How We Started Pt. 05

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Part 5 How we started sleeping together by Frisky_Fam

I like to get some things out of my head. For me, I feel better when I post, so I decided to switch to here where I can type as much as I want. I have changed names in the story to keep things private. I take no credit for any similarities to any real life events.

My son, Ethan, is handsome and smart, with great physical features. My daughter Hannah is also beautiful, curvy in the right places but with a toned set of abs and athletic from all the activities she participates in. Both have caramel light brown hair and dark blue eyes. Unlike them, I’m Michele and not nearly as attractive in the face, but I try to make up for it by being extra careful about my weight and staying toned. At 40, I do like to brag that I look killer in a bikini. My husband Derek is also very handsome but a bit old-fashioned. He keeps us active in church and the kids on task to maintain their grades. Overall, an attractive family that looks normal and was normal until I was pressured by my son into a sexual relationship with him and now compounded by my daughter discovering us and me convincing her to join us behind my husband’s back.

I could tell when the kids and I returned home from our trip to visit a college campus for my son Ethan that my daughter still felt uneasy about what happened during the trip. Hannah’s much more like her father Derek by being cautious and conservative, not to mention more religious than either Ethan or me. Aside from occasionally giving blowjobs to her boyfriend, she had never had actual sex until her brother, and even after the trip she’d only technically been fucked three times.

By how she acted over the next few days, I think she was trying to process it in her mind. I, of course, was still concerned she’ll tell my husband that I’m having an affair with our son or that she’s no longer a virgin and how it happened. Worst of all, she might describe her first threesome with her brother and mother. I don’t think my husband would understand or accept any of this.

Ethan, on the other hand, seemed determined to find every opportunity to corner me for outright sex, to grope me or to masturbate on me. My son seemed emboldened now by having screwed his sister, and unfortunately the last trip we took seemed to inspire him to act more like a harem master than a son getting frisky with his mom and sister.

I had to deal with Hannah’s birth control first. After the college boy, Tony, came in her by accident I was paranoid she’d get pregnant. Fortunately, she didn’t and her period came and went without incident. I talked to her about an IUD but Hannah still clings to the idea that she’s saving herself for marriage, even now after she’s most definitely lost her virginity to her brother plus more. The day after we got home from our trip, I tried to get her to get on something.

“You need to get on birth control!” I scolded her.

“But I don’t want anyone to think I’m already having sex.” she replied, “I want the man I’m going to marry to be my first. I think it will be Greg (her boyfriend), but he’s going to college so maybe it won’t and I didn’t want to just have sex with someone and then break up.”

I got serious, “What about Ethan, what about hooking up with Tony in the hotel room?”

“Those weren’t supposed to happen.”

I laughed, “But I heard you tell your brother to fuck you! And Tony didn’t force you. I watched you open your legs for him!”

Hannah tensed, “Mom, I know, I just, like I just don’t want people to know about that. No one at school knows I’ve had sex. I don’t want to tell anyone.”

“So, at the very least, carry condoms in your purse.”

“Mom, no, someone might find them. If Greg sees them he’ll think I’m cheating!”

I said again she should carry condoms just in case then let the conversation drop.

Between both kids going to school, after-school activities those nights and sports tournaments on Saturday, everything seemed to be normal with the exception of Thursday night right around bedtime. My husband was upstairs while I went down to get a glass of water before bed. The kitchen was dark except for the light from the oven clock. Ethan was in the family room which you don’t see directly from the kitchen, but I knew that’s where he was.

I got some ice from the freezer and was about to turn when a hand suddenly clamped over my mouth while another quickly went under my t-shirt and began squeezing my breasts. My son had snuck up on me and as he held my mouth closed began kissing the back of my neck gently.

I wanted to smack him but still had the glass in my hand. He removed his hand from my mouth and as I whispered urgently, “Not here!” he used his hand to quickly push my shorts and panties off my hips. He kept pushing on the waistband until they cleared my butt. As he continued to grope each breast, he used his other hand to guide me then push me down towards the counter top.

I repeated, “Ethan, not here!”

Ethan just wouldn’t listen. He stopped groping my breasts and used both hands to bend Bomonti Escort me over until I was bent at a right angle resting my chin on the counter, my hands spread on either side of my head. My shorts were barely down my thighs, but he decided it was good enough. He took one hand and used it to spread me wider while he wet his other hand and lubed his erection.

I felt the tip of his penis against my pussy and tried to relax so he could quickly enter me.

As he slid in, I hissed, “Hurry up.”

He took a few slow strokes to use my juices to lube his shaft more then he slowly pushed in bit by bit until I felt his balls and pubic hairs against me. He stayed close and didn’t withdraw very far. He started fucking me quickly is short thrusts, more like he was jerking himself off than having actual sex with me. He pounded me hard but it was so quick that I never orgasmed. He simply built up to his own climax, rammed me as hard as he could to bury himself in me, and let loose a load of sperm inside my pussy. I could feel him shooting in me, his load was very hot and I could feel each pulse of his penis.

As soon as he finished he withdrew and let me stand up.

I scowled at him, “Thanks for getting me off while you worried about yourself.”

He grinned, “Sorry, I was jerking off and heard you come downstairs. I thought this would be better.”

“Better for you,” I responded, “but not so hot for me. I said ‘not here’ and I meant it. Your father is just upstairs. What if he came down?”

“Well, he didn’t.” was all Ethan said, then turned and left before I could continue saying anything. I grabbed my water and fortunately Derek was already in bed ready to fall asleep when I got back to our bedroom. I was somewhat angry and somewhat frustrated, so I used my son’s semen as lube and played with my clit then quietly fingered myself to enough of an orgasm to at least feel satisfied and went to sleep.

Friday and Saturday were uneventful. I woke Sunday morning thinking we may just get through the weekend with no real drama, but it was my daughter’s turn to stir the pot. Derek had already left for church and Ethan, Hannah and I were to follow. We were running late and Hannah was upstairs. I yelled for her to come down and get in the car. Ethan and I sat waiting as I had already pulled the car out of the garage. Out comes Hannah in the short black suede skirt we bought for our last college trip. It’s the skirt she wore when we seduced the college tour guide to join us for a night of sex. She wore it with a tight white pullover v-neck shirt. Under was a lace pink bra that you could vaguely see through the shirt material. She even wore the same ankle bootie heels she wore on the trip.

Ethan saw her first as she walked to the car, “Umm, wow.” he said under his breath.

“Why are you wearing that to church?” I demanded as she got in the car behind Ethan.

“What, I thought it’s what you wanted me to wear? You bought it for me?”

“I bought it for you to get laid on our trip, not to wear to church with your father.”

I looked back at her sitting behind Ethan and I could already see the pink crotch of her matching lace panties (or thong, since that’s all she wears) even as she held her legs together. At least if she was (up until now) trying to be conservative, at least in attempting to avoid panty lines she wore thongs which to me made her somehow at least a little more interested in being cute. I put a lot of effort into trying to look great, for my husband mostly, so I take a lot of pride in my daughter’s looks and dress. I knew my husband would want to kill me for letting her out of the house, to church no less, in that skirt.

We arrived at church and pretty much all eyes were on Hannah in one form or another. Some of the older women scowled, some just looked surprised. Most of the men and boys just locked onto her and stared. A few of the husbands were less than discrete. I had on a nice fitted dress myself, but I was nothing compared to Hannah and that little skirt.

We made our way to sit in the sanctuary and Jim Lane was there to greet us. Jim and his family always sit in the row ahead of us. Jim is a golf buddy of Derek’s. In fact, Jim golf’s with Derek and Hannah quite a bit since about half the time that Derek golf’s, he takes Hannah along to improve her golf game. Jim has even taken Hannah out a few times by herself to get more practice. Jim always acts half like kind adult, half like a horny, joking teenager, if you know the type. Jim turned to say hello, then did an obvious double-take and twisted more in his seat to see Hannah in her outfit.

“Good morning!” Jim said, turning around to shake Ethan’s hand and say hello to first me then Hannah.

After some conversation, he asks, “Hannah, are you going golfing with your Dad and I after church?”

“I don’t know if Dad brought my clubs I guess so.” she replied.

“Well if he did, I’m definitely going to go out for a few holes at least!”

Hannah sat down nearly in front of Jim and I could Bostancı Escort see Jim’s eyes dart to her exposed lap as they talked. He maybe would spend a second looking in her eyes for every two to three seconds looking at her hemline and more since I knew she couldn’t conceal her pussy unless she put her hands there. Jim was practically sitting sideways in his seat so he could look directly at Hannah as they talked about golf. Then Jim asked Ethan about colleges, yet still Jim’s gaze seemed to fall on Hannah’s legs more than he ever made eye contact with Ethan as they spoke. He was literally that obvious about it, even as his wife sat beside him, though she wasn’t in the conversation.

Derek walked up after having made the morning rounds saying hello to virtually everyone and helping prepare for the service. As soon as he saw Hannah his face dropped. He didn’t say anything out loud, but I could tell he was mortified to see so much leg.

My husband sat down then leaned over to me and whispered, “Michele, why did you let her leave the house in that outfit? I’ve never seen her in something that short!”

I whispered back, “She came out of the house after we were running late. Relax. You’ve seen other girls come to church in short skirts before. It’s just a phase.”

Derek frowned, whispering, “Not my daughter, and not that short of a skirt.”

I laughed, “What about Jenny Martin and the short skirt she wore at Christmas?”

“Jenny Martin is a wild child, and even she had tights on her legs when she wore that skirt.”

We didn’t get anywhere in the conversation and eventually Derek just sat back with a blank expression. I think he was part upset, part embarrassed. Throughout the service I caught Jim repeatedly looking back at Hannah whenever we stood and had to sit back down. I’m certain that for Jim he could see her crotch just covered by pink lace. Plus every time she stood up to sing or pray, she had to tug her skirt down, so even from behind she could have shown a little butt cheek for all I know.

As soon as the service was over, Jim Lane turned to my husband and asked about golfing.

“So, are we going to play a little?” he asked, making the motion of a gold swing.

“I can’t, I promise Pastor Lewis I’d work on the planning for the bible retreat.”

“Oh, too bad,” Jim replied, “Hannah was saying she’d go. I don’t mind taking her along to get a few holes in.”

Derek looked at Hannah and said, “I have her clubs and shoes in the trunk, but do you have something to wear?” he asked her. Hannah nodded no.

Derek was about to speak, but I cut him off, “She can probably just go in what she has on.”

Derek looked stunned. He knows Jim well enough that there was no embarrassment when he said, “In that outfit? It’s too short!”

I countered, “Her golf shorts and skirts aren’t much longer. No one will notice.”


“Oh, relax,” I said, “it’s golf and she’ll be out on the course. Hardly anyone will see her plus they’ll just think it’s a golf skirt.”

Derek was looking at me, which was fortunate because Jim was having a hard time repressing a smile. It was obvious he wanted Hannah to go along. I noticed Jim’s wife was less than enthusiastic and kept looking disapprovingly at my daughter’s skirt.

“Go help the pastor and I’ll help Hannah get her clubs.” I said decisively.

“Okay.” Derek finally relented.

I don’t know if either Derek thought Jim was harmless or hadn’t noticed how much he checked out Hannah regularly, let alone today he could do anything but stare hungrily at her. If I wasn’t aware of my daughter’s recent exploits, I never would have been so quick to agree. As it was, I thought driving Jim a little nuts was safe enough.

I went with Hannah to get the clubs from Derek’s car.

I asked her, “Do you want to go, you don’t have to?”

“Oh,” she replied, “I want to go. It’s fine.”

“I think Jim liked you in your little skirt. He kept checking you out!”

Hannah rolled her eyes, “He’s always trying to look up my dresses and skirts. Today he didn’t have to try as hard. Mr. Lane, like, really likes me, I think.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she hesitated, “when Dad wasn’t looking the other week, Mr. Lane helping me get in position for a swing and put his hand on my butt and rubbed me. He was telling me I made a great shot, but like, he’s never done that before.”

We talked a little more then I asked, “What if he tries to touch you again with your father not there?”

She paused, “I’ll be okay. If he does I’ll figure it out.”

I looked at her a minute, “So you were shy and quiet when you had sex with your brother and the college boy, and don’t want to have sex with your boyfriend yet, but you’ll tease Mr. Lane and ‘figure it out’ if he touches you?”

“I don’t know, Mom,” she said, “I know Mr. Lane wants to and I’ve been wondering what he’d do. I think he’s kinda cute.”

We grabbed the gold clubs and shoes and headed back over to Jim waiting by his car. Not surprising, Esenyurt Escort he held the door for Hannah as he spoke with me, but his eyes never left Hannah’s crotch.

So that I don’t mislead you, Hannah did not have sex with Jim Lane on Sunday. But, I’ll explain more later.

With Hannah going off with Jim Lane, and Derek staying behind to help at church, it was me with my son. I went to get in the car, but Ethan ran over to hold my door. It was his turn to look up my dress. I had on a nice almost knee length dark blue off the shoulders bandage dress with heels and a matching set of powder blue thong and bra. It wasn’t very hard to flash him as I sat in the car which I know he likes.

We drove home not talking, but both probably calculating how we’d have sex in the time until my husband got home.

As we pulled in the garage my son said to me, “I am so ready to fuck you, I’m already getting hard.”

I looked at him and said, “I wasn’t really in the mood.”

His face soured and he began to shout, “Fucking A, why not?!?”

“It’s okay,” I quickly said since he obviously didn’t get the joke, “I’m joking.”

We made it to the kitchen then stopped to make out for a few minutes. He pushed the top of my dress down below my breasts and began sucking on one through the bra material. That turns me on, especially the feeling of the bra with his mouth on me rubbing over my nipple. He switched to the other breast and did the same thing, beginning to work at unclasping my bra from behind.

“Wait,” I said, “let’s go upstairs just in case.” We ran upstairs to his bed and I sat down as he stood and hovered over me.

“Will Dad be home soon?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t think so, but I want to go slow. Please fuck me slow, okay?”

“Ok,” he replied, “but I haven’t even jerked off since Thursday so I’m really ready.”

“Then just control it, you owe me after Thursday night.”

Ethan helped me unzip the back of my dress then we both stripped. He asked me to leave on my thong, so I did. I climbed into bed, him on top of me. He pulled my thong to the side and moved into position. I pushed him to go slow and not enter me at first, his throbbing erection resting against my pussy while we kissed. It was stimulating to me and drove him nuts, but I varied the pace of our kissing so that he could sense when to slow down and take it easy.

I felt in control for a change, “Sweetheart,” I said, “Please push your penis into my pussy, but don’t fuck me yet, just keep kissing.” He did as I asked. I started thinking, here’s the boy I raised and took to practices and helped with homework, and he has his heavenly penis throbbing in me right now. I got so lost in that thought I came, even squirting love juices on his shaft despite him not actually humping me yet.

“I love you so much Ethan!” I screamed.

“I love you too, Mom.” He said back as he began to gently move inside me. He didn’t pound me yet, just thrust lightly with his hips while we embraced and kissed. He fondled one breast as he used the other to prop himself. I felt so hot and wet for him and I kept thinking I’m making love to my son, I came again, not as powerfully as the first, more like an intense shiver that ran through me.

After my second climax subsided, I said, “Okay, honey, you can fuck me now, I want you in me.”

Ethan didn’t need much prodding and lifted up on his hands holding on to the headboard and he slammed into me in hard, slow thrusts, burying himself deep with each thrust. He penis was huge inside me, hard as a rock and touching everywhere as he thrust so aggressively and firmly.

“I’m going to cum again!” I shouted at him.

He didn’t respond with words, but pulled himself to the headboard as hard and forcefully as he could, burying himself as deep as he could and grinding slightly back and forth as we both groaned in intense pleasure. He began to splash his cum into me. His semen was hot and shot in a powerful spray in my pussy. I felt everything this time, it was by far the best sex we’ve had since this all started.

We took a few minutes to calm down and we kissed again. Ethan got up and stood in the middle of his room. His bed was soaked. I was soaked, but he demanded that I keep my thong on so his sperm would be in my pussy all day. I was a little worried his father might discover something, but I wanted Ethan to remain inside of me, too. I took the risk.

With Ethan still standing and watching me in my underwear, I got down on my knees and crawled over to his crotch. I lifted his penis up and gently sucked on his balls, not aggressively, just gently and softly to lick the wetness from our combined juices on him. I don’t think I cleaned him, that always sounds demeaning to me, but I sucked on him enough that he was aroused again, so I slowly blew him in the middle of the room. When he came I swallowed, which I usually don’t do. I just felt so bound to him.

After our session I walked across the hall and pulled out a pair of short cotton shorts and t-shirt to wear around the house. I even pulled my shorts tighter into my ass and rolled the waistband down once like the young girls do. I would never do this in public because I’d look a little too much like a tart, but around the house, having just been fucked, I felt wonderful and sexy. I pulled my thong waistband into place and let it stick out the top of my shorts a little like I would have 20 years ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32