How it Happened

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This is a fictive tale, and any resemblance to anyone outside of it is purely accidental. Do not read any further if you are not of legal age in your jurisdiction.


I was supposed to suck his cock and then butt-fuck him, so we’d arranged, or I thought we had, but in between making out he rolled me over and got on top, his weight pressing me down, legs spread, his cock up my ass-crack. He told me what was going to happen, and I should just relax and take what he was going to give me. I was all stiff with fear. Was he going to rape me? No! No!

He lubed up my ass, and then put his cock in me, a couple of inches, and then stopped. I was gasping for breath, and he was feeling my tits and belly and cock. I was stiff as a board, but I knew I was helpless. He kept telling me I had nice soft tits, which I knew, coz I’d been rubbing cocoa butter into them, softening them up. My ass was the same, softened with cocoa butter, so it was easy to spread and get a cock up in there once my asshole was lubed. So he pushed in another inch or so, and I was gasping. He was in past the sphincter, in the inside ass-tube, and I clutched at his cock with my ass-pussy, squeezing and letting go, and he gasped in my ear what a good little fuck I was.

I liked being told that, it made me feel girly, so I rolled my ass around to make it easier for him to get up inside, and just coz it felt good to be ass-fucked. I hadn’t minded fucking another guy up the ass, before, but this was better, I was finding out now. This was really getting fucked, and I knew now what I really wanted in bed.

He was kissing my neck, licking my ear, and humping away inside me, and his hairy belly was flat up against my ass by now. He was in all the way, and he’d pull back so it half came out, then slide it in again. My pussy would feel emptied, Bakırköy Escort and then it got filled up again with his big long cock. Soon he stopped going slow, and began to fuck me in earnest, and I gasped under his weight. He was such a man! I loved being fucked by him! He kept on banging me, the bed bouncing beneath us, and then he came up my ass, shooting hot come inside me, and it felt amazing, all slippery, running out around his cock, down my ass crack to my balls, dribbling all over my thighs, and he played with my cock more and I came in his hand, all across my belly.

He rubbed it in, brought his hand up to my mouth, and I sucked the come off his fingers without having to be asked. I was delirious with horniness, even after coming. I did not want him to stop, and soon his cock, which had softened, got stiff again, and he was up in my ass to his full length, and I gave it up to him again. I was so his cunt! He fucked and then fucked and fucked me, I was telling him I loved it, loved it, and he got up on his hands, bending over me, and gave me every inch, until, amazingly, he came a second time, and I was full of his come all the way up my belly.

Afterwards, he rolled off and I cuddled up to him, getting my breath back, my ass and legs slippery with his come, my own come sticky and drying on my belly. I wanted to sleep there, cuddled up to my big fuck. He and I dozed off a bit. Then he reached out to the bedside, found something, and dropped them on me. It was a pair of lacy panties. I moved around, getting them on, sliding them up. He had claimed me as his sissy, and I loved it. After I got my breath back, all I could think of was sucking this big thick cock I has my fingers around. He was such a man. It felt amazing to be his girl. After a while, I rolled over, and went down on him, Bakırköy Escort Bayan sucking his come-tasting cock, as it stiffened in my mouth, got amazingly long and big until I could hardly hold it in my throat, gurgling around it, and I could not believe it — a third come! This time it was down past my tonsils, and my entire mouth was filled with come. He pulled me up to him, and kissed me with open lips, so I let him share his come with me. I was so greedy for this guy — he was such an expert fuck! He let me go and I rolled on to my back, gasping, licking my lips, I just wanted to be his fuck forever. He had totally turned me out — you know the feeling, right?

He indicated what else I should put on — a low-cut, lacy bra to go with the panties — and I got up and swished for him. His big cock was lying across his thighs, and I could not keep my eyes off its lovely size. That had been up me, and it would fuck me again, as often as he felt like it. I was almost weak in the knees thinking of what I was going to get. He brought me back into bed with a crook of his finger, and I spread my legs for him. He went down on me, kissing my tits through the lacy bra, and then kissing my big cock. It really was a long cock I had, but I knew it wasn’t the main attraction. He drew the panties down off one leg, and I obediently lifted my legs up to my chest. Hr got up above me, his huge muscles bulging, and introduced his cock to my wet ass-hole yet again. I could not believe my luck! He slid in, easily now, filling up my bowels with that amazing rod, and began to fuck me fast and hard. I held on to his forearms, letting him do what he warted with my ass. Unbelievably, my cock got stiff too, and he looked down at it while fucking my ass. It was his cock if he wanted to suck it, we both knew. Anything he wanted Escort Bakırköy to do, I was his sissy-boi.

So of course he showed me off to one of his friends, and I knew what was expected of me. I sucked off the friend, and then turned around so he could fuck my ass, The friend wasn’t as big as my guy, but he still had a decent-sized cock, and I made sure I was well-lubed before he got into my ass-hole. While I was letting him fuck my ass, I got hold of my guy’s big cock and sucked him off, He was such a beautiful big stud, muscles everywhere. What had made me think I was going to be the one doing the butt-fucking in the first place! I just sucked at him until his big dick began to throb and twitch, and as his friend came up my ass-cunt, flooding me with hot come, my guy came once more in my mouth, filling me with his delicious come. Anything he wanted!

What he wanted was to fuck my well-used ass-cunt, so I stayed where I was and he mounted me from behind, slipped his enormous cock up my ass-pussy, and banged the life out of me, with me squealing to let his friend see the difference between a good fuck and an amazing one. I of course came all over the bed-sheets, and finally he let me slide down on to my belly, where the bed was all sticky, and I turned my head to see him offer his big dick to his friend, who obediently sucked him off. So, we were two members of his harem, I guess. To some people, I was the lowest one, being fucked by both of them, but that was OK. His friend was not bad-looking, so while my guy was sending him out of his mind with that huge cock in his mouth, I got behind the friend, pulled his soft ass-cheeks apart, and slipped my cock up him in one move. He could not move, being sucked off and fucked simultaneously. My guy reached around and patted me, and that me feel so good my cock got even longer up his friend’s ass, and I came in his ass-pussy. So now my guy really had two girly-boys, and that was OK by me.

We fell into one another’s arms, cuddling, and went to sleep for a while. This was my pussy-boi life, and I loved it. If you ever try it, I bet you’ll love it too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32