House Calls

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Hugs and kisses to my editors, Pete and Dave. I’m sure I’ve still misplaced a few commas. 🙂


She first saw him working outside. She wasn’t sure what he was doing, but it appeared he was checking some wires that connected to the back of the house. From a distance, she could see he wore a uniform of standard-issue work pants and a clean, collared shirt. His back was turned to her, giving her a nice view, and when he leaned down she scolded herself for letting her eyes travel downward. Brushing aside her wanton thoughts as the distractions to which she had only recently grown accustomed, she decided to ask him what he was doing, since it was her house he was kneeling behind.

She hesitated for a minute, contemplating what might happen if she confronted a stranger alone. It was her day off and she didn’t exactly live near anyone. The closest neighbor was at least a mile away. She thought it would be OK. She was a woman of considerable size and strength. She decided she could hold her own if he turned out to be up to no good. Besides, she wore a .38 revolver neatly tucked into a leather holster she kept clipped to her waistband.

Jessica possessed qualities men found intimidating. However, most of her friends were men and she learned early in life how much she preferred working with them instead of women. She had worked in health care and didn’t mind the occasional filthy mouth you’d hear when working around the younger doctors. She openly enjoyed making a few of her co-workers blush with her own version of trash talk. Jessica understood completely how her impetuous and brazen personality might seem to others, but there was no changing who she was, despite having tried and failed to be more ladylike.

She was easy to talk to and inherited her father’s ability to listen. She was “comfortable” to confide in, took no shit from anyone and gave her honest opinion about everything. Though everyone was friendly with her, it still hurt deeply that no one showed any interest in taking advantage of what she could offer behind closed doors. She hated herself for being sensitive about this. It was a ridiculously feminine flaw and she envied how men could seemingly so easily separate emotion from sex. She might have been taken to task more frequently if she wasn’t obsessed with the need to be wanted wholly for who she was, not just because she had a functional hole between her legs.

As a result, her sex life had ranged from mediocre to nonexistent. She had only been with a few men in her lifetime. It wasn’t exactly for a lack of desire, but years of rejection had erected a sound proof box around any libido she may have had. Jess let that part of her scream itself to sleep behind the walls until it had finally given up and left her alone. It was only recently that she had noticed a stirring that threatened to reawaken a sleeping giant.

She turned her attention back to the young man obviously absorbed in whatever it was he was doing. Since he didn’t seem to notice her, Jess leaned against her porch door and took the opportunity to admire him a little more. By all accounts he was very good looking. He looked to be only a few years younger, perhaps in his thirties, but she had never looked her age so he could have been older.

She was a physical match for him. Her plump cheeks were smooth and soft. Only a few fine lines around her clear, blue eyes might have betrayed her true age. She wore her dark blonde hair up in a knot most of the time, secured with a hair stick she had purchased as a souvenir one year while vacationing at the beach. The vendor had told her it was carved from teak wood and imported from Africa. She doubted very seriously the claimed origin, but she agreed it was teak. It was strong, very sharp and she had really liked the little zebra carved into the top. Since it held her hair nicely, she never regretted the purchase.

Jess continued to observe the man. As she approached she could hear him cursing under his breath. From where she stood she saw him quickly bring his hand up to his mouth and begin sucking. He had obviously cut himself and was trying to stop the flow of blood. She ignored how her breathing changed when he took his finger out of his mouth, looked at it and then slowly replaced it. She shook her head and walked over.

“Hello?” she sang out in her usual, cheery voice. “Would you like some help? Can I get you a bandage?” She hoped he didn’t notice the flush spreading across her face.

The man turned around, a bit startled, and looked at her. “Hello. Yes, that’s very kind of you. My clamp slipped while tightening this connection and I think I may need stitches. Damn it. I’ll have to call the office and tell them what happened. They’ll probably make me Gaziantep Anal Escort come in and call it a day. I hate contract work. I won’t be able to make my next appointment.”

“Well,” she said, “it would really do no good to have you bleed to death in my back yard. Please, come in. I can probably take care of it for you. I work at the clinic in town. Let me clean it up and have a look.”

He smiled and the smile traveled to his eyes. Oh yes, she definitely noticed his eyes. He had long eyelashes. Women have tried for centuries to get lashes like the ones that gracefully surrounded this man’s eyes. They were a deep brown with just a bit of gold in them. The stubble on his face indicated he may have forgotten to shave the last few mornings, or perhaps he was trying to grow a beard. Either way, Jess found herself thinking of how nice and rough it would feel against her skin.

They went inside and Jess motioned for the gentleman to sit at the kitchen table. She ran over to the sink, grabbed a bowl and filled it with warm water. She reached over and found an unused bar of soap in the basket where she kept it. As she leaned over to open the cabinet to find a clean washcloth, her shirt draped down in the front. She reached her hand up and quickly but absentmindedly tucked the top into her bra strap to keep it secure.

The man cleared his throat. “My name is Geoff by the way. Thanks for helping me out. I’d prefer not to call the accident in, if possible. This is the first day in a week that my schedule is actually full of appointments, and with work being so hard to come by these days, well, you can probably imagine.”

“Call me Jess. Yes, I can only imagine what contract work is like at the moment. What, may I ask is it that you do?” She hoped to find out what this man had been doing behind her house, and was trying not to just come right out and ask.

Geoff looked at her and blinked. Surely this woman was aware that her phone line was not working. He had gotten the call of the outage early in the morning and while he was sorry for the people without service, he was also very glad he would be busy today. It was boring just sitting around the house waiting for work. Times were tough, and for him anyway, if he wasn’t working, he wasn’t getting paid.

“Ma’am…,” he started to say, but the woman shot him a glance as if to say ‘don’t you dare.’

He laughed and started again, this time deliberately pronouncing her name, “Jess. Are you aware your phone line is out?”

She walked over to the phone hanging on the wall, picked it up, and listened. She smiled.

“I am now,” she said, and chuckled.

Jess rarely used the phone, so it didn’t surprise her that she hadn’t noticed the phone line was dead. The last time the phone went out it wasn’t until her neighbor called her on her cell phone and told her to call the phone company to complain. The idea being that the more people who called to complain the faster the company would be to send someone out to fix the problem. She lived where people were few and far between, as they say. Anytime anything froze, cut off, or just stopped working it could be a while before technicians were sent out.

Jess sat down in front of Geoff. She rolled up his sleeve so it wouldn’t get wet while she cleaned his cut. She saw the edge of what had to be a tribal tattoo peeking out from underneath. Damn, that was hot. She loved body art and had a few tattoos herself, something her family never let her live down. Everyone told her she would regret them one day. Twenty years later she still liked her colorful phoenix and little ladybug. She smiled inwardly, patting herself on the back for not regretting very much what she had done, and began to clean Geoff’s hand.

She worked diligently, but gently, to clean the wound. This man had really cut himself badly and for a minute she wasn’t sure if she would be able to stitch him up at the house. Without local anesthetic it was going to hurt. Jess was also not certain how well she would be able to concentrate on her work this close to Geoff. He smelled really good. For some reason he moved closer to her, and she involuntarily inhaled. His scent was a mixture of tobacco, sweat, and something not entirely foreign to her. She swallowed hard, and tried to concentrate.

Geoff sat as still as he could manage while the woman cleaned and sewed him back up. He had noticed ample breasts swinging gently when she had leaned down earlier. He thought to himself they would be very soft in his large, rough hands. He was disappointed when she had moved to quickly to cover herself. He hadn’t minded the view at all. He liked a woman with a little meat. In fact, when she turned toward the sink to get the soap, he had to grab himself a bit to ease up the tension he was beginning to feel.

Her hands were soft as she rolled up his sleeve, but her voice was firm when she demanded he sit still. She had a commanding presence and was obviously used to getting what she wanted. The gun she had holstered when she greeted him drove home the impression she was an independent woman who could easily take care of herself.

He quietly watched her as she meticulously stitched his hand. He was amazed at how skilled she was with the needle. With each neatly tied knot he grew more at ease with her. He could spend time with a woman like this, he thought. He was truly impressed. He leaned closer to get a better view of what she was actually doing and he thought he heard her breathing change. Casually glancing at his watch, Geoff decided he had a little time before his next appointment. He could tell when a woman was aroused even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself. He wanted to take advantage of the situation and maybe she’d have some fun to boot. It had been a while since he had been with a woman and it was getting harder to hide his erection. He figured he’d just go with it and see where it went.

She finished her work and wrapped his hand with some gauze. After fastening the bandage she checked to make sure it was secure, but not too tight. She needed to get this guy out of her house before she fainted. She felt very hot and somewhat disoriented. She had noticed a growing bulge in his trousers and was desperately trying not to stare.

Get back in your box she told her libido. By now though, it had fully picked the lock on the door that previously held it in. It was white hot and blazing, and showed no intention of voluntarily crawling back into solitary confinement.

“Ok, I think that will do it. You should be able to work the rest of the day. Keep it clean, change the dressing twice a day and see your doctor if you notice any redness or swelling. The sutures will fall out by themselves.” Jess tried to sound professional as she gave him instructions and handed him a small jar of salve he could use when he got home.

Jess turned around to show Geoff out, but to her dismay, he didn’t get up to leave. Instead he moved his un-bandaged hand down to his crotch and rubbed the bulge that now showed no signs of going away.

Her nipples got hard and her mouth went dry, but she was getting very wet in other places. The smile that spread across Geoff’s lips told her that she was unsuccessfully hiding her current state. She was visibly flushed and heat pricked at her skin. Her breathing was getting ragged and she reached back to grab the counter to steady herself.

Geoff stood up and cautiously walked toward her. She still wore the gun on her waist and he wasn’t sure if he was reading her signals correctly. It was obvious that she wanted him, but she still had the look of a rabbit caught down a fox hole.

When he got close enough to touch her, he reached up and traced his fingers down her face. She closed her eyes and sighed. He slowly reached around her and carefully removed the firearm. She didn’t move as he placed it on the counter, but close enough where she could still reach it. He wanted her to feel safe. He wasn’t going to do anything she didn’t want him to do.

He reached down and took one of her hands and placed it on his zipper. He was feeling very confined at this point and wanted Jess to acknowledge her feelings by unzipping him and setting him free. He removed his hand, but hers remained, trembling.

Jess gently squeezed the ever-hardening area through Geoff’s pants. He groaned at the contact and leaned in to nuzzle her neck. He took his hand and slid it underneath her shirt and massaged one of her large breasts. He pulled the bra down slightly, freeing her nipple which was hard, yet pliable between his fingers. He continued to roll the nub around increasing pressure until he heard Jess let out a little moan. He pulled her shirt over her head, and slowly took the breast into his mouth. Jess fell back against the counter.

Geoff moved down, leaving a slick trail as his tongue continued over her belly. He undid her jeans, and pulled them down. He could smell how aroused she was and he inhaled deeply. His freshly stitched hand was sore, but he moved it up to free her other breast. He was going to need the other hand to do what he wanted. He took one of his fingers and lightly ran it along the outside edge of her panties. He pushed the moist fabric aside to gain better access to her visibly wet and surprisingly shaven pussy. It was smooth for the most part but had a little patch of hair just above her slit opening. He used his thumb to brush the tuft gently. With one hand he massaged her breast, and with the other he spread her soaked labia. He blew softly over her enlarged clitoris before flicking it with his tongue.

Oh God! This woman was ripe. The plump, swollen, and heavily scented pussy lips seemed to beckon to him. He dove in hungrily, and began a tortuous assault.

Jess tried to hold very still. She was still unsure of what was happening. It had been so long since a man had shown an interest in her. Now, she found herself with this incredibly sexy man’s head buried between her legs and she was beginning to pant. She finally threw her head back and screamed as the orgasm washed over her.

Geoff smiled when the woman above him began rocking her hips and grabbing the back of his head to force his tongue further into her hotness. He lapped up the sweet juices as she convulsed and continued to ride the waves of pleasure. Her moans were loud, almost pained, but he basked in knowing she was enjoying herself.

When she finally stopped shaking, she looked down at the face making its way back up to her mouth. She pressed her lips onto it and relished the way she tasted on this man’s tongue. The heat between them was so intense, so palpable. She broke the kiss long enough to drop to her knees and unbuckle the man’s pants. She needed to return the favor.

Tugging his pants and boxers down, Jess’s eyes filled with lust when before her, sprang forward, the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It was long, thick and had a ridge running underneath. The head was swollen and pulled back, taught and stretched from the blood flow. It throbbed in front of her and she felt her eyes glaze over slightly. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. She licked up and down his dick like she might work a popsicle on a hot day. She flattened her tongue and ran it underneath his cock from the base of his balls to the tip of the engorged head. Geoff moaned loudly when she wrapped her hands around the shaft and pulled while sucking his balls into her mouth, one by one. She continued like that until she felt his precum running down and wetting her palms. She wanted him to come all over her face and breasts.

Geoff had other plans. He had to practically yank Jess up from her feverish and self-absorbed act of fellatio. She felt like a child whose candy had been taken away. She was dizzy from need and wanted his cock back in her mouth. She almost pouted when he pulled her up and bent her over the table.

Oh, but when she felt him fumbling around her cunt with the head of his prick, she couldn’t contain herself. She lifted her leg up so he could have a better view and she reached down to rub her clit. It was still sensitive from her orgasm, but deliciously so and she rubbed harder and faster as he moved to enter her hot pussy.

Geoff pushed the head of his cock in with one movement, and spent no time in setting a rhythm that had them both panting. Like a race horse at break neck speed, he pounded away at what had to be the tightest, wettest pussy he had ever felt. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, but wanted to make sure this magnificent woman came once more before he was spent.

He could tell she was close when she started rubbing her clit faster and her moaning got louder. He reached around and grabbed her breast, pulling on the hard nipple like he had done before. It sent her over, sobbing and shaking in powerful release.

Her pussy muscles convulsed and clenched tightly around him as she came, and he couldn’t hold back. The hot liquid erupted from deep within his balls. He growled loudly as his cock pumped out every drop.

For a moment they were quiet. Jess lay face down on the kitchen table, leg still propped up, trying to catch her breath. Her hair had long since fallen down around her shoulders, her favorite hair stick lost somewhere in the disarray that was once her kitchen.

Geoff pulled out of her and their juices ran into a puddle on the floor. Jess just shook her head and thought how she had just mopped, but then decided she didn’t care. This man, this glorious man had just fucked her senseless and she felt relaxed and wonderful.

Geoff looked down at her and smiled. This had to be the best work day he’d had in a very long time. He cleaned up and glanced at his watch. He was going to be late to his next appointment, but he didn’t care. He leaned down to kiss Jessica. What a woman! He asked her if he could see her again and she sleepily replied that he could come by anytime. She gave him her number at the clinic and told him to stop by next week, so she could take a look at his hand.

He gave her rump a squeeze as he buckled his trousers and said she’d probably need to take a look at more than his hand the next time he stopped by.

Jess grinned. Yes, she thought to herself. She would absolutely need to take a look at more than just his hand.

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