Hotel Shower

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I arrived back at the hotel around 8 after the conference was over. I had been sent to a large northwestern city by my company to attend a conference. The conference had been set up on short notice so it was sparsely attended; area hotels were also near empty due to the lack of attendees and the off-season.

A little about myself. I’m a happily married male, thirty-five, and on the slim side. Not skinny anymore, but with a little hint of spare tire around the waste. My wife and I have been married for five years, and still have an incredibly great sex life. Not that “just met do it every hour” type of sex, but still intense every time, sharing fantasies with each other during fucking, and always involving lots of sweat, sore muscles, and orgasms.

I had been at this conference for a couple of days now, and not scheduled to fly home for another couple of days. My hotel room had the requisite porn channel, so I had been having my fare share of quickie jack off sessions whenever the mood struck.

This particular evening when I arrived back at the hotel, I felt like a swim. I changed into my swim shorts and headed to the indoor pool. I was the only one taking advantage of the pool, and after some laps, I got out and headed straight for a deck chair to dry off and read a little bit. About 20 minutes later, another guest arrived at the pool. I didn’t recognize him from the conference; he must have been there on some other business. He stopped just inside the door, surveyed the empty room, and we exchanged hello nods. He picked a chair a couple of chairs down from mine, shed his robe, and dove into the pool for some laps of his own. He was probably in his mid 50s and looked to be in very good shape. About my height, but significantly stockier. Not fat, but pretty solid, with a good amount of body hair matted over most of his body.

I should also mention that although I’ve never had a sexual experience with another man, I’ve always considered myself bisexual. I often enjoy fantasizing about having sex with other men; I’ve never been in the right time or place I guess you could say. And usually my fantasies are centered on men very much like this man, older, stronger, and more dominant. These particular fantasies have ended in some blinding orgasms by my own hand, let me tell you.

So I felt that familiar twitch and tingle blow my stomach, I closed my eyes, set my book down on my chest, and let my mind float into another similar fantasy for a couple of minutes. A mild explosion of water startled me ten feet from my feet; he was exiting the pool right in front of me. Forgoing the ladder a few feet further down the edge of the pool, he pushed himself up and out of the water, landing gently on one knee, then standing up. Hello nods were again exchanged Fast link as he passed my chair on the way to his. Somewhat bewildered from the sudden end of my sexual daydreaming, I reached for my book, now on my stomach, and realized I had worked up a pretty respectable hard-on. Without a doubt, it had to be the first thing that greeted him as he pushed himself out of the water. Now I was REALY turned on, and anxious to get back to my room for a good jerking session.

BUT THIS HOTEL HAD A SAUNA. I thought I could duck into the sauna for a couple of minutes and relax, let my hard-on wither in the heat and steam before retiring to my room. The sauna was tiny; essentially a couple of double stacked wood benches facing one another in a wood-plank room not more than 10X10. The steam almost burned the inside of my nose. I perched on the upper bench, leaned back against the wall, and well, relaxed in the steamy heat. No sooner than my erection started to shrink, the door opened and in came the older man from the pool. Our hello nods were again exchanged as he surveyed the tiny room.

“Do you mind if I sauna nude? I really prefer it,” he asked me in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Not at all, please do,” I replied. What a stroke of luck. This was going to give me some serious jack off material for later on in my room, although I was not going to be able to hide my hard-on. This might be fun.

He untied his swim shorts, pushed them down to his knees, let them fall to his ankles, and stepped out of them. He sat down on the floor level bench, leaned back on the front of the next bench up. Very well built and stocky man indeed. He had a little bit of a stomach, with a nice cock and balls hanging just below a thick patch of black pubic hair. It was hard to tell from its flaccid state, but I guessed it was about the same size as mine. I’m between 6 and 7 inches when fully erect; thickness is about average I guess.

I was quite hard at this point, my erection making a noticeable bulge in my lap. He was sitting opposite and one bench below me, so I wasn’t sure if he could really even tell my state of arousal. His breathing became slow, deliberate and relaxed as he enjoyed the sauna. And he started to get an erection as well. As I watched, hi cock slowly came to life, twitching and swelling until he was fully erect. He sat there with his eyes closed, breathing regularly, with a full hard-on floating just above the hot wood. He was indeed about my size, definitely a little thicker. Bulging veins branched all around the shaft of his cock, and its head was swollen and plump. But the time I looked up, his eyes were open, and staring at me. I was caught red handed, and we both knew it.

“Do you like what you see?” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” I responded fast links after a slight pause, trying to figure out if this guy was safe or a creep.

“Are you hard right now?” he asked.

“Very hard,” I replied.

“Stand up and pull down your swim suit, I’d like to see you,” he said in a soft, commanding tone.

I wasn’t getting any creepy feelings, only excitement, so I stood up on the bench facing him. I momentarily struggled to pull my wet nylon shorts over my hard erection and down my legs. There I was, with my wet swimsuit in a puddle around my ankles and a throbbing erection staring at this stranger old enough to be my father.

“Now sit down on the bench facing me,” he continued. He sat with his back still on the bench behind him, his hands at his side. I kept expecting him to begin to touch himself, but he didn’t. His cock remained as hard as mine did though.

“I notice you have a wedding ring. Are you married?” he asked.

“Yes, very happily,” I replied.

“Are you attracted to men as well?” he continued.

I hesitantly replied, “I like to fantasize about it a lot, yes. But I’ve never had an experience with another man.”

He responded, “Why don’t you touch yourself while you tell me a little bit about what you fantasize about. Use your left hand to pinch your nipples, and your right to stroke your penis.”

I began to do as he asked; fairly confidant there weren’t any other hotel guests who would be interrupting us. I spent the next ten minutes or so recalling different fantasies about sexual encounters with other men, some solo, some three-ways with my wife. I pinched and twisted my nipples and slowly jerked and stroked my cock as I talked. All the while my heart rate soared and my breathing became very heavy. He continued to sit calmly across from me, listening to my fantasies. Every once and a while he would grasp his cock and give it a slow, sensual pull; releasing it, and letting it bounce between his legs.

He finally said, “Why don’t we rinse off in the shower. I’d like you to get up, put a towel around your waist, walk to the shower room, and I’ll be right behind you. I stood, wrapped a towel around my waist, bending my hard-on down under the tight towel wrap, and we walked into the adjoining shower room.

“Take your towel off, put it on the bench here, and come with me into the shower,” he said. He removed his towel as well, and walked into the shower, his cock still fully erect.

“Stand here and face me,” he said, pointing to a corner of the tiled shower room. He walked over to a shower and turned it on, adjusting the water temperature until it was comfortable.

He stood under the stream of water, soaping up his entire body from head to toe, spending a great deal of time with his cock, pulling and squeezing it in slow, strong motions.

“Come here,” he instructed. I walked over to him, he stepped out of the stream of water, and I stepped into it, facing the wall. “Put your hands on the wall,” he continued.

He grabbed the bar of soap, and bean to work it all over my body. It didn’t take more than a couple of seconds for him to get down to business and reach my cock, working the bar of soap and his slippery hands all over my hard-on, alternately cupping and gently pulling at my balls. I thought I would come right then and there, he sensed it, and abruptly halted the cock and ball work out I was receiving. He stood beside me, put his right hand on my stomach, and moved his left around to my lower back. He worked a big handful of suds down my back and into the crack of my ass, one finger tip tracing repeated lines from my scrotum to my tailbone, applying gentle pressure with his fingertip, causing it to dip into my asshole with each pass. I was in heaven. The hand on my stomach again moved down to my cock, this time grasping it tightly like you would grasp a handle.

“Keep your hands on the wall,” he instructed, beginning to slowly squeeze and milk my cock back and forth. Every couple of jerks he would alternately bend it up to my stomach, then almost straight down to the floor. I felt myself getting harder and harder, and closer to a white hot orgasm. One pass of his fingertip over my anus settled there, slowly pushing about half way in. He eased it all the way out, and slowly eased it back in, settling at what I think was almost his whole finger. He continued to squeeze, pull and jerk my cock as he worked his finger around rhythmically in my ass.

The orgasm hit me like a truck, a blinding flash of light and intense waves of tingle. I could feel my cock convulsing in his tight grip – thick ropes of cum leapt out with each contraction, I could feel my anus squeezing tight around his finger in unison with the orgasm contractions. My knees became so weak I almost collapsed on the tile floor. Got that was powerful. I stood there in the water, still with my hands on the wall, gasping for breath. His finger was still up my ass and he continued to milk my shrinking cock.

“Straighten up and stand upright please, put your hands at your side,” he instructed as he slid his finger out of my ass and released my now flaccid cock. I did as he asked as he stepped under the spray of water to rinse the last of the suds from his body.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

“Very much, that was amazing,” I replied.

“I am staying in room 218. I would like you to finish up with your shower, and come to my room in about an hour, if you’d like to” he said before he stepped out of the shower.

I stood under the hot stream of water for a few minutes, rinsed the remainder of the soap off my body, and went to get my clothes. This was going to be a fun evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32