Humiliated on Spring Break

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When I was in college, I was dating a really beautiful girl called Summer. After we’d been going out a couple of months, a group of our friends were going down to Miami for spring break so we said we’d go along too. We were staying right along the strip in a cheap hotel that was full of college kids like us, all having a good time. There was one group of guys there I really didn’t like though. They were a bunch of jocks from TMU and the type of loud, overbearing assholes I couldn’t stand. One guy in particular was the worst. His name was Pat. He was a real alpha type with huge muscles. Whenever he saw me around, he was a total jerk to me, making fun of me for being skinny and saying I looked like a faggot. He also kept commenting on how hot Summer’s body was and asking her why she was with a “pencil-neck” like me. Summer defended me, but I was annoyed to see she actually got on quite well with this prick and was definitely flirting with him a bit. I called her out on it, but she said I was taking Pat and his buddies too seriously and they were just messing around and being “guys”.

One afternoon, when we were all on the beach, I noticed Summer in the ocean with some of her girlfriends and saw she was talking to Pat. I guess he had just happened to be there or something. He had his shirt off and I could see he was showing off, trying to get Summer to feel his pecs and his ripped six pac. She was laughing a lot and I felt sure wouldn’t have been talking to him the way she was if she knew I was looking.

Later that night, we were all playing drinking games at the hotel when Pat and his buddies came along and asked if they could join in. I obviously didn’t want them too, but somebody said they could and at least Pat wasn’t being such a jerk to me this time for some reason. He and his friends kept playing beer pong and after a while, he challenged Summer to a game, saying she would have to do a forfeit if she lost. I didn’t want her to do any forfeits, and was pretty sure Pat would beat her, so I stepped in and said I would play instead. Of course, Pat kicked my ass and forced me to chug a lot of beer as a forfeit. I ended up puking my guts out because I chugged so much, which made Gaziantep Escort İlanları Pat and his buddies laugh and call me a pussy for not being able to handle it. I kept playing though. Eventually, Pat said he was getting bored beating me and that if I lost another round then we had to “take the forfeits up a notch”.

“Like how?” I asked.

“I got an idea,” Pat said with a smirk and looked at Summer. “If you lose another game, then your hot girlfriend has to suck my cock!”

Of course, he was joking and Summer didn’t have to do that, but when I lost Pat turned to Summer and said “How about I at least get a kiss?” To my surprise, Summer looked at me and said “I guess it’s only fair” and went ahead with it!! It was really humiliating for me, because in front of everyone, Pat kissed her and it went on for quite a long time too. I wasn’t happy to see he used his tongue and it looked to me very much like Summer was kissing him back!

As the evening went on, the drinking games continued and I got more and more hammered as Pat and his buddies drunk me under the table. Summer kept flirting with Pat the whole time, and I began to realise that, the way things were going, it didn’t look like our relationship would make it to the end of the week. Sure enough, about an hour or so later I saw Summer sitting on Pat’s lap sharing a beer with him.

“Bro!” said one of the other guys tauntingly, “He’s totally stolen your girl! Aren’t you gonna do something about it?”

Pat laughed when he heard this.

“Nah, he won’t,” he sneered. “He’s too much of a pussy!” and everyone laughed.

Feeling dejected and humiliated, I went down to the pool toilets to barf some more.

Later, things got even worse. When I finally made it back to our room, still feeling groggy and with a killer headache, I walked in and found Pat and Summer having sex on our bed!! Their clothes were on the floor and they were totally naked. Summer was lying on her back with her legs spread and Pat was on top of her, pounding what looked like a really big, thick dick in and out of her pussy.

“I’m sorry baby, it just sort of happened,” Summer told me apologetically. Pat didn’t care though. He just laughed and didn’t even stop fucking her when I walked in.

“Get your ass out and give us some privacy you little perv!” he told me.

Where was I supposed to go? I asked if they could at least go to his room so I could sleep in the bed, but he refused. In the end, I had no choice but to sit out on the balcony and wait for them to finish, which basically meant I had to sit there and listen to them fucking! It was agony. Summer was moaning really loudly and kept telling Pat how hot he was. The whole time, I could hear his big, heavy balls slap, slap, slapping against her ass.

Eventually they finished, but Pat still didn’t leave. I just had to curl up in a ball and sleep on the balcony as they slept in the bed together. I couldn’t help sobbing a little as I lay there, feeling really sorry for myself after everything that had happened.

“Haha, can you hear that loser? Stop snivelling like a little bitch, dickhead!” I heard him calling out to me. At least I heard Summer telling him not to be so mean, which made me feel a bit better. About an hour later though, I heard them fucking again.

The next morning, I woke up with a really hard boner. I had been totally humiliated by what had happened the last night, but at the same time I felt very horny. I think it was because I had been forced to witness so much sexy flirting and then fucking but hadn’t been allowed to participate at all.

Nervously, I crept into the room. The bed was empty, but I could hear water running in the bathroom and assumed Summer was having a shower. It looked like Pat had left, so I decided to go into the bathroom and confront Summer about her betrayal. At the back of my mind, I was still hoping we might be able to patch things up and maybe even have a little make up sex, seeing as how I was feeling so horny.

When I went in there though, I got a shock as I realised Pat hadn’t left at all. Instead, he was now fucking my girlfriend in the shower! He had her bent over with her hot little 19-year-old ass sticking up in the air and was ramrodding his cock into her from behind as the water fell on them. Now it was daylight, and in this position, I was able to see that Pat’s cock was indeed huge. It must have been 9 or even 10 inches long, and really thick.

They both saw me standing there, and saw that I was also hard, although of course my cock was way smaller. Pat laughed at the sight of me and commented that he wasn’t surprised Summer had dumped since my cock was so pathetic. Summer took pity on me though. “Maybe we should let him watch?” she asked with a little giggle. I could see she had lost all respect for me by this point, but I was so horny seeing her get fucked like this I still wanted to stay. I ended up taking my little dick out of my pants and beating off as I stood there. They both laughed at me, and even Summer couldn’t help giggling at my expense. “What a loser!” Pat kept saying as he fucked her with long, luxurious strokes. Very soon, he made her cum. Weirdly enough, I loved watching it, and I also came in about two minutes flat! Then Pat told me to get the fuck out and leave them to it, which is exactly what I did.

That wasn’t the last I saw of Pat and Summer that week. Pat basically turned me into his little bitch. He made me hang out with him and his buddies by the pool while they all threw beer cans at my head and took turns dunking me under the water. When he or Summer were thirsty, I had to go to the bar and bring them back drinks, then sit there while they made out in front of me. His buddies couldn’t stop laughing at how pathetic I was.

Every so often, Pat would get horny and he and Summer would go back to our room to fuck. When they did, Pat would make go back with them. He made me watch Summer sucking his dick, and riding him, and once he even made me go down on her after he had cum in her pussy. I think he got a real kick out of humiliating me like that. “You’re so mean!” Summer would say whenever he tormented me like this, but I think she secretly got off on it too. Whenever I was watching, I noticed she was always really loud and vocal in telling Pat how much she loved his hard muscles and his big dick while he pounded her.

Eventually, the week ended and we all went back to college. I sometimes see Summer around campus and she always gives me a nice smile, although I know she must think I’m a total loser for allowing Pat to do what he did to me. I don’t know if they are still together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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