How Love Is Made

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How Love Is Made

Chapter One:

Tree Huggers

It was a cool October morning and Calvin woke up exhausted beyond belief. The day was Saturday and he had just finished working sixty hours of construction in the five days previous. Fortunately, his boss paid overtime. Calvin spent the morning drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and reading the news as he massaged his tired arms and legs. He would be paid a tidy sum that coming Monday, and he had plenty of time and cash until then. He sat around and watched television while he pondered what the week ahead had to come for him, and how long would it make him wait for it.

The answer was not long indeed. You see, Calvin was a single man. He was thirty years old with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. His rock climbing outside of work kept him in good shape, with strong muscular forearms and well developed abdominal muscles. Generally speaking, women followed him around looking for something, but none had yet to make a lasting impression. Calvin liked to spend his free time day dreaming about all the women he had slept with over the years of his young adult life. An increasing number of which was now married and settled in to new lives with their husbands, and now sometimes even children.

There was one that seemed to occupy his mind this day. Her name was Kathy, and he had slept when they were eighteen, right before they both left for different Universities. Kathy Maples, that was her name. Kathy was an athletic young woman who had been on the school track team. She had long jet black hair, a pointy nose, and powerful leg muscles. He remembered she had the tightest pussy. Yet, that was not the best part. The best part is that they had introduced each other to anal sex. He remembered that dark night in the park, when no one was around. They had started making out in a pine grove. She leaned up against a tree. As he kissed her, tongue deep in her mouth, he began to massage the warm curves of her ass. That was when she undid his belt and tore down his blue jeans. She was wearing a blue blouse and bright red mini-skirt, with no underwear. She reached into his boxers and took Calvin’s cock in her tight grip. After giving it a few quick jerks she broke free of him, laughed, and spun around. Then, she gave the trunk of the oak tree a big hug and said, “Fuck me where no one has ever fucked me before…”

Calvin took his now fully erect nine inch well cut cock in his right hand and spat on the head of his cock. Then, he placed his feet around and behind his new love. He grabbed her waist with his left hand and then slowly placed the tip of his cock on her butthole. He massaged it up and down and all around before even more slowly pushing his cock halfway into her ass. Kathy moaned with pleasure and began to rub her clitoris with her own left hand as her right held the tree. Calvin pulled his cock back and out almost all the way before pushing his cock back deeply in to Kathy’s asshole. As Kathy’s asshole swallowed all of Calvin’s cock up to where the balls met the shaft, Kathy let out a quiet scream. Then she practically shouted, “Calvin, fuck me now!” Calvin began to pump his cock back and forth inside her asshole. As their hips mutually swayed back and forth behind the tree Calvin felt the warm wetness around his cock begin to grow. Kathy moaned over and over again as Calvin filled her inside more and more with every move. She screamed, “Harder, babe, harder!.” Calvin let Mersin Escort out a load moan of his own as he began to frantically pump his waist back and forth projecting his cock in and out with ever greater frequency. The next moment seemed to last for eternity as both of their bodies simultaneously shook and spasmed as Calvin held Kathy in his arms and Kathy held the tree. That was when the cum shot through Calvin’s cock and burst into Kathy’s anus. She would be shitting cum for days, but she told herself, “That was how love was made.”

Chapter Two:

Filling The Hole

Calvin’s mind snapped back to attention from his daydream of that first anal encounter with Kathy. As his focus returned, he noticed that a package had arrived at his doorstep. He brought the box in and opened it. It was the battery operated massager he had ordered from Amazon. This was not for sex, this was to soothe his aching body. Calvin tore open the package and extracted the contents. He inserted the batteries and laid down on the couch with the television turned to the Science Fiction channel. He began to drag the vibrating instrument along his arms and legs as his mind drifted away again. This time, it was to the next time, that he had sex with Kathy Maples.

It was six years after their previous encounter in the park. Both Kathy and Calvin had graduated from college and after a period of struggles, had moved back to their home town to start a new life. Kathy was working as an athletic trainer. Calvin was working as a cook at a local restaurant. Calvin lived in a small one bedroom apartment. Kathy lived in her parents’ basement. Both hope to saved up the money to buy their own house, but before that would happen, Calvin would have to move into the construction business where he would advance past whatever he would have achieved as a short order cook. Calvin had just turned twenty-four years old, which was the same age as Kathy. There had been no one for Calvin to celebrate his birthday wish. However, the next Saturday night at eight o’clock, Calvin had received a phone call from Kathy. She told him that her parents were going to be out late that night and she asked him if he would like to come over at watch The Longest Yard with her. He had said yes and then she told him to be at her door in fifteen minutes.

Calvin had cleaned himself up earlier that day. So he simply brushed his teeth, smoked a cigarette on his balcony, grabbed his car keys, phone, and wallet, before breezing down the stairs to his car. He drove calmly and deliberately without speeding through the neighborhood roadways to the home Kathy had lived in since childhood. He calmly parked the car on the street in front of the house, turned off the engine, opened the door, and stepped out. He closed the door behind him and locked the car. He practically glided up the pathway to the front door. Just as he was about to knock, the door opened. Kathy was standing before him wet and naked, covered with a bath towel. “Hello,” she said, “Come on in, and close the door behind you.” Calvin did as he was told. “Great,” she said next, “Come on downstairs, the movie is about to start.” Calvin followed the naked Kathy down the dark stairwell into the basement. He entered a room with no lights on. A screen flickered and flashed images of football players as shouts and music came from the speakers. There was a bean bag chair stationed on the floor in front of the television screen. Mersin Escort Bayan “Sit on the bag and relax,” she soon said. Once again, Calvin did as he was told.

“Finally,” she practically screamed as she threw the towel around her down onto the ground. Her smooth skin and well toned body shone out like a beacon in front of the glowing television screen. “Alright, take off the shirt,” she said. Calvin did so. “Now the pants,” she echoed. Calvin took off his pants. Then, Kathy smiled and drifted up to him. She lay her body down against Calvin and pressed her lips to his. Her tongue snaked into his mouth around his teeth. She had no pubic hair and gently glided her clean pussy over his cock as it grew hard in Calvin’s boxers.. They made out for several minutes before Kathy pulled Calvin’s boxers off of him. His long curving cock stood firmly at attention. Then, Kathy sat down and straddled her warm legs around Calvin’s tense waist. She looked deeply into his eyes and said, “Relax, and fuck me.”

Calvin tried to use his hand to maneuver the tip of his cock into Kathy’s pussy as it hovered above him. All he managed to do was to grace the tip of her clitoris. That is when she grabbed his cock in her left hand without speaking and positioned her pussy above it. Then, she sat her moist hot pussy down on the cock. Calvin felt the walls of her vagina surround his cock and enclose his soul within her. She was around him, and he was inside of her. Kathy began to move her body up and down around Calvin’s cock, as he just sat stoically on the large bean bag. Slowly, he moved his hands up to her waist and gently held her. Kathy began with a slow steady pumping motion. Then, as Calvin began to moan, she began to pick up speed. As the tempo increased Calvin moaned louder and louder and Kathy let out a shrill shriek. This went on for several minutes before the soothing sensation of the well structured vagina his cock was immersed in became too much for Calvin. He cried out, “Oh Fuck my Lord,” as his body convulsed and shot his thick warm cum deep into Kathy’s universe. She kept pumping up and down on his cock until it was fully drained and no longer erect. Kathy planted a single kiss on Calvin’s sweaty forehead, and then she said something.

What she said was, “Don’t worry, I’m on birth control. Now let’s watch the movie.”

Chapter Three:

A Wish Come True

Calvin snapped back to reality and all of a sudden the full scale of the gravity of the situation dawned upon him. He had not had sex in over a couple of weeks and here he was on the couch with a vibrating massage device giving therapy to his sore feet. In the meantime, Kathy had become married to someone in her church and now even had a young child. She had moved on with her life, gone to graduate school, and was working on becoming someone to be taken seriously. Calvin had made some money, but here he was, a part-owner in the construction industry, with no significant other and no kids. To tell one the truth, Calvin was lonely on the inside despite a relatively lively and free wheeling social life. He had a few close friends, but none had talked to him recently. Calvin was pondering these things when his phone vibrated. He picked it up and saw a text. It was from Kathy. It read: “The new tv stand I ordered for my bedroom just arrived. I was wondering if you could put it together for me. My husband is gone and my kid is at day care. I was Escort Mersin hoping to have it together for him when he gets back tomorrow.”

Calvin instantly replied, “No problem. Just text me the address. I can be there with my tools in half an hour.”

Calvin’s phone vibrated again and he looked at the text. It was an address. Another text soon came that said, “Thanks so much. I’ll just tell him Susan helped. It will be our little secret.”

“Sure thing,” Calvin replied. “See you soon.”

Calvin brushed his teeth and combed his hair. Then, he hopped in his car and headed down the road. He found the correct house in a quiet suburban neighborhood with a red Honda CRV parked in the driveway. He knew it was the correct house because of the car. Kathy had driven it to their high school reunion a few years prior. There was no sign of anyone else. He parked his car in the driveway and exited the vehicle. He knocked on the door wearing his work clothes and tool belt with a tool box in hand. He rand the doorbell.”

Fifteen seconds later the door swung open and Calvin heard footsteps. From behind it, emerged Kathy with her gorgeous black hair and slim body, she looked as beautiful and sexy as ever. She was wearing a fine silk black dress that ended just a few inches down her thighs. Calvin wondered if she was wearing underwear. “Hello,” he said. “I am your private contractor today. I hear tell that you need some furniture put together.”

“Why yes I do,” Kathy responded before saying, “And please let me thank you for arriving so quickly after my call. Just come inside, take your shoes off and shut the door. The furniture is up in the bedroom.” Calvin did as he was told then followed Kathy into the bedroom. When he walked into the room it was silent and serene. There was no box of parts to put together. A tv stood on what looked to be a new stand from Ikea in front of the king size bed. The room’s walls were a somber grey.

Kathy walked up behind Calvin and said aloud, “Oh my, you already finished it. You must work very quickly. How might I ever repay you for your hardworking?” she asked with a smile as she slid a hand onto his firm right buttock.

Calvin quietly set down the toolbox and took his right hand to brush her hair aside as he calmly and firmly stated, “Oh I can think of just one thing.” Then, he began to gently kiss her lips.

She gasped as he placed his hands firmly onto her shoulders and kissed her neck. She took her hands down his chest and stomach where they reached and undid his belt clasp. The trousers fell to the floor. This time they were both not wearing underwear. Kathy got on her knees and grabbed Calvin’s cock with her left hand. Then she kissed the tip of it. Next, Kathy swallowed the cock whole, taking its length and width deep into her throat. With her tongue she rans circles around its mighty girth. Calvin let out a soft moan.

Suddenly, Kathy stopped. “Sit on the bed,” she commanded. Calvin did as he was told. “Now lie back and relax,” she said. Calvin did as he was told. Without hesitating she climbed on top of him and inserted his hard dick into her wet vagina. Slowly, Kathy began to work her way up and down Calvin’s cock as she gently squeezed it with the walls of her pussy. Tighter and tighter she constricted his dick like a boa constrictor as she increased the rate of her thrusting. Back and forth they screamed a loud until all of a sudden they burst into a cataclysm of shaking as Calvin sprayed his full load of cum deep inside of Kathy.

Calvin closed his eyes for a moment as he lay on the bed. Kathy slid off of him and looked deep into his hazel eyes with her blue eyes with a smile. “Thank you for your work sir. You may go now. Farewell…”

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