How I Found Love in Prison Ch. 04

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The night began to lighten, and I awoke to Jake’s heavy breathing. He wasn’t snoring. Just breathing loudly. He looked so adorable. I never thought I could look at a man like how I looked at him. Under our sheets I laid in his arms and massaged his dick. I know where it was last night. I didn’t care. I still wanted him. Best of all, my bum felt no pain. I was used to him now. I enjoyed him. He moulded me inside to suite him. His sweet smell after our shower was gone, replaced by his natural sweaty brutish smell. Gosh it’s such a turn on. I buried my head under his arms to enjoy his scent.

“Hey sleepy head”, I teased as he woke up. He didn’t know what to say. He just kissed me gently.

Jake is not only bigger in size, but also older than me. Yet like a newly married boy he anxiously asked, “Was it good? Did you enjoy it?”

I teasingly said “No. Hell no. I want more”.

We both lacked energy after that wild night, but still got down with loving. We smelt of sweat and love as I erupted so hard last night onto us. Not wanting to bore him with same old missionary, I turned around and offered him entry from behind.

This worried him a bit, as it reminded him of our first time and the pain he left me with. I turned my head around, caressed him and kissed him gently. “It’s okay baby. I’m used to you now. You’ll never hurt me. I love you. I trust you.”

I tried to look at him and keep eye contact as much as I could. He was changed. He was more refined, not so rough around the edges. It was good, though I did see a certain charm to his brutish thuggish reputation. I’m grateful that my first time with a man, was with him. It made me get used to him. He knew me and I knew him biblically. Despite being so blatantly and obviously gay for him, I still didn’t feel like a gay man. Every other man was still as disgusting as ever to me. But Jake was different. To me, he was beautiful.

I kissed him deeply as he entered me from behind. He slipped in quite easily this time, as my bum was already well lubricated by the thick load he put in me last night. It was slow, tired, cuddly sleepy love. He didn’t have the energy to be the lion he was last night. And I was no longer his lioness. Our moans were more like that of a lion cub and I a puppy.

He cuddled me so well, with his arm around me and rubbing my nipples. His other hand stroked my dick. He was encouraged by the difference. I was rock hard for him. He spat in his hand and made me spit as well, and he stroked and masturbated me as he loved me in my bum. Despite my hard dick, his hand was much bigger. My dick easily felt comfortable in it.

It was bright enough for other people to see us, and I felt shy. I made him cover us with Bycasino the sheets as we made love. My body is for him, no longer to put on a show for others. While before I didn’t know what to do with my hands as he ravaged me, this time I tried desperately to touch him and keep him deep in me. Under our sheets we began to sweat and bake again, bathing in each other’s juices. He then ran his left hand around under my thigh to open my legs and support me. I moaned as it enabled him to push even deeper into me. He moved deep and firm in me, and I flexed to remain as tight around his dick as I could. After half an hour of loving me, he began to explode. He masturbated me and made me explode as well, in his hand. He grabbed me and got on his back with me on top of him as we erupted hard. He held me so tight! His load filled my wet bum. My bum couldn’t take all of it and some leaked out.

Meanwhile, I exploded into his hand. He collected my load carefully, and then put his hand to his mouth and drank my load. I blushed red upon seeing him do that!

It was getting way too hot for us, and he got up and out of bed, kissed me lovingly and then went to wash up. I just laid in bed, exhausted and spent, so dirty and proud of it!

Jake pulled me out of bed. “We are still in prison you know. Time to get up”.

“Could’ve fooled me,” I replied sheepishly as I stole one more kiss from him.

In the breakfast room everyone looked at us cautiously as we walked in, hand in hand. The whole prison heard our moans last night and this morning. Some of them in the nearby cells could even see us in action. Some were turned on by it. Some were repulsed. Regardless, none could do a thing about it, because my lion could beat anyone up in here.

Jake sat with his gang members and I decided to give him some time. They apologized to him and promised to let us be.

I sat with the bitches. Some were in a sorry state. One could not even sit. He stood and ate breakfast. His thug cellmate ravaged him with no lube. He bled throughout the night and spent most of the night on the can. Another had bruises all over, beaten up by his thug while being ravaged. One had lost all his front teeth, bust out so his mouth could be more pleasurable for his cellmate’s dick. It was a terrible state. I felt so sorry for them.

Gosh I was so grateful for having Jake. One began to scold me.

“So you had a great time last night I heard.” they said.

“Well, yeah it was mmmm,” I replied, grabbing my crotch to control myself.

“What the fuck? You not supposed to enjoy it. It’s a sin! You supposed to fight him no matter what.”

“And end up like you?” I replied.

“It’s a sin against God! Bycasino giriş You’re a bloody shameless sodomite who likes it! Your ass is for shitting. Nothing more!”

“Yeah I like it okay! God made me like this. He made me like it! Now mind your own business. You know what, fuck you bitches.” And with that I left their table to be with Jake.

“Are they troubling you? Must I fuck them up?” he immediately asked.

“No. Heavens no! Gosh dear, not everything is solved by fucking people up.”, I replied.

All his gang members just looked cautiously. They didn’t know how to treat me, or talk to me in a way that didn’t offend Jake. I made them uncomfortable. It didn’t help that the both of us smelt of gay sex. So I tried to be useful. I cleared the table once my man and his boys were done, and allowed them to chat in comfort.

I used to be religious, and those bitches’ comments of me being a sodomite got to me. The prison had just an empty room with chairs, to just sit and use as a prayer room. I decided to go spend some time there.

Alone in this rather dull room I got on my knees and prayed for forgiveness of what I’ve become. It’s too late now. I’m already changed. I’ve tasted the other side, taken it inside me. My craving is final and permanent. I can’t change back, and so I closed my eyes and concentrated hard as I asked forgiveness for my new life.

Prayer always made me feel even more submissive, more vulnerable and delicate. Surprisingly the thought of my priest came to mind. He always had a bulge under his robes as he fed us bread and wine as we knelt before him. I thought little of it as a straight man. But now I remember it more vividly. Ew!

As I opened my eyes to get up and out, Jake stood at the door, leaning against the wall staring at me.

“Hey uhm. How long were you watching me?” I asked awkwardly.

“Long enough.” he replied. He then walked over before I could get up.

“You looked beautiful like that”, he said smugly. I blushed. It’s the first time he called me beautiful. I forgot where we were and just looked up at him, hands still clasped. If anyone saw us, they’d think I was worshipping him.

He took my face in his hands, massaging my cheeks gently. I rubbed my face in his hands, kissing them. Down there I was arising again. I could notice his dick bulging from under his jeans as well. I kissed his crotch and began to unbuckle and unzip him.

I loved the way his dick rose up from his thick bush of hair. I kissed around his dick and rubbed my face in his bush.

“Would you prefer if I shaved it? You can tell me. I’ll shave it and anywhere else for you”, Jake asked lovingly.

I giggled like Bycasino güncel giriş a teenage girl. “No. I love my hairy man”. He smiled at me as I continued to kiss him. His hairy dick was so hard and veiny. I kissed and licked it gently, while wrapping my arms around and running my fingers down the crack of his bum.

My fingers caressing his crack made him crazy. He manhandled me and got me on my hands and knees.

“Wait!” I remembered were we in a prayer room. “People come here to worship”, I said.

“Yes, I’m here to worship. Worship you”, Jake replied.

And with that, he got behind me on all fours, caressing me, kissing me from behind as we both got completely naked. The guilt I felt for enjoying gay sex quickly began to fade as he caressed me ever so gently, kissing me silently. No I thought, my bum is not just for pooping. Not anymore. It has a new primary purpose, to take in my lover, to submit to him and make him feel special and loved. As he leaned over my shoulder and kissed me, he whispered to me, “I worship you”.

I kissed him back deeply, gently licking his sweet big tongue, before whispering silently in his ear, “I’m yours. Sodomise me”.

And with that he went in unto me. It’s the third time we’re making love in less than 12 hours. The morning sun shone onto us from the window in front of us. It both warmed and blinded me. We basked in the light as we made love. At times, he would move in me, and when he got a little tired, I would move myself upon him.

“Ah! Oh baby! Oh my lion! I love you!” I moaned as he thrusted in and out of me. This was the first time I had sex on my hands and knees on a floor. This time I really felt like an animal, like a lamb being ravaged by a strong hairy ram. Or more like a wolf.

He pecked at my ear as he moved in me. His strong thrusts were pushing me forward, and so He wrapped his one arm around me, and held my dick as penetrated me. “Ah! Ahh! Oh darling it’ so good to be in you!” he moaned gruffly.

I felt as if I was receiving blessing as the light warmed us and he began to erupt in me. I was feeling the glory of heaven, my slim body, my silky skin bathing in the light and the sweat of my man. I felt as if God was loving me as my Jake came in unto me. A shot of warmth inside me like no other.

As soon as he was done, he turned himself around and got down under my dick, and massaged it. He masturbated me. “Ah! Oh Lord! Oh my God! Oh Jake!” I moaned as he stroked the length of me. He tickled my bum as he stroked my dick, and I went crazy!

Caring not to ejaculate on his face, I warned him “Ah! I’m cumming baby!” I expected him to get out of the way, but shockingly he wrapped his lips around me as he stroked me. He made me erupt in his mouth, and he swallowed my seed.

We both laid on the floor for a while thereafter. I grabbed him and kissed him so deep and hard, rubbing and cuddling him as much as I could. Then the siren rang for all of us to get back to our cells.

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