate-brown eyes, her fair hair framing a pretty girl-next-door face. Casey couldn’t help noticing the way her white shirt and olive green skirt clung to her slim, boyish figure.

“I’m Casey, the joint owner. Welcome to Honeysuckle Lingerie,” she said, squeezing the young woman’s slender fingers.

“Thanks, nice to meet you, I’m here to show you some of our samples,” Claire said, looking around the store.

“Great, well if you’ll follow me, I’ll take you up to the office,” Casey said, taking one of the cases and heading towards the stairs.

“Thanks,” Claire said as she followed Casey up the stairs and into a large office.

“This is my sister, she’s also the joint owner here,” Casey said, indicating a slightly taller and older blonde lady sitting behind a large mahogany desk as she tapped away at her laptop.

“Hi, I’m Stacy, I’m the majority owner here,” the woman said, extending her hand, with a brief glance towards her sister.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Claire from Wild Orchid Lingerie,” she said, shaking hands, and noting how firmly Stacy’s supple fingers confidently squeezed hers. She was a tall, handsome woman her shapely body and long legs emphasized by a smart, fitting dove grey pants suit worn over a pink blouse, the sun highlighting her platinum blonde hair.

“Let’s go and sit over there, it’s a little more comfortable,” Stacy said, indicating a little seating area, a tan leather sofa and armchair arranged around a sleek chrome and glass coffee table.

“It’s nearly four, I may as well go down and close up,” Casey said, disappearing briefly. When she returned, Stacy was perched on the sofa, a pen and pad balanced on her knee. Claire had placed the sample cases on the coffee table and was arranging some of her samples on a portable silver rail, a number of lacy teddies, silky slips and sheer bodysuits dangling from the hangers.

“She’s a pretty little thing, isn’t she?” Casey whispered as she sat down next to her sister.

“Behave yourself,” Stacy hissed.

Claire took a deep breath, smiled warmly at her audience of two then launched into her pitch:

“At Wild Orchid Lingerie, we believe that women should feel special when they wear our underwear. They should feel confident, cherished, beautiful, sexy, that’s what our brand is all about. Our summer collection is designed to let women explore their sensual side and whether they fancy being an English rose or a femme fatale, there’s something for everyone. We only use the very best silk, lace and cotton in our exquisitely crafted lingerie. I’m going to start with our robes, now this kimono is one of our best sellers.”

Claire stepped forward, holding out the gown for their inspection. It was a beautiful creation, perhaps knee-length, and Casey ran a finger over the smooth black silk, tracing the abstract floral patterns picked out in pale blue, murmuring her approval.

“It’s lovely isn’t it?” Claire said.

“It is,” Stacy agreed. “I’m not sure about the colours though.”

“Well we also have it in crimson and silver, and also pink and pale yellow,” Claire said, helpfully skipping over to the rack and showing them the alternative colours.

“OK, well they’re quite nice, aren’t they?” Stacy said.

“Yeah, I like them, they’re definitely possibles,” Casey said encouragingly. “I like the look of those teddies, as well.”

“Yes, we also have a range of teddies in amethyst blue, hot red and black,” Claire said, holding out a sample of each.

“Uh huh, they’re quite nice,” Stacy said, making a note on the pad.

“And we also have a range of satin slips, in various shades,” Claire said, bringing over a Türkçe Altyazılı Porno thigh-length midnight blue slip.

“Hmm, this is nice, but I think you could get something like this on the High Street,” Stacy said, chewing the end of her pen as she ran her hand along the silky fabric. “What do you think, Casey?”

Casey felt her cheeks flush a little; at that moment, she’d been wondering what the attractive young sales rep would look like in one of the slinky kimonos, and a very naughty idea had started to form in her mind.

“Oh, um, I guess I’m just finding it a little difficult to visualise what they’d look like,” she said, running a hand through her dark hair.

“Oh well, we have a full catalogue,” Claire said, helpfully pointing at the booklets that she’d carefully fanned out on the coffee table. “Or you could check out our new website.”

“Yes, but they’re very two-dimensional aren’t’ they? I just think it would be easier if we could see them modelled. Don’t you agree?” she replied, flashing her sister a mischievous grin and discretely nudging her in the ribs.

“Well, yes, I suppose that would make it easier to judge…” Stacy conceded.

“Oh well, you’re welcome to try them on, if you want,” Claire said helpfully.

“Well actually, I was wondering if you could help us out,” Casey replied.

“Wait, I’m not sure what you’re saying. You want me to model these clothes for you?” Claire asked.

“Well, of course it’s up to you. I think we’re just saying that it would make it easier for us if we could see them being worn. I mean, I’m not sure we could commit to stocking something unless we see how well it fits the shape of the female body,” Casey replied.

“Yes, but I’m no model, I mean I’m really not sure…” Claire said with a nervous laugh.

“Listen, you’re new to this, right?” Stacy asked.

Claire nodded.

“Well, let me be honest. We’re an upmarket boutique with plenty of influential customers. A lot of lingerie manufacturers would love to have space on our shelves. Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret, Implicite, they all want to display their goods in our store because they know we’re one of the hottest boutiques in the city. I mean, that’s why you’re here, right?”

“Of course,” Claire agreed.

“And we only have a finite amount of shelf space,” Casey continued. “So, if you want us to take you seriously we need to be convinced that your lingerie is more deserving of that space than your competitors. In other words, you need to sell it to us. You understand that, right?”

“But I’m no model…”

“Well, I think you’re being modest but really we just an idea of how they look. I mean, your lingerie does look like the kind of thing we’d be interested in, and we assumed you’d want to establish a business relationship with us but of course it’s up to you…”

“Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt…” Claire said, indecisively.

“Listen, my sister and I run a lingerie store; you’re not going to have anything we haven’t seen thousands of times before. We’re all girls together here, right?” Casey said, reassuringly.

Claire’s eyes locked with Casey’s briefly as she tried to determine whether they were really serious, or whether they were just fooling around with the new sales rep, but Casey just stared back levelly, her olive green eyes dark and unreadable. Claire weighed up the choice: on the one hand, it would be a little awkward but on the other, she really was desperate to make some kind of sale today to placate her manager and make her end of month sales bonus but could she really do this? She supposed it wouldn’t be too revealing to strip down to her underwear, it would just be like wearing a bikini to the beach, wouldn’t it? It’s not like she was going to be completely naked. And they were all professionals…

“Okay, I mean, I don’t mind modelling a couple of the kimonos over my underwear,” Claire said, and quickly started to unbutton her shirt before she changed her mind.”Although I haven’t heard of other sales reps doing this.”

“Oh, we often ask reps to model for us, don’t we Stacy?” Casey said, nudging her sister.

“Oh yes, all the time,” her sister confirmed, nodding her head encouragingly as she watched Claire tug her shirt open revealing pert breasts encased in a plain white cotton bra.

Claire felt like she was back at school as she kicked off her strappy sandals, feeling her bare feet sinking into the thick beige carpet. The two store owners sat on the sofa, their knees touching, watching her impassively as she performed her impromptu striptease, quickly wriggling out of her bottle green skirt to reveal matching white cotton panties. Claire quickly grabbed the black and blue kimono from the hanger, feeling a sense of relief as she slid her arm into one of the loose, silky sleeve and wrapped it around her body, tying the belt loosely around her slim waist.

“There,” she said, a note of relief in her voice. “What Brazzers do you think?”

“Oh yes, that’s much better, thanks,” Casey said.

“Yes, very nice, why don’t you come a little closer,” Stacy added.

“It’s genuine imported Thai silk, the finest quality,” Claire said, stepping forward.

Claire stood still obediently, as the two women stroked and plucked at the thin silk. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, it was hard not to notice the admiring glances from both men and women when she jogged around the park in her tight little shorts but it still felt odd to be semi-naked in this strange office as the two women fingered the silky robe.

“Yes, this is very nice,” Stacy said, and Claire felt the warmth of her hand through the thin silk as she ran a hand over her thigh.

“Mmm, feels great, so seductive and sexy,” Casey agreed, running a hand along the silky curve of her hips, and Claire briefly wondered whether they were talking about the kimono or her body.

“Let’s have a look at the back,” Casey said, grasping her wrist and encouraging her to turn around, and Claire found herself standing between the two seated women, her hands clutched to her chest as she felt them slide their hands up and down the back of her legs.

“Yes, this is very decadent, isn’t it?” Casey said as she ran an appraising hand up over the back of Claire’s thighs.

“Mmm, very luxurious. I like it, look at how it clings and emphasizes her curves,” Stacy agreed, and Claire felt her hand slide up until it cupped one of her plump buttocks.

“Oh!” Claire gasped, jumping as she felt Stacy’s hand giving her a firm squeeze.

“So, um, is there anything else you’d like to see?” she said, stepping away as she felt her cheeks blush furiously.

“Oh yes, a lot more,” Stacy said, grinning.

“How about that mint green babydoll?” Casey suggested.

“Oh, but that means I’ll have to take my bra off,” Claire said, thinking aloud.

“Is that a problem?” Stacy asked in a tone of voice that made her feel like a silly schoolgirl.

“Um, no I suppose not, we’re all grown-ups after all,” Claire said, slipping off the kimono and reaching behind awkwardly to unhook her white bra. She turned away from them self-consciously as she slipped it off her arms then quickly pulled the babydoll on over her head, adjusting and plucking at the shoulder straps until she was satisfied with the fit.

“Oh yes, that’s very sexy,” Casey said. “Come a little closer, so we can have a proper look.”

The garment was really just a lacy bra, from which hung a length of sheer fabric which fell to mid-thigh. It felt a lot more revealing and Claire stepped closer reluctantly, dismayed at her short it was. Despite tugging at it with her fingers, the hem barely covered her white cotton panties, leaving her legs naked.

“Oh yes, this is really sexy too,” Stacy cooed, as once again Claire felt the warmth of her hands stroking her stomach through the sheer fabric.

“Yes, really hot,” Casey agreed, running her hands over the garment, stretching upwards, her fingers tracing the flora design of the lacy brassiere.

“You’re very hands on here, aren’t’ you?” Claire said, standing in front of them, her hands lying limply at her sides, her hands clenched into tight little fists as their searching fingers slid smoothly over her underwear. She wanted to scream “Stop touching me down there!” but couldn’t find a way of making it sound professional.

“Well, we have to make sure it’s the best quality, we’re just being professional,” Stacy insisted, her fingers toying with the hem.

“Yes, purely professional,” Casey agreed, as Claire felt her hands stroking her stomach and thighs through the thin lacy material. “I’m not sure your panties match though.”

“Mmm, you’re right,” Stacy said as she searched through Claire’s sample case briefly before holding up a pair of green satin knickers. “Here, try these.”

“Oh, I guess, I mean if you really want…” Claire agreed reluctantly as the two women nodded encouragingly.

She hoped they might turn around or shield their eyes but they sat and watched her, little half-smiles etched on their faces, as she reached under the thigh-length babydoll and hooked her thumbs beneath the waistband of her plain white panties. She turned away from them, not wanting them to have a face-full of her bare pussy, then too late realising they’d have an excellent view of her arse instead. She felt her cheeks burn red, as she bent over to slip off her panties, feeling the short babydoll sliding up over her bare bottom, knowing the two women would be able to see everything.

“Yes, that babydoll really is quite short, isn’t it?” she heard Stacy whisper. Casey giggled as Claire quickly tugged the tiny tangle of emerald green up over her legs.

“There, how’s that?” Claire said, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks again, as she tugged the babydoll’s hem as low as it would go (which wasn’t far) then spun around to face them.

“Oh yes, that’s much better,” Casey purred, running her hands up over Claire’s increasing warm thighs.

“Mmm, I just love satin,” Stacy agreed as she lifted the hem of the babydoll and ran her fingers over the silky material. “It feels so lovely and smooth against your skin, doesn’t it?”

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