House Rules Ch. 08

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READERS: The story of Kitten is beginning to cross boundaries into other genres. Just as Kitten has changed and evolved, so is his story changing and evolving.



“What’s this, let’s see. Oh I feel sexy?. What’s come over me? Oh, here it comes again.

Oh I feel released. Bad times deceased?My confidence has increased. Reality is here.?The game has been disbanded. My mind has been expanded.”

Rose Tint My World, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There’s no other way to say it.

I had been seduced and sissified.

And, dear readers, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you consider the one doing the seducing is a powerful, successful, handsome black man who knows how to treat little white sissies.

I was happy, from the bottom of my heart to the bottom of my…well…bottom.

There was no mistaking me for anything but a sissy now.

From the top of my pretty head with my boyishly short blonde hair with pink highlights, my doe eyes, my pouty lips to my slender body, narrow waist and smooth legs to…my bottom.

Oh my round, girlish bottom, turner of heads, stretcher of panties and object of desire of anything with a pulse and a cock.

Men always stopped and stared. You could see it in their eyes as they stared at my smooth, coltish legs and tight, little bubble butt. Some were trying to figure out what I was, I guess. Then there were though who knew exactly what I was.

Especially black men.

I wonder if all black men saw all small, white boys and men as sissies.

Didn’t really matter.

Black men always seemed to know I was a sissy. They knew exactly what I could do with a big, black cock. They knew the power of panty-boy mouth and boy-pussy.

My black man certainly did.

Once I went with Daddy when he needed a beard trim. He’d been going to the same barbershop for years. I didn’t want to be home alone and he promised we’d do some panty shopping after.

When we walked into Jefferson’s Barber Shop on Hall Street, everyone shouted “Hey!” to him. He smiled and shook hands.

Then they saw me step around him in all my sissy glory.

I was wearing little white short shorts and a pink off the shoulder top with a scoop front. No cleavage! No boobies! I had to be a boy. Right?

My hoop earrings and sandals completed my ensemble. I was wearing powder blue eye shadow and soft pink lipgloss. My lashes looked thick and luxurious. My hair was…perfection.

Every eye studied me.

Every mouth hung open.

Nobody said a word.

I could actually hear the cocks around me get hard.

I sat my bouncy butt down between two large men.

One of them smiled down at me and, in a deep bass voice, asked, “Something to suck on?”

I looked at his hand and saw he was holding a lollipop.

There was a whole bowl filled with them next to him.

I batted my eyes and said, “Yes, please. But can I have a cherry one?”

I was using my little sissy voice.

“Of course, Baby Gurl,” he said switching the green lollipop for a red one, “Anything to see that cute pout turn back into a pretty little smile.

I knew how to flirt.

I took the cherry lolly from him, unwrapped it and slowly slid it into my mouth.

He swallowed hard.

I crossed my legs, picked up a magazine and sucked my lolly while Daddy got his beard trimmed.

At one point I heard a baritone voice ask, “That E’s new girl?”

Another voice replied, “Naaah, man. That’s E’s new SISSY.”

Time was I’d hear the word ‘sissy’ and I’d be hurt or offended but now, much like my new tattoo, I wore that word as a badge of honor. I was a sissy.

When we left I said goodbye to my lollipop friend.

I walked out of the shop swishing my apple bottom to the right and to the left.

Daddy laughed and told me I was terrible, little tease.

Yes. Yes I was.

As a sissy, I always looked pretty, cute, adorable, well-groomed, beautifully coifed and manicured. I was always immaculately dressed. My outfits Ataköy Escort were always either sexy or cute, boyish or outlandish.

As time went on, Daddy introduced me to more of his friends. This was a closer group of associates he’d known a long time. Some even since high school. There were several couples, both straight and…well…not straight.

What mattered was everyone was very accepting of who I was and how I looked.

No one judged me.

Sometimes Daddy and I would have small get togethers at our house with our close circle of friends. We always did our best to take care of our guests. Daddy, of course, was the perfect host, and as you might suspect, I was the perfect little hostess.

I would mince about making sure everyone’s drinks were full and gossip with the girls. They would compliment me on my outfits or my nails and I would just swell with pride.

The girls loved me because they weren’t threatened by me.

The men loved me because…they were.

One night we had a few couples over for a swim party.

I guess, Sissy Swim Party would be more accurate.

Five of Daddy’s friends came over for an evening of drinks by the pool. They each bought their sissy dates.

The six of us sissies all wore our sexy little bikini bottoms and served our handsome, hunky men.

DRINKS. Drinks we served them drinks.

And well, maybe there was some bumping and grinding too.

I chatted with my sissy girlfriends and showed them my sissy sanctuary. They were so jealous.

Daddy and I went to clubs and out for dinner. We went shopping together. We went to movies just like everybody else. We did everything couples do.

Since my trip to The Beauty Mark I now focused on looking at pretty as I could for Daddy. A sissy must always looks his best.

I wore panties 24/7 now. Well, I guess, not 24/7. There were some times when a sissy doesn’t need his panties on. But you know that.

I owned dozens and dozens of pairs now. I loved every style. If there was a style of panty I hadn’t worn, it was because it didn’t exist.

I loved cotton, satin, silk and micro-fiber panties. I even tried on a pair of tight little rubber panties once! They were a dark red and matched the corseted top I was wearing.

I loved my cute, childish panties and my sexy, slutty, naughty girl panties.

Daddy loved how my ass filled them out and how my little cock sat so perfectly in them.

I walked like a sissy now without even thinking about it. My bottom swayed from side to side like I was on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

I even kinda talked like a sissy. I spoke in a much softer tone with a higher pitch. It took practice, but I was soon talking in my sissy voice like I’ve been doing it all my life.

I cried a little more easily now, especially when I watched rom-com’s. Sometimes I’d get scared when Daddy put on a scary movie and I’d have to climb up onto his lap and let him protect me.

Well, maybe I didn’t get that scared, but I’d still climb up in Daddy’s lap. No matter. It wouldn’t be too long after I’d be sitting on his black beauty riding it to an explosive orgasm.

And while we’re on the subject of cumming.

Of all the wonderful things that were happening to me, one effect of my newly adopted sissy lifestyle was that I no longer got erections.

I still had sensations in my little baby cock, but I couldn’t get hard. Daddy found me one day on my princess bed, naked from the waist down, holding my little nubbin in my hand. I was in tears, stroking myself to try and get hard. Daddy sat next to me and put his arm around me.

He explained everything was okay and as they should be. He told me sissies don’t need erections. He told me sissies don’t need their little clitties for fucking because sissies didn’t fuck. They got fucked.

I asked how I was supposed to get off now and he smiled.

He told me to get on all fours. I did, moving my pink teddy bear out of the way. Daddy reached into my side table and pulled out a tube of lube and a small toy.

He greased Ataköy Escort Bayan two fingers with the gel, made sure it was warm and then eased them inside me. I lowered my face to the bed and pressed it into my silky princess sheets.

Then Daddy pulled his fingers out and slid the little vibrating toy inside me. He told me to lie on my back. I did.

He turned the vibrator on and set the remote on RANDOM.

Then Daddy leaned down and kissed my soft baby cock.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy.

The vibrator buzzed.

Then Daddy took me into his mouth. He licked and sucked my soft clitty. The warmth of his mouth and the talent of his tongue were driving me insane.

The vibrator switched modes. I think the next one was PUREE.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy GOD.

Daddy continued to suck my little cock and then began to work on my little velvet bag. He bathed it with kisses and licks. He pinched it with his teeth.

I was writhing now. I was whimpering and purring.


I started to cum. I never got hard but I had a mind-blowing orgasm. I remained motionless, my heart racing, trying to catch my breath.

Daddy leaned over and kissed me. I tasted my own juices.

“You think you can survive without a hard cock now, Kitten? You think you can find some ways to pleasure your little clitty?”

I rolled over to be closer to him and the little vibrator slipped from my bottom. I kissed him hard and long.

Hard and long.

Two of my favorite words now.

From then on, when I was alone and needed some relief or was just feeling naughty, I would rub myself to orgasm, either through a pair of delicious panties or naked.

Who needs an erection to get off? I sure didn’t!

And speaking of getting off…

Daddy fucked me every way possible, whenever he wanted. In the morning, on lunch breaks or on the dinner table during dinner.

He was insatiable and I was more than happy to feed his appetite. I was obsessed with his body and his big, black cock.

I would sit on his cock or he would mount me from behind. He would hold my ankles up in the air, my back flat and the pound me hard and fast. We’d fuck in the shower, in the pool house, on the stairs and in the kitchen.

Once I sucked his cock while we went through a drive-thru.

It was incredibly naughty, especially when Daddy made me go into the restaurant, my hair a mess and my mouth glazed with cum, and ask for extra napkins.

He’s so bad sometimes.


Sometimes I can be naughty all by myself, like when Daddy was on overnight business trips.

Since discovering I didn’t have to have a hard cock to reach orgasm, a world of self-pleasure opportunities opened up for me.

When I was alone and feeling stressed or just naughty, I would go up to my sissy sanctuary and relax or play. To be honest, ‘playing’ was how I relaxed.

I’d stretch out on my princess bed with my pink teddy bear next to me. I’d wear my sexiest panties and listen to music or read.

Yes, READ.

I had lots of things to read now and I’m not talking about those babysitter club books!

See Daddy had bought me a subscription to two magazines.

One was called PANTY-BOY DREAMS.

The other was called AMAZING SISSIES.

Both were published by a company called Princess Boy Publications.

PBD’s and AS were similar to other ‘dirty’ magazines in that they had personals, letters from ‘readers’ (Readers? Yeah sure) and stories. What set them worlds apart from typical skin mags was the pictures in them.

PBD’s and AS both contained photos of sissies and panty-boys. And these were the prettiest, sexiest, most amazing sissies and panty-boys I’d ever seen! Some were boyish with lean, smooth bodies like me. They were dressed in panties and showed off their bodies in a variety of tantalizing poses. They had short hair and were flat-chested.

Some of the models were somewhere between boy and girl. Some leaned closer to the ‘girl’ end of Escort Silivri the spectrum and had tiny little breasts. Some even had big, bouncy boobies.

I was fascinated by their magical bodies.

Some of the photos were of the sissies and panty-boys being fucked by big cocks. There were closeups of their faces, their mouths stuffed with man cock, their cheeks puffed out with big, smiles on their cum-glazed, and still very pretty, faces.

That’s usually when I would begin rubbing myself through my silky or satiny panties.

Then I would read a story.

One of my favorites was a story was called POOL BOY.

It was a photo story complete with 50, glossy, beautifully photographed scenes.

POOL BOY told the story of Brandon, a recent high school graduate. Brandon was 19 and very cute. One might even say, Brandon was too cute. A few might have said he was pretty.

Brandon gets a job cleaning pools. One pool he cleans belongs to an older white man named Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas likes Brandon and as the story progresses, he seduces the pretty boy into bikini bottoms.

See why I like this particular story?

There were several very hot photos of Tommy slipping into various articles of feminine attire, experimenting with panties and bras and stockings, discovering his true self.

Over the next few pages, Brandon is transformed into a pretty little panty-boy who just wants to make Mr. Thomas happy. He was a beautiful, Lolita-seductress now named Brandi.

Brandi didn’t have breasts but his nipples were big and pink. That made him more alluring. Mr. Thomas loved to suck and kiss Brandi’s little nipples. To him, they were perfect.

Brandi dresses as a girl for Mr. Thomas and learns how to do his hair and put on makeup to make himself even more attractive.

There are photos of the little sex kitten sucking his cock and on all fours as Mt. Thomas fucks him. Brandi, on her back, legs over Mr. Thomas’ shoulder, gets fucked like a girl. Mr. Thomas takes Brandi’s panty-boy cherry.

At the end of the story, Brandi is sitting by the side of the pool. She is wearing a little bikini. Her perfect little boy breasts tanning in the sun. There is a new pool boy. He’s 19 and very cute. He has shoulder length hair and a very cute bottom.

Mr. Thomas introduces Billy to Brandi.

The last panel says, “TO BE CONTINUED.”

My panties were always soaked by the time I got to the last page.

Playtime was always the same for me.

I would slide down my panties, lube my little sissy pussy, and then ease one of my little toys inside me. Then I’d pull my panties back up, flip through the pages of my magazines and stare at all those daddy cocks plowing sissy boy and panty-boy bottoms.

I’d rub myself through my panties, hug my pink bear and cum. I would clean up, hand wash my panties and hang them up to dry.

Life as a sissy is a wondrous thing, especially when you have a daddy as loving and generous as mine.

I could hardly remember my life as Ozzie.

Everything I did now was in complete contrast those days as a lost boy, stumbling through life.

I now fussed with my hair and nails, and wore only the cutest and sissiest of outfits. I listened to female pop singers and sang along with them as I did the housework. I was so girly-girly-sissy-sissy.

I took only luxurious bubble baths now, except, that is, when Daddy wanted me join him in the shower.

Nothing better than a good fucking in the shower!

And cleaning up after was a cinch!

I, of course, also took very special care of my daddy, as every sissy should.

I would lavish his beautiful, black body with kisses.

I sucked his cock and played with his balls and let him do whatever he wanted to do with me once he was hard.

I would do little striptease numbers for him. I’d dance for him and grind my little body against his. I would slowly remove my clothing and tease him until he was about to burst.

Then I would suck him into my mouth or other wet and ready ports of entry.

My daddy wasn’t selfish though and gave as good as he received from me. He licked and kissed my sissy pussy. He played with nipples.

He always told me what a gorgeous ass I had right before he spanked it.

Some might say I was spoiled and that’s okay.

You’re supposed to spoil your sissies.

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