Hot GILF Wife Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

My name is Virginia Wechsler. I’m 76 years old. Don’t let my age surprise you, because I’ve been told by numerous people; including people I meet frequently and countless lovers that I look decades younger.

Not to be conceited, or perhaps just a bit, I absolutely do look decades younger. Due to a pampered lifestyle and never having children I have not aged like most women my age or a lot younger even.

From the age of eighteen to my late twenties I was a swimwear and lingerie model. Standing five feet nine inches tall with measurements of 34G-23-36 and weighing 118 pounds brought me to many exotic locations for photo shoots in swimwear and lingerie.

My modeling measurements are still the same today, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and a regiment of workouts with personal trainers.

While my husband is on business, which is quite often, a large part of my exercise regimen includes tireless fuck sessions with my young trainers and other lovers.

My husband, Abe is 85 years old. At 85, he could easily pass for a man in his early fifties. Standing 5′ 10″ tall, with a slender build and a full head of silver hair he is better health and shape than most men in their thirties. He is a distance runner and competes in triathlons.

He is extremely distinguished looking and has the type of charm that could win anyone over, especially young, impressionable teenage girls. His eleven inch cock is also something that teenage girls devotedly worship.

About, Abe and I. We both have unquenchable sexual appetites. From the very beginning of our relationship, we had an understanding that each could indulge with other partners at any time, if the situation arose.

The agreement was that we each could indulge in any sexual encounter we wanted, with the stipulation that if we met someone, we would let the other know about it.

It wasn’t about being voyeuristic as much as it was not to interrupt the sexual activity we were experiencing, even it was an absolutely urgent matter.

Abe owns one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. He himself manages the most successful. He focuses on up-and-coming rising stars. They are generally young, between eighteen and twenty years old.

He manages most of the big-name recording artists and up¬ and coming young bands and singers. He is also one of the three largest music promoters in the United States and in Europe. The name, Abe Wechsler Entertainment is sought-out by everyone interested in becoming a star in the recording industry.

He recently signed a young rock band to his label. The band was performing at a popular venue in New York City.

I generally do not attend these types of events with my husband, because I am much more of a classical music fan, with season subscriptions to Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

One reason I went with my husband was because this venue was written-up in many New York magazines as being the hottest, trendiest club in the country. But there was a special real reason I went along.

My husband wanted me to accompany him because the lead singer, Johnny 13 (as he was called) insisted to my husband that I come to the show.

Apparently, Johnny 13 had seen pictures of me in my husbands office and made comments about me being really sexy and even said to my husband, “Your wifes fucking hot.”

Once my husband told me, I grinned to myself. I now knew my husbands ulterior motive for inviting me. I had been in similar situations where I basically was what sealed the deal for my husband. Young artists that were dying to fuck me.

A few years ago my husband was trying to sign two singer-songwriters to a long-term contract. They were from Australia and had over ten million followers on their social media pages.

There were other agencies that were eager to sign them too. My husband flew them over from Australia and had them stay in our South Hampton home for a week.

When they arrived we had drinks by the pool and then a barbeque in the evening. Seeing me in a slingshot bikini and high heels when I came out to meet them had their mouths open, drooling and their eyes riveted to my body.

After a few Margaritas my husband said he had to take a business call and that it would last up to an hour, and for us to enjoy ourselves. The two boys and I made our way into the pool.

Within minutes each of the boys was on a side of me telling me how sexy I looked. Playfully, we began kissing. As I was kissing one the other was kissing my neck, mumbling how sexy I was. It was playful at first and led to us kissing each other hotly.

When I looked up at my husbands office I saw him in the window looking at me. He was nodding approvingly, with a sly grin on his face.

At one point the boys had pulled the tiny strings of my slingshot that barely covered my nipples to the sides. Turned on by the size of my nipples they both began sucking and biting them with intense hunger.

I was groaning and panting and could feel my breasts heaving and my pussy heating-up by the Ankara travesti second. My nipples are ultra-sensitive. I threw my head back as sparks of lust shot right through me.

Within a minute one boy named Jack had his finger going in and out of my pussy while the other named Conor had his finger shooting-up into my ass. The sensation of having both my holes fucked at the same time had me going insane.

Within seconds I squealed, “Cumming.”

After I came my husband returned to the pool area with food for the barbeque. I knew the boys were beyond disappointed when they heard my husband come outside.

“Fuck,” they each said under their breath. I knew they were super-horny and wanted to fuck me bad.

I reassured them, telling them that I knew my husband was going into the city after the barbeque and staying at our penthouse, than flying to London. This was part of his plan all along, and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

“We have the whole week to fuck,” I whispered softly, as I reached down and gave each of their cocks a reassuring squeeze.

Squeezing their cocks I nearly came as I felt Conor was really endowed. Absolutely huge! I looked at him and he shot me a perceptive glance.

Getting out of the pool I toweled off and after stepping back into my high heels I went inside to shower and change. Looking back I grinned slyly as I saw the hunger in their eyes as they watched my swaying ass.

I knew right then and there that my husband had the deal signed. I was also looking forward to the week ahead, fucking these two young boys, especially Conor, the one with the huge cock.

I went to my bedroom, took a shower and changed. In the shower, and while I was dressing all I could think about was Conors huge cock.

Knowing I was going to fuck both of them for the week I masterbated in the shower thinking of the three of us. Playing with my pussy my mind was focused on Conor, and his huge cock.

I knew I’d be fucking those two horny boys the second my husband left, so I decided on a mid-length pencil skirt and a sheer white blouse.

Under the skirt and blouse I wore a short corset that went high on my waist and had an open-cut bra. The open-cut bra would have my huge nipples exposed through the sheer- white material of my blouse.

Attached to the short corset were two long garter straps. Because they were attached to the high-waisted corset instead of a traditional garter belt and with me being tall the straps were almost two feet in length. This made for a sinful look.

After attaching the garters to my sheer stockings I stepped into my high heel pumps then walked in front of my floor-length mirror. I had to admit that not only did I look sexy, but I felt sexy, and above all, ultra-horny to fuck the two young men.

The open cup bra presented my full 34E breasts and my huge nipples perfectly. Looking at myself admiringly I thought about how crazy I was going to drive both these young boys. Hoping especially to drive Conors huge cock insane for me.

When I came to the terrace I could see the hunger for me written all over their faces.

Walking to the grill my husband whispered,” My love, they couldn’t sign the contract fast enough thanks to you.”

“The pleasure was all mine darling.” I then paused and added, ‘and the pleasure will most certainly be all mine this week,” I whispered back as my husband kissed me on the cheek.

Shrewdly, he said, “Enjoy yourself darling.”

During the barbeque, both boys could not stop looking me over. There was so much lust in the air between the three of us.

My husband could easily sense our hunger to fuck, so after a toast to their signing to his company he announced that he had to leave for the city and his early flight to Europe in the morning.

As he was leaving he told the boys to enjoy themselves, and said he would see them in the recording studio in two weeks.

The second my husband walked out of view both boys stood and took my hand and led me to the center of the terrace. They began kissing my neck.

“Oh God,” I whimpered, as my body shivered with an excitement

“Such a sexy bitch,” Conor said in a heated voice.

“Ahhhh fuck,” I hissed as my body instantly came alive.

“Fucking amazing body,” Jack said.

As they were kissing me and my neck I reached-down and began touching their hard cocks

“Stroke us,” Conor demanded.

That was the instant I realized just how huge he was, because when my hands took hold of their cocks it closed all the way around Jacks, but barely went around a quarter of Conors cock, and it wasn’t completely hard.

“Oh fuck,” I panted from the feeling of his enormity.

Still light-headed from the feeling of Conors enormous cock my body began to shiver with excitement. Their hot talk about my body and how bad they each wanted to fuck me had me squirming with excitement.

“Oh God,” I hissed.

Their kissing my neck and running their hands over my 34E breasts Konya travesti and my ass as my hands stroked their cocks had me spinning.

“You’re gonna be a great fuck,” Conor said right near my ear.

“Oh God,” I whimpered.

“Such a sexy body,” Jack said near my other ear. “We’ll fuck you real nice,” he added as I felt my heart race faster. “Let us fuck you,” he said in a voice that told me they were going to whether I wanted to or not.

“Ummm,” I purred as my body was now being controlled by both of them.

“Do you wanna fuck?” Conor said next to my ear.

“Oh God…yes,” I purred.

Your pussy needs fucking, doesn’t it?” Jack whispered in my other ear.

“God yes,” I groaned loudly, as my body ached with desire.

“You know, we signed that contract just so we could fuck the shit out of you all week,” Conor said out loud.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, “so glad you did.”

“Yeah baby. We could have easily signed with ten agencies, but none of them had a bitch as hot as you,” Jack said before kissing me hard.

“They were throwing pussy at us left and right, but nothing compared to you,” Conor said turning my head to him.

“Ummm,” I groaned passionately as my tongue came out and began dancing in the open air with his.

His kiss was electrifying, sending thrills shooting across my body. As our tongues flicked across each other’s bolts of lightning were shooting through my body in rapid-fire bursts.

As I was lost flicking my tongue across his in this untamed kiss as I felt my blouse being unbuttoned.

“Such huge-ass nipples,” I heard Jack say.

As he began nibbling on my engorged nipple I broke off from my kiss with, Conor and instantly threw my head back as I felt bolts of lightning rip right through me.

“Oh Fuck,” I groaned as he began biting and pulling on my inch-long nipple.

“Huge nipples,” he groaned through his teeth as Jack began sucking and biting the other one.

“Ohhh God,” I whined out loud as I felt my body quivere from the blissful attention my aching nipples were receiving from these two handsome, young boys.

“Cum,” I heard, Conor say as if he knew what was happening inside me.

“Oh God…yessss,” I groaned as a thunderous orgasm shot deep inside my pussy with the force of a volcano after reaching critical mass.

As I was cumming Conor turned my face to his and we kissed with an intense passion. I felt so connected to him as we kissed while I slowly guided my hand along the length of his massive shaft. As our tongues were making love I felt the zipper of my skirt being pulled down.

Suddenly, I felt the backs of my feet come out of my pumps as I felt Jacks finger go into my soaking pussy.

“Ummmm,” I moaned as I was in a deep kiss with Conor.

It seemed that he knew exactly what was happening and proceeded to kiss me harder. As he did Jack kissed my neck as he continued to push his finger in and out of my soaking pussy.

“Keep cumming Mrs.Wechsler. We know a body that runs as hot as yours need to cum all day long.”

I realized right then that these two horny boys have been in this situation before. Maybe even more times than I could count, I thought to myself as my pussy was on the fringe of exploding.

“Let me feel you’re your pussy cum on my finger Mrs. Wechsler,” he said in a hot breath.

That did it. I instantly broke off form the kiss and moaned,

“Oh God baby,” I whined as soon as he said it.

I instantly exploded all over his finger. It was like a tidal wave was rushing out of me.

“Don’t stop cumming Mrs Wechsler,” he added in a hot breath as he inserted a second finger and then a third into my scorching cunt and began thrusting into me at lightning speed.

“Oh God…Ohhhh fuck,” I groaned as I felt my body convulse from the waves of intense orgasmic explosions that rifled through me.

I was shuddering through the most explosive orgasm, and as I did I turned my head back to Conor who took it as a sign that I desperately needed to be kissed.

While Conors tongue entwined with mine Jack began pulling down my skirt and then my thong. I was now totally lost and without any hesitation I lifted each of my pumps as he pulled them completely off me.

“What a fucking body you have Mrs. Wechsler,” he said as I watched his penetrating eyes drift over me.

As his eyes roamed over me I shoot him a sly grin.

“Yeah, you know you’re sexy,” he said as his eyes locked onto mine.

“I like hearing it,” I groaned as I held my sly grin.

“Good, cuz your gonna hear it a lot as we fuck you all week,” he said with confidence.

“Oh God,” I groaned at the thought of us fucking non-stop all week.

He then added in a stern voice, “Kneel on the chair now,” he instructed after he pushed my skirt and thong away.

“Oh God,” I groaned as I did what he asked.

Conor put the reclined part of the chair down. I was now kneeling with his monstrous cock throbbing directly İzmir travesti in front of my face. Suddenly I felt Jacks hands on my ass, then the forcing of my cheeks apart.

I looked back with what I knew had to be the look of a depraved woman all over my face.

Shouting out he said in a surprised voice, “Fuck Con wait till you see the size of this fucking pussy.”

“Really? Big dude?” Conor said in a heated voice.

“I think this is the pussy that that big cock of yours has been waiting for Con,” he said excitedly.

“No shit,” Conor said excitidily.

“I shit you not dude,” he said than added, “and her pussy lips are fucking long as fuck.”

“Fuck. I cant wait to sink my shit into that cunt,” Conor said hotly as his monster cock thumped wildly in front of my face.

I was delirious listening to them talk about my pussy. Starring at the monster cock in front of my face I could just imagine the girls that could only manage a few inches of his staggering size. In fact I’d wager a lot of young girls or grown women couldn’t do more than jerk him off, because of fear that he might damage them for life.

The thought of the huge cock hanging a few inches in front of my face going in and out of my pussy had me dripping wet.

“Such beautiful fucking pussy Mrs.Wechsler,” Jack complimented in a deep voice.

Although they both knew my first name, Virginia, there was something sexy about hearing these boys call me Mrs. Wechsler.

Part of me thought that it was there way of not getting to serious with me, and the other part was that I was sixty years older than them.

“Oh God,” I groaned as Jack held my ass cheeks apart and stared hungrily at my exposed pussy.

“Now Im gonna please the fuck out of you Mrs.Wechsler,” he said as he knelt behind me and ran his tongue through the center of my exposed pussy.

“Such a sexy hole…fucking beautiful pussy,” he growled before running his tongue over my engorged lips.

Hearing his words had me so turned on. It made me feel so alive and so sexy.

“Ohhh,” I wept as his tongue ran up and down through the center of my wetness; the center of my pussy.

Pulling away from my wetness we made eye contact.

“Just enjoy it Mrs. Wechsler,” he said in a hot breath, “You like me eating your pussy, Mrs. Wechsler?”

Hearing him call me Mrs. Wechsler and the word pussy again made me groan with desire.

“Oh God. Yes baby…so fucking much,” I groaned as he went back to pleasing my pussy with his gifted mouth.

I suddenly felt something hard against the side of my face. I turned forward and was now confronted by the most frightening sight.

“Open your mouth,” Conor instructed.

“Oh God,” I said looking into his eyes. “Your cock…its so fucking huge.”

“You like my big cock Mrs. Wechsler? He said slyly, knowing I would kill for it.

Looking up all I could do was stare in utter disbelief, as my eyes went wide.

“This big cock wants your sexy pussy Mrs. Wechsler,” he said as my eyes were glazed-over from the enormity of it. Once again he asked in a deep, confident voice, “Do you like big cock Mrs.Wechsler?”

I felt myself nodding as I couldn’t take my eyes off the freakish sight of his massive cock, then mouth the words, “Oh fuck yes. Such a huge cock.”

Looking at it, with this wild maze of veins that crotched their way all around it made me think to myself, ‘Yes. Cock is definitely the word for what his monster is.”

“Wait till I fill your pussy with my big cock Mrs.Wechsler,” he said as he glared at me with absolute hunger in his eyes. “I’m gonna make you go crazy when I stretch your big pussy wide,” he said with boldly.

“Oh God,” I gasped at the thought of having something so huge inside me.

“Im gonna prime your big-ass pussy for Cons huge cock, Mrs. Wechsler, Jack said. “I’ll get it ready. Fuck the shit outta you, than once I know your ready to fuck that monster I’ll turn this hot cunt of yours over to him,” he added before going back to eating me.

God, it made me think how these two boys have done this so many times before.

“Yeah. I’m going to stretch that hot cunt of yours real wide and make you cum a million times this fucking week Mrs. Wechsler,” he said powerfully.

“Oh god,” I moaned at the idea of having multiple orgasms with him.

“Suck it Mrs.Wechsler, he commanded hotly as he brought the baseball-sized crown to my lips.” “Show me how much you like this big cock.”

Once again my body began to tremble from the staggering sight of such a huge cock and such a massive cockhead.

“Use your mouth,” he growled, “get it ready for your big-ass pussy Mrs.Wechsler,” he commanded as he brought the giant-sized head to my lips.

Wanting to please him in the worst way and as I was experiencing waves of pleasure from the young lover kneeling behind me, I opened my mouth as he pushed the huge grapefruit-sized crown past my pursed lips.

Stretching my jaw as wide as I could I was barely able to take the enormous crown into my mouth.

On pure instinct I began kissing the massive crown.

“Ahh,” I heard him groan.

Every time my lips kissed his huge crown sparks shot through me. His continued groans inspired me to keep kissing his huge cockhead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32