Hopes and Dreams Ch. 01

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Hi everyone, here’s the first instalment of Hopes and Dreams following on from Not Too Late – Epilogue. This is the story of Miles and Ryan’s 18 year old son Seth and his friends. Enjoy


Seth had the house to himself for a few hours and he was bored. Both of his parents had out gone to get the weekly shopping, and Kyle was with his bitch of a girlfriend, Jenny, and he hated her for slowly driving him and Kyle apart. Jenny had been very friendly towards Seth in the beginning, but it wasn’t long before she noticed the way he looked at Kyle and she didn’t like it.

Seth had always been attracted to guys, and accepting that he was gay hadn’t been a problem. However, he only had the courage to tell two people, his cousin Sophie, and his pretend-girlfriend Katie. Katie was a lesbian, he was gay, and they both wanted to keep their secrets. He was too afraid of telling his fathers Miles and Ryan after how Sophie’s parents reacted when they found out she was a lesbian.

Seth had been in love with Kyle since the day they met. Kyle was taller than he was by a good six inches at 5’9″ and his skin always had a slightly golden complexion. Kyle’s eyes were a sapphire blue and his hair was a dark mahogany colour that he kept in fairly long droopy spikes. He was on the school swimming team and had a body most guys dreamed of. A nicely defined six pack along with slightly toned arms and legs, not overly muscled but enough to show off. To top it off he had the personality make the perfect package, Kyle was not only hot, but smart, kind, and popular.

However, Seth was on the total opposite end of the scale to his best friend. Seth stood at only 5’3″ and was almost painfully thin. He had inherited his pale skin from his father, Miles’ and his eyes were a green that gradually turned into brown when they neared the pupil.

Having two fathers had made Seth a target for everyone at school. The bullies would take every opportunity to beat him, from pushing and tripping him over to dragging him into the changing rooms and beating him until he lost consciousness. Thankfully the latter had only happened once when he was eight. Seth changed school after that but the damage was already done. The incident had caused him to become quiet and shy, afraid to do anything that might get him noticed because he felt it would put him in the line of fire for any unspent abuse.


It had been a really bad day for Seth when he first met Kyle four years ago. Seth had always been smaller than everyone else, and after being the only one to pass a test in class, he had angered many of the other students.

As he was getting his stuff out of his locker, a boy named Philip Parks grabbed him by the neck and held him up against his locker. Seth’s feet dangled nearly a foot of the ground as he struggled to breath. Phil had put his fist against Seth’s nose and slowly drew back his fist to let the fear sink in. Seth closed his eyes, waiting for the punch to come. Instead, he was thrown aside, just managing to brace himself as he fell. When Seth finally looked back up he saw Kyle standing over him grinning. Kyle helped a limping Seth out of the school just as Miles was getting out of his car. A quick trip to the hospital and a pizza later, Kyle and Seth were the best of friends.


Looking at the clock, Seth guessed that he had an hour before his fathers got home. He went up stairs and into his parents’ room. He knew they kept a stash of gay porn in one of their draws and spent a few minutes looking through the titles before choosing one with two young guys on the cover. With so much time to spare, Seth decided he could get away with putting the film on the main TV in the living room.

He put the film into the built in player and selected the first scene. Within the first few minutes of the film, both of the young characters were topless and kissing passionately on he bed.

Seth could feel himself harden in the denim of his jeans while he watched the scene. When the boys shed the rest of their clothing, Seth undid his jeans and lowered them a little to give him access to his dick. Slowly he started to stroke himself as he watched the film.

Seth groaned as he pulled his foreskin back and slid a finger over the underside of the head, using is other hand to gently roll his balls. His eyes fluttered shut as he lost himself in the sensations. Letting his imagination run free as he ran his hand across himself, imagining they were Kyle’s hands instead of his own.

The sound of crunching gravel tore Seth from his fantasy. Quickly but carefully, he buttoned up his jeans as someone tried to push the door open. “Shit shit shit” he mentally cursed as he reached for the remote on the table but the tips of his fingers sent the control skidding across the coffee table and bouncing across the floor. Seth span around when he heard the door finally open to lock eye with Miles’s. The horror Seth saw in his father’s eyes turned him cold. He could feel the blood drain from his face and izmir escort he suddenly felt incredibly sick.

“Oh Seth,” Ryan said quietly as he entered the house.

Seth felt the tears form in his eyes at the sight of both his fathers’ disappointment.

Miles finally came to his senses when the first tear trickled down Seth’s cheek and ran over and hugged his son. Miles pull Seth onto his lap as he held the crying boy.

He was trembling in his father’s embrace and he had wrapped his fists in Miles’s shirt as if he would disappear if he let go. Seth could feel Miles stroking his back helping him slowly calming his breathing.

After a few minutes, Ryan brought them both some food. Miles moved to the end of the sofa so Seth could sit in between him and Ryan. The only sound was of the cutlery scraping against the plates as the three of them ate, leaving a palpable tension in the air.

“We need to talk,” Miles said after everyone had finished eating.

“Ok,” Seth whispered, instantly regretted eating as now his stomach made him feel even worse.

“Right,” Miles stopped to take a deep breath, “First off, how long have you been into boys?” Miles asked. He pulled Seth into his side for comfort while Ryan moved along the sofa to get closer to Seth so he was sandwiched between his parents.

Seth stared at his feet. He didn’t have the courage to look either of his fathers in the eye. “Always have been, never liked girls really. Katie was just a good actor.”

“Why didn’t you tell us? Why did you feel like you had to pretend to be someone else?” Ryan asked. They had always been open to Seth and he didn’t understand Seth’s need to hide who he was.

“Cos I wasn’t sure about it and then when I was Aunty Clare and Aunty Hayley blew up at Sophie when they found out that she was a lesbian. I was afraid to after that.” was Seth’s quiet answer as he toyed with the bottom of his t-shirt.

“Oh I could kill that girl sometimes.” Miles said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Seth, look at me.” Miles paused waiting for Seth to look at him before he continued, “Clare and Hayley blew up when they found out about Sophie because she broke your Grandmother’s three thousand dollar antique table by having sex on it, not because she was having sex with a girl.” Seth’s eyes went wide and he was stunned into silence.

“So we ok?” Ryan asked, giving Seth a comforting little nudge to bring him back..

“Yeah.” Seth smiled weakly.

“Good now we can grill you about the porn.” Ryan grinned evilly as Seth groaned in embarrassment. He had completely forgot about the film.

“We don’t mind you watching it ‘cos even if we tell you not to your gonna do it anyway so might as well just let you use it.” Miles said. Seth looked up at him in surprise.

“Just do it in your bedroom and lock the door first, or someone might catch you in a compromising position.” Ryan chipped in causing Seth’s cheeks to turn a rosy pink and Miles to laugh as he pulled him into another hug.

“Right, lets get this place cleaned up.” Miles said clapping his hands as he jumped out of the chair dispersing the last of the tension.

“I think I’m gonna hit the bed.” Seth yawned, the evening had taken a toll on his nerves leaving him exhausted.

“Sure, go get some sleep.” Miles said with a sympathetic smile. Seth gave both his fathers a hug before he went upstairs to his room. Seth undid the button on his jeans and with a slight wiggle of the hips they dropped to his ankles, kicking them off with his socks. Finally he threw his shirt across the room as he climbed naked into the bed. As soon as his eyes shut, he was asleep.


Seth was lying in bed as Kyle kissed his throat. “mmm Ky,” he moaned sleepily as the larger boy sucked on his neck. Seth could feel the warmth from Kyle’s body on top of his own as Kyle ground his cock against him. The fantastic friction was causing sparks to shoot across Seth’s body.

Although it felt great, the grinding was too slow to bring Seth to completion. Rolling his hips against Kyle in need, he increased the speed, finally bringing the sensations to a delicious peak. His toes curled and with a strangled cry he came.

Seth’s eyes shot open as his body convulsed. He was covered in white hot semen and so was the pillow he held to his chest. It took a second for him to realise what had just happened. He couldn’t believe he had just had his first wet dream at the age of 18 or the fact it had been one of the most intense orgasms of his life.

Seth climbed out of bed careful not to make more of a mess than he had and place the pillow wet side up on the floor. Sleepily, he trudged into his small on-suite bathroom and turned on the light. Grabbing a roll of tissue paper he began to clean off the sticky come before it began to dry. After throwing the last of the paper in the toilet, Seth caught a glimpse of himself in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door.

His dark hair was mused from where he alsancak escort had slept on it and a series of red patches marred his creamy white skin from where he had wiped away the mess. His neck down his practically hairless body to his flaccid penis from where he had wiped of the drying come. Shrugging to himself, he turned off the light and went back into his bedroom only to trip over his discarded jeans and land on the still wet pillow.

Seth sighed with annoyance as he climbed to his feet. Too tired to do anything about the new mess he decided to just get back into bed and just wash the sheets in the morning. Tomorrow was Saturday and Kyle was picking him up at 10:30 while Jenny was off on a family holiday. She had begged Kyle to join her but he had told her he had school stuff to do.


The early morning sun shone through Seth’s window. After the events of last night he had completely forgotten to draw the curtains and the bright sunlight tore him from his sleep. Seth groaned when the sheets stuck to his belly as his tried to roll onto his back. He was glad he hadn’t changed the seats last night as it looked like he had had another wet dream.

Seth winced as he pulled the cum-stuck sheets from off his skin. Glancing at the clock on his bedside table as he got up. The red digital numbers read 9:27, he was surprised it was so late. He quickly got into the shower and jumped out of his skin when the freezing water shot out of the showerhead. After letting the temperature adjust, Seth took his time making sure to use his best soaps and shampoos.

Every time they made plans, she would force them to cancel. It wasn’t that she wasn’t invited to things, but she would decline any invitation as soon as she knew Seth was going and would kick up a fuss and drag Kyle into something else.

When they learned that the queen bitch was going away for the week he and Kyle had made plans to do as much as they could. He knew that sooner or later Kyle would find out about coming out to his parents and Seth had decided that at lunch he was going to tell Kyle he was gay.

He knew Kyle was a big gay rights supporter, especially after Kyle’s cousin Andy came out two years ago. Andy was six years older than Kyle and Kyle had always looked up to Andy so he doubted he would take it too badly.

As soon as he was sufficiently clean and smelt like fresh fruit, Seth got out of the shower and, patted himself dry, and wrapped his towel around his waist. By the time he got back into his bedroom; it was 10:05 and the morning sun had disappeared behind a dark black cloud that loomed over the town. Seth’s original idea was to wear his tight black jeans and a black shirt but after looking outside his outfit didn’t look too suitable with the likelihood of rain. Instead he went for a pair of dark brown combats and a thin black long sleeve top that had a hood on the back. With a quick flick of his hips, the towel dropped to the floor letting the cool air breeze across his most sensitive places.

Seth pulled his clothes on and looked in the full-length mirror in his bathroom. Seth was happy with the way he looked. The combats rested loosely around his waist and the black top hung loosely around his neck. As usual his hair had curled up tightly leaving a fringe of curls that just sat above his eyes.

Happy with the way he looked, Seth headed down to the kitchen to make a quick breakfast before Kyle got there. The kitchen was a lot larger than it needed to be for just the three of them. A large oval island sat in the middle with a large cooker, fridge freezer and the usual variety of kitchen appliances along the walls and surfaces.

As Seth made his way to the fridge he noticed little white note lay on the black granite counter.

‘Gone to see your aunts and throttle Sophie

love you son

Miles x’

Seth smiled at his father’s stylised handwriting and placed the piece of paper back on the counter. He pulled two slices of bread out of the bag and a few slices of ham out of the fridge. He sat at the island while he ate his sandwich and thought about what he was going to say to Kyle.

A loud rhythmic knocking made Seth jump out of his seat.

“Morning,” Seth said bashfully. That short embrace had had an effect on his sex drive and he was sure he was blushing.

“You ready to go?” Kyle asked noticing the slight blush on Seth’s cheeks that made him look so cute and innocent.

“Yep,” came the excited reply. Seth quickly put his shoes on and grabbed his coat before joining Kyle in his rusty old ford.


Kyle glanced at Seth while he was driving and felt a tug in chest at the small smile Seth was displaying. Not been able to see Seth for the past two weeks had been agony. His mom had said it was usual for friends to grow apart as the got older but to Kyle it didn’t feel like they were growing apart but being pulled apart.

Kyle had lost a lot of people he called friends when he befriended Seth, and over buca escort the years lost interest with others. The only person he cared about been happy was Seth. Every time he made Seth smile, he felt like he was on top of the world. Whenever someone upset Seth, Kyle felt like hunting them down and sending them to hell.

“How’s Jenny?” Seth asked, breaking Kyle from his thoughts.

“Pissed that I’m not with her,” Kyle sighed.

“It’s ‘cos your with me, isn’t it?” Seth said not expecting an answer.

“What makes you say that?”

“Cos she doesn’t like me.”

“Why though?”

“Same reason as everyone else I guess,” Seth shrugged.

Kyle didn’t buy Seth’s answer, but didn’t question it either.

It didn’t take long before they pulled up at the theatre’s car park. The giant posters hung above the doors depicting the latest releases. Kyle stopped just outside of the large double doors and turned to Seth. “Comedy or sci-fi?”

Seth didn’t know what to choose, he had heard that a scene in the sci-fi film had caused a big controversy but he hadn’t heard why. “Isn’t there some big uproar about that film?”

“Dunno, coin?” Kyle pulled a small coin from his pocket. “Comedy heads?” At Seth’s nod he tossed the silver coin into the air before catching it and slamming in on his wrist.

“Tails,” he said as he slowly lifted his hand.

“Sci-fi it is then.” Seth said as they began to go through the heavy glass doors. It didn’t take long to buy the tickets and a couple of snacks. They were early enough to avoid the queues and managed to grab some of the best seats in the middle. Shortly after they sat down, three more groups of entered the room.

“Is that Katie?” Kyle asked as he leaned over to whisper into Seth’s ear.

The feel of Kyle’s hot breath against Seth’s neck sent a tingle down his spine. Glancing across the room, Seth immediately spotted his fake girlfriend.

“That’s her alright,” Seth replied just as Katie kissed one of the other girls.

“Christ, what did you do to her to make her go lesbian? Were you seriously that bad in bed?”

Seth’s head whipped over to face Kyle. “It was nothing like that! It was a totally mutual break up!” Seth said in a hushed voice.

“Must have been ‘cos she’s coming over here,” Seth looked back to Katie as she bounced up the steps towards him and Kyle.

“Seth it’s so good to see you,” she said then broke into a massive smile as she noticed Kyle. “Oh my god, when did you guys finally get…”

“About 11,” Seth interrupted earning a confused frown from Katie. When Seth mouthed ‘he doesn’t know’, Katie’s eyes widened with understanding and she gave Seth a sad smile.

“So who’s that group you’re with?” Seth asked, nodding in the direction of the large group Katie had came in with.

“Oh, it’s a LGBT group I joined. We meet up every Wednesday at six at the new youth building in town. It’s just over the road from the church, every now and then we go out on a weekend,” Katie made sure she gave Seth as much information on where it was held as possible.

“Cool,” Seth said, making a mental note of the club. When the room darkened, Katie said goodbye to the to boys and ran off to join her friends. The film started to play and every ten minutes Seth would jump out of his skin. What made things worse was that Kyle would squeeze his hand when it happened. He was thankful that the room was dark so Kyle couldn’t see him blushing.

The film was just over halfway through and Seth was sure that his face was in a permanent red state when the controversial scene happened. Seth’s jaw practically hit the floor when the two main male characters passionately kissed and started to shed clothing.

Seth broke his gaze from the screen when he felt Kyle fidgeting in his seat. He expected to see an uncomfortable Kyle because of the scene, and Kyle was uncomfortable, but in a very different sense. Instead of Kyle trying to look away from the screen, he was trying to cover a very prominent bulge in his pants. Seth managed to get a glimpse of the straining fabric just before Kyle placed his coat over his lap.

Seth didn’t pay attention to much of the film after that. All he could think of were reasons for why Kyle’s body reacted the way it did. Seth kept saying to himself that it was just an unfortunately timed random erection and had nothing to do with the film. However a small part in his mind hoped it was because of the film. The thought that occurred the most however was ‘what if Kyle’s interested in guys but not me.’ The room suddenly got brighter and Seth realised that the film was over.

“Ready to grab soothing to eat?” Kyle asked as he put his coat on.

“Sure,” Seth nodded as he got up. They made their way out of the theatre and decided to go and eat at this little bakery place in the centre of town. It sold various sandwiches and pies along with a colossal array of cakes.

The sky was almost black as they reached the car. The street lamps had started to come on and it was only just after one o’clock. It didn’t take long to reach the café and they were fortunate enough to park just over the road. The smell of freshly backed pastries wafted through the doors as Seth and Kyle entered the empty store just as the rain started to fall.

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