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Author’s note: It has always surprised and delighted me to find that other people enjoy these stories–your comments and votes and letters to me mean the absolute world, and your ideas and thoughts, dear readers, have been a great source of inspiration for me to continue building the little world of the Festival.

I love hearing from you, about anything; just remember to include your email address if you would like a reply, and thank you all for helping to make the training adventures of Jennifer and the other girls special as they learn to fulfill their purpose.

Mr. Stevenson

Editor’s note: this chapter, like most in this series, includes graphic scenes of men engaging in explicit sexual acts with their own daughters, as well as elements of dubious consent. If you find these themes anything other than arousing and exciting, please read no further–you will only get upset and perhaps even angry.

Otherwise, please enjoy.


(Continued from Ch. 18a)

…After the movie I sent Serena and Selena to shower and get ready for bed, and told them to come back down when they were done for their bedtime inspections.

They showered together when it wasn’t one of their bath nights with me, and I’d always made them responsible for each other’s grooming and hygiene, each of them ensuring that her sister was clean and fresh and properly shaven everywhere that mattered.

After a short while they tromped back down the stairs and appeared in the living room with their damp blond hair twisted in heavy rolls over their shoulders, their naked, freshly-bathed bodies clad only in fluffy bath towels wrapped snugly around them which, despite being large and luxurious, could only barely contain the girls’ sumptuous treasures above and below, and they took their accustomed position standing in front of me where I sat on the couch.

Knowing Selena was still the shyer of the two, I offered her sister to Sam.

‘Dad, care to do the honors on Serena?’ I asked, guiding her to him with a gentle shove to her towel-covered behind.

‘Don’t mind if I do,’ he replied with delight, pleasantly surprised to be entrusted with such an intimate task, and welcoming Serena with a warm smile as she took her place with a giggle in front of him where he sat next to me.

‘Go ahead, sweetheart,’ I said to Selena. ‘Take your towel off for me please.’

She fumbled to undo the twist that held her towel clasped around her breasts as she glanced nervously aside at her grandfather; bedtime inspections were a special, private matter that responsible fathers performed on their young daughters, and didn’t usually involve the presence of visitors, but she was a good girl and didn’t question me, knowing that since Sam would be staying with us for a while there would doubtless be moments like this where she’d have to be okay with him watching.

The lights in the living room were still pleasantly low after the twins’ movie night, and she undid her towel and slowly opened it wide, revealing her exquisite nude body glowing in the soft lamplight to me in an act of such beauty and trust that I never tired of it, despite years of performing bedtime inspections on my daughters, and dropped her towel behind her on the floor.

I knew I would miss these days when the twins had celebrated their Festivals like their sister, Jennifer, and no longer required such care from me.

Serena had done the same in front of Sam, and she giggled again as she saw his eyes grow wide despite himself as he took in her glorious nakedness, and he shook his head in wonderment.

‘Good lord almighty,’ he muttered, struggling, despite his decades of experience with handling and inspecting young female bodies, to take in every aspect of her lavish beauty.

‘You’re looking so lovely tonight, Selena,’ I smiled, as I did every night, taking a long moment to look her up and down, and she glowed as she basked her freshly bathed self in my fatherly adoration. ‘Raise your arms for me, please, honey.’

Both girls lifted their arms gracefully above their heads, stretching their naked bodies and interweaving their fingers gently above them, offering themselves fully to our eyes and hands so we could perform thorough inspections on them.

‘Good girls. Stretch long and tall, reach as high as you can,’ I said gently with a smile in my low voice.

‘Feel your muscles lengthen and your healthy, strong blood flow through your skin…and your tummies…and your legs…and your arms…and your breasts…and between your legs. Now, starting at your toes and slowly working your way up one part of you at a time, wiggle and shake your bodies, and think about how fresh and vibrant they feel, and how good it is to be a young girl…now your hips and your bottoms…now your tummies…now your titties…now your shoulders…shake it out…’

The girls giggled as they shimmied, and Sam and I became lost in the beauty of the moment.

‘…Now close your eyes, girls, and breathe deeply and slowly; fill your bellies with air and bahis siteleri feel your bodies and minds relax and calm themselves as you prepare for rest tonight. Feel the stress and bother of the day fall away from you like your clothing falling from your naked bodies, leaving you free and open and soft and warm and safe…’

‘Do you have a particular method, Rob?’ Sam asked after a moment, as the girls came back to earth and opened their eyes with dreamy smiles, their arms still stretched overhead in preparation for their inspections.

I nodded.

‘You can follow along with me. First, I just look carefully all over them, checking for any visible dirt or grime they might have missed in the shower, and making sure there’s no obvious bruising or scratches or other injuries or signs of illness,’ I said.

‘Then I run my hands lightly all across every part of their bodies, starting with their throats and arms and shoulders, and working my way down their underarms, like this, making sure they are shaved nice and smooth there–good job, Selena, they feel very nice and fresh–and along their sides and tummies like so. They are supposed to moisturize after their showers, so their skin should be soft and warm and resilient to the touch.’

Sam was in heaven as he did to Serena exactly as I was doing to her sister; he clearly loved putting his hands on her naked little body, and he kept up a low, constant stream of encouragement and soothing approval to keep her at ease as she became accustomed to his touch on her bare skin.

I was continually impressed with his skill at girl handling, and I knew the twins would only benefit from the opportunity to experience such masterful control and training from him over the next couple of years before their Festivals.

‘Then I take some time with their breasts,’ I continued, demonstrating on Selena as I spoke. ‘Starting with light caresses over their whole surface, along the tops, sides, in between them, and then their underbellies; ending with small, circular fingertip strokes closing in around their areolas, and finishing with a few gentle flicks to their nipples with the backs of my knuckles to check for healthy circulation–there should be goosebumps, and their nipples should tighten and crinkle even from very light, whispering stimulation.’

Selena shivered deliciously as she always did at this part of her bedtime inspection, her breasts and shoulders erupting in goosebumps on cue and her nipples darkening and becoming stiff and long, and she shut her eyes and knotted her delicate fingers more tightly together above her head, a quiet little hum in the back of her throat as she tried to be a good girl and hold still for me despite the ripples of pleasure that were coursing through her and causing her large breasts to begin feeling heavy and swollen and exquisitely sensitive in response to my touch.

‘Things are looking very good over here so far,’ Sam said with amused satisfaction in his voice as Serena fairly purred in his hands, and she bounced a little insistently in frustration, pressing her breasts toward him in a headstrong plea for more substantial contact.

‘Pleeeeeease, Papa…’ she whispered, forgetting her manners in the warm tingles that were spreading from her nipples to her vagina and scrambling her brain.

‘Serena, behave yourself and stand still for your grandad,’ I reprimanded her as Sam chuckled. ‘He knows how to touch your body properly–you need to let him do his job and not make things difficult, young lady. You don’t want me to spank you naked in front of your grandfather on his first night here, do you?’

‘No, daddy,’ she squeaked, squeezing her thighs together adorably and squishing her fat naked cunny between them, as if she had to pee, in her efforts to control her body and hold still like she knew she must.

Looking Serena in the eyes with his own sharp, perceptive gaze that seemed to see into her bare soul, and reminding her in a low, authoritative voice to breathe and relax like a good girl so he could work on her, Sam reverently cradled his granddaughter’s luscious breasts in his big worn palms so he could inspect the pleasing results of his efforts, while his work-calloused fingers, expertly skilled in controlling the flighty nuances of the young female nervous system, gently caressed her heavy titties in the warm, secret nooks where their underbellies joined with her chest, in order to calm and re-center her so that her bedtime inspection could continue.

As he felt her breath slow and her body relax a little again into his strong hands, he reluctantly tore his eyes from her taut, aching little nipples, and looked over at Morgan Lynn with a wistful smile where she sat at the end of the couch in her usual home outfit of simple white panties and a white tank top, watching the proceedings with a distant look of happiness in her eyes as she slowly rubbed her long bare thighs together.

‘This brings back memories,’ Sam said quietly. ‘It’s been a long time since I did a bedtime inspection–last one was…well, it was back when you canlı bahis siteleri were still at home, honey.’

‘I know, daddy,’ Morgan Lynn whispered. ‘I always adored my bedtime inspections…’

Sam chuckled as he recalled raising his daughter.

‘I could always tell. Your little cunny used to get so very wet.’

‘I remember you spanking me a couple times when I accidentally came on your hand…you were really stern with me back then. But I almost didn’t mind. I just loved it when you touched me, ever–even when you were disciplining me.’

My wife let out a sparkling little giggle I’d never heard before. ‘And I never told you, but I usually masturbated in bed after you spanked me anyways–I knew you’d get mad if you caught me, but I just couldn’t help always felt so good to make myself cum after your spankings, daddy.’

‘Well, you always were a little bit of a wild child, Morgan Lynn.’ Sam shook his head with the indulgence of time and age. ‘I did have to give your bare, round little butt a few good whippings, it’s true–but a young girl needs to learn to control herself, and there’s simply no good reason for a daughter to have orgasms on her daddy’s fingers while he’s inspecting her.

‘It’s true, I was strict with you,’ he laughed a little ruefully, ‘but that’s how we raised girls in those days. I know I was liberal with my belt, but I hope you understand it was always because I loved you, and wanted you to be the best little girl you could be for the men who would train you and enjoy your beautiful body someday.’

Morgan Lynn’s eyes welled a little at her father’s words, and her hand crept closer to her panty-covered mons, her fingers gently brushing slowly up and down the faint depression made in the thin cotton by her slit.

‘I know, daddy. I always knew. I love you.’

I was touched to witness their moment of tenderness; it was good to see Morgan Lynn so happy.

‘Then I’ll hold the twins’ breasts in my hands,’ I continued after a pause. ‘I’ll test their heft and soft curvature, and then squeeze them together and inspect them to make sure they’re symmetrical, and that their areolas are looking cleanly delineated and nicely colored; then you can massage them gently like this, checking for any irregularities and making sure there’s no pain or discomfort.

‘I’ll work my way from the base of their breasts to their nipples, which I’ll knead gently between my thumb and finger to check for a healthy stiffness response; then I’ll pinch them a few times, a bit harder each pinch until they let me know it hurts, to make sure they have good, high levels of sensation in the many nerve endings inside. It shouldn’t take much; they both have nicely sensitive nipples.’

The girls bit their lips and whimpered quietly as we massaged their heavy titties, and Serena, her trembling arms outstretched as she offered herself to Sam, squeaked as her grandfather worked her little nubs between his calloused fingertips and found her pain threshold; Sam nodded in approval and immediately released her pink buttons with a smile.

‘Good girl.’

‘Now we’ll move down their bodies for their cunny inspections,’ I continued. ‘Clean, well-groomed vaginas are very important in this house, right girls? I’m sure you agree, dad. Their cunny fur should be should be silky-soft and clean and conditioned, and trimmed evenly–I just brush my fingers through their pubic hair like this to check–and Serena’s landing strip needs to look sharp and crisp, with clean edges and corners, or she’ll get in trouble with Coach Kendrick; it should start right at the top end of her slit, and she should be completely smooth everywhere else on her vulva.’

Sam nodded and bent forward, intent on doing a thorough job of carefully examining his granddaughter’s private parts, and copying my technique by gently petting Serena’s tidy patch of damp, soft golden cunny fur with his big fingers.

‘Her little scruff of fur seems pretty satisfactory, Robert. Good job shaving your sister, Selena–her coochie’s looking mighty fresh and cute for that soccer coach of hers–I’m sure he’ll have to approve when he inspects it.”

‘Along with a close visual inspection, I use my hand to check them, like so,’ I said. ‘Gently running my fingertips along the edges of their pubic hair, across the rest of their mound to check for stray stubble, and down along their slits and outer labia.

‘Spread your feet a little wider, girls–that’s it. Now you can reach back between Serena’s legs, dad, and check her lips all the way along her slit,’ I said, demonstrating on Selena.

‘Everything should be perfectly soft and smooth and warm. A little further back and you can feel her perineum, and then finally run your fingers around her anus and between her cheeks as well. All good?’

Sam nodded in the affirmative, telling Serena she was being a good girl again as he gently felt around with his hand deep in her personal area as methodically and proficiently as if he were simply checking the health and quality of one of his little fillies back canlı bahis on the ranch.

‘Yep. She’s smooth as a creek pebble and soft as a kitten all back through here. Quite a bit of heat between her legs, too; feels like she’s got healthy circulation to her genitals. You can definitely tell she’s getting close to breeding age.’

‘Excellent,’ I said. ‘Okay girls, go ahead and spread your cunnies for us please, so your grandad and I can look at your clitorises and your inner lips and the insides of your slits.’

The twins obediently reached down, grasped their outer lips in their fingers, and opened them wide for us like tiny pink curtains to show us their clitorises and inner labia so we could inspect them, thrusting their hips forward a bit as I’d taught them long ago in order to make it easier for us to see most of their vaginas.

Their dark pink interior coloration contrasted beautifully with their otherwise creamy complexions, and they were slick and glistening within their secret places.

Sam and I bent forward to get a close look, and I showed him how to use his thumb to gently stimulate Serena’s clitoris and ensure that it got firm and sensitive, though it was unlikely to protrude very much; Selena’s clitoris, on the other hand, poked its head from its tiny hood as I rubbed it, and she shuddered as I pinched it gently to check its responsiveness.

‘Serena’s really wet,’ Sam observed. ‘As soon as she opened her lips, it started dripping down her thigh here.’

‘It’s fairly normal by this point in their bedtime inspections,’ I said. ‘But that is a pretty significant flow, even for her; that suggests that she’s feeling really safe and at ease with you inspecting and touching her–good girl, Serena. Just make sure her vaginal discharge is clear and slick, dad; I’ll usually take a sniff too, like so.’

I demonstrated on Selena, leaning close to her vagina and inhaling her scent, and as Sam did the same, Serena gasped and giggled as his mustache tickled her clitoris.

I chuckled.

‘They should smell sweet and clean and girly, and maybe a little musky, but if they did a good job washing each other’s vaginas they should smell quite good.’

Sam took another deep inhale from Serena’s open cunny.

‘Good lord, that’s divine,’ he said with a grin.

‘Then I’ll usually use my finger to scoop up a little of their juices and taste them. They should be delicious as well.’

We both thrust our index fingers back between the girls’ legs and slowly dragged our fingertips through their slippery, sopping, warm furrows from their virgin entrances forward to their clitorises, gathering up a good amount of their blossoming vaginas’ incipient copulatory fluids and bringing it to our lips with satisfied growls as their delicate, girlish flavor spread across our tongues.

They were heavenly; salty and sweet and piquant with fertile girl pheromones, and as Sam eagerly went back for seconds of Serena, she whimpered in a high-pitched moan.

Her understandable tinge of embarrassment at her unruly vagina’s enthusiastic release of girl-drool that was now flowing shamelessly down the inside of her leg in response to a simple, routine cunny inspection from Sam suddenly triggered an unexpected second wave of bewilderingly fierce arousal that drove her plaintively close to a forbidden orgasm as she witnessed her young body’s natural, involuntary flush of mating nectar being used for such simple, animalistic pleasure by her grandfather.

‘Finally, I’ll have them turn around and bend over, and I’ll inspect their thighs and buttocks, testing their muscle tone with some firm squeezes, like so,’ I continued, ignoring my daughter’s struggles. ‘And sometimes with a few light spanks, like this–and this–and this. It’s good to see their bottoms jiggle responsively to a couple good smacks, and I want to make sure they’re nice and bouncy and soft before bed, but I’m not trying to hurt them, of course.

‘Then I’ll spread their cheeks wide like so,’ I said, as Sam watched and duplicated my technique on Serena’s obediently upturned tail, ‘And inspect their anuses–they should be very clean, and I’ll usually press my thumb on them lightly a few times to make sure their sphincter’s contraction reflex is strong and responsive. And yes, you can check Serena’s scent there as well, if you like.

‘One final check of their vaginal entrances and their hymens, because it’s difficult to see those parts when they’re standing up facing me,’ I said, placing my hands with a firm grip on the meaty backs of Selena’s thighs at their fulsome junction with her buttocks and, as Sam did the same to her naked sister, together we spread the girls’ fat pink cunny lips wide apart with our thumbs so we could peer into their tight, slick little vaginas one last time for the night.

‘And that’s bedtime inspection complete,’ I said, patting Selena on the bottom to let her know she could stand back up. ‘I usually finish up with a kiss on each booty cheek, like this and this,’ I demonstrated as Sam followed along on Serena, and the twins giggled delightfully as they felt our lips and mustaches on their bare, freshly-showered skin, ‘Then a kiss on each nipple…and one on the tummy…and one on their outer cunny lips…and finally a goodnight kiss on the mouth…’

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